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And so die heroes

ST In the bewilderment of what happened (the assassination of general Suleimani) it is easy to forget that this is not the first time neither will it be the last time that America gets rid of its enemies through assassination. A quick glance at back, to the 1960’s will give a clear example of this, […]

Wombats Hailed as “Heroes” for Digging Water Hole Enjoyed by Thirsty Animals During Drought

(TMU) — While viral stories about wombats herding other animals to safety amid Australia’s unprecedented bushfire crisis have proven to be false, the marsupials are being celebrated as heroes for their ability to supply water to parched native fauna who have struggled to survive the prolonged drought. The wombats are now being called “water diviners” […]

NEO – Recognizing the Heroes, a “2020 Vision”

by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor, …with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow If you want heroes, go to Syria. There are heroes in Syria. But who are the heroes? What is a hero? I learned about heroes early in life. Most of us that fought in Vietnam were teenagers. I escaped that by a month when […]

Iran Cleric: We Have No Good Revenge Targets, Only US Heroes Are SpongeBob and Spider-Man

(TMU) — For the average person watching events in the Middle East over the past week, it’s difficult to glean any humor from the looming threat of a major regional war between the United States and Iran. However, one Iranian cleric has made comments which can either be viewed as a cutting and acidic bit of sarcasm, […]

Intel Drop: Leave them without heroes, the smear machine…

…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor In 1997, singer, songwriter John Denver died in the crash of homebuilt aircraft off Monterrey, California. He wasn’t dead for an hour before they began to murder him, his memory, his music, and his legacy. John Denver is remembered as an abusive alcoholic, a fake environmentalist, a spoiled rich kid […]

Entangled Humpback Whale Pleads For Help – A Group Of Heroes Step In And Help

When humans and animals get together and do their best to understand and support each other, great things can arise. This video of a group of heroes who stepped in for a whale in need restores our faith in humanity. The brave volunteers, among which James Moskito, braved the freezing temperatures and ignored the fact […]

One among many heroes: The ChangeMakers who inspire me

Each week, when I’m not working to build capacity at Mondoweiss, I’m a hard-working activist like so many of you, spending hours and hours on direct action and strategy. Palestine solidarity is the focus of a lot of my work, but it’s not the only thing I do–as the co-chair of my Democratic Socialists of […]

As Heroes Like Assange Rot in Prison, Trump is Pardoning War Criminals Left and Right

Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project Waking Times The United States has a heinous record when it comes to committing war crimes. Even more heinous, however, is the fact that commander in chief after commander in chief continue to pardon those convicted of these unspeakable acts. As whistleblowers like Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning rot […]

‘They died protecting their motherland’: India pays tribute to heroes and victims of 2008 Mumbai attacks

“We remember everyone who lost their lives and mourn with their families,” India’s president Ram Nath Kovind said. “A grateful nation salutes the security personnel who made the supreme sacrifice.” On the 11th anniversary of the Mumbai terror attacks, we remember everyone who lost their lives and mourn with their families. A grateful nation salutes […]

NEO: Heroes and Villains, Do Americans Care Anymore?

By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow (Est. 1816) – First published … October 20, 2019 – Political activism in the US other than for pay is a dying occupation. Make too much noise, you are branded a terrorist. Reach too large an audience, you have a car accident, and this has happened over […]

The Woman Who Raised Heroes

Hussein Samawarchi This is, by far, one of the most eventful weeks for the media this year. The ongoing discussions of the speeches made at the United Nations shook the world of news analysts with praise for leaders like Presidents Hasan Rouhani [Iran] and Michel Aoun [Lebanon], and, mockery for substandard performers like [“Israeli” Prime […]

Elites, int’l contests medal-winners, heroes of talent, education, learning: President Rouhani – President described the role of students’ families and the family environment effective on the progress and flourishment of students’ talents, saying, “Elites and those who have won medals at international contests are heroes in the fields of talent, education and learning”. Speaking on Sunday in a meeting with students who have won medals […]

Friends of the IDF event raises $37 million for Israeli ‘heroes’ in NY

On September 25, the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) held its annual gala dinner and raised $37 million for programs supporting Israeli military members. The FIDF was established in 1981 and bills itself as “anon-political, non-military organization that provides for wellbeing of the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), veterans and family […]

Johnstone: Stop Telling Veterans That They Are Heroes

Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw has a popular post going around on Twitter at the moment admonishing Senator Bernie Sanders for saying that the US government should not go to war if it can’t afford to take care of its veterans. “Watching Bernie pander to different groups to get their vote has always […]

Western media portrays Hong Kong hooligans as heroes. But are they?

On Sunday, huge US flags were waving in the air. A massive demonstration, consisting of mainly young people, was moving up from the old British-built downtown area of the city towards the US Consulate General, often erroneously called the “embassy.” The temperature was well over 30 degrees Celsius, but the number of ‘protesters’ kept growing. […]

Today only: double your gift in honor of Palestinian heroes

Give now — and double your impact. We began the summer fundraising campaign for Mondoweiss two weeks ago, with the goal of raising $60,000 to continue and grow our reporting from Palestine. Today, I’m excited to share with you the generous challenge of Mondoweiss supporters Stephan Shaw and Sunita Viswanath: they will match the first […]

Hitchens on White Helmets: ‘Heroes or Fanatics?’

After being spirited out of Syria through Israeli territory, it appears that some 500 of the US and UK’s most valuable soft power asset, the White Helmets, are to receive political asylum in the UK – despite their clear links to the terrorists like Al Nusra Front and other extremist groups who have been instrumental […]

Heroes and Villains – Images for the Soul

Jon Rappoport, Guest Waking Times —Yes, movies are made to install predictive programming in the audience, and to plant values and behaviors, and to debase the culture, and so forth and so on. But in many movies, something much simpler is going on… Whether it’s the good cop capturing the bad criminal, or the […]

Why the West Should Recognize Syria’s Many ‘Private Ryan’ Heroes

By Vanessa Beeley  Stories of wartime heroism abound in Hollywood movie history, the gung-ho, swashbuckling images that saturate our cinema screens promote US military personnel to cult figures, ‘saving the world’. It is the victory of fantasy over realism that distances the American public from the horrors of war. Wars that are never on US […]

Iceland’s Viking Heroes: Another ‘White Power Freak-Out’ over Nordic Sports Team Embracing Their Heritage

Iceland’s World Cup Team Depicted as Vikings in Official Video An official video promoting Iceland’s historic bid to win this year’s World Cup has been blasted for its white power imagery and for portraying the players as ‘inhuman’. The video depicts Iceland’s squad as Viking warriors in an animated illustration. Players such as Everton’s Gylfi […]

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