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What It Means If Your Body Jerks While Falling Asleep

Have you ever woken up with a sudden jolt just as you’ve started falling asleep? Or maybe it felt like you were falling? It could be that it felt like you were having a huge muscle spasm. You may have even felt a small shock sensation or a bouncing feeling. This is called a hypnic […]

Abandoned South Dakota Town Costs Less Than Average Home

The abandoned town of Swett, South Dakota is back on the market for less than the price of one single-detached home. Yahoo! Real Estate reports Swett’s listing price is just a mere $250,000. The town comes with the local bar, a home, a garage and tire shop and six acres of prairie. Swett’s peak population […]

The War on Weed Part II: Monsanto, Bayer, and the Push for Corporate Cannabis

Ellen H. Brown (nsnbc) : California’s “Adult Use of Marijuana Act” (AUMA) is a voter initiative characterized as legalizing marijuana use. But critics warn that it will actually make access more difficult and expensive, squeeze home growers and small farmers out of the market, heighten criminal sanctions for violations, and open the door to patented, […]

4 terror tip-offs a day: Germany’s intel chief calls for more anti-extremist powers

Speaking at the security symposium in Berlin on Monday, the head of Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution Hans-Georg Maassen warned of the “worsening security situation in Germany,” adding that the country’s political climate is “a lot rougher” now than it had been before due to the radicalization of previously non-partisan Germans […]

Magnitude 6 earthquake shakes Zamboanga, Philippines

     Three people were injured while four houses were partially destroyed early Thursday when a magnitude 6.0 earthquake shook the Zamboanga Peninsula region. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said the tremor occurred at 2:21 a.m. Thursday and traced its epicenter at 17 kilometers northwest of Baligiuan, Zamboanga del Norte, which also felt the […]

CIA behind Panama Papers leaks, says ‘most significant financial whistleblower of all time’

In an exclusive interview from Munich, Birkenfeld told CNBC on Tuesday that the leak of over 11 million documents from Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca is most likely not a whistleblower job, but rather an “intelligence agency operation.” “The CIA I’m sure is behind this, in my opinion,” Birkenfeld said, citing as evidence selective management […]

Comedian Jim Carrey criticizes U.S. government for allowing Big Pharma to influence policy

     Comedian and actor Jim Carrey has been making a name for himself as an activist in recent years as he attacks the government for the influence big corporations have on it, and lately his attacks have been directed at Big Pharma’s monetary leverage over policy and legislation. In July 2015, Carrey went on a […]

Bombshell: Government Medical Chief Says MMR Vaccine Causes Autism

A former UK Government medical officer has accused authorities of orchestrating one of the greatest scandals in medical history in deliberately covering up the fact that the MMR vaccine causes autism.  Dr Peter Fletcher, former Chief Scientific Officer at the Department of Health, says the UK government have behaved with “utterly inexplicable complacency” in ignoring thousands of […]

HEALTH WARNING: Statins found to double the risk of diabetes… are you still taking these poison pills?

About the author:Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is the founding editor of, the internet’s No. 1 natural health news website, now reaching 7 million unique readers a month. In late 2013, Adams launched the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, where he conducts atomic spectroscopy research into food contaminants using high-end ICP-MS […]

Is Ayahuasca Mother Nature’s “Red Pill”?

My first Ayahuasca experience occurred in the spring of 2013 somewhere in the Brazilian Rainforest. Little did I know at that time how my life would be changed forever — as if I had taken the red pill option from the movie The Matrix, choosing to see rather than hide from reality. The veil had been lifted, and […]

Cairo airport authorities detain, deport researcher Atef Botros back to Germany

Samar Samir (TCP) : Authorities at Cairo International Airport have denied entry and deported Egyptian researcher Atef Botros back to Germany, Youm7 reported Saturday. Egyptian Academic Researcher Atef Botros– A Screenshot From A Video By Deutsche Welle Botros, who was was travelling from Germany to Egypt, was detained at the airport for seven hours Friday […]

Back to Basics: Clearing the Fog of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

                                                                       SAMI AL-ARIAN                                     […]

Trump Takes The Kosher Seal

Trump Takes The Kosher Seal Elections 2016, Brother Nathanael Channel, BroVids Trump Takes The Kosher SealDecember 7, 2015 © Watch ‘EU-Censor-Free!’ HERE! ___________________________________ For More See: Trump’s Deck Of Jewish Cards Click Here And: When Trump Makes A Deal Click Here And: Bro Nathanael—If I Were President Click Here And: Trump’s Got A Trump Card […]

US-led coalition’s deadly strike against Syrian troops is ‘act of aggression’

     Damascus has labelled as an “act of aggression” the US-led coalition’s missile strike which killed three Syrian soldiers at an army base in the Deir ez Zor province. On top of the fatalities, 13 personnel were injured and a number of military vehicles were destroyed when warplanes fired nine missiles at the Saeqa military […]

Sweden to open trade office in Tehran

TEHRAN, Dec. 06 (MNA) – Iran’s minister of communication has said Sweden will open trade office in Tehran in line with extending cooperation in innovation, research, and education. Mahmoud Vaezi who was in a meeting with Swedish Minister for Enterprise and Innovation Mikael Damberg on Sunday, emphasized upon improving cooperation with Sweden in different fields […]

Homeland Security: “An Entirely New Phase”

Homeland Security: “An Entirely New Phase” December 6th, 2015 The whole ISIS mess originates with U.S. activities in Iraq (which, even the mainstream hive mind admits had nothing to do with 9/11), and now, “We have moved to an entirely new phase in the […]

Zionist Rabbis Fake Tel Aviv Stabbing as a Distraction Hoax

Zionist Rabbis Fake Tel Aviv Stabbing as a Distraction Hoax Revelation thanks to one of our posters. It’s an arch-Zionist world, make no mistake about. Moreover, here these criminal minds go again faking a stabbing of ‘poor, pitiful Jews.’ There can be no doubt about the fact that this is fake. There is no wiggle […]

Why Is the IRS Spying on Americans’ Phone Calls?

Washington D.C. — Following the first ever congressional hearing on “Stingray” cellphone surveillance, new details reveal the Secret Service and the Internal Revenue Service are also using the controversial spying devices. ~ Derrick Brose At a congressional hearing last Wednesday, officials with the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security released new details about […]

Russia nearly done building its biggest Arctic military base

“We are not keeping this a secret: we have practically built a base on the Novosibirsk Islands, the Island of Kotelny,” said Shoigu. “This is a big military base, there was no such base there in the Soviet period.” Kotelny is the largest island in the Novosibirsk Archipelago, located in the Laptev Sea. Back in […]

WikiLeaks publishes CIA chief’s hacked emails

RELEASE: CIA Director John Brennan emails— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) October 21, 2015 Although the hacked emails are from Brennan’s “non-government” accounts, he occasionally used the address for several intelligence related projects, according to WikiLeaks. The leaked papers include alleged drafts containing discussions about “challenges for the US Intelligence Community in a post […]

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