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How the youth climate movement is influencing the green recovery from COVID-19

Image credit: Aaron Cynic/NationofChange The idea of a green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is gaining traction around the world. The UK recently pledged to invest £350 million to cut emissions from heavy industry. South Korea promised to create 1.9 million jobs by developing green technologies. China presented a plan to become carbon neutral before […]

University of Minnesota Lecture Instructs Students to Use 12 Step Recovery Program for ‘Whiteness’

The College Fix recently reported on a virtual lecture from the University of Minnesota that advocated using a 12 step recovery program for people afflicted with “Whiteness.” Apparently Whiteness is like a drug and almost every person of European heritage is addicted to it, so why not use a 12 step program? The University of […]

Trump: November Election a Choice of ‘Super Recovery’ or ‘Biden Depression’

If Joe Biden (D) wins in November, he will raise taxes and plunge the country into a depression, President Donald Trump said Saturday at his rally in Janesville, Wisconsin. “This election is a choice between a Trump super recovery and a Biden depression. And you know they’re gonna raise your taxes substantially, like, quadruple,” he […]

Exclusive — Mike Pence on Economic Comeback: ‘This Is A V-Shaped Recovery’

THE VILLAGES, Florida — Vice President Mike Pence told Breitbart News that the economic comeback in the United States after the coronavirus pandemic rocked the country this year is a roaring true “V-Shaped recovery.” Unemployment is back down to 7.9 percent, far better than any experts predicted at this stage, and more than half of […]

Spain Unveils Economic Recovery Plan Amid Pandemic

By Barry Hatton, AP News. October 8, 2020 Above photo: Paul White/AP. NOTE: The details of the plan matter but it is a positive sign to see money being invested in a green economy. – MF Spain’s prime minister unveiled a major plan Wednesday to boost his country out of recession by spending 140 billion […]

Top Israeli rabbis and U.S. envoy pray for Trump’s recovery at Western Wall

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If the US Adopts Eurozone Policies, the Jobs Recovery Will Suffer

The employment recovery in the United States is as impressive as the collapse due to the lockdowns. In April I wrote a column stating that “The U.S. Labor Market Can Heal Quickly,” and the improvement has been positive. Very few would have expected the unemployment rate to be at 8.4 percent in August after soaring to almost 15 […]

Corona-mafia? Organised crime setting sights on EU Recovery Fund, experts warn

Europol’s Executive Director Catherine De Bolle warned on Tuesday that mafia organisations in Europe may attempt to get their hands on the coronavirus EU Recovery Fund – urging member countries to monitor where such money goes to. In Italy – which is receiving the largest share of the fund, €209 billion – experts are urging […]

Italy to reveal how it’ll spend €209bn of EU coronavirus recovery cash

When EU leaders agreed back in July on a €750 billion fund to support the bloc’s economic recovery from coronavirus, Italy obtained the largest share. But before it gives any money to Rome, Brussels wants to know how the country’s proposing to spend it. Italy will today present a plan it intends to submit to […]

For a sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, Europe’s focus must be digital ǀ View

It’s now been over five months since the World Health Organization officially declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. Within weeks, life as we knew it ground to a halt. Europe’s businesses closed their doors and citizens sheltered in place, as policymakers and health officials grappled with the greatest peacetime public health crisis in a century. […]

Pomegranates Help Stroke Recovery

By GMI Reporter Everyone wants to stave-off the cognitive decline that is routinely experienced as we age. What if that decline wasn’t inevitable? As a recent study shows, there is a simple, inexpensive food that not only supports cognitive functions as we age, it can help restore brain function impaired during stroke To a person […]

Recovery: 51 Million U.S. Households Can’t Afford Basics

Recovery: 51 Million U.S. Households Can’t Afford Basics May 18th, 2018 Via: United Way: There are 50.8 million U.S. households that can’t afford a basic monthly budget including housing, food, child care, health care, transportation and a cell phone, according to new data released […]

Trump Swaps Funds after Deciding Syria Recovery not as Useful as Arming Rebels, Including Former ISIS Fighters

WASHINGTON – Back in March, amid speculation that President Donald Trump would push for a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria, his administration froze $200 million in funds intended for “recovery efforts” in Syria. Those funds were intended to rebuild infrastructure such as roads, water lines and the power grid in areas of Syria decimated […]

Doctors Report First Successful Case of Cancer Recovery With Curcurmin

Anna Hunt, Staff WriterWaking Times For the first time ever, the medical establishment has documented a case of successful recovery from cancer using curcumin. This powerful substance is present in the spice turmeric and has shown to have strong anti-cancer properties. `Woman Beats Cancer Using Curcumin Dieneke Fergueson is an English woman who started […]

No sign of recovery for devastated Mosul after 5 months of freedom (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

An estimated 90 percent of Mosul was destroyed or significantly damaged during the nine-month siege by Iraqi forces supported by the US-led coalition. But in the months since its recapture from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), the city has mostly disappeared from public view in the West, sidelined by new stories. The people who live […]

Dramatic Recovery in Parkinson’s Patient with Gluten Free Diet

November 18th, 2017 By Sayer Ji Contributing writer for Wake Up World Could gluten’s toxicity extend to the nervous system, producing symptoms identical to classical Parkinson’s disease? A remarkable case study adds to a growing body of research indicating that wheat’s neurotoxicity is greatly underestimated. A remarkable case report describing the dramatic recovery of a 75-year-old Parkinson’s […]

Recovery: Many Older Americans Are Living a Desperate, Nomadic Life

Recovery: Many Older Americans Are Living a Desperate, Nomadic Life November 11th, 2017 Via: MarketWatch: In her powerful new book, “Nomadland,â€� award-winning journalist Jessica Bruder reveals the dark, depressing and sometimes physically painful life of a tribe of men and women in their 50s […]

You can’t beat the beet for muscle recovery: Scientists reveal how the superfood heals muscle damage

(Natural News) Drinking beetroot juice may help attenuate muscle damage following strenuous physical activities, British scientists revealed in a recent study. As part of the study, a team of researchers at the University of Northumbria in the U.K. recruited 30 active men aged 18 to 28 years who work out at least twice a week. The participants were instructed to do […]

United Arab Emirates gives $10m for Hurricane Harvey recovery

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Obama U.S. Economic Recovery was America’s Weakest

Obama U.S. Economic Recovery was Americas Weakest By Eric Eric Zuesse The following graph of Non-farm Payroll Jobs in United States” shows Americas economic recoveries from recession, in numbers of jobs, and indicates very clearly that ever since the peak in 2000, the two recoveries (G.W. Bush, and Obama) have been far less than […]

Dear Mr. President, Be Careful What You Wish for: Higher Interest Rates Will Kill the Recovery

Ellen H. Brown (nsnbc) : Higher interest rates will triple the interest on the federal debt to $830 billion annually by 2026, will hurt […]

Zinc Lozenges Proven To Greatly Speed Recovery From Colds and Flu By 300%

Zinc acetate lozenges were found to effectively accelerate recovery from common colds, according to a recent analysis published in Open Forum Infectious Diseases. As part of the research, a team of health experts from the University of Helsinki, Finland analyzed data from three randomized controlled trials with a total cohort population of nearly 200 patients. The patients were given […]

Can Capitalists Afford a Trumped Recovery?

Earlier this week, I hooked up for a lunch with George Archer and Jonathan Nitzan, two friends of mine who also had previous stints working at BCA Research. I enjoyed our lunch and conversation. After we met, Jonathan sent me a paper he published along with Shimshon Bichler, “Can Capitalists Afford a Trumped Recovery? : […]

Iran’s Tasisat Daryaei defeats Uzbek Almalyk FC in AFC Futsal Club Championship

Iranian futsal club Tasisat Daryaei has recorded a narrow win over Uzbekistan’s Almalyk FC at the preliminary round of the 2016 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Futsal Club Championship in Thailand. On Friday, Tasisat Daryaei started its Group B opening match at the indoor Bangkok Arena, located in Nong Chok District of the Thai capital, in […]

Black Woman in Flowing Dress Facing Police in Baton Rouge Wows Social Media

The powerful photo was taken by Reuters photographer Jonathan Bachman during the Black Lives Matter rally in the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. People had gathered to protest police brutality following the shooting of African-American Alton Sterling. The picture was reportedly shot near police headquarters – the woman in floating dress stands right in front […]

Two killed in Bali as island hit by dangerous king tides and large waves

     Two people have died at a popular surf spot in Bali after the island was hit by a dangerous combination of king tides and large waves TWO TOURISTS FROM Hong Kong and Singapore have died after being dragged out to sea in unusually dangerous conditions at Padang Galak Beach, a popular surf spot in […]

6.1 magnitude shallow earthquake & powerful aftershocks strike Nicaragua

     A 6.1 magnitude earthquake followed by a series of aftershock has struck Nicaragua, according to USGS. Tremors were reportedly felt in neighboring Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica. The earthquake, with an estimated magnitude of 6.1, struck some 25 kilometers from the cities of Chinandega and El Viejo at a depth of 10 kilometers, […]

Turkish camp serial rapist gets 108 years for molesting Syrian children

The shocking revelation came as the 29-year-old serial rapist confessed to his crimes, adding that there are other employees at the state-run camp in Gaziantep who also regularly abuse refugee children sexually. The accused, identified as “Erdal E.” in the court papers, said he had been luring the young boys deliberately into places with no […]

The Normalization of Bestiality

First of all, apologies for the subject matter, but I believe we have to understand our current and growing situation and act against it. Over the last twenty years countries have been banning bestiality one after the other, but while many people are opposed to it, many people are also lobbying against the criminalisation of sexual relations […]

‘EU must militarize chaotic immigration, identify states behind Middle East crisis’ – Zizek to RT

Žižek, who is known for frankly expressing his views on acute social subjects, is an author, a professor at the European Graduate School, a senior researcher at the University of Ljubljana’s Institute of Sociology, and the International Director of the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities at the University of London’s Birkbeck College. In an exclusive […]

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