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Finally, A Funny Political Comic About President Donald J. Trump

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer December 26, 2018 I don’t even know if this is intended to be anti-Trump or just neutral, but there is some old-timey fun there. I have seen Tom Stiglich cartoons before, and he seems to be very old and probably more neutral. Check out his website, it’s like […]

The Holohoax Goes To Comic-Con

The holohoax started as wholly fictional Soviet war propaganda, became a cynical kosher cash-grab immediately after Europe’s second suicide attempt, and metastasized into the sickening cult of guilt that has led otherwise sane White people to grovel at jewish feet asking for forgiveness from their implacable racial enemies for crimes that, strictly speaking, never happened. […]

This Raunchy Comic Book Was Was Actually In The Kid’s Section of a Public Library

From Elina St-Onge I used to believe over-sexualization was a problem exclusive to the entertainment industry. At this point, we all expect music videos and movies to be riddled with sexual objectification. I don’t like it, nor do I think it’s normal, though I do expect it. Never would I have thought that one day, I’d find […]

This Comic Book Was Was Actually In The Kid’s Section of a Public Library – Sexual Objectification

The Facts: 35-year-old Tristan Beaudette, a scientist from Irvine was recently murdered. He was in the process of making some important vaccine discoveries. Reflect On: Why are so many holistic Doctors, and those who are doing revolutionary research that could change our medicine, disappearing? Having researched vaccines for more than a decade, it’s quite easy […]

Segregation at Comic Con: No Straight, White Males Allowed at Parties

The comics industry seems to be doubling down on their policy of completely excluding anyone who is straight, white, male, or conservative. This year’s Emerald City Comic Con released its schedule of events on its app recently. Anyone who is male, white and identifies as heterosexual found himself excluded from industry mixers and professional mixers. […]

Four Monty Python Comic Sketches (20-mins)

This is the website of Lasha Darkmoon, an anglo-American academic with higher degrees in Classics who lives and works in England. You can read more about Darkmoon here. Source Article from Related Posts 7 Sketches That You Won’t Believe Represent A State Of Anarchy People are falling in love all around me. Yesterday, I […]

Jews Target Children with Anne Frank: The Comic Book

The jews never tire of wailing about the holohoax and fantasizing about their supposed persecution. There is a constant, frantic effort by g*d’s chosen people to churn out endless amounts of holohoax indoctrination drivel, in all available types of media. From the schools, to the talmudvision, to the holohoax museums that spring up like poisonous […]

Understanding the importance of microbes: How gut bacteria plays a crucial role in weight management

     Obesity is one of our most pressing health problems today, affecting millions worldwide. In America alone, 35 percent of adults battle with it daily. The main causes are an unhealthy diet, a sedentary lifestyle, and genetics, but considering how many people are affected by this issue and how much strain it is placing on […]


Family Law: Men Are Kicked in the Teeth by Henry Makow Ph.D Brian’s family was the last I had expected to break up. Brian and Gail had been married 24 years. They had six children ages 7-18 and were active in the pro-life movement. At elections, they were the only ones with a lawn sign […]

At Israel’s birthday party, ambassador says rising criticism comes from ‘killing fields of Europe’

Gideon Levy: “At Independence Day Airshow, Israelis Prefer to Avoid Reality … Most of the people who came to Tel Aviv’s scenic beach on Thursday had already suffered an overdose. After almost a week of media propaganda, the likes of which have not been seen for many years, with overdoses of nauseating militarism and equally […]

Are the "Tiao-Kiu-Kao"(TKK) Jews Running China?

  April 15, 2016 Source Article from Related Posts Syria will respond through all legitimate means to Turkish aggression: Assad Syrian and Turkish armies scurry to occupy the ground 14 October 2019 – 17:30 GMT. — North-Eastern Syria is in the throes of a Turkish invasion creates better conditions for Islamic State terrorists as […]

Abuse of hospitality: Czechs to deport Iraqi Christian refugees for attempt to move on to Germany

The bus which had been carrying a group of Iraqi refugees was stopped at the Czech-German by the police on Saturday. After negotiating with the Czech side, the German authorities decided to return them to Prague. When the news of the refugee detention on the German border became known, Czech police announced that they would […]

Larry Sanders Gets Applauded For Having A Brother Called Bernie

Bernie Sanders’ older brother Larry from Oxford in England, is getting undue applause from the public for having a brother named Bernie campaigning 3,000 miles away to become the next president of the United States. Sanders Junior happens to be setting the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign on fire with his socialist ideas and revolutionary approach. Larry Sanders, an […]

The 2 Percent

Lucky are those who believe — yet are not misled — for they keep hope alive Those of us Don Quixotes who have convinced ourselves that we quest after some sort of objective truth often talk among ourselves about what percentage of the world’s population it would take to wrench control of society out […]

Extreme Anti-White Tweets from #BlackLivesMatter Movement

By Alfred W Clark | For those in the know about human biodiversity, it comes as no surprise that multi-racial states lead to societal decay. As Robert Putnam has demonstrated, the more racially diverse a neighborhood or organization is, the lower the social trust. … People on Twitter have […]

Is the $40 Billion Snake Oil Supplement Industry Reign Coming to an End?

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Co-Founder, Legacy Bio-Naturals November 18, 2015   Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Ben Mizer has announced a new and complex way of tackling the “tide of unlawful dietary supplements” available and sold within the US. The problem with the supplement industry is tantamount to snake oil. […]

The Big Lie: 9/11 Comic Book One Month After Release

  Nor Cal Truth 911 Blogger October 7, 2011 One month ago The Big Lie comic book was released by Truth Be Told Comics , published by Image Comics. Looking around on the internet it is clear that the The Big Lie is still creating interest and spawning conversation in diverse circles inside and outside […]

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