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The Mali-Burkina Faso-Niger Border Triangle Is the New “Syraq” (Syria-Iraq)

Terrorist groups in West Africa are dangerously trying to transplant the “Syraq” model of transnational destabilization to the Mali-Burkina Faso-Niger border triangle in order to turn it into a similarly lawless region like the frontier between those two aforementioned Mideast states used to be during the height of Daesh’s so-called “caliphate”, with this terrifying development […]

Border security? Islamist fanatic boasts of sneaking into Canada to KILL ‘blasphemer’ Asia Bibi who fled Pakistan

   Asia Bibi spent nine years on death row in a Pakistani prison after being falsely accused of blasphemy – a grave crime in the South Asian country. In 2018, she was finally acquitted and released to the great displeasure of many in a conservative region of the Islamic country. An unidentified Islamist has published […]

‘Refugees are a tool of war’ — the view from the Syrian border

March 26, 2019 In late March and early April 2019 I traveled to Jordan and the West Bank (Palestine) with two colleagues, Sonia Dettman and S. Komarovsky, first to attend the Lancet Palestine Health Alliance conference in Amman and then to explore and better understand the lives of refugees and the workings of UNRWA, with […]

Squalid Migrant Shantytown Forms In Mexican Border City

Squalid Migrant Shantytown Forms In Mexican Border City   Above Photo: Cineac Kinchel from Haiti sits with daughter Michele in Tapachula, Mexico, on Thursday in a shantytown built in April by Africans and Haitian migrants waiting for appointments with immigration officials. Photo by Ariana Drehsler/UPI | License Photo TAPACHULA, Mexico, May 14 (UPI) — African and Haitian […]

Trump Administration Waives Laws to Build 100 Miles of Border Wall Across Arizona National Monument, Wildlife Refuges

The Trump administration will waive dozens of environmental and public health laws to speed border-wall construction through federally protected sites in Arizona and California. Today’s announcement from the Department of Homeland Security says waivers will be used to build walls through Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, San Bernardino National Wildlife […]

Hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians mark year since Gaza border killings

Israelis and Palestinians commemorate a year since Israeli troops killed over 60 Palestinian demonstrators in a single day during the Great March of Return. Some protesters call to boycott the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Tel Aviv. Israeli and Palestinian activists march through Tel Aviv to mark a year since Israeli snipers shot […]

Israel reopens its border crossings with Gaza

Gaza (QNN) – Israeli occupation authorities reopened on Sunday the border crossings with the blockaded Gaza Strip after closing them during the Israeli aggression on the coastal enclave earlier this month. Both the Erez crossing for passengers and Karm Abu Salem crossing for goods were open and operating in accordance with the previously established mechanisms […]

Gazan carrying knife arrested after crossing border into Israel

The Israel Defense Forces on Sunday arrested a man who crossed the border fence from the Gaza Strip and entered Israeli territory, the army said. The Palestinian man was apprehended shortly after breaching the fence and was found to be carrying a knife, according to the military. There were no injuries reported in the incident […]

‘Hypocrite!’ Joe Biden Calls For Border Fence ’40 Stories High’ In Unearthed Clip

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is being called a hypocrite by people on both sides of the political divide after a video of the former vice-president was unearthed in which he slams American employers for hiring illegal immigrants and calls for a fence “40 stories high” at the US-Mexican border. “I voted for a fence,” […]

Mourners hold funeral for Palestinian killed in Gaza border clashes

Mourners gathered on Saturday, May 11, for the funeral of a man shot dead by Israeli forces on Friday during weekly protests on the Gaza border. Health officials in Gaza said 30 other people were wounded by live gunfire during the protest, in which thousands participated, including the 24-year-old male fatality names as Abdullah Abdelal. […]

2006 Biden: ‘We Need A Border Wall’ And To ‘Punish American Employers’ Who Hire Illegals

In 2006, former Vice President Joe Biden told a South Carolina rotary club audience that he proudly voted for the Secure Fence Act – authorizing the construction of 700 miles of fencing at the southern US border.  He also called for a crackdown on companies which hire “illegals,” saying: “I voted for a fence, I […]

Measles Outbreak Caused by Bio-Weaponized Illegal Aliens in Key Border States and Immigrant Counties

    EMERGENCY! TERRORISTS HIT 21 STATES WITH LETHAL BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS DHS confirms over 10,000 weaponized human carriers have been purposely let in Alex Jones breaks down how the globalists are weaponizing illegal migrant flows to spread the measles outbreak throughout America, with the Center for Disease Control admitting that illegal migrants are the […]

UN confirms 3rd Hezbollah tunnel crossed border into Israel, violating ceasefire

A UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon Thursday confirmed that a tunnel discovered earlier this year by Israel had crossed the Lebanese-Israeli border, in the third such breach of a ceasefire resolution. Israel in January accused the Iran-backed terrorist organization Hezbollah of having dug what it described as the deepest, “longest and most detailed” cross-border tunnel […]

DHS Releases 7,000 Border Crossers Into US Cities Over Five Day Period

Swamped and overloaded with a massive influx of people at the southern border, the US Department of Homeland Security has released approximately 7,000 migrants into the interior of the United States over a five-day period ending on Wednesday, according to Breitbart News, citing information they obtained on ‘catch and release.’  Scott Olson/Getty Images The catch and […]

US spy plane spotted snooping near Russian maritime border in Black Sea, again

   Wednesday’s flight was the third time a US recon aircraft was spotted near Russia’s southern borders in less than 24 hours. A US Air Force Boeing RC-135V large reconnaissance aircraft based in Crete, Greece made its way into the Black Sea this morning, coasting along the Russian maritime border in the Krasnodar region before […]

The same U.S. government that won’t secure the border with Mexico now arresting members of militia who stepped up for their country

(Natural News) Thanks mostly to the refusal of Democrats to compromise with the Trump administration on measures to improve security along the U.S.-Mexico border, citizen militia groups seem to be stepping into the void. And for that, they are now being targeted by the same government that can’t or won’t do the […]

Ocasio-Cortez falsely claims that U.S. border officials “inject drugs” into migrant kids, says NOTHING about inhumane issue of “child recycling”

(Natural News) Like virtually ever other elected Democrat, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez refuses to be honest when it comes to discussing the issue of illegal immigration and the myriad of problems associated with it. And because she and other Democrats won’t be honest, they also won’t help Republicans and POTUS Donald Trump address […]

The border crisis is REAL: Texas cities now overwhelmed with tens of thousands of invading migrants as Nancy Pelosi and Democrats yawn

(Natural News) In February POTUS Donald Trump, acting on the advice and counsel of his Homeland Security officials and political counsel, declared a national emergency along the U.S.-Mexico border.  Painting the declaration with the usual brushes of “bigotry,” “racism,” and “hate,” Democrats wasted no time in mounting opposition to the declaration, which […]

Federal Agents Can Search Your Phone At The US Border — Here’s How To Protect Your Personal Information

Federal Agents Can Search Your Phone At The US Border — Here’s How To Protect Your Personal Information Above Photo: A US Customs and Border Protection officer watches travelers at Los Angeles International Airport on July 2, 2016. David McNew/Getty Images When you’re entering the United States, federal agents have broad authority to search citizens and […]

RSPCA want to kill these border collies

RSPCA want to kill these border collies Shelter ReformSupportBlogAbout Advocacy Dogs March 20, 2019 The dogs in the video were not seized by the RSPCA during this raid. But it does show how these assessments are conducted (watch til end). On October 23rd 2018, the RSPCA SA raided a breeding facility in South Australia. While puppies in the […]

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