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Johnson’s position is likely to embolden Scottish radicals

Related Posts Scottish National Party appears confident of crushing Tories in Scotland 20,000 attend Scottish independence march in Edinburgh   Thousands of people have attended a pro-Scottish independence march through the streets of Edinburgh as Scottish Independence marchers bring Edinburgh to ‘standstill’ The “biggest” Scottish independence march is taking place in Edinburgh today, as the […]

Boris Johnson’s strategist faces serious allegations about Russia connections

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Johnson & Macron – Caretakers Or Betrayers Of Brexit?

Authored by Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, ‘n Guns blog, While everyone, including myself, has speculated how Boris Johnson could be the Hero of Brexit, it may come down to French President Emmanuel Macron being that hero. Macron has made noise after noise about not wanting to grant any more extensions to the U.K. to […]

Johnson & Johnson Recalls 33,000 Baby Powder Bottles After Finding Asbestos In Them

The Facts: This article was written By Dr. Alan Palmer, Contributing Writer for Children’s Health Defense. Reflect On: Why does mainstream media never address the points made by vaccine safety advocates? Why do they always resort to ridicule and use terms like “anti vax conspiracy” instead of simply refuting evidence with their own evidence? [CHD […]

Does Boris Johnson really want a general election, or does he have something else in mind?

It took me a moment to figure out what on earth Boris Johnson was playing at, attempting to call a general election just after Parliament had passed the Queen’s Speech. The government had set out a plan for what it intends to do with this Parliamentary term, got Parliament to rubber-stamp the overall direction, and […]

Johnson & Johnson Recalls 33,000 Baby Powder Bottles After FDA Finds Asbestos

Jordan Davidson, EcoWatch Waking Times Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson recalled 33,000 bottles of baby powder on Friday after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found trace amounts of asbestos in one of its bottles. While the recall pertains to a single lot of baby powder, it is unwelcome news for the company, which […]

Boris Johnson threatens to abandon Brexit bill in the face of Parliamentary opposition

Related Posts US threatens Serbia with sanctions, scrambles to thwart possible S-400 deal   In a largely unreported but hugely important story that played out this week in the US Threatens Sanctions On Serbia, Scrambles To Thwart Possible S-400 Purchase In a largely unreported but hugely important story that played out this week in the Trump […]

Vote on Johnson’s No-Brexit/Brexit Deal Delayed

A rare Saturday session was held to resolve Brexit up or down.  Not so fast. Forty months after Brits narrowly voted to leave the EU on June 23, 2016, the issue remains unresolved. More on Saturday’s below. *** Johnson struck a no-deal/Brexit deal with Brussels Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn called worst than Theresa May’s betrayal […]

Boris Johnson appears undaunted by his parliamentary defeat yesterday

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Brexit show goes on… and on, with unionist hardliners defying Johnson

When Boris Johnson took over Downing Street in July, he blustered about taking Britain out of the EU by an October 31 deadline. No ifs, no buts. Just do it. He said “deal or no deal” the United Kingdom was leaving the bloc. The prospect of a crash-out, no-deal “hard Brexit” loomed. But bumptious Boris […]

Johnson & Johnson Slumps After Recalling Baby Powder Due To Asbestos Contamination

Johnson & Johnson is recalling, and encouraging people who bought the product to discontinue use, a single lot of Johnson’s Baby Powder after tiny amounts of asbestos contamination were found in samples from a single bottle purchased online. With the stock having been under pressure anyway as investors try to ascertain the company’s potential liabilities in a series […]

Boris Johnson ‘will dare the Queen to SACK him’

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is still gambling on winning his Brexit blame game. This time, the PM will dare the Queen to sack him and trigger an election rather than resign in an attempt to drive through Brexit on October 31, the Sunday Times reported, citing cabinet ministers. Senior aides said Johnson would […]

Main points of Johnson’s Brexit game of hide-and-seek

UK PM Boris Johnson’s Brexit game of hide-and-seek with the public has been called out by the EU and Ireland. Read the main points of his limited-release ‘final deal’ and the reactionary outcry. In an extraordinary announcement telling of growing mistrust of the UK Government, President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, and Leo […]

UK cancer hospital falls victim to Boris Johnson policy

The UK Government’s under-delivered policy on healthcare has claimed another victim, this time an NHS cancer hospital in Mount Vernon. A newly released inquiry on the state of UK health services detailed that Mount Vernon Cancer Centre is unfit for purpose with crumbling buildings, out-of-date equipment and staffing problems that endanger patients’ safety and […]

Johnson’s rehashed Brexit deal to fail, opportunity for Trump

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s rehashed Brexit deal, of previously rejected proposals, which will likely be dismissed by the EU, would appear to have been engineered in an effort to secure a trade deal with Trump. Mr. Johnson submitted his final Brexit proposal to EU leaders, which includes a modified replacement to the Irish backstop, […]

Accusations that Disaster Capitalists Are Piling the Pressure on Johnson to Pursue No-deal Brexit

“For the first time in 35 years, I am not packing my bag to travel to the Tory party conference tomorrow. The party I joined as a student and first campaigned for in the 1979 general election is suffering a convulsion that makes it — for now at least — unrecognisable to me. Gone is […]

In Rosh Hashanah message, Boris Johnson vows to defend Jews from anti-Semitism

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed to protect Jews against anti-Semitism in the United Kingdom, in a video message to Jews ahead of the Rosh Hashanah holiday on Sunday evening. “I will always be there to defend you against the shameful anti-Semitism that we are increasingly seeing and which is such a terrible blight on […]

Calls for inquiry into claims Johnson´s backers benefit from no-deal Brexit

Related Posts Johnson’s position is likely to embolden Scottish radicals Boris Johnson’s strategist faces serious allegations about Russia connections Johnson & Macron – Caretakers Or Betrayers Of Brexit? Authored by Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, ‘n Guns blog, While everyone, including myself, has Johnson & Johnson Recalls 33,000 Baby Powder Bottles After Finding Asbestos In […]

More information emerges on Johnson’s support for American model

Embattled Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been hit by fresh controversy, this time, focused on his tenure as London mayor. The allegations, related to favouritism and the granting of privileges, which can potentially amount to the criminal offence of misconduct in public office, were first raised by the Sunday Times on September 22. According […]

Railroaded by the Judges: Boris Johnson Fails in the UK Supreme Court

It delighted Labour supporters and party apparatchiks who had been falling over each other in murderous ceremony at the party conference in Brighton: Prime Minister Boris Johnson would come to the unwitting rescue with his own version of a grand cock-up.  This involved a now defeated attempt to circumvent parliamentary scrutiny and interference ahead of the […]

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