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Neighbor Drops Everything and Consoles Crying Elderly Lady When He Hears Her Say “I Don’t Have Him Anymore”

Getting along with your neighbors isn’t always easy, but it all starts with being a great neighbor yourself. We can have a huge family and a bunch of friends, but our neighbors are the ones who make us feel safe and welcomed in our community. This is the story of one very special man who […]

Billionaire Who Helped ‘Repair’ Jeffrey Epstein’s Image Drops $1.5 Million To Help Joe Biden

A Silicon Valley billionaire who worked to “repair” the image of notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein after he was jailed for child sex crimes has now decided to help Joe Biden. Reid Hoffman, who has also admitted he has financial ties with Epstein, is now dropping serious cash into the super PAC supporting Joe Biden’s candidacy. […]

Serviceman Drops To His Knees When He Sees His Dog Is There to Greet Him

Whenever I stumble upon a member of the military, I feel the urge to approach and thank them for their sacrifice. These people put their life on the line for our safety and miss out on a lot of important events such as family gatherings, their children’s’ birthdays and school recitals, holidays, and more. That […]

DOJ Quietly Drops Case Against Russian ‘Troll Farm’ They Accused of Meddling in 2016 Election

The Justice Department decided to quietly drop their case against the Russian “troll farm” the Internet Research Agency while the coronavirus was distracting everyone. This indictment was the crux of the entire Mueller investigation that was supposed to prove Russian meddling and yet his team shared “no evidence” this group was guilty of […]

Dow Drops Below 20k, Circuit-Breakers Imminent

After yesterday’s hope-filled day of gains on massive monetary and fiscal largesse, futures traded limit-down overnight and ETFs signaled a 6.5-7% loss in the pre-market but bounced to the futures-limit-down level at the open… The Dow traded back below 20k… Nasdaq is modestly outperforming but everything is down hard… During US trading hours (Cash), these […]

Blockbuster Jobs Report: Feb Payrolls Soar By 273,000, Smashing Expectations, As Unemployment Rate Drops… But Does Anyone Care?

After January’s payrolls revision, which saw almost a million jobs wiped out from the historical record, many analysts were expecting that the BLS would take advantage of the ongoing market shock and “kitchen sink” even more bad news, missing the consensus payrolls expectations of a 175K print for February. They were extremely wrong, because moments […]

Bloomberg drops out of presidential race, backing Biden

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg suspended his presidential campaign Wednesday after spending record amounts from his own fortune on an ad-blitz strategy that failed to yield any wins on Super Tuesday beyond a single victory in the American Samoa caucuses. He immediately announced he would be endorsing Joe Biden, following in the footsteps of […]

Trump offers New York State immigration deal if it drops its criminal investigation of his taxes

Donald Trump appeared to offer New York Governor Andrew Cuomo a deal on a state immigration law if he agreed all investigations of his personal life and businesses are dropped. In other words, the president floated a this-for-that deal focused on a personal political benefit. If that sounds familiar, it should. House Democrats, joined by a smattering of Republicans, admitted […]

Exxon Market Value Drops $184 Billion Since 2014 Peak

“Fossil fuels have a PR issue. As long as the market perceives them to be the culprit for carbon emissions, they will have a difficult time.” ExxonMobil’s stock plunged to a nine-year low on Tuesday after posting poor fourth quarter results, leading the fossil fuel giant to plunge $184 billion since its’ market valuation since […]

Winter storm drops snow on Haleakala, Big Island summits, Hawaii

   A deep cold front dropped snow on the summits of Haleakala on Maui, and Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea on the Big Island, resulting in snowcaps on Hawaii’s three tallest mountains. The National Weather Service in Honolulu had those summits under a winter storm warning through noon Friday. A dusting of snow fell on […]

Media’s Deafening Silence On Latest WikiLeaks Drops Is Its Own Scandal

This is getting really, really, really weird. WikiLeaks has published yet another set of leaked internal documents from within the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) adding even more material to the mountain of evidence that we’ve been lied to about an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria […]

GCL drops Xmas Bombs

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No more secrets? Pope Francis drops obligation of silence over clerical sexual abuse of minors

The pontiff issued two new documents on Tuesday changing how the Church handles abuse cases involving minors and vulnerable persons. They ban the imposition of silence on people who report sexual abuses, as well as raising the cutoff age for porn to be considered child pornography.  The Pope’s predecessor Benedict XVI decreed in 2001 that […]

Giuliani Drops Bombshells Revealing HUGE Money Laundering Operation Involving Bidens, Burisma

Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani taunted the Deep State-Democrat-media complex Sunday morning and said he will be sharing evidence he “has garnered through hundreds of hours of research.” “Stay tuned,” Rudy said building anticipation. In my next thread of tweets I will be sharing some of the evidence I have garnered through hundreds of hours […]

US Government Drops Prosecution Of Max Blumenthal After Jailing Journalist On False Charges

US Government Drops Prosecution Of Max Blumenthal After Jailing Journalist On False Charges The US government has dropped its bogus charge of “simple assault” against journalist Max Blumenthal, after having him arrested on a 5-month-old warrant and jailed for nearly two days. The Grayzone has learned that Secret Service call logs recorded during the alleged incident […]

Current NFL Star Drops Bomb: ‘NFL Games Are Rigged’

NFL games are routinely “rigged” by officials working on behalf of the league to choose the outcomes of games, according to Oakland Raiders linebacker Vontaze Burfict. Currently serving a season-long suspension for a helmet-to-helmet hit, Burfict was speaking to The Athletic when he was asked if he had been watching any football during his suspension. According to […]

Overnight storm drops 10 inches of snow atop Aspen Mountain, Colorado

   Opening day got a little sweeter as an overnight snowstorm dropped 10 inches of snow at the top of Aspen Mountain and set the ski area up for top-to-bottom skiing for its opening on Saturday. Aspen Skiing Co. announced Friday that Aspen Mountain will open with 148 acres and 3,200 vertical feet of skiing. […]

Sweden Drops Investigation Into Julian Assange as US Extradition Looms

By Elias Marat Swedish prosecutors have dropped the ongoing investigation into a 2010 rape allegation made against WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange, citing the weakening of evidence over the course of nine years since the alleged incident occurred. A Swedish woman had accused him of the crime which she said took place in August 2010 after […]

Sweden drops Assange rape investigation – prosecution authority

The Prosecution Authority said that while the victim was considered credible, oral testimony regarding the case had “weakened” and that corroborating evidence was not strong enough to pursue the case. It was determined that the evidence was simply not strong enough to file an indictment, and that interviewing Julian Assange regarding the case would not […]

The Next Shoe In The Farm Crisis Drops: Bankruptcies Soar 24%

By Tyler Durden The American Farm Bureau (AFB) warned Wednesday that farm bankruptcies are entering a parabolic move. The farm crisis, as we’ve pointed out, is only accelerating and will likely be on par with the farm disaster that was seen in the early 1980s. President Trump’s farm bailouts, given to farmers earlier this year, appears to […]

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