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New Website Provides Details on a Safe Alternative to Harmful 5G

July 14, 2019 By B.N. Frank The telecom industry has provided NO scientific evidence that 5G is biologically safe and researchers have already determined that it isn’t (see 1, 2). Doctors, elected officials, environmentalists, meteorologists, security experts, the U.S. Navy, utility companies and others have been issuing very scary warnings about the consequences of widespread […]

Turkey warns US against harmful steps over Russian S-400 systems

Turkey has called on the United States to refrain from steps that could harm bilateral relations after the US State Department said Ankara would face “real and negative consequences” in case it presses ahead with plans to acquire advanced Russian-made S-400 missile defense systems. Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hami Aksoy said a statement on […]

Safer and Healthier Alternatives to Root Canals and Other Common, Yet Harmful, Tooth Restoration Techniques

July 10th, 2019 By Carol Vander Stoep, RDH, BSDH, OMT Guest Writer for Wake Up World Originally published at and reproduced here with permission. Viper venom is an efficient killer. Its swirls of toxic proteins multitask. Some paralyze the nervous system of the victim by blocking nerve-to-muscle messages. Others can misdirect messenger hormones, dissolve tissues, or […]

Get "hardcore" about weight loss goals, and cut out the harmful weight gain foods

(Natural News) There’s one common, underlying theme with nearly every corporate made-and-sold food product in America. The slogan is the exact opposite of what it does to your body. No, canola oil is not “heart healthy.” It actually clogs your blood as it coagulates inside you. No, milk, it doesn’t “do a […]

China caught emitting ACTUAL greenhouse gases that are harmful, while ignorant AOC claims U.S.A. is the problem

(Natural News) For reasons that they will have to explain someday, Democrats hate America and everything she stands for in the world and that her citizens have accomplished, as evidenced by the way they talk about our country and portray us to the rest of the world. For instance, though the United […]

Is Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash Harmful for Teeth?

The Facts: Conflicts of Interest Undermine Children’s Health Part I outlines the political developments in the late 1980s that allowed fateful changes in the childhood vaccine schedule to happen, and describes the widespread conflicts of interests with vaccines Reflect On: Are vaccines really as safe as they’re marketed to be? Note: With this article, Children’s Health […]

Experts warn about harmful side effects of 5G, which requires 20,000 satellites beaming narrow-band signals to Earth that can "fry the cells of all living things"

(Natural News) You can try to run, but you certainly won’t be able to hide from the devastating impact of 5G (fifth generation) wireless communications technology, should the tech cabal successfully complete its planned rollout over the next several years. According to reports, the scheme involves launching some 20,000 satellites into orbit, along […]

How To Care For Your Liver: Debunking The Popular & Harmful Liver Myths

The Facts: Your liver is #1 protector. There are many myths surrounding the liver that impede its ability to do its job. These myths include taking ox bile, doing liver flushes, doing coffee enemas, avoiding fructose, drinking apple cider vinegar, and more. Reflect On: Besides avoiding the popular liver myths listed in this article, avoid […]

5G – The Harmful Effects of a New Technology

Jon Rappoport, Guest Waking Times * See “5G Radiation Dangers—11 Reasons To Be Concerned,” by Lloyd Burrell (twitter), at Well worth a read. * Of course, read Patrick Wood’s (twitter) instant classic, Technocracy Rising, which explains the hidden agenda of Globalism in the 21st century. Patrick’s blog is here. “Along with the 5G there is another thing coming — Internet of Things. If […]

These harmful habits may be contributing to your neck pain

(Natural News) Are you in constant pain because of a stiff neck? If you want to ease the discomfort in your neck, read on to learn more about three bad habits that could be causing neck pain. What causes neck pain? You may not be aware of it but sometimes common and […]

Scientists paid off to suppress the truth about harmful effects of SUGAR

(Natural News) Sugar is what makes food sweet, and your body uses it as a source of energy. But too much sugar is a major problem, and excessive consumption is now known to be a driving force in the epidemic of obesity and diet-related disease plaguing the Western world. Indeed, the true […]

The Thanksgiving Tale We Tell Is a Harmful Lie. As a Native American, I’ve Found a Better Way to Celebrate the Holiday

Every November, I get asked an unfortunate, loaded question: “You’re a Native American — what do you eat on Thanksgiving?” My answer spans my lifetime. I was born and raised on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota in the 1970s and am a member of the Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe. Growing up, I […]

CDC Publishes Fact Sheet Insisting “thimerosal in vaccines is not harmful” Despite Evidence That It Is

The Facts: Research reveals that a vaccinated individual not only can become infected with measles but can also spread it to others who are also vaccinated against it – disproving that multiple doses of MMR are 97 percent effective. Reflect On: A lot of awareness has been created regarding the pharmaceutical industry and the harm […]

GMO crops and harmful pesticides allowed in wildlife refuges across the country

     Late last week, the Trump administration rescinded an Obama-era policy banning the use of GMO crops and a controversial class of pesticides thought to harm bees and birds in federal wildlife refuges. The news generated some eye-popping headlines and raises the question: Why would land managers plant genetically engineered corn and soy plants and […]

Study Shows Cell Phone Towers Harmful To Animals, Plants – 5G Will Be Much Worse

Electromagnetic Radiation From Power Lines and Cell Towers Disorientates Birds, Insects, Affects Plant Health EKLIPSE is a UK based organization that aims to, “…improve the integration of emerging issues into policy development related to or impacting on biodiversity and ecosystem services.” The Telegraph reports that the nonprofit research group analyzed 97 studies and came to […]

Government Support for Harmful Mass Migrations

I would like to share a document that’s good to have around as a reference for the you bump into people who think you’re paranoid for talking about the disappearance of whites being perhaps intentional. This is a study produced by our own military’s Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey California, and its from their Strategic […]

Is Fructose as Addictive and Harmful as Alcohol?

Sayer Ji, Green Med Info Waking Times Millions of pounds are consumed annually, yet it may be more like a drug than a food and just as damaging and addictive as alcohol… Fructose, which literally means “fruit sugar,”* sounds so sweet and innocent. And indeed, when incorporated into the diet in moderate amounts in […]

Wheat Contains Not One But 23K Potentially Harmful Proteins

August 15th, 2018 By Sayer Ji Contributing writer for Wake Up World Despite popular misconceptions gluten is only the tip of a very large iceberg. There are actually 23,788 distinct proteins that have been identified in wheat, any one of which could incite a negative immune reaction in the body. Most folks don’t realize that when we are talking […]

Eating Modern Wheat Fuels Growth of Harmful Gut Bacteria, Study Suggests

Sayer Ji, Green Med Info Waking Times Research indicates that the consumption of wheat contributes to the growth of pathogenic bacteria in our gut, adding to growing concern that wheat (which is often contaminated with Roundup herbicide) is one of the worst foods to consume for gut health.  A concerning study published in FEMS Microbiology […]

Flawed testing and compromised regulatory agencies have conspired to keep harmful pesticides on the market

(Natural News) Even in 2018, as we have more access to information than ever before, some people seem willing to give pesticides the benefit of the doubt. They can’t be that bad, they reason, or they never would have gotten approval. Surely there are tests that show they’re not as dangerous as […]

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