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Investigation Found East Palestine “Controlled Burn” Unnecessary (Norfolk Lied) & Israel Bombs Syria

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (7/19/23). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

Tony Blair: Afghanistan withdrawal is ‘tragic, dangerous, and unnecessary’

Tony Blair lambasted the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in an article on his institute’s website, stating that the decision to leave is “political” rather than “strategic”. “The abandonment of Afghanistan and its people is tragic, dangerous, unnecessary, not in their interests and not in ours,” the former British prime minister wrote. Blair, who was prime […]

 Why is public transport not good enough to make private vehicle ownership unnecessary?

If the goal is to protect environment from automobile pollution, improve road safety, and end economic disparities in the society, then vehicle scrappage policy is not likely to deliver on these tall promises. Rather such a policy could be counter-productive if we look closely at the aforementioned goals. Such a policy is another example of […]

Teen Girls Suffer Unnecessary Pelvic Exams

Each year over a million teenage girls get this invasive, sometimes traumatic exam—without medical cause After a young woman we’ll call Jane had her first pelvic exam, her doctor wrote her a prescription for birth control pills. “What are these for?” she asked, perplexed. “Because you’re having sex,” her doctor said. “No I’m not,” Jane […]

“The available evidence and science indicate that COVID-19 vaccines are unnecessary, ineffective and unsafe” (Doctors For COVID Ethics)

Abstract: COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers have been exempted from legal liability for vaccine-induced harm. It is therefore in the interests of all those authorising, enforcing and administering COVID-19 vaccinations to understand the evidence regarding the risks and benefits of these vaccines, since liability for harm will fall on them. In short, the available evidence and science […]

Mother accused of forcing six-year-old daughter to have hundreds of unnecessary surgeries

A 31-year-old woman living in Washington has been charged with assault and domestic violence after it was revealed that she allegedly put her adopted six-year-old daughter through 473 “unnecessary” surgeries. Sophie Hartman, a white woman, adopted two Black daughters in May 2019 from Zambia. On 17 March this year, the two children were taken away […]

Apologies from Palestine supporters are harmful and unnecessary

Even as support for Palestine grudgingly enters into popular consciousness in the West, the racist dehumanization of Palestinians continues to undermine meaningful support. The most obvious example of this is the repeated attempts at policing the tone and rhetoric of support for Palestine — and associated apologies when the arbitrary line is crossed.  For example, […]

160+ experts slam COVID vaccines as ‘unnecessary, ineffective and unsafe’ in powerful letter

‘In short, the available evidence and science indicate that COVID-19 vaccines are unnecessary, ineffective and unsafe.’Wed May 19, 2021 – 1:04 pm EST Dr Michael Yeadon, a former Pfizer vice president and co-founder of Doctors for COVID-19 EthicsThe Last American Vagabond / Odysee By Raymond Wolfe May 19, 2021, (LifeSiteNews) – Dozens of medical experts issued […]

It was ‘unnecessary’ to kneel on George Floyd’s neck during arrest, US court hears

Kneeling on George Floyd ‘s neck while he was handcuffed and lying on his stomach was “totally unnecessary,” the head of the Minneapolis Police Department’s homicide division testified on Friday. “If your knee is on a person’s neck, that can kill him,” said Lt Richard Zimmerman, adding that when a person is handcuffed behind their […]

An Unnecessary Himalayan Disaster

There is a huge tectonic place below the land mass of India known as “Indian Plate.” The rotation of the earth is causing this plate to continually move northward just like any matter moves to the top in a centrifugal machine. The Indian Plate crashes into the Tibetan Plate as it moves to the north. […]

Video: Trump Slams “Wasteful And Unnecessary” Pork In COVID-19 Stimulus Bill

If Joe Biden were to be elected his Presidency would cost American taxpayers $11 trillion dollars, according to a study by The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. The conservative 501 found that Biden’s proposals on social security, health care, climate and infrastructure could plunge the US into a debt crisis. Speaking to the Daily Caller, […]

Fauci Challenged: Vaccine Dangerous & Unnecessary, Zero science for lockdowns & masks says microbiologist

Fauci Challenged: Vaccine Dangerous & Unnecessary, Zero science for lockdowns & masks says microbiologist Free North News / Ryan Craswell Anytime, anywhere in the world. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi has challenged Dr. Anthony Fauci. The duel, if Dr. Anthony Fauci accepts, will however take place with facts instead of fists. “What he says has to be […]

Statement: Israeli police using brutality and unnecessary force against peaceful protesters

Editor’s Note: The following statement was issued today following the police crackdown Friday night on a protest in Haifa against the Israeli massacre in Gaza.  Haifa. Saturday, 19 May 2018. In light of recent barbaric and inhumane military actions carried out against unarmed protesting Palestinian civilians in Gaza by Israeli forces, culminating in the killing of 106 […]

Unnecessary C-sections: Evidence grows that normal childbirth takes longer than we thought

The insight could lead to fewer unnecessary C-sections being performed      A long-standing “rule” for women in labor has been challenged again. During labor, the cervix – the narrow, lower part of the uterus – dilates, or opens, to allow for a baby’s birth. For decades, the guidance has been that the cervix should dilate […]

Winston Churchill Helped Start "Unnecessary War"

Winston Churchill was a crypto-Jew  who sold out his country to advance the Rothschilds’ program of world domination.  The Masonic Jewish central bankers contrive wars for profit, to kill patriots and to degrade and enslave humanity.  (Originally posted in Aug. 2005) By Henry Makow, Ph.D. After the first Nazi air raid on London Sept. 7, 1940 which killed […]

Hospital admits they contributed to the opioid epidemic through unnecessary prescriptions: Now prescriptions are limited and addiction cases are down

(Natural News) In an effort to curb opioid use, the University of Florida Health Shands Hospital implemented the enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocol in mid-2015. Under this, doctors can no longer impose narcotics on patients with impunity, and must make an effort to find and write prescriptions. Come 2017, and the results can already […]

israel’s Threats Could Push It into Unnecessary War with Iran

Israel’s Threats Could Push It into Unnecessary War with Iran  AXIS OF EVIL by Shemuel Meir  Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu are striving together to cancel the JCPOA nuclear agreement with Iran. Even Netanyahu’s new mantra, that he only wants to “fix” the deal, is actually mean to bring about its cancelation in a slightly more […]

Reducing unnecessary surgeries: New tech identifies lesions most likely to develop into breast cancer

(Natural News) Thousands of women each year subject themselves to painful and invasive surgeries to get rid of breast lesions which turn out to be benign, defeating the purpose of the surgeries in the first place. To avoid occurrences of these unnecessary surgeries, scientists are working on making current detection and diagnostic tools more effective […]

Women being CONNED into unnecessary double mastectomies by doctors who misrepresent genetic testing, warns Stanford researchers

(Natural News) The decision to undergo a double mastectomy is not one that is made lightly, but it is one that countless women have had to face over the years. The number of women undergoing the procedure has increased dramatically since 2013, when famed actress Angelina Jolie revealed that she’d had both of her breasts […]

Jamala’s "Ukrainian" parents prospered in Russian Crimea

     Why doesn’t the current winner of “Eurovision” – Susana Jamaladinova (Jamala) – like to talk about her family, and why do they flatly refuse to move to Kiev? She insists her father doesn’t want to leave their house in the expensive resort village of Malorechenskoye near Alushta: “We were one of the first Crimean […]

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