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Establishment Media Cheerlead Tyranny

by Stephen Lendman Establishment media never met a bona fide democratic they didn’t go all out to demean and discredit, or a US-allied tyrant they didn’t support. The NYT continues to cheerlead fascism over freedom in Bolivia, its latest coup-supporting article praising self-declared, unelected, US-installed Jeanine Anez, saying: She “promised to unify a nation in […]

Germany to Fine Parents €2,500 if They Fail to Vaccinate Children for Measles Starting Next Year

Measles vaccinations will be made compulsory for German schoolchildren from next year. The Bundestag – Germany’s parliament – yesterday passed a law that means parents who do not vaccinate school-age children face fines of up to €2,500 (that’s about $2763 or £2,140). The new rules – which come into force in March – will also […]

Willing Accomplices: Western Media Support for CIA Coup in Bolivia

by Stephen Lendman Without establishment media support, US planned aggression, color revolutions, old-fashioned coups, and other hostile to peace, equity and justice actions wouldn’t get out of the starting gate. Propaganda support is crucial, manipulating the public mind. Media operate as gatekeepers, proliferating the official narrative, suppressing vital hard truths essential for everyone to know. […]

Dr. Martha Stout: “Politicians Are More Likely than People in the General Population to be Sociopaths” — There is No Difference Between Psychopaths and Politicians

“Politicians are more likely than people in the general population to be sociopaths. I think you would find no expert in the field of sociopathy/psychopathy/antisocial personality disorder who would dispute this… That a small minority of human beings literally have no conscience was and is a bitter pill for our society to swallow — but […]

Iranian FM, Hamas leader discuss Gaza developments

Tasnim – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Hamas Political Bureau Chief Ismail Haniyeh exchanged views about the latest developments in the Gaza Strip and the Israeli attacks on the coastal enclave. In a telephone conversation on Monday night, Zarif condemned the Tel Aviv regime’s recent acts of aggression against the Palestinian nation, including […]

Iran English language newspaper headlines on Tuesday, 19-11-2019

Iran Daily   Iran calmer despite ‘riots’ over fuel price hike Iran said it still faces “riots” even though the situation was calmer on Monday after days of violent protests sparked by a sudden decision to hike gasoline prices.   Kuwait’s monarch fires son over feud with fellow minister Kuwait’s emir on Monday fired his […]

Iran’s approach is to boost regional ties: Shamkhani

Underlining the significance of Pakistan for Iran as a neighbor, Shamkhani called for expansion of defense, security, and economic ties between Tehran and Islamabad in a bid to provide regional security. He also urged Islamic countries to increase pressure on Saudi Arabia to prevent it from sowing insecurity and violating human rights in Yemen. The Pakistani […]

Iran to unblock internet once ‘abuse’ stops: government

AFP – The Iranian government said Tuesday it will unblock the internet only when authorities are sure it will not be abused during violent demonstrations against a petrol price hike. The Islamic republic has been largely offline since the internet restrictions were imposed the day after the nationwide demonstrations broke out on Friday. “Many professions […]

Rouhani names US sanctions major politico-economic mistake

MNA – In a Tuesday meeting with Australia’s new envoy to Iran Lyndall Sachs, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani named US unilateral sanctions against Iran a political and economic mistake and a move in contrast to international regulations and resolutions. In this meeting, where Rouhani received Sachs’ credentials, the Iranian president expressed tendency for development of […]

German Farmers Block Hamburg in Revolt Against Globalist Environmental Regulations

German farmers are blocking roads in Hamburg with their tractors to protest against environment regulations as the rural revolt against globalism spreads across Europe. 4,000 tractors arrived in Hamburg yesterday in a massive rebuke to what protesters assert is government bullying amidst efforts to impose Green New Deal-style control measures. Regional environment ministers were meeting […]

The Imperial Propaganda Machine

It’s important to avoid fake news, Russian media or conspiracy theorists. We must only trust those reputable news outlets who tell us that neoliberalism is working fine, that US foreign policy is perfectly sane, and that protests are only happening in Hong Kong and nowhere else. The difference between state media and western media is […]

Oregon Parents Sue School Over Teacher’s Unwanted ‘Transgender’ Lessons to 8-Year-Old Son

by Calvin Freiburger Two parents in Oregon have filed a million-dollar lawsuit against Woodburn School District over a second-grade teacher they say took it upon himself to give their eight-year-old son one-on-one gender lessons after erroneously assuming the boy was transgendered. The Nellie Muir Elementary School student had special permission to use a staff restroom […]

There Are Nearly 5 Million ILLEGAL Migrants in Europe (Most Are Young Men)

Figures from a new study have revealed that half of the nearly five million illegal immigrants living in Europe are in either the United Kingdom or Germany. Most are military-aged young men. In 2017, the estimated number of illegal immigrants living in Europe stood between 3.9 and 4.8 million. Of that number, despite being free […]

Brewing Company Makes Cans With “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” Printed On Bottom

by John Vibes As we reported earlier this week, a viral meme campaign has brought the Jeffrey Epstein story back into the mainstream consciousness after it prematurely disappeared from the news following the disgraced billionaire’s alleged suicide. The circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death are extremely suspicious, leaving many people to believe that he was killed to […]

Iran English language newspaper headlines on Monday, 18-11-2019

Iran Daily   Probe unearths UK ‘war crimes’ in Iraq, Afghanistan The British government and UK armed forces have been accused of hiding evidence related to the killing of civilians by British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.   Iran’s Leader supports government’s gasoline price hike Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei threw […]

IRGC vows decisive action against rioters

Tasnim – The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) warned of “decisive and revolutionary” action against any measure disrupting security in the wake of protests over a hike in the price of subsidized gasoline in Iran. In a statement on Monday, the IRGC praised the vigilant and insightful people of Iran who have separated their ways […]

Iranian deputy FM heads for Netherlands

Tasnim – Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Seyed Abbas Araqchi started his official visit to the Netherlands to participate in another round of political talks between the two countries. Heading a high-ranking delegation, Araqchi left Tehran for The Hague on Sunday to attend the third round of political talks between the Islamic Republic […]

Iran attends 12th session of UNCTAD

MNA – The twelfth UNCTAD Debt Management Conference started on Monday in Geneva with an Iranian delegation in attendance. Headed by Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Rahmatollah Akrami, Iranian delegation arrived in Geneva on Sunday to attend the twelfth UNCTAD Debt Management Conference which was held on 18 November and will be finished […]

Govt. spox says people entitled to protest

MNA – Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei said on Monday that the Islamic Republic of Iran regards the protest as the rights of all people, but protesters differ from agitators. He made the remarks on Monday at a press conference on the revised gasoline price scheme. “We are all aware that the energy prices, especially […]

California Middle Schools Now Teaching 10-year-olds How to Put on Condoms, Engage in Anal Sex, and Use Sex Toys

by Ethan Huff Whereas children of this age would have been innocently romping around the playground, jumping rope, playing dodgeball, and climbing across the monkey bars 50 years ago, 10-year-olds today are reportedly now being taught at public school how to engage in sodomy, use condoms, and play with sex toys. This, according to a […]

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