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NATO’s using WADA and doping claims to contain Russia – Lavrov

   The persecution of Russia by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is politically motivated as the body remains in the hands of NATO member states who won’t shy away from any means to harm Moscow, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov has said. The decisions at WADA are made by just over a dozen people, Lavrov pointed […]

Your Christmas Tree Could Contain Hundreds of Praying Mantis Eggs, Officials Warn

(TMU) — The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes a number of lovely past-times—from the inevitable contentious family dinner discussions to high-stress travel, Christmas spending sprees that break the bank, and… swarming praying mantis nymphs? Officials in one Ohio county are warning that this could be the case after some Christmas trees […]

Rudy Giuliani Can Barely Contain Himself Over His Ukraine Findings

Rudy Giuliani Can Barely Contain Himself Over His Ukraine Findings       Source Article from Hits: 20

Chipotle and Sweetgreen Bowls Contain Cancer-Linked ‘Forever Chemicals’

Jordan Davidson, EcoWatch Waking Times Those popular burrito bowls at Chipotle and those takeaway salad bowls at Sweetgreens that see lunch rush lines going out the door and down the block have a dirty little secret, according to an independent investigation from the non-profit news site, New Food Economy. The plain, beige fiber bowls that are […]

Over 900 products contain E171, a harmful food additive that can cause IBS and even cancer

(Natural News) A recent study revealed the hidden dangers of titanium dioxide (TiO2), an additive found in foods and medicines. Researchers from The University of Syndey (USYD) and other universities in Australia investigated whether TiO2 — an agent used in over 900 food products — can negatively impact human health. “If there was a reason for using the titanium […]

Report: Soy-containing products contain "alarming" levels of phytoestrogens

(Natural News) Many people start eating a lot of soy products when they’re trying to cut their intake of animal-based foods like meat and cow’s milk. We’ve heard a lot about the benefits of a plant-based diet, but when it comes to soy, studies show that great caution is needed. In addition […]

Sara Carter: ‘Damning’ Horowitz FISA Abuse Report Will Contain ‘Several Criminal Referrals’

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz is set to release his ‘damning’ FISA abuse report before Thanksgiving, and it will contain several criminal referrals, according to journalist Sara Carter. Horowitz has been busy preparing a report documenting the FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] abuses by Obama’s DOJ and FBI during the 2016 election targeting President Trump. […]

Biosludge spread on food crops will soon contain dead human tissue as Washington legalizes "human composting"

(Natural News) The state of Washington is the first in the union to start “composting” dead human bodies as crop “fertilizer,” bringing to real life the fictitious scenario depicted in the famous dystopian film Soylent Green. According to reports, Washington’s Senate and House of Representatives approved with strong bipartisan majorities Bill 5001, […]

FLASHBACK: Clinton email: ‘We must overthrow Syrian govt in order to contain Iran for Israel’

   A newly-released Hilary Clinton email confirmed that the Obama administration has deliberately provoked the civil war in Syria as the “best way to help Israel.” In an indication of her murderous and psychopathic nature, Clinton also wrote that it was the “right thing” to personally threaten Bashar Assad’s family with death. In the email, […]

CONFIRMED: Blood Pressure Drugs Contain Cancer-Causing Chemicals

    BREAKING: Big Pharma blood pressure drugs found laced with cancer-causing chemical; but FDA says don’t stop taking them by Mick Adams (Natural News) For years, we’ve warned that Big Pharma’s business model is a “repeat business” racket that profits from sickness and disease. We also know that cancer is a multi-billion-dollar industry that […]

Israeli startup reinvents the wheel, by using it to contain car’s key components

Israeli startup REE has unveiled a “revolutionary” new design and look for electric vehicles, in which all of the classic components of the car — the motor, the steering system, the brakes and the suspension — are moved from under the hood into the wheels. This helps create a vehicle framework, the chassis, that is […]

Walmart and Target Pull Bottled Water Said to Contain Arsenic, But WHOLE FOODS Keeps Selling It

By Daisy Luther Back in April, we reported that 11 different brands of bottled water were shown to contain arsenic. Consumer Reports said that three brands, in particular, had potentially concerning levels of the toxic element. And two of those water brands still contain high levels of arsenic. Now, new independent testing shows that […]

Does your alcoholic beverage contain heavy metals?

(Natural News) Perhaps you feel like Benjamin Franklin, who said back in the 1700s, “The discovery of a wine is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation. The universe is too full of stars.” Perhaps you are even enjoying a glass of wine as you read this article? For many […]

Amazon told to stop selling kids’ school supplies that contain over 80 times the legal limit of lead

This pencil pouch has over 35 times the legal limit of lead, 29 times the legal limit of cadmium. Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson says Amazon has committed to nationwide corporate reforms after the investigation led by his office found dozens of children’s school supplies sold on Amazon had illegal levels of […]

No to nuggets: Frozen chicken nuggets recalled since they may contain pieces of WOOD

(Natural News) A few years back, food companies were forced to recall thousands of pounds of their chicken nugget products after people started reporting about finding bits of plastic in their bite-sized foods. The crisis has repeated itself anew, but instead of pieces of plastic, the processed food has somehow been contaminated with chunks of wood. The U.S. […]

Infanrix Hexa Vaccine Found To Contain 65 Unknown-to-science Compounds, Latest Corvelva Investigative Assays Reveal

December 21, 2018 By Catherine J. Frompovich Vaccines are not what they are cracked up to be in more ways than one, most especially in scientific analyses and assays findings, according to a December 13, 2018 Italian research firm’s findings.  Below are some rather astounding, plus frightening, data sets that must be taken seriously by […]

Why Do Vitamin B12 Supplements Contain Cyanide?

December 14th, 2018 By Sayer Ji Contributing writer for Wake Up World What’s cyanide doing in vitamin B12 supplements, and is it doing the body any good,  or possibly harm? Unknown to most consumers, cyanide is found in a wide range of vitamins and foods in a form known as cyanocobalamin. Fortunately the cyanide has a very low […]

Top 7 holiday "goodies" that contain chemicals and carcinogens you should avoid – replace with these healthy substitutes

(Natural News) Most people during the holidays say, “all bets are off” regarding regulating their healthy food intake, and they simply gorge on treats and junk food right and left, at least until their body starts sounding the alarms. There are lots of house parties, office parties, neighborhood fiestas, pot luck lunches, […]

New Video Provides Proof Florida Voting Machines Contain Hackable Modems

In the past few week, conservatives across the United States have been perplexed as Democrats have effectively changed the results of certain races, in some cases claiming victory from the jaws of defeat even after victory speeches were given by their Republican rivals. The trend has sparked an outcry, with many people claiming that these […]

World’s most popular cereals contain ingredients that are registered with EPA as "biopesticides"

(Natural News) Biopesticides are particular types of pesticides, derived from the bacteria in plants and animals, that kill insects. Scientists in laboratories insert the genes of these bacterial pesticides into the DNA sequences of seedlings (i.e. Mycogen seeds) of our most popular crops, like corn, soy, and canola, and then claim they’re all […]

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