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CDC is a Privately Owned Vaccine Company (For Profit)

CDC, CORONAVIRUS, COVID-19, US NEWS, USA Date: July 2, 2018Author: Nwo Report40 Comments Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claims the CDC owns patents on at least 57 different vaccines, and profits $4.1 billion per year in vaccination sales.  According to RFK Jr., the CDC is not an independent government agency but is actually a subsidiary of Big Pharma. reports: Mr. Kennedy told EcoWatch, “The CDC […]

Killing For Profit..The Dark Side of Hospice

I’ve noted in NZ they are building these for the ‘aged population’. Used to be for terminally ill. My first red flag. The PPJ Gazette Killing For Profitavailable on Amazon Betrayed By Hospice with host Marsha Joiner.  March 4, 2020 broadcast with Michelle Young Doers. Author:  Michelle Young Doers “They really do have a license […]

The rush to patent, control, profit from the coronavirus dates back to 1999, implicates the CDC, Dr. Fauci

Wake Up To The Truth Lance D JohnsonAugust 24, 2020 (Natural News) The rush to patent, control and profit from coronaviruses dates back to 1999 and implicates the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and virus researchers such as Ralph Barrick and Dr. Anthony Fauci,the leader of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease(NIAID) who helped […]

A New Cryptocurrency That Lets YOU Profit From Your Data, Instead Of Corporations

Next Story Facebook, and other large social media companies such as Twitter and Instagram, have been mining your data and selling it to third parties for years. Your date of birth, hometown, where you work, your interests and your user habits – all of this information is worth millions of dollars to companies looking to advertise […]

Non-profit’s $300 hepatitis C cure as effective as $84,000 alternative

An affordable hepatitis C treatment has been shown to be safe and effective, with very high cure rates for patients including hard-to-treat cases, in interim clinical trial results that offer hope to the 71 million people living with the disease worldwide. The treatment is expected to cost $300 for 12 weeks, or […]

Is Profit-Maximizing Data-Mining Undermining Democracy?

As many of you know, was falsely labeled propaganda by thepropaganda operation known as ProporNot back in 2016. The Washington Postsaw fit to promote ProporNot’s propaganda operation because it aligned with the newspaper’s view that any site that wasn’t pro-status quo was propaganda; the possibility of reasoned dissent has vanished into a void of warring accusations of propaganda and “fake news” […]

Cops Are Taking People’s Firearms, Selling Them to Make a Profit and It’s 100% Legal

By Rachel Blevins As calls for gun control increase among the parties that claim it would put an end to mass shootings, an investigation is revealing that state sheriff’s deputies are taking the firearms they have seized from individuals and re-selling them to generate revenue—only to find that some of the guns go […]

How to profit from the Recent Crypto Carnage

The Bitcoin bubble seems to be bursting. The bottom has fallen out, just as it did in the DotCom bubble in 2000. But investors shouldn’t give up on cryptocurrencies: this is just the beginning. Take a look at the below chart to see what happened to Bitcoin every time it had a steep […]

UN Releases Report: 206 Corporations Profit From Israeli Settlements

BETHLEHEM – The United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) released a report on Wednesday identifying 206 companies from around the world that are doing business linked to Israeli settlements, which are built in the occupied West Bank in violation of international law. The long-delayed report was initially intended to include the names […]

Going Underground – Ep. 567: Carillion, the NHS & Profit-Hungry Big Pharma

Going Underground – Ep. 567: Carillion, the NHS & Profit-Hungry Big Pharma Going Underground with Afshin In this episode, we ask former UK Shadow Emergencies Minister, Chris Williamson MP why his party countenanced signing deals with Carillion. Director of NGO Global Justice Now urges a future British Labour government to atone for its sins. […]

It’s not only profit that propels tiny nations in Oceania to sell their UN votes to the USA; it is also the fear of retribution

Palestine, Israel, The U.S. And How The South Pacific Countries Are Selling Their Votes Text and Images by Andre Vltchek: Here it goes again! Several countries of Oceania (also known as South Pacific Nations), or however you want to call that vast, beautiful but thoroughly devastated part of the world, have voted “for Israel”, “for the […]

Ron Paul: No One Should Be Surprised That a Gov’t Who Kills for Profit is Full of Rapists

In a weekly column, put out on Christmas day, Ron Paul delivered a scathing report on how political immorality is the norm and not the exception. Given the recent revelations over the millions spent in taxpayer dollars to silence the sexual abuse victims of federal politicians, Ron Paul noted that Americans shouldn’t be surprised those […]

More proof Big Pharma is all about Big Profit: Doctors experiencing a shortage of antibiotics because they’ve become less profitable to produce

(Natural News) It’s no secret that the world is facing an antibiotic apocalypse in which simple cuts and bacterial infections could once again be deadly. Misuse and overuse of antibiotics have created what are known as superbugs – bacteria that have evolved in such a way that they can no longer be killed by any […]


South Front The world today, is on the brink of seeing a new conflict over Lebanon. While the chances for escalation are high, the essential pre-conditions for a new, large-scale war in the region, are still in the works. On November 22, Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri temporarily suspended his resignation following an alleged request […]

How To Profit From The $6 Trillion A Year Cyber Crime Threat

Cybercrime attacks are expected to cost us $6 trillion a year by 2021. In a single year, cyber terrorism could cost us three times more than the entire U.S. housing and real estate industry is currently worth. The Chairman of IBM calls it the “greatest threat to every profession, every industry, every company in the world”. Cisco cites a report saying […]

PROFIT at any cost: Big Pharma’s bribery and kickback schemes led to deaths of U.S. soldiers

(Natural News) The families of U.S. troops who have been killed or injured while fighting overseas in Iraq have filed a lawsuit against multiple U.S. and European pharmaceutical and medical supply companies after accusing the corporations of knowingly financing the Mahdi Army, an anti-American militia, through a series of bribes and kickbacks. The lawsuit, which […]

Did 9-11 Perps Plan Las Vegas Massacre for Profit?

This mind-blowing documentary casts the Las Vegas massacre in a new light. The goal is to create a high-tech  police state where metal detectors are everywhere, not just at airports but at hotels and schools and malls. Indeed, unnoticed in the cry  for gun control has been an orchestrated media campaign calling  for scanners at all hotels, and one has already […]

9-11 Perps Poised to Profit from Las Vegas Massacre

This mind-blowing documentary puts the Las Vegas mass murder in a new light. The goal is to create a high-tech  police state where metal detectors are everywhere, not just at airports but at hotels and schools and malls. Indeed, unnoticed in the cry  for gun control has been an orchestrated media campaign calling  for scanners at all hotels, and one has […]

How Profit Deals With Protest: The Disappearance Of Argentinian Activist Santiago Maldonado

Over 40 days have passed since the forced disappearance of Argentinian activist Santiago Maldonado. President Mauricio Macri’s government appears to be more preoccupied with protecting the impunity of the Argentine Military Police, also known as the gendarmerie, than with listening to the demands for Maldonado’s release — or at least for information on his whereabouts […]

Going Underground – The Profit Behind Incarceration w/ Shadow Lord Chancellor Richard Burgon

Going Underground – The Profit Behind Incarceration w/ Shadow Lord Chancellor Richard Burgon Going Underground with Afshin We speak to UK’s Shadow Secretary of State for Justice and Shadow Lord Chancellor, Richard Burgon MP about Theresa May’s arguable legacy of prison riots, suicide and understaffing in an era of auctioning off private contracts to […]

DeVos Embrace Of Predatory For-Profit Colleges Is Breathtaking

Above Photo: Shutterstock Betsy DeVos, whose interest in education prior to the Trump administration seemed mostly focused on K-12 schools, has made her mark as Secretary of Education instead with a remarkably blatant embrace of the worst demands of the for-profit college industry. The reputation of that industry, which at its peak a few years ago […]

Alcohol Industry Fears 2 Million Dollar Profit Loss Due To Legal Weed

Some new cannabis statistics are causing the alcohol industry in the US to shake in their boots. With over half of the country’s states embracing some form of legalized marijuana and a few states permitting recreational use, cannabis is poised to affect the alcohol industry at some point. According to a new study, the beer […]

Project for a New American Century – Wars for Profit and Greater Israel

1997 witnessed the birth of one of the most pivotal American think tanks in modern times, whose ideas and objectives would come to shape the foreign policy of the United States (U.S.) for decades to come. The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) was founded by William Kristol, the chief of staff to Vice […]

Massive embezzlement scheme ensnares Leonardo DiCaprio and his non-profit foundation

(Natural News) A production company that reportedly funneled millions of dollars into the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is the target of a new asset seizure request by the Department of Justice (DoJ) for its alleged embezzlement of millions of dollars in charity funds. According to reports, Red Granite Pictures is being accused of illegally siphoning money […]

DeVos Hires For-Profit College CEO to Run $1.3T Federal Student Loan Program

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Host of Hardline Radio Show The Department of Education under Betsy DeVos has hired the CEO of a student loan corporation to head the $1.3 trillion federal student loan program for the Trump administration. A. Wayne Johnson is the founder, chairman and former head of First Performance Corporation […]

Nestle Slammed For Siphoning Drought Water And Selling It For Profit

Nestle has come under fire after the company were caught funnelling tens of millions of gallons of water from drought-stricken California, and selling it for a profit.  In the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California, Nestle siphon millions of gallons of water, desperately needed by the State, and bottle it up at a nearby plant […]



Ivanka Uses her Position in the WH to Profit from Nepotism as Entrepreneurship

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Host of Hardline Radio Show When at the W20 summit in Berlin, Ivanka Trump, special assistant to Donald Trump, was asked what her job entails. She answered with confusion , admitting that she did not know; however she was learning more and more every day. Now speaking with […]

The Big Picture – 100 Days Into the "For-Profit Presidency"

The Big Picture – 100 Days Into the “For-Profit Presidency” By The Big On tonights Big Picture, Thom Hartman discusses Trumps first 100 days in office and whether hes turned government into a business with Susan Harley of Public Citizens Congress Watch. Then, Thom talks to Rob Mariani of the Daily Caller and Vien […]

‘For-Profit Presidency:’ 100 Days Into Trump’s Corporate Takeover

President Donald Trump, flanked by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, left, and Vice President Mike Pence, meets with members of the media regarding the health care overhaul bill, March 24, 2017. (AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) President Donald Trump approaches his 100th day in office the most unpopular U.S. leader in modern history for a […]

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