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Stocks, Yuan, Bond Yields Tumble On "Pessimistic" Reports From China On Trade Deal

After surging overnight, US equity futures are tumbling on reports that China is less optimistic about a deal with US as Hong Kong tensions soar. CNBC’s Eunice Yoon tweets: “Mood in Beijing about #trade deal is pessimistic, government source tells me. #China troubled after Trump said no tariff rollback. (China thought both had agreed in […]

Navarro Doubles Down On Trade Deal Report Denial, Says "Only Trump" Can Remove Tariff

Detective Rustin Cohle would have had a field day with the trade negotiations. Like Cohle’s catchphrase from Season One of “True Detective” goes: “Time is a flat circle – everything we have done or will do we will do over and over and over again, forever.” First, there were anxieties about the fate of the […]

Futures Flat At All Time High In Anticipation Of More "Trade Deal Optimism"

One day after US equity futures hit a new all time high and European stocks traded just shy of their April 2015 record on fresh signs of “trade deal optimism”… … S&P futures were unchanged, trading in a narrow overnight range as “uncertainty” about the fate of the trade negotiations between the United States and […]

IMF: Global trade tensions deepen Eurozone economy slowdown

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,  …with PressTV, Tehran [ Editor’s Note: This was a juicy topic. The EU downturn is partly due to its own foolish moves over sanctions against Russia for “taking over” Crimea when it voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russian rather than receiving the neo-Nazi treatment from those the EU, US and […]

Rabo: Beware The End Of Trade War – The World Needs An Easy-To-Understand Bogeyman For All Its Troubles

Submitted by Michael Every of Rabobank Mr Market continues to tell us that Brexit is in the bag and that a US-China trade deal is in the bag too. Not only that, but a global slowdown isn’t happening after all. What else is one to think as equities continue to surge, as bond yields continue […]

Global Stock Rally Fizzles On Lack Of Trade Talk Optimism

US futures were unchanged, and global stock markets hit a pause after a torrid three-day rally on Wednesday as traders failed to any new intravenous trade talk “optimism” to offset the deepening global earnings recession. The MSCI All Country World Index was flat on the day, after rallying 1.3% since Friday, while Treasuries rose after […]

President Xi Promises To "Open Door Wider" To Foreign Firms Amid Trade Standoff

With many beginning to doubt the prospects for even a partial trade deal with Washington, Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived at China’s second annual International Import Export Expo knowing that he needed to convince the world that Beijing intends to follow through on its promises to make its markets more accessible, even if that’s an […]

S&P Futures Hit New Record High On “Trade Optimism” As Yuan Storms Past 7

Despite a slight blip just around 6am ET, when Global Times editor Hu Xijin tweeted (and then deleted) that “China won’t accept a phase 1 deal” in which the “US keeping all tariffs, only suspending new tariff threat, in exchange for  major concessions from China”, futures climbed and European stocks edged higher amid, what else, […]

India turns its back on the world’s biggest trade pact

   New Delhi has backed away from joining a massive multinational trade pact as the other 15 members of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) have agreed on major points of the deal. The mega trade deal, which is supposed to span from India to New Zealand, is set to include 30 percent of global […]

Dow Futures Surge To Record Highs On Yet Another "US-China Trade Deal Close" Headline

This is becoming utter farce… Having ramped overnight to record highs, Dow futures just exploded higher on the back of a headline reporting that a White House Official tells Politico a deal with China is almost there…” And the algos panic-bid stocks… What happens if there is a deal? Priced in? Or, if there isn’t? […]

We Have Melt-Up: Futures Jump To New All Time High On "Trade Optimism"

In retrospect, the Trump administration’s decision to announce a “phased” launch of the trade deal with China – which does not exist yet, and will likely never be completed – was the most insightful announcement because not only did it drive stocks sharply higher on the day “phase one” was unveiled, but it has been […]

Ross Meets With Top Chinese Official As Mid-Level Trade Talks Spark More "Optimism"

Update (6:50 am ET): O’Brien followed up Ross’s performance by insisting that we’re “close” to a  “Phase 1” deal with China.  * * * Perhaps to help quash rumors that they’re not taking the trade talks seriously, the Chinese leadership (according to President Trump) recently offered Trump an important concession to help facilitate the trade […]

"Doomed To Continue" – Saxo Warns Global Trade Recession Not Over Yet

Authored by Christopher Dembik via Saxo Bank, Global trade recession is doomed to continue to weight negatively on economic activity for a prolonged period, as shown by the latest CPB figures. It was out at minus 0.8% year-on-year in July versus minus 1.7% in June. The month-on-month rebound was quite strong, reaching 1.9% in July, […]

‘It’s a lovefest!’ Trump announces ‘substantial’ US-China trade deal on agriculture, intellectual property, & finance

   The US and China have reached a “very substantial phase one” deal, US President Donald Trump has declared. Tariffs due to take effect on Tuesday have been canceled, and markets responded with elation. Phase one of the deal includes intellectual property, financial services, and agricultural purchases, Trump announced on Friday during a meeting with […]

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross slams China’s trade practices

Related Posts IMF: Global trade tensions deepen Eurozone economy slowdown by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,  …with PressTV, Tehran [ Editor’s Note: This was a Rabo: Beware The End Of Trade War – The World Needs An Easy-To-Understand Bogeyman For All Its Troubles Submitted by Michael Every of Rabobank Mr Market continues to tell us […]

"This Is Nuts!" – High Valuations, Fed Hopes, & Over-Hyped Trade Deals

Authored by Lance Roberts via, Since the lows of last December, the markets have climbed ignoring weakening economic growth, deteriorating earnings, weak revenue growth, and historically high valuations on “hopes” that more “Fed rate cuts” and “QE” will keep this current bull market, and economy, alive…indefinitely. This is at least what much of the media suggests as noted recently by Rex […]

UN calls for overhaul of world trade system

The real reason behind this week’s meetings. Photo: MCB The United Nations has called for an international “green deal” and overhaul of the world’s financial order to ­tackle ‘climate change’ and deliver on the Agenda 2030 plan. New measures are needed to raise and distribute $2.5 trillion a year to developing countries, says a new […]

‘They have been good to deal with’: Trump lauds US-Turkey relations & trade hours after vowing to obliterate its economy

The US president took to Twitter early on Tuesday in an apparent attempt to soften the hostile rhetoric he used against Turkey just hours before. “So many people conveniently forget that Turkey is a big trading partner of the United States, in fact they make the structural steel frame for our F-35 Fighter Jet,” Trump […]

Key Events This Week: Trade Talks And Central Banks

Following a turbulent week for markets where stocks first tumbled then soared amid further signs of deteriorating growth which boost Fed cut expectations that led to a v-shaped recovery in US equities, the focus this week turns to the scheduled trade talks between the US and China and even more central bank speak. As DB’s […]

Minister says Iran-Iraq trade volume to rise to $ 20 billion

IRNA – Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade Reza Rahmani noted that there is a capacity needed to increase the volume of trade between Iran and Iraq to $20 billion by 2021. At the end of a signing ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding to establish dispute resolution councils in industrial, mining and commercial centers, Rahmani […]

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