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Jewish Professor Who Called For Destruction of White Race Dies From Literally Being Full Of S**T

Noel Ignatiev, a jewish “scholar”who managed to become a professor at Yale without even having an undergraduate degree, and who made it his life’s work to abolish the White race, died at Banner-University Medical Center Tucson on Saturday, of an intestinal infarction, a life-threatening condition that literally causes you to become “full of your own […]

College professor pens scathing and brilliant ‘open letter’ to teen climate activist Greta Thunberg

(Natural News) In one of the most blistering and scathing rebukes ever recorded in modern history, a Univerity Professor absolutely annihilates teen climate bully Greta Thunberg. (Article by Missy Crane republished from As I read this piece, I had to stop myself from standing up and cheering. It was that good. […]

Female MMA Fighter Pins Violent Anti-Trump Professor Disrupting Veterans Day Honors

A violent, deranged anti-Trump professor got the surprise of her life when she tried to disrupt patriots honoring veterans on Sunday. The far-left thug attempted to start a fight during Veterans Day honor in Portland, Oregon. However, she didn’t realize that patriotic female MMA fighter Tara LaRosa was on standby to immediately diffuse the situation. […]

Israeli professor Mordechai Kedar claims wrong man convicted of killing Rabin

An Israeli professor claimed that former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin was not assassinated by the man who was convicted of killing him, and asserted that the 1995 slaying was orchestrated by a senior politician against the backdrop of the landmark Oslo peace accords with the Palestinians. On Wednesday, Mordechai Kedar, a scholar of Arabic culture […]

Technion professor dies after suffering serious injury in lab explosion

Elazar Y. Gutmanas, a professor at the Technion — Israel Institute of Technology who was seriously injured in an explosion at the university’s lab earlier this month, died of his wounds on Saturday. Gutmanas, 80, emigrated from the former Soviet Union and joined the Technion’s Department of Materials Science & Engineering in 1974, according to […]

Professor Finds $21 Trillion In Unauthorized Government Spending

The Facts: Greta Thunberg seems to have a good heart with good intentions, but she also seems to be a puppet for big business and powerful interests. Reflect On: Why don’t the victims of child trafficking and war in the Middle East receive a platform like Greta has received? Eva Bartlett spent years on the […]

MIT Professor Claims We Are Likely Living In “The Matrix”

Are we living in a simulation? According to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor and computer scientist Rizwan Virk, it’s very likely. Virk’s ideas develop upon those first theorized by Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom known as the simulation hypothesis. In this, he outlines three possibilities: That humanity, like many other human-like civilizations before it, will go extinct before it […]

Video: Gender studies professor blames Trump for black female obesity

(Natural News) During a television appearance, a New Jersey gender studies professor claimed that Donald Trump’s policies were to blame for black female obesity. (Article by Paul Joseph Watson republished from “I hate when people talk about Black women being obese. I hate it, because it becomes a way to blame […]

Remembering Hisham Ahmed: Activist, Professor and Palestinian Powerhouse

Hisham Ahmed was born in Deheisheh refugee camp on the outskirts of Bethlehem, Palestine in 1963.  Blind from birth, Hisham somehow surmounted all odds and ultimately earned a Ph.D. from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He taught for many years at Birzeit University in Palestine, before coming to Saint Mary’s College of California […]

California academics condemn detention of Birzeit professor

Editor’s Note: The following is an open letter from California Scholars for Academic Freedom. Mondoweiss occasionally publishes press releases and statements from organizations in an effort to draw attention to overlooked issues. September 13, 2019 To Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of Justic Ayalet Shaked, and Minister of Higher Education Rafi Peretz: We, the California Scholars […]

Emory University professor now claims hurricanes are "man-made" because she’s completely ignorant of the history of extreme weather

(Natural News) In case you haven’t noticed, there’s no weather event too mundane or historically normal that the mainstream media isn’t eager to politicize and blame on “climate change” or “global warming.” And Hurricane Dorian is no exception, as not just the media but also academia is now claiming that this major […]

Ignorant history professor claims that "inaction" on climate change is going to cause Florida to SINK from hurricanes

(Natural News) A history professor at the University of Michigan is worried that if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis fails to soon reverse his “inaction” on climate change that the Sunshine State “will literally sink” due to hurricanes. According to Juan Cole, who teaches Middle Eastern and South Asian history, and who writes […]

Darwinism Is “Full of Holes” and Obsolete As A Scientific Theory, Declares Yale Professor

A growing number of scientists are abandoning the evolutionary theory once proposed by Charles Darwin, as it simply does not hold up to scientific scrutiny. One of these Darwin dissenters is David Gelernter, a well-known writer and professor at Yale University who has publicly announced that he is now done with Darwin’s theory because it has too many […]

Prominent Yale Professor Explains How Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Doesn’t Match The Science

The Facts: Centralized banking has been devised for a purpose unseen and much different than what the public and most of our elected leaders/legislators believe. The purpose is not to stabilize, but to destabilize economies for ulterior motives. Reflect On: How does a system described in the article benefit the people at all? What is […]

Professor Robert Epstein: Hillary Clinton ‘in Google’s pocket’

   Psychologist and search engine expert Dr. Robert Epstein, a liberal Hillary Clinton supporter, blasted the failed presidential candidate on social media yesterday after she falsely claimed his research showing pro-Clinton bias from Google in 2016 had been “debunked.” “This is going to hurt me to write, because I & my whole extended family have […]

Leading Yale Professor Pushes Back Against Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

Was Darwin wrong? Bring this question up in mainstream academia and you’re likely to be attacked by colleague and media operatives alike, if not run-out of any institution you’re working at. According to some, the ‘glory days’ of science are over. In The End of Science, author John Horgan contends that, “Science will keep extending and […]

“There Is Someone In There” – Professor Presents Remarkable Evidence of Plant Consciousness

The Facts: Anesthesia is commonly used to put people to “sleep.” This article is an interesting examination of why we do it, going deep into awareness, consciousness and fear. Reflect On: Can awareness continually exists without interruption regardless of the fact that we are not always able to access our experiences, or remember them when […]

Palestinian professor hits back at Israel lobby attacks

Aiming to expose and loosen the influence of the Israel lobby on U.S. campuses, Palestinian-born professor Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi has sued San Francisco State University (SFSU) in federal court for illegal retaliation for her political speech, and in state court for breach of contract and employment discrimination.   Her supporters have issued a call for […]

Professor Zharkova’s Grand Solar Minimum 2020 – 2055 paper accepted by Nature – 300 years of warming from 2370

   Professor Valentina Zharkova’s full paper released June 24 entitled, ‘Oscillations of the Baseline of Solar Magnetic Field and Solar Irradiance on a Millennial Timescale’ has been accepted for publishing in Nature. It confirms a Grand Solar Minimum from 2020 to 2055, as all four magnetic fields of the sun go out of phase, while […]

5G Is The “Stupidest Idea In The History of The World”- Says Washington State Professor

The Facts: Joe Rogan recently interviewed Bob Lazar, a man who has claimed to have worked on extraterrestrial technology at secret government facilities. He (Rogan) claims this particular interview really pushed him over the edge from skeptic to believer. Reflect On: Why did it take the testimony of Bob Lazar to push Rogan Over the […]

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