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US to continue aid to UNRWA if changed school books

American administration has proposed UNRWA changes its school textbooks in order to continue to receive US donations, Jordanian newspaper Al-Ghad reported on Tuesday. The newspaper said the US proposed two amendments to the textbooks that includes abolition of all references to the right of return and issue of refugees in general, as well having no […]

Scientists Zapped People’s Brains with Magnetic Pulses and It Changed Their Taste in Music

Scientists Zapped People’s Brains with Magnetic Pulses and It Changed Their Taste in Music November 23rd, 2017 Via: Independent: Stimulating someone’s brain with magnetic pulses is enough to change their taste in music, according to new research. Using a non-invasive technique called transcranial magnetic […]

The message that changed our fate — Balfour at 100

Ever since Britain first began colluding with the Zionists to establish a state in Palestine, the entire Palestinian people have paid the price—and we still do today, 100 years later The message that changed our fate: Foreign Office November 2, 1917 Dear Lord Rothschild, I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of […]

The Ghosts of Grenfell – The Night our Eyes Changed

21st Century Wire says… Activist and outspoken Hip Hop artist, Lowkey, has recently produced a haunting new track dedicated to the “Ghosts of Grenfell”. Lowkey does not shy away from confrontation with the ruling classes that he believes to have contributed to the tragedy that struck deep into the heart of London on the 14th […]

How Putting A Pre-School Inside of A Nursing Home ChangeD Everyone’s Life (Video)

Next Story Contrary to popular belief, nursing homes can be very lonely places for elderly people. In fact, it is not uncommon for elderly people to experience social isolation that is associated with depression and loneliness. Many believe that a nursing home would alleviate these issues, but these feelings of depression don’t go away, in […]

How Outlawing War Changed the World in 1928

How Outlawing War Changed the World in 1928 By When I wrote a book about the Kellogg-Briand Pact my goals were to draw lessons from the movement that created it, and to call attention to its existence as a still-current law being routinely violated — in hopes of encouraging compliance. After all, it is […]

7 Suppressed Technologies That Could Have Changed the World

September 10th, 2017 By Paul A. Philips Guest writer for Wake Up World The world is steeped in poverty with precious little achieved in the way of real humanitarian advancement. While there are a number of technologies that could have changed the world and helped humanity create a living utopia, the brilliant inventors of these technologies were given […]

25 Years Ago the Federal Govt Changed its Rules to Launch a Sniper Attack on Off-Grid Family

Renegade Editor’s Note: It is encouraging to see a writer who is not a racial nationalist covering this important piece of our history. By Claire Bernish Randall and Vicki Weaver and their children wanted nothing more than to be left to live an isolated life in peace in their cabin enclave on a northern Idaho mountaintop […]

Natural News readers and fans have changed the world with CLEAN FOOD victories galore

About the author: Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from […]

How My Life Changed After Cancelling Netflix For 60 Days

Next Story Was it Netflix’s fault that I was not in alignment with things in my life? No, it was simply the action I took to get back on track. But, I see the dependance so many of us have on Netflix, movies, and entertainment in general. I personally live life owning up to my […]

20 People Share The Experience That Changed Their Life More Than Any Other

Next Story While we all learn from our own direct experiences in life, I truly believe that other human beings are some of the greatest educational tools available to us. And thanks in large part to the social media driven era in which we are currently entrenched, connecting with others has never been easier, and for most […]

Date of Iranian president’s Swearing-In ceremony changed, MP says

Speaking to the Tasnim News Agency, Behrouz Nemati, a member of the parliament’s presiding board, said President Rouhani was previously slated to take the oath of office at an open session of the parliament on August 6. The parliamentarian added that the date of the ceremony has changed because of certain considerations. He said the […]

How 1967 changed American Jews

The 1967 war was a depth charge in American Jewish life and Israeli political culture as well. This week as we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the occupation, I sought to understand the meaning of the war for American Jews, and some of their Israeli counterparts, by digging out texts that captured those states of […]

From Anti To Advocate – 5 People Who Changed Their Minds About Cannabis

Most medical cannabis advocates can name one key moment in their life when they knew they had to come out of the closet and campaign for regulated, legal access to the cannabis plant. But there is also a clutch of extraordinary individuals who, when confronted with real evidence about the cannabis plant’s therapeutic potential, have done […]

CNN Reports Comey Has Changed His Mind, Now Believes Trump Tried To Influence Him

Clearly disappointed to have been left out of the headline heroics from Friday night (courtesy of The Washington Post and The New York Times), CNN has decided that anonymously sourced perspectives on officials’ feelings now warrants reportage. The latest in the sad sage of mainstream media’s downward spiral, as The Hill reports, […]


by Jonathan Azaziah To mark Malcolm X’s (R.A.) 92nd birthday, I’m going to go ahead and drop a gem on y’all that is going to both wow you and put a great many things into perspective about the revolutionary giant’s life and martyrdom–a gem that you’ve never encountered before because Saudi-funded “Muslim” groups and “Muslim” […]

Obama changed Washington more than Trump: Poll

Press TV – The results coming out of a new poll in America show that people were optimistic about change at the end of former President Barack Obama’s first 100 days compared to the same period for incumbent President Donald Trump.  The poll released by Gallup on Tuesday, shows that 54 percent of the US adults are inclined to […]

Foreign-born Populations in Europe

Sweden, Norway, and Austria now have foreign-born populations of between 15 and 18 percent—not including Third Worlders born there, a new survey of United Nations and European Union Eurostat data has revealed. When the “born-there” Third World population is added in, the figures will rise to well above 20 percent. The analysis, conducted by […]

Pharma propaganda on parade: Most ‘science’ journal studies on prescriptions are written by Big Pharma’s own scientists

(NaturalNews) It is no secret that the internet is littered with misinformation, whether it’s a matter of simple ignorance or people spreading falsehoods for their own agenda. Many people consider scientific journals to be among the most credible sources available, but it turns out that they, too, fall into the latter category; they’ve […]

‘Hypocrite’ Holder says Snowden performed important ‘public service’

Though he acknowledged that Edward Snowden did indeed perform a “public service” by starting a national conversation about government surveillance, former Attorney General Eric Holder still insists that the NSA whistleblower should be prosecuted for supposedly “harming American interests.” “We can certainly argue about the way in which Snowden did what he […]

Terror spree in Tartus and Jableh, Syria, survivors tell story

     A series of blasts that struck the Syrian coastal cities of Jableh and Tartus left a trail of over 140 dead on Monday. As medics fought to help survivors live, RT managed to talk to some of those injured in the gruesome terror attack. Four car bombs and three suicide bombers shook the relatively […]

Freemasons Stage Our Political Charade

  May 16, 2016 ( Updated from Oct 6, 2008)  When you shake hands, the thumb naturally extends upward or straight ahead. When it points downward, you are signalling that you are a member of the world’s largest satanic cult, Freemasonry, and are committed to its goal of world government under the anti Christ.  (left, […]

How Bribes to Politicians From Arms Dealers Keep Wars Going

With leaders all over the world on the take for millions, the defense industry has spawned a global business that profits from war, supports corruption everywhere, and must, for its survival, fan the flames of civil wars and global conflict. That is the premise of “Shadow World” — a powerful new documentary.  In this […]

Hawaii considering decriminalizing all recreational drugs for personal use

(NaturalNews) It’s a bold move, the likes of which hasn’t been seen in recent United States history: The state of Hawaii is on the cusp of decriminalizing ALL recreational drugs. If the resolution passes, Hawaii would become the first state to investigate alternative solutions for treating drug addiction other than just locking people […]

What Losing 110 Pounds ACTUALLY Looks Like

A recent guest post found on from a woman named Elna Baker, titled “What Losing 110 Pounds Really Looks Like,” offers readers a firsthand look into the reality of what losing a significant amount of weight actually looks and feels like. We’ve become so accustomed to seeing Before and After pictures — on billboards, on television ads, in […]

Warning: Monsanto’s GMO soy could give you blue balls!

(NaturalNews) Bringing new meaning to the term blue balls, a study has shown that eating a diet containing genetically modified soy actually caused the testicles of rats to turn blue. The study is just one of many cited in a report by the Institute for Responsible Technology reviewing research on the potential harmful […]

Germany: Afghans Use Smartphones to Organize Ficki Ficki Riot Against Teen Girls

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer February 28, 2016 Hundreds of thousands of Afghans have fled the brutal civil war in Afghanistan for Germany, only to be oppressed by Nazis. If these dumb Nazi sluts had covered their blond hair they wouldn’t have this happen to them. It’s high time Germany take responsibility for gassing all those Jews […]

ALERT: If You Have Cans Of Parmesan Cheese, DO NOT EAT IT! Here’s Why

Most everyone loves grated parmesan cheese to sprinkle on spaghetti and other dishes, but they may be rethinking their decision after learning what the FDA recently discovered about many of the products. A Bloomburg Business report detailed the administration’s findings, and while the delicious condiment may taste like parmesan, it turns out that you might […]

Adolf Hitler – The Saviour of Germany

During the 1920’s, Berlin became known as the cesspit of Europe, a city where any and every depraved sexual activity could be had at a price. With drugs, prostitution, pedophilia and homosexuality and even bestiality rampant it was a place dangerous and unfit for any self-respecting German family to reside. Against all odds, in 1933 […]

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