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18-Year-Old Blind Dachshund Dumped At Shelter Clings To The First Person Who Makes Her Feel Safe

This senior Dachshund had certainly seen better days, but she didn’t want it to end like this. Dumped at the shelter, the 18-year-old blind dog just wanted to feel love again. That’s why when she met her very first person at the shelter, she didn’t want to let go. Longtime volunteer Elaine Seamans came to […]

Are We Like this Blind Beggar?

  January 31, 2020 Source Article from Hits: 13

ِAmazing video of a loyal guide dog saves blind owner’s life after subway track fall

After Cecil Williams, a blind man, fell on the subway track in New York City, he was saved with the help of his guide dog, Orlando. But in the midst of all this, Williams says he actually can’t afford to keep Orlando and will have to give him up for adoption. After word got out […]

Blind Pregnant Dog, Shot 17 Times, Her Ears Cut Off, She Has Now A Mission Of Love in sweet home

his is one of the saddest stories ever, it is about a pregnant poor dog, that was found chained up in Lebanon by a roadside after being shot 17 times with pellets. Fortunately, the dog, whose ear was cut off, had been found by a kind man, who took her for medical care in his […]

Blind and deaf dog surrendered to high kill shelters, Get euthanized after two days

This story refers dog named “Keller” which was completely blind and deaf; the dog was being brought to a high kill shelter, and was sad from the day one. Keller was not aggressive at all or in any way bothersome, but might be missing a loving environment. The shelter tried to look for any family […]

Blind dog who stays for 7 years at shelter, So happy gets adoption by nice couple

It is known that people like to adopt young puppies instead of the older ones, as people think that it is going to be more work. Amanda Villeme of the Oahu SPCA said that they tried to make the poor dog as comfortable as they possible, but it was obvious that that she needed a […]

Stray Found With Ear Cut Off, Blind, Pregnant, And Shot 17 Times Proves Abusers Wrong In 1 Year

A man was walking through the streets of Lebanon when he came upon a horrific sight. He found a stray dog tied to a box. Her ear had been cut off, she was blind and pregnant, and her body was riddled with pellets. She’d been shot at least 17 times by coldhearted people who […]

WADA’s blurred lines & blind spots would lead to a moral blackout should it ban Russia

The climax of the latest WADA farce will take place when an executive committee will convene on Monday in Lausanne to decide whether to impose a draconian law to declare the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) non-compliant for four whole years, excluding the nation from taking part in next year’s Tokyo Games and the 2022 Winter […]

After Surgery A Blind Dog Could See His Family for First Time

It is absolutely amazing to see the reaction of dogs who see their family after a long period of separation. However, it is otherworldly to see the reaction of a dog who was previously blind seeing his family for the very first time after gaining sight with the help of a surgery. The dog who […]

Blind and Deaf Dog Surrendered To High Kill Shelters, Get Euthanized After Three Days Only

This story refers dog named “Keller” which was completely blind and deaf; the dog was being brought to a high kill shelter, and was sad from the day one. Keller was not aggressive at all or in any way bothersome, but might be missing a loving environment. Volunteers coming over to this shelter fell in […]

State Fines Company $10,000 for Not Having a Permit to Help the Blind and Elderly Get Ubers

By Matt Agorist In the Land of the Free, if you do not pay the State before you attempt to sell a product or service to a willing customer, you can and will be extorted, kidnapped and caged, with extreme prejudice. As the following case illustrates, even if this service helps those who cannot help […]

Dem candidates mostly turn a blind eye to Israeli atrocities and Palestinian rights

Dem candidates have yet to address the Israel/Palestine issue in a debate. (Photo from the first night of the Democratic presidential debate on June 26, 2019, in Miami.) On the critical issue of Israel/Palestine, Democratic presidential hopefuls reveal a strong pro-Israel leaning that does not match the sentiments of a huge swath of Democratic voters. […]

Halle’s ‘Nazi killer’: How blind hatred fueled a deadly shooting spree in Germany

Live-streamed by the assailant for the whole world to see, the horrific murders have shaken Germany and fueled fears that the country is experiencing a resurgence of far-right extremism. A carefully-planned rampage The 27-year-old, identified only as ‘Stephan B.’ by German authorities, made careful preparations before carrying out his heinous crime. His target was the […]

How Zionist Israel is Robbing America Blind! (video)

SEPTEMBER 09, 2019 BY GILAD ATZMON The fact that America is funding Israeli expansionism is not new, however, in this must watch episode Jake Morphonios delves into the scale of that broad daylight plunder of Americans’ taxpayers’ money. I highly advise Americans and everyone else to watch to this superb work of investigative journalism: Blackstone Intelligence […]

Blind Inventor Develops ‘Smart Cane’ That Uses Google Maps And Sensors To Identify Surroundings

Mandy Froelich, Truth Theory Waking Times Thanks to the ingenuity of a blind inventor, people who lack sight can more easily navigate the world. The “smart cane,” or WeWalk cane, uses ultrasonic sensors to warn the user of nearby objects and obstacles through vibrations in the handle. As CNN reports, the purpose of the device is to protect people from low-hanging […]

Teenager Left Deaf & Blind Due To Decade Long Diet Of Junk Food

A teenager is believed to be the first in the UK to go deaf and blind due to a junk food diet The seventeen year old has been left blind and deaf because of a lack of vitamins and minerals after a decade of living off a diet of chips, crisps, processed meat and sausages The Telegraph […]

Nature fights back: "Weaponized" hogweed spreading across New York, can scar and BLIND humans

(Natural News) “Weaponized” hogweed continues to spread across New York, prompting the state to issue a warning to residents about the dangerous plant that can burn, scar and blind people. This weed is also cropping up in other areas of the country, and it’s causing such severe reactions that it’s hard not […]

Why the blind spot on the part of some of the best writers when it comes to the Old Testament?

            As the readers have observed, this blog has written against the violence of the OT and has done it’s best to warn the “gentile world” of pouring so much devotion and energy into the Old Testament part of the Bible known as the Torah. Not a rejection of the […]

Mainstream Media Coverage of LED Lights That Blind, Fry, and Spy On Us

July 20, 2019 By B.N. Frank Many are promoting LED lights as “environmentally-friendly” because they supposedly use less energy.  In fact, some environmentalists are really ticked off at the Trump administration because they want to exempt some of these bulbs from “green” standards. Unfortunately, just because these LED supposedly use less energy to operate doesn’t […]

West ‘turns blind eye’ to ‘ultra-nationalists’ rioting when it comes to Georgia – Moscow

The recent anti-Russian protests and subsequent clashes in Georgia are “yet another example of the results of geopolitical engineering” performed by Western politicians, Lavrov said on Monday. The Western supervisors are ready to turn a blind eye to rioting by ultra-nationalists and Russophobia, as long as they get to rip apart all the ties the […]

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