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CBP Chief Raises Alarm on Surge of Single Male Illegals at Border

Many illegal aliens attempting to enter the U.S. via the southern border are single males from Mexico who fight to escape capture, according to the acting head of Customs and Border Protection (CBP). In comments delivered in conjunction with the publishing of CBP’s operational results for July, agency chief Mark Morgan revealed that border agents […]

Humanitarian Camp Raided By Border Patrol, 30+ People Arrested

Above photo: US Customs and Border Patrol special operations unit, BORTAC, raid humanitarian aid camp. Photo from No More Deaths. For more photos view the original. The government ramped up its efforts to stop humanitarian workers on the U.S.-Mexico border and raided the ‘No More Deaths’ aid station, Byrd Camp, arresting over 30 people. The […]

Border Patrol Agents Raid No More Deaths Migrant Aid Camp

Above photo: No More Deaths said since 2004, Byrd Camp has provided aid to migrants crossing through the desert and usually operates without incident. But on the morning of July 30, the group says Border Patrol agents entered the property to arrest a migrant receiving care there. Agents on horseback, in cars and on foot continued […]

France and Italy agree to unify border forces to combat people smuggling

France and Italy have agreed to work even closer together along their shared border to tackle the networks of people smugglers operating there. Both countries’ guards and officials will operate under one command to make them more effective. The location for the command’s headquarters has yet to be announced. One major – and often deadly […]

Lebanon-Israel border fire: Scandal or victory for Tel Aviv?

Source July 31, 2020 Description: Senior Lebanese political analyst Anees Naqqash provides his analysis of the recent flareup on the Lebanese-Israeli border, an incident which is becoming the subject of many questions, theories and debates. In this interview on Al-Manar TV, Naqqash says something ‘very strange and major’ occurred in this incident, and perhaps the […]

What happened —and didn’t happen— at the Israel-Lebanon border?

By Sayed Hasan for The Saker blog On the night of Sunday, July 19th, airstrikes hit Damascus International Airport. Though Israel didn’t claim responsibility for them, sticking to their longtime “zone of denial” policy, no one doubts they were the perpetrators. On Monday, the Syrian Army announced 7 soldiers were injured. It could have been one strike among hundreds […]

Iran, Iraq resume trade activity in Mandali Border Crossing

MNA – Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq resumed their trade activities in Mandali (Soomar) Border Crossing which had been halted for about five months ago due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19. Mazen al-Khuzai Director of Mandali Region on Sun. revealed the reopening of Mandali Border Crossing, third Iraq border point, for trade […]

At Least 525 Palestinians Injured Today by Israeli Forces on the Gaza Border

At least 525 Palestinians have been wounded on the Gaza border by Israeli occupation forces who violently suppressed protests as part of Al-Quds Day, the Ministry of Health said today. The Gaza Ministry of Health said at least seven people were in critical condition as a result of their injuries. Israeli soldiers fired tear gas […]

Four more Palestinians are killed, as Israeli snipers shoot 117 at Gaza border

Gaza Health ministry: ‘Israel soldiers killed 4 Palestinians, injured 686, in Gaza’ IMEMC/Agencies 9 June — Updated: The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza has confirmed that Israeli soldiers killed four Palestinians, including one child, and injured 618 others, including five journalists, 26 children and 14 women, and added that 117 of the wounded were shot […]

As Predicted here–Gaza Medic Killed on Border Wasn’t Intentionally Shot by Israeli Soldiers, Military Finds

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400 Migrants Try to Storm Border into Spanish Territory

Some 400 migrants tried to storm a border fence in a Spanish enclave in a desperate bid to make it into the EU, according to the region’s border force. 400 migrants try to storm border into Spanish territory — Defend Europa (@DefendEvropa) June 6, 2018 Hundreds of people attempted to scale the border fence […]

Israel has shot 29 medics at Gaza border, killing two

Gaza Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered in Gaza IMEMC 30 May — A seriously wounded Palestinian man who was shot by Israeli army fire several days earlier died Wednesday at a hospital in occupied Jerusalem. The Palestinian Health Ministry said the young man, identified as Naji Maisara Abdullah Ghneim, 23, was shot by an […]

Federal Bureaucracy Impedes Border Patrol’s Attempts to Keep Country Safe

The U.S. Border Patrol has an immensely difficult job to do. They are tasked with stopping the flow of illegal immigrants and illicit drugs across our, still wall-less, southern border with Mexico. Not only must the Border Patrol contend with well-armed “coyotes,” chequadores, and cuidanderos who carry out and assist in the smuggling, human […]

How They Do It– ‘I was at the Gaza border, we did all we could to avoid killing’

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Painting “The Return” — Hopes and History on the Gaza Border

GAZA — As Palestinians marked the 70th anniversary of the Nakba — or theft of their land by the creation of Israel in 1948 — the U.S. celebrated the transfer of its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, in another victory for Israeli colonialism. Palestinians participating in the March of Great Return have been organizing […]


At least 52 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip on Monday as thousands of Palestinians took to the streets across the occupied territory to mark the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, with tensions running high in Jerusalem, Gaza, and the West Bank. While the anniversary of Palestinians being driven […]

The Future of Border Security: Lie-Detecting Computer Kiosks Equipped with Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Border Security: Lie-Detecting Computer Kiosks Equipped with Artificial Intelligence May 15th, 2018 Magic 8-Ball says, “Orange jumpsuit for you.” Via: CNBC: International travelers could find themselves in the near future talking to a lie-detecting kiosk when they’re going through customs at […]

Explosions Heard on Israeli-Syria Border, Israeli Emergency Sirens Activated

Emergency sirens sounded in the Golan Heights Wednesday night, as conflict broke out across the Israel-Syria border between Israeli forces and, the Israeli military says, Iranian forces in Syria. Several sirens sounded in the area of the Golan Heights. The details are being looked into and will be given shortly — IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) May 9, […]

“We’re Gonna Take Everyone” — Border Patrol Targets Prominent Humanitarian Group As Criminal Organization

The Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector declined to comment on the recently filed materials, referring The Intercept’s questions, initially sent Friday, to the U.S. attorney’s office. The U.S. attorney’s office refused to say whether an investigation has been opened into No More Deaths as an organization, citing office policy. By Monday, the documents had been removed […]

Death of 19-year-old Palestinian brings toll at Gaza border to 45

Gaza Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered last Friday in Gaza IMEMC 3 May — Dr. Ashraf al-Qedra, the spokesperson of the Health Ministry in Gaza, has reported that a young Palestinian man died, on Thursday morning, from serious wounds he suffered last Friday, after Israeli soldiers shot and seriously injured him. Dr. al-Qedra stated […]

Israelis strongly back shooting Palestinians at Gaza border

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US-Mexico Border Invaders “Back to Obama-Levels” with 230% Increase

The number of nonwhite invaders seeking to force their way into America to parasite off the white-created society is back to Obama-era levels with a 23o percent in April 2018 compared to April 2017—and more than 159 fakers from the “migrant caravan” have now applied for “asylum” from their self-created disaster zones in Central America. […]

Major bike race will kick off in Jerusalem Friday even as snipers line up on Gaza border

For the first time in its 101-year history, the second most important pro cycling race in the world, the Giro d’Italia, will be starting outside of Europe.  You would think this would be hailed as an auspicious sign that traditional European-based pro cycling is becoming more inclusive, more international, more welcoming.  Unfortunately, we have good […]

Great March of Return protests at Gaza-Israel border enter 6th week (WATCH LIVE)

At least 170 protesters have been injured so far, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. A spokesperson for the ministry said two ambulances were targeted by Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) during the unemployment demonstrations. Some 40 percent of Gaza’s residents remain jobless. It’s the penultimate week of the Great March of Return with the protest […]

526 Killed in Iraq or in Iraqi Operations near the Syrian Border During April; 1,444 Found in Mass Graves

At least 1,970 were killed, executed, or found dead; and 194 more were wounded in recent violence. The post 526 Killed in Iraq or in Iraqi Operations near the Syrian Border During April; 1,444 Found in Mass Graves appeared first on Original. Posted in Analysis & Review, Middle East, Police & Crime. Tagged with Iraq. […]

U.S. Deploys Antitank Missiles To Russian Border

The United States military has deployed antitank missiles to the Russian border, amid deteriorating relations between Washington and Moscow.  The American-made Javelin antitank missiles arrived in Ukraine on Monday, the RFE/RL confirmed. reports: A shipment of lethal aid would appear to deepen U.S. involvement in the simmering conflict and mark at least a symbolic […]

Nonwhite Invader “Caravan” Storms US Border, Shouts of “Gracias, Mexico!”

The nonwhite invader caravan has reached and stormed the US border with Mexico, with hundreds brazenly climbing onto the fence, some lodging patently bogus “asylum” claims and many others just “vanishing”—all the while shouting “Gracias Mexico”!” to the awaiting controlled media. The “Gracias Mexico” greeting was in reference to the fact that the Mexican government […]

This Is The Military "Batmobile" That May Soon Be Protecting The US Border

It might look like a golf cart from a distance, but “nothing this light and agile ever offered so much protection for a 3-man crew.” At least, that’s how Israeli company Plasan is marketing its new Yagu “battle buggy”, which features lightweight armor that can withstand concentrated automatic-weapons fire without slowing down. As the Drive reports, […]

The Gaza border is a theater of cultural resistance

While Israeli and some Western media label Gaza Palestinians’ ongoing, six-week protest a “riot,” what visitors and participants see on the ground is completely different. The tire and (Israeli) flag burning that may seem “riotous” to some are actually carefully planned by a coordinating committee to obscure the vision of Israeli snipers and serve as a peaceful […]

#GreatReturnMarch demonstrations at Gaza border enter 5th week

     Protesters have gathered along the Gaza border as the ‘Great March of Return’ demonstrations enter a fifth week. Some 35 Palestinians, including two journalists, have been killed and thousands injured since the protests began. Twenty-five people have been wounded in Friday’s protest, three by IDF fire, according to local reports cited by Haaretz. The […]

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