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Minneapolis Police Investigate ‘Terroristic Threats’ Made near Lake Calhoun

Minneapolis police are investigating a series of alleged “terroristic threats” made against people living in one neighborhood near Lake Calhoun.  5 EYEWITNESS NEWS talked to a few neighbors on Thursday who say throughout the week, multiple young men have been harassing them. After just moving to the neighborhood not too long ago, one woman, who […]

FBI Recommends No Criminal Charges in Clinton Email Probe

FBI Recommends No Criminal Charges in Clinton Email Probe July 5th, 2016 Mmm hmm. Via: Washington Post: FBI Director James B. Comey said Tuesday that his agency will not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server as […]

NASA confirms that Earth has a second moon

     NASA has officially confirmed that Earth has a second moon that has been around longer than you think. It’s been confirmed that the moon is no longer Earth’s only cosmic companion. NASA reported this month that a mini-moon, affectionately named asteroid 2016 HO3, has been orbiting Earth for only about 100 years and may […]

Brazil in the cross-hairs: Drug-resistant "super bacteria" found in Rio de Janeiro areas hosting Olympic games

     Scientists have found dangerous drug-resistant “super bacteria” off beaches in Rio de Janeiro that will host Olympic swimming events and in a lagoon where rowing and canoe athletes will compete when the Games start on Aug. 5. The findings from two unpublished academic studies seen by Reuters concern Rio’s most popular spots for tourists […]

FBI: Hillary Emails To Be ‘Used As Evidence’ Against Her

The FBI have filed a motion in federal court declaring that everything on Hillary Clinton’s private email server can be used in a potential criminal case against her.  All emails and email accounts the FBI have in their possession were submitted to court as evidence of potential criminal activity, according to a report by The […]

Doom and disaster: Project Fear campaign to keep UK in EU goes into overdrive

     One the highlights of the television week in the UK is watching Saturday night repeats of the much-loved 1970s comedy show ‘Dad’s Army’. The classic sitcom – which even outperformed BBC2’s much-hyped live Shakespeare “special” featuring Prince Charles – tells the story of a brave, but rather incompetent Home Guard platoon in World War […]

Is Caucasus the next Syria – Don’t forget OSCE

Aleksandra Krstic (nsnbc) : The recent all-shoot out in Azerbaijan between the ethnic Armenians and Azerbaijani forces brought yet another round of casualties, psychological traumas and property destructions. Sudden and severe as it was, the event sent its shock waves all over Caucasus and well beyond. Is Caucasus receiving the ‘residual heat’ from the boiling […]

Lab Report: Aircraft Dumped ‘Metallic Fibers’ On U.S. Population

A laboratory has confirmed the presence of “metallic fibers” from strange raindrops that were dumped from a military aircraft over populated areas in America.  According to Marie Snow and her friend Cori Gunnelsknew, 50 to 60-foot long raindrops, which appeared to be solid in nature, fell from the sky in clusters from three military aircraft […]

Waking supervolcano in North Korea prompts rare collaboration with Western scientists

     Rare example of collaboration with isolationist regime’s researchers helps reveal secrets of one of the world’s largest volcanoes If it blows again, it could make Vesuvius look like a tea party. Now, in a ground-breaking collaboration between the West and North Korea, vulcanologists are gaining new insights into Mount Paektu, on North Korea’s border […]

Police Issue Tickets Based on Facebook Post

Police Are Now Issuing Tickets Over Social Media Posts American Intelligence Report  Michael Dalton enjoys making videos on Facebook in his spare time, little did he know it would lead to receiving a visit and citations from local law enforcement, CBS reports. “On a whim I say, ‘Hey I’ll do a quick recording.’ I found this […]

Photos: Iran’s SL Ayat. Khamenei receives Greek PM in Tehran

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has received Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras here on Monday evening.    By Source Article from

Selected Videos: China, Ukraine, Paris, and Nuclear Warfare.

Source Article from

Palestinians plan to oust Tony Blair from his role as Middle East peace envoy

  Kirsty Walker and Phoebe Greenwood Daily Mail September 30, 2011 Tony Blair’s job as a Middle East peace envoy is in jeopardy after officials in the Palestinian Authority accused him  of acting like an ‘extreme’  Israeli diplomat. Senior figures in the Palestine Liberation Organisation are reported to be planning to sever all contact with the former […]

Was the CIA behind the Gaddafi oust?

Congressman Dennis Kucinch has suggested that the CIA has had a role in the start-up of the Arab Spring this year. Jack Rice, a journalist and former officer at the CIA himself, says it is not that unlikely at all. “Let’s be honest,” Rice said to RT. “The CIA is involved in every place that […]

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