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California academics condemn detention of Birzeit professor

Editor’s Note: The following is an open letter from California Scholars for Academic Freedom. Mondoweiss occasionally publishes press releases and statements from organizations in an effort to draw attention to overlooked issues. September 13, 2019 To Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of Justic Ayalet Shaked, and Minister of Higher Education Rafi Peretz: We, the California Scholars […]

Emory University professor now claims hurricanes are "man-made" because she’s completely ignorant of the history of extreme weather

(Natural News) In case you haven’t noticed, there’s no weather event too mundane or historically normal that the mainstream media isn’t eager to politicize and blame on “climate change” or “global warming.” And Hurricane Dorian is no exception, as not just the media but also academia is now claiming that this major […]

Ignorant history professor claims that "inaction" on climate change is going to cause Florida to SINK from hurricanes

(Natural News) A history professor at the University of Michigan is worried that if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis fails to soon reverse his “inaction” on climate change that the Sunshine State “will literally sink” due to hurricanes. According to Juan Cole, who teaches Middle Eastern and South Asian history, and who writes […]

Darwinism Is “Full of Holes” and Obsolete As A Scientific Theory, Declares Yale Professor

A growing number of scientists are abandoning the evolutionary theory once proposed by Charles Darwin, as it simply does not hold up to scientific scrutiny. One of these Darwin dissenters is David Gelernter, a well-known writer and professor at Yale University who has publicly announced that he is now done with Darwin’s theory because it has too many […]

Prominent Yale Professor Explains How Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Doesn’t Match The Science

The Facts: Centralized banking has been devised for a purpose unseen and much different than what the public and most of our elected leaders/legislators believe. The purpose is not to stabilize, but to destabilize economies for ulterior motives. Reflect On: How does a system described in the article benefit the people at all? What is […]

Professor Robert Epstein: Hillary Clinton ‘in Google’s pocket’

   Psychologist and search engine expert Dr. Robert Epstein, a liberal Hillary Clinton supporter, blasted the failed presidential candidate on social media yesterday after she falsely claimed his research showing pro-Clinton bias from Google in 2016 had been “debunked.” “This is going to hurt me to write, because I & my whole extended family have […]

Leading Yale Professor Pushes Back Against Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

Was Darwin wrong? Bring this question up in mainstream academia and you’re likely to be attacked by colleague and media operatives alike, if not run-out of any institution you’re working at. According to some, the ‘glory days’ of science are over. In The End of Science, author John Horgan contends that, “Science will keep extending and […]

“There Is Someone In There” – Professor Presents Remarkable Evidence of Plant Consciousness

The Facts: Anesthesia is commonly used to put people to “sleep.” This article is an interesting examination of why we do it, going deep into awareness, consciousness and fear. Reflect On: Can awareness continually exists without interruption regardless of the fact that we are not always able to access our experiences, or remember them when […]

Palestinian professor hits back at Israel lobby attacks

Aiming to expose and loosen the influence of the Israel lobby on U.S. campuses, Palestinian-born professor Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi has sued San Francisco State University (SFSU) in federal court for illegal retaliation for her political speech, and in state court for breach of contract and employment discrimination.   Her supporters have issued a call for […]

Professor Zharkova’s Grand Solar Minimum 2020 – 2055 paper accepted by Nature – 300 years of warming from 2370

   Professor Valentina Zharkova’s full paper released June 24 entitled, ‘Oscillations of the Baseline of Solar Magnetic Field and Solar Irradiance on a Millennial Timescale’ has been accepted for publishing in Nature. It confirms a Grand Solar Minimum from 2020 to 2055, as all four magnetic fields of the sun go out of phase, while […]

5G Is The “Stupidest Idea In The History of The World”- Says Washington State Professor

The Facts: Joe Rogan recently interviewed Bob Lazar, a man who has claimed to have worked on extraterrestrial technology at secret government facilities. He (Rogan) claims this particular interview really pushed him over the edge from skeptic to believer. Reflect On: Why did it take the testimony of Bob Lazar to push Rogan Over the […]

Black SUNY Professor: ‘White People Begging For Food Feels Like Justice’

A professor of literature at the State University of New York (SUNY) says it makes him happy when he sees poor white people on the street begging for food or money because it “feels like justice” and “historical vengeance.” Professor Nicholas Powers, whose research interests include African American aesthetics and Marxism, writes that: “white people […]

Black NY Professor: Seeing Poor White People Makes Me Happy

A professor of literature at SUNY Old Westbury has boasted it makes him happy when he sees white people on the street begging for money or food. Nicholas Powers wrote in Race Baitr (the original article has since been deleted) that “white people begging us for food feels like justice. It feels like Afro-Futurism after […]

Photos: Ceremony to choose Revolutionary Uni. Professor at Amirkabir university

Tasnim | Foad Ashtari: A ceremony was held at the Amirkabir University of Technology in Tehran on Tuesday afternoon dubbed ‘Islamic Revolutionary Professor’ attended by the top commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Major General Hossein Salami and a group of Basiji university professors.     Source Article from Related Posts Graffiti blaming […]

Jewish Professor Thinks Sex With Animals and children is No Big Deal

Jewish Professor Thinks Sex With Animals and children is No Big Deal The twisted Peter Singer declaring he honestly can’t understand why anyone would find sex with animals such a disgusting concept. So long as the animal isn’t overtly harmed, then he thinks bestiality is no big deal. When the interviewer points out that, using […]

Trump follows irrational policy toward Iran: Economics professor

Iran has condemned the United States for imposing fresh sanctions on the country’s petrochemical industry. Foreign ministry spokesman, Abbas Mousavi says the US measure is a clear example of “economic terrorism” and the continuation of America’s hostility toward the Iranian nation. Mousavi says the new sanctions on petrochemical industry reveal the hollowness of US President Donald […]

Leftist Professor Who Predicted Last 9 Presidents Says Trump Will Win 2020 Unless Dems Impeach

An American professor who has correctly predicted the last nine president elections says that Trump will win in 2020 unless Democrats impeach him before then. Speaking with CNN, professor Allan Lichtman said that Democrats have zero chance of winning the next election unless they “grow a spine” and begin impeachment proceedings against the president. […]

APS President & Bond Uni Psychology Professor Raped 3 Boys?

This week, high profile psychologist Robert ‘Bob’ Montgomery was charged with sexually assaulting / anally raping three 12-year-old boys in the 1960’s. The pedophile-enabling ABC lied by omission about the perpetrator’s phenomenal status within Australian psychology. They mainly portrayed Bob Montgomery as a scout leader, and this is the initial impression left in the minds […]

Prominent Biochemistry Professor Warns – 5G is the ‘Stupidest Idea In The History of The World’

Terence Newton, Staff Writer Waking Times The international rollout of fifth generation wireless technology (5G) is well underway despite increasingly vocal opposition from scientists and medical professionals, who are desperately trying to warn us of the well-documented dangers of 5G. The government and industries involved in the 5G rollout are have zero concern for public […]

Authentic UFO Footage Caught On Camera By A University Professor & His Research Students

The Facts: News browser extension NewsGuard promises to help readers pick out fake news. However, NewsGuard is funded and run by individuals tied to the CFR, Atlantic Council and other prominent elite figures. Reflect On: Are we seeing a push for over-governance when it comes to even basic things like news and information? Is it […]

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