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Canada set to deport 96yo ex-SS death squad member as Russia probes massacring of disabled kids in 1942

“The deportation process has begun but it is far from over,” Ron Poulton, a lawyer for Oberlander, told RIA Novosti, adding, “there is no extradition proceedings.” The country’s Supreme Court has previously upheld the decision to strip the man of Canadian citizenship over war crimes allegations. READ MORE: Genocide has no statute of limitations: Russia […]

Two Men In Somalia Gang-Rape 12-Year-Old, Executed By Firing Squad. Somali Trash Rape Women In Utah, No Problem!

UTAH: Black Teen Somali Muslim Mohammed Ali, Rapes Two Women At Knife Point, Spared Prison (read more) Utah: Communist Friendly Mestizo Coffeehouse Celebrates Drug Dealing Somali Muslim Invader (read more)   DailyMail, 2/11/2020 Two men who gang-raped and killed a 12-year-old girl in Somalia were publicly executed by a firing squad this morning that was […]

I can’t believe it’s not banned yet: 5 problematic behaviors for the woke squad to outlaw next

Now that scantily-clad women are banned from sporting events, Santa has turned into Sustainability Pirate and ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ has gotten a chastity-belted 2019 rework, the job is far from done – it’s going to be a busy 2020 for the woke squad banning the next batch of problematic things. Like these. Consensual Sex […]

Trump: Pelosi’s Fear of the ‘Squad’ Led to Impeachment Inquiry

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi felt pressured to move forward with an impeachment inquiry because she is afraid of “radical” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “Squad,” according to President Trump. “They all vote with AOC and plus three; Nancy Pelosi is petrified of them,” Trump told reporters outside the White House. “I mean, she’s afraid that […]

Angela Merkel Slams President Trump over ‘Squad’ Comments

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has slammed President Trump over his criticism of the far-left “Squad.” According to Politico’s Chief Europe Correspondent Matthew Karnitschnig, Merkel expressed solidarity with AOC’s squad. “I distance myself completely from these statements and feel solidarity with the women,” Merkel said. #Merkel on Trump #Squad comments: „I distance myself completely from these […]

Fmr. Israeli Ambassador: Squad Members Should Be Denied Entry into Israel

Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Daniel Ayalon says that “racist and anti-semitic” members of the far-left ‘Squad’ should be denied entry into Israel later this year. In an interview with The Evening Edit, Ayalon told Elizabeth MacDonald that there is a chance Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib could be barred from […]

The Progressive Squad Jumpstarts the BDS Movement in USA, Zionist Dual Citizens Flip Out

  FILE PHOTO: A pro-Palestinian protest in Berlin, Germany © Reuters / Steffi Loos   Ilhan Omar’s bill backs Americans’ right to boycott Israel. Here’s why it will fail Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has introduced a bill that would protect the right to boycott Israel, apparently related to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. We […]

‘4 Horsewomen of The Apocalypse’: Trump Renews Attack on ‘Wack Job’ Squad

President Donald Trump has tweeted out comments made by a Republican senator who branded the ‘squad’ of four far-left Democratic congresswomen who accused him of racism as “the four horsewomen of the apocalypse.” In an early-morning Tweetstorm, President Trump posted Louisiana Senator John Kennedy’s comments blasting the women as left-wing “wack jobs” who are “destroying the Democratic […]

British football fan says ‘tortured’ in UAE for supporting Qatar squad

A British man says he was detained, verbally abused and tortured in the United Arab Emirates for wearing a jersey of the Qatar national football team during the 2019 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup. Ali Issa Ahmad, from Wolverhampton in central England, said he wore the apparel during a group stage match between Iraq and Qatar on […]

Lindsey Graham: AOC’s Squad Are ‘a Bunch of Communists’

Senator Lindsey Graham has slammed AOC’s ‘Squad’ of far-left Democrats as “a bunch of communists.” Speaking in defense of President Trump, the South Carolina Senator tore into Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and her so-called ‘Squad’ of freshman Democrats during an appearance on Fox & Friends on Monday. President Trump came under fire after a series of Sunday […]

Bomb squad responds to suspicious package at Fort Lauderdale airport, Florida

Our deputies and bomb squad are responding to a report of a suspicious package outside @FLLFlyer Terminal 4. — Broward Sheriff (@browardsheriff) November 12, 2018 Passengers tweeting from inside and outside the airport say the place has been placed on lockdown. Everyone on lockdown here […]

Angela Merkel will escape ‘firing squad’ by retreating ignominiously into lucrative retirement

[LD] This article from the Daily Mail admits that Angela Merkel’s reign of “dreadful hubris and political irresponsibility” is over. However, it makes the mistake of portraying Germany’s Iron Chancellor as a charismatic heroine carried away by her own altruism who has let millions of Third World immigrants into Europe out of sheer compassion and kindness. […]

Tanzania launches anti-gay squad to ‘hunt down LGBT community’

Paul Makonda announced the 17-member squad at a press conference this week, promising it would “get their hands on them.” “These homosexuals boast on social networks,” Makonda said, AFP reports. “Give me their names.”  By Tuesday, Makonda claimed to have received over 5,763 reports from the public, and more than 100 names. Tanzania’s 1998 Sexual […]

Turkey Says High-Level Death Squad Hit Journalist as It Emerges They Were Luring More People to Consulates

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer October 23, 2018 Yes, this story is still going. Trump is finally going hard, saying they’re lying. Turkey keeps coming out with new stuff, daily. USA Today: Saudi Arabia started planning journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder days before he vanished inside its consulate in Istanbul, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said […]

Iran players call out Nike after Morocco win for taking away squad’s shoes

ESPN FC– Iran’s Karim Ansarifard and Alireza Jahanbakhsh had strong words for Nike following their team’s 1-0 win against Morocco to open the World Cup. The shoe company withdrew the squad’s supply of boots earlier this week due to global economic sanctions against the Asian country ahead of the tournament in Russia. “What Nike did to us […]

New Jersey school eliminates try-outs for cheerleading squad with new “inclusivity” rule that rewards mediocrity

(Natural News) Growing up, those of us who could play a little baseball or football or basketball tried out for the junior high and high school teams and, if we were good enough, we made the team.  That didn’t mean you got to actually get on the field or court, mind you, […]

FBI Geek Squad Cozy Relationship Exposed: Geek Squad Employees Used As Informants For 10 Years

March 8, 2018 By Aaron Kesel The FBI paid Best Buy’s Geek Squad employees to act as informants, according to several documents obtained by the nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). The documents expose the cozy relationship between Best Buy and the FBI that goes back at least 10 years. With the release […]

FBI Used Geek Squad Technicians as Informants

FBI Used Geek Squad Technicians as Informants March 8th, 2018 Via: EFF: After the prosecution of a California doctor revealed the FBI’s ties to a Best Buy Geek Squad computer repair facility in Kentucky, new documents released to EFF show that the relationship goes […]

So, Best Buy’s Geek Squad Are Basically Snitches For The FBI

Throughout the past ten years, the FBI has at varying points in time maintained a particularly close relationship with Best Buy officials and used the company’s Geek Squad employees as informants. But the FBI refuses to confirm or deny key information about how the agency may potentially circumvent computer owners’ Fourth Amendment rights. The Electronic […]

Best Buy’s Geek Squad Working With FBI For Over A Decade

Best Buy’s Geek Squad Working With FBI For Over A Decade Above: Geek Squad technicians at work in company’s repair facility in Hillview, KY in 2012 from Bloomberg-Getty Images Update: A Best Buy spokesperson confirmed to reporters that at least four Geek Squad employees received payments from the FBI. After the prosecution of a California doctor revealed the […]

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