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The CIA Wants To Make It Easier To Jail Journalists And No One In Congress Is Stopping It From Happening

CIA Headquarters Langley, Virginia, Image Source: Wikimedia Commons The CIA is pushing for an expansion of a 37-year-old law that would deter journalists from covering national security issues or reporting on leaked documents. Thanks to a disillusioned CIA case officer’s actions in 1975, there are currently a few limits to what can […]

MET Police Threaten Journalists About Publishing Leaked Documents Holding Government Accountable

By Aaron Kesel In another blow against free press, following a leak revealing comments by the British Ambassador to the USA Sir Kim Darroch calling Trump “inept, insecure and incompetent” (leading to the ambassador’s resignation and a spat of Twitter insults between Trump and senior Tory officials), London’s Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu has […]

CNN continues to serve as Antifa’s propaganda network even though more than 15 journalists have been violently assaulted by the left-wing group

(Natural News) When the history of the current era is (properly) documented and written, it will show that one of the supposed pillars of American society — our ‘mainstream’ media — utterly failed in its obligation and constitutionally protected duty to properly inform citizens of the important events of the day. And […]

Nolte: CNN’s Antifa pals have assaulted 15 journalists

(Natural News) Even though there have been at least 15 documented incidents of Antifa assaulting members of the media, CNN has steadily remained the left-wing terrorist group’s public relations arm. (Article by John Nolte republished from Over the weekend, Antifa added another notch to its gun with a brutal assault on […]

Journalists from Beirut: ‘No for Deal of Century’

Source June 21, 2019 “No for Deal of Century”, a slogan repeatedly voiced in a hall of a Beirut hotel, which hosted on Friday a conference in support of the Palestinian cause and in protest against US President Donald Trump’s so-called ‘deal of the century’. The conference which was attended by dozens of journalists, political […]

CAN OF WORMS: Infowars Targeted By Child Porn And MSM, Not The First Time Alternative Journalists Set Up

Related Posts Can of worms: Girl hospitalized after drinking Coca-Cola complete with invertebrate The youngster from the town of Andria in southern Italy noticed the worm in her Martian ‘rocket test’ proves worms can thrive in Red Planet soil The finding, announced by Wageningen University in the Netherlands on Monday, came as researchers attempted 2 […]

Journalists silent on Assange’s plight are complicit in his torture and imprisonment

Op-eds and think pieces declaring that Assange was “not a journalist” came in thick and fast. Smug hacks belittled his appearance on Twitter. They eagerly shared salacious rumors about his personal habits. Many bought the line that it was his alleged “misbehavior” which prompted Quito to suddenly expel him after seven years — and they […]

Does Israel Target Journalists? — Rebel Voice

Does Israel target journalists? This may appear to be the most redundant question ever asked. The behaviour of the Zionist state towards members of the Fourth Estate has been well documented by this time. They have been filmed attacking journalists with tear gas, armoured vehicles, nasty language, harassment and bullets. Now it seems that Israel […] […]

Bilderberg Members Break Silence and Talk to Independent Journalists

June 2, 2019 By We Are Change Luke Rudkowski and other independent journalists are on site at this year’s particularly secretive Bilderberg 2019. After being detained in the airport jail on day one, and having not a word spoken to them by any Bilderberger, they finally received some very interesting comments. Download and use the […]

Study: Many MSM Journalists Have ‘Working Relationships with Antifa’

A large number of mainstream media journalists have working relationships with extremists within Antifa, according to a study. “After mapping the social interactions of 58,254 Antifa accounts on the social network Twitter, Dr Eoin Lenihan found that many journalists from major publications such as The Guardian, Vox, and more had a direct working relationship with […]

TO DHS: Stop Unconstitutional Surveillance of Journalists, Activists….

U.S. SENATE News: Senators demand answers from Acting Secretary McAleenan about CBP’s program to target and monitor individuals reporting on or providing assistance to migrants at the border WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senators Tom Udall (D-N.M.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) wrote to U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Acting Secretary Kevin […]

MintPress, Grayzone Journalists Endure US Govt Blackout and Siege at Venezuelan Embassy in DC

WASHINGTON — MintPress News journalist Alexander Rubinstein and a reporter for The Grayzone, Anya Parampil, are besieged inside the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, and have been since April 30, in an egregious attack against press freedom. On Wednesday evening, events took a turn for the worse as the Metropolitan DC police cut off the power […]

Reuters journalists freed from Myanmar prison

Two Reuters journalists in Myanmar who had been jailed for exposing a massacre of Rohingya were freed early Tuesday after spending more than 500 days in prison. Wa Lone, 32, and Kyaw Soe Oo, 28, were among 6,520 inmates released under a third round of pardons by President Win Myint to celebrate the traditional New […]

When ‘threatened’ media cheer arrests & bombing of journalists on ‘wrong’ side

Rather than apologize for years of frankly fraudulent“bombshell” reporting flogging the bogus ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy theory, the mainstream US media have chosen to claim they are the real victims here, citing a Reporters Without Borders (RSF) report pointing the finger at US President Donald Trump for creating a “climate of fear.” “It’s never been a more […]

The Prosecution Of Julian Assange Is A Threat To Journalists Everywhere

The Prosecution Of Julian Assange Is A Threat To Journalists Everywhere Above: Supporters of Julian Assange gather outside Westminster Court after Assange’s arrest. Photo by WIktor Szymanowicz for AFP-NurPhoto. Action steps:  Take action to protect Julian Assange. Click here to read about what you can do. Support the Embassy Protection Collective. The United States is recognizing […]

Victorian DPP to prosecute 36 media companies and journalists for criminal contempt regarding the George Pell matter

At least 36 media companies and journalists have been charged with criminal contempt for allegedly illegally breaching suppression orders in the George Pell case. It includes News Corp papers, Nine Entertainment and their papers The SMH and The Age, Deborah Knight and Ray Hadley etc. Make no mistake, most if not all of these people […]

How a Small Team of Journalists Overcame Facebook Censorship

By Alexander Rubenstein (MPN) — Facebook seemed to have outdone itself again in its ongoing suppression of independent media when, earlier this month in coordination with CNN, it banned four pages belonging to a company that was not even accused of breaking any of the platform’s rules. The genesis of In The Now’s ban is striking as […]

Obama Spent Record-Breaking $36M to Stonewall Journalists

The Obama administration in its final year spent a whopping $36.2 million to stonewall journalists seeking information.  According to an Associated Press analysis of new U.S. data, Obama’s team spent the money on legal costs defending its refusal to turn over federal records under the Freedom of Information Act. reports: For a second consecutive year, […]

Cameroon Military Arresting, Trying, And Jailing Journalists On ‘Fake News’ Charges

The term has become a handy tool for autocrats and authoritarians seeking to punish journalists and others who publish content they don’t like. The stakes in the United States are still low. Elsewhere in the world, real jail time is involved. If government officials don’t like their dirty deeds exposed or their policies questioned, they just turn to […]

‘Western journalists have become cheerleaders for war’ – analyst on Estonian ‘bomb Russia’ article

“Just several limited strikes” on St. Petersburg could be enough to change Russia’s mind if it ever decides to attack Estonia, an opinion piece in Delfi, one of the top online news outlets in the Baltics, suggested. Its author, Estonian journalist Vahur Koorits, also urged the country to become capable of sinking or hijacking Russia […]

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