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WMD America: Inside the Pentagon’s Global Bioweapons Industry

By Dilyana Gaytandzhieva 21st Century Wire SPECIAL REPORT The US Army regularly produces deadly viruses, bacteria and toxins in direct violation of the UN Convention on the prohibition of Biological Weapons. As a result, many hundreds of thousands of unwitting people are systematically exposed to dangerous pathogens, and other potentially incurable diseases. This highly classified […]

Iran, Iraqi Kurdistan call for closer trade ties

IFP- Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani and the Iraqi Kurdistan region’s Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani have urged the private sectors of both sides to take part in mutual development projects. In a Sunday meeting in Tehran, President Rouhani touched upon the historical and deep-rooted relations between Iran and the Iraqi Kurds, and said, “Every effort should […]


FREEMASONS WORSHIP LUCIFER Here’s what the JEWS have to say about THEIR ownership of Freemasonry! THE JEWISH TRIBUNE, New York, Oct. 28, 1927, Cheshvan 2, 5688, Vol. 91, No. 18:  “Masonry is based on Judaism.  Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic ritual and what is left?” LA VERITE ISRAELITE, Jewish paper 1861, IV, […]

COLD WAR MENTALITY: Latest US ‘Defense’ Strategy is Blueprint for New Arms Race

On Jan 19th, US Defense Secretary James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis rolled out what appears to be a ‘blank cheque’ US defense strategy, complete with all the bold platitudes and promises of ‘great security’ for America. But how in-tune with reality are defense ‘experts’? Is the NDS anything more than a Christmas ‘wish-list’ for US defense […]

Twitter’s S**ty People, CNNs S**holes, Gender-Fluid Skitzos & Netflix’s Social Construct – Boiler Room EP #143

Tune in to the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) for another LIVE broadcast of ‘The Boiler Room’ tonight 6:00 PM PST | 8:00 PM CST | 9:00 PM EST for this special broadcast. Join us for uncensored, uninterruptible talk radio, custom-made for bar fly philosophers, misguided moralists, masochists, street corner evangelists, media-maniacs, savants, political animals […]

U.S. government faces critical ‘Brain Drain’ of sanctions experts

Foreign Policy l COLUM LYNCH, ROBBIE GRAMER, DAN DE LUCE: In his first year in office, President Donald Trump has repeatedly promoted international sanctions as a powerful tool to compel countries such as Iran and North Korea to yield to Washington’s demands. But the Trump administration has been gradually sidelining diplomats and other civil servants responsible for advocating […]

Promoting banking ties base for cementing Tehran-Nicosia relations President Hassan Rouhani met with the new Ambassador of Cyprus to Tehran, Petros Nacouzis, on Saturday to receive his letter of credence and said: “There are good potentials for deepening ties in various economic fields between the two countries and promoting banking relations can lay the groundwork for better relations between Tehran and Nicosia”. […]

Iran seeks deepening cooperation with LatAm, including Chile President Hassan Rouhani met with the new Ambassador of Chile to Tehran, Ignacio Lianos, on Saturday to receive his letter of credence and said: “Developing relations and cooperation with Latin American countries, including Chile is very important for Iran”. “Tehran and Santiago have very good potentials and capabilities in various fields, which must be […]

Expert plays down Iran oil tanker’s impact on marine life

“Those waters have been so denuded over the last three decades that fishermen normally bypass the area and go further afield for a bigger catch,” He Pemin of Shanghai Ocean University wrote on the Bloomberg news website. On Friday, Chinese officials said the tanker might be leaking heavy bunker fuel and light oil and that […]

First Iranian orchestra conductor at Fajr Music Festival

Hispan TV– The city of Tehran (Iranian capital) hosts more than 30 music bands from around the world in the 33rd ‘Fayr International Music Festival’ of Iran. In this event, the first and only director of the Iranian orchestra, National Orchestra Naghme Baran, has impressed the audience. Bringing some of the most beautiful Persian orchestral pieces […]

From Shahs To The CIA: The History Of Western Intervention In Iran – Part 1

Tehran, 2017. A crowd marks the 38th anniversary of the 1979 Iranian revolution, which overthrew the dynasty of the US-supported Shah. (Photo: Mohammad Hassanzadeh. Source: Wikicommons) To properly understand what’s going on today with Iran, it is essential to understand the historical context in which current events are taking place. To listen to the pronouncements […]

Part 2 – From Shahs To The CIA: The History Of Western Intervention In Iran

Tehran, 1953. A resident washes “Yankee Go Home” graffiti from a wall after the CIA-orchestrated coup which restored the Shah to power (Photo: Pahlavi Dynasty. Source: Wikicommons) Tyler DurdenZero Hedge In part 1 we examined the early history of the West’s domination of Persian natural resources, especially the establishment and rise of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company […]

Henningsen: ‘Are Trump’s Comments Worse Than Bush and Blair’s War?’

21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen, reporting for RT International, on Trump’s ‘S***hole’ comments and more… Henningsen: “I wouldn’t trust anything coming out of the mainstream media. Clearly there’s a partisan agenda here. I think it’s good in sense, because it is opening up the conversation on a number of important issues, especially with regards to Haiti. And […]

SYRIA: Tillerson’s Schizophrenia and Neocon-Approved “Assad Must Go” Policy

Daniel McAdamsRon Paul Institute Confirming that the US military presence inside Syria had little to do with fighting ISIS, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson unveiled in detail today the real US strategy for Syria: overthrow of the Assad government.  In a speech at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and introduced by President George W. Bush’s […]

IRGC Commander: US driven out from East Mediterranean to Red Sea

FNA- Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Hossein Salami referred to Washington’s repeated failures in its regional plots, stressing that the US has been driven out from the East Mediterranean region to the Red Sea now. The US scandals and their repeated defeats in the world helps Islam to broaden […]

Iran not intimidated by Trump’s threats

MNA– Iranian Parliament’s General Director for International Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian addressed Donald Trump in a tweet saying that Iran will not allow the US to target its national security, defensive power or constructive regional influence. Hossein Amir-Abdollahian published a tweet on his Twitter account concerning the recent remarks and measures adopted by the US President […]

Commentary: Killing the Iran nuclear deal will be bad for the U.S.

Reuters l Seyed Hossein Mousavian: After months of threatening to undo the Iran nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Donald Trump once again opted to extend the deal by waiving economic sanctions on Iran. This was the “last chance,” he declared in a Jan. 12 statement, “to either fix […]

Turkish-backed forces cross Syrian border as Afrin Op ‘De Facto’ starts – Media

According to Turkis DHA news agency, 20 buses with fighters from the Ankara-backed Free Syrian Army have crossed from Turkish Kilis into Syrian territory and are moving toward Azaz. However, no official confirmation has followed so far. An operation in Syria’s Afrin has started “de facto” with cross-border shelling, however, no troops have been deployed in the city, Turkish Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli said in an […]

Senior cleric: Time to break silence on Palestine, Yemen

MNA – This week’s Tehran Friday prayers Imam slammed Islamic world’s silence over the situation of Palestinian and Yemeni people, saying the Muslim world needs more courage to speak out against their enemies. Referring to the recent 13th Session of the Parliamentary Union of the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (PUIC) in […]

Trump Announces ‘Highly Anticipated’ Fake News Awards

U.S. President Donald J. Trump announced his own “Fake News Awards” for 2017 on Wednesday via the Republican National Committee’s website,, and received the expected lukewarm reception from mainstream media outlets. Trump announced the award “winners” by tweeting a link to a top eleven list hosted on a web page that initially experienced […]

Central Bank of Iran files $4.9 billion complaint against Deutsche Boerse subsidiary

Fox Business– Deutsche Boerse AG (DB1.XE) said Thursday that Iran’s Bank Markazi has filed a complaint against the German stock-exchange operator’s subsidiary Clearstream, seeking restitution of assets worth about $4.9 billion. The Iranian central bank filed the complaint against post-trade services provider Clearstream and Italian bank Banca UBAE SpA at a court in Luxembourg, where […]

Syrian Air Defense ready to destroy Turkish aviation if they attack – Deputy FM

“We warn the Turkish leadership that if they initiate combat operations in the Afrin area, that will be considered an act of aggression by the Turkish army,” deputy foreign minister Faisal Meqdad told reporters. The statement was made after Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s statement made earlier in the day, saying that Ankara would intervene in Syria’s Afrin and Manbij, citing the […]

Foreign Ministry: U.S. military presence in Syria act of aggression on Syria’s sovereignty

SANA– The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Thursday that a U.S military presence in Syria was illegitimate and represented a blatant breach of the international law and an aggression on Syria’s national sovereignty. “The internal affairs in any country in the world is an exclusive right of the people of this country, thus nobody […]

Senior Hamas figure writes to Ayatollah Khamenei to hail Iran’s stance on Quds

Press TV- A leader of the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement, Ismail Haniyeh, has sent a letter to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, praising Iran’s stance on Jerusalem al-Quds. According to an IRNA report on Thursday, Haniyeh, who is the chief of Hamas’ political bureau, said in his letter that the Palestinian […]

US invests in creating unrests in Iran to its geopolitical interests: expert

Following some unrests in Iran early January, the US President Donald Trump pledged “great support” for protesters and raised the issue in the UN Security Council. To shed more light on the real reasons behind the turbulences and the US real motive behind Trump’s interfering acts, we discussed the issue with Bangkok- based geopolitical researcher […]

New Report Says 170 Million Americans At Risk of Drinking Radioactive Tap Water

Zero Hedge According to a new bombshell report from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), tap water for more than 170 million Americans contains radioactive elements that may increase the risk of cancer. The group examined 50,000 public water systems throughout the United States and found from 2010 to 2015, more than 22,000 water utilities reported radium in treated water. […]

The US Coalition-Financed ‘Siege’ of East Ghouta Supported by BBC Propaganda

Jeremy SaltAHT Lies, deceit and forgeries have always been part of war, truth being ‘the first casualty.’ But in the past two decades the falsifications of war have reached unparalleled heights, thanks to technology. The lies told by the American, British, Australian and allied governments ahead and during the attack on Iraq in 2003 reached […]

Iran determined to deepen ties with Islamic countries, including Oman President Rouhani met with the speaker of the parliament of Oman and stressed that the enemies do not want Islamic countries to be united and integrated, adding: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is firmly determined to deepen brotherly, inclusive ties with Islamic countries, including Oman”. Speaking on Wednesday in Tehran, President Hassan Rouhani described […]

Iran: Syria’s triumphs make US, Israel follow destructive plots more

IRNA – Syria’s victories have made the US and the Zionist Regime follow their destructive plots more forcefully to benefit terrorists, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said. Zarif made the remarks Wednesday in a meeting with Syrian Parliament Speaker Hammouda Sabbagh. He hailed the Syrian people and government for their resistance against conspiracies and […]

US hindering Iran deal, banking ties: CBI chief

IRNA – Global banks are cautious about their ties with Iran because the US still poses obstacles to their plans despite of the nuclear deal being an international document, said the governor of Central Bank of Iran (CBI). Tehran-Berlin economic relations did not proceed with bilateral political ties due to the obstruction by the US, […]

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