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Naqqash’s solution for Middle East: A Levantine Confederation (Pt. 1)

September 29, 2020 Description:  In a recent conference held on Zoom and published on YouTube, senior Middle East political analyst Anees Naqqash spoke about his 2014 book titled The Levantine Confederation: The Battle of Identities and Policies. The book proposes that the solution to the chronic problems of the war-ravaged and tumultuous Middle East region lies […]

Iranian-made solution for cornea preservation unveiled

TEHRAN- An Iranian-made solution for preserving corneal tissues was unveiled on Sunday at Tehran’s Labbafinejad Hospital. “About 8,000 vials of the solution are needed annually in the country,” said Mohammad-Ali Javadi, head of the Ophthalmology Research Center of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, at the unveiling ceremony of the solution which is supplied with the brand […]

Investigation: How pesticide companies are marketing themselves as a solution to climate change

“Like a pandemic, climate change is an inevitable threat that we must address before it is too late,” reads a June 2020 statement. “As the economy and agriculture begin to build back with the gradual easing of the COVID-19 restrictions, we need to support a recovery for farmers that puts the fight against climate change and biodiversity […]

California Is Ready To Pilot A Postal Banking Solution

By Thomas M. Hanna and Jeff Olson, The Hill. October 14, 2020 Above photo: Greg Nash. The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is under attack and at grave risk. But with that many Americans are awakening to both the value of the USPS and the manifest dangers of privatization. The crisis has also sparked renewed interest […]

Vitamin D is the Solution to the Covid-19 Second Wave

Note your government is not mentioning Vit D, nor any other Vitamin for that fact, or fresh air, or good organic food, or exercise … the medical model only mentions what big pharma will do in the way of synthetic pharmaceuticals. EWR The PPJ Gazette COVID.US.ORG More than two dozen studies of Covid-19 show us […]

Qatar won’t normalize with Israel before 2-state solution reached, envoy says

Qatar has no problem with normalizing relations with Israel but will not do so before a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is reached, the Gulf nation’s ambassador to the US has said. Mishaal bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani told Voice of America on Wednesday that Qatar remains committed to the Arab Peace Initiative, […]

Why Didn’t Jews Object To Bill Gates Calling The COVID Vaccine ‘The Final Solution’ To The ‘Pandemic’?

Back in April of 2020, still in the early stages of the global ‘plandemic’, late night court jester Steven Colbert interviewed Bill Gates about what the plan of action would be to handle this ‘crisis’, and Bill Gates used language that evoked the so-called “Holocaust”, which oddly did not provoke the typical and predictable manufactured […]

There Is No Political Solution To The Syrian Conflict

Illegal Coercive Measures (aka Sanctions) Imposed by the United States Must Be Stopped. US Secretary of State, John Kerry, of the Obama administration, created a mantra for the media: “There is no military solution to Syria.”  He said it so many times, he seemed to convince everyone.  However, after 9 years of conflict it appears there […]

Scientists Discover Final Solution to Birth Rate, Nagging: RAPE SWITCH Activated in Mouse Brains


Earlier this month, the BBC declared the fact that everyone stopped breeding a crisis. Now, scientists have found a “brain switch” in mice that controls the urge to have sex, and can be used to supercharge their sexual drive. I am confident that if we connect the dots here, we’ll find a […]

Talmud’s solution to the coronavirus dilemma: Save lives, or the economy?

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Burying the One-State Solution in Palestine/Israel

By Gregory Shupak June 04, 2018  INFORMATION CLEARING HOUSE. The one-state solution is the idea of bringing justice and peace to Palestine/Israel by having all inhabitants of historic Palestine—the land that includes Israel, the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza—living in one, binational country, where everyone has equal rights and political matters are settled on the […]

US chose to be ‘part of problem,’ not solution, with embassy move to Jerusalem – Erdogan

“The United States has chosen to be a part of the problem rather than the solution with its latest step and has lost its mediating role in the peace process,” Erdogan said in a speech at Britain’s Chatham House think tank on Monday, as quoted by Reuters. US Embassy in Jerusalem to open as Israeli […]

Environmentalists Who Ignore Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Are Part of The Problem, Not The Solution.

By B.N. Frank I already wrote an article about E-Waste which was posted on March 9, 2018, “Technology Can Be Beneficial, But Short Life Spans and “Planned Obsolescence” is Not Beneficial to Our Wallets or The Environment.”   Since then, I’ve collected a couple dozen more links about it (see list at end […]

Robot’s Rubik’s revenge: Cult cube torn asunder in lightning fast solution bid (VIDEOS)

If you too have experienced this rage, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy watching a robot try to solve one so fast that the distinctly-colored cube explodes. Finally, justice for enraged cube players everywhere. READ MORE: Done in 60 seconds: Skydiver solves Rubik’s Cube in freefall jump (VIDEO) The device, built by engineers Ben Katz and Jared Di […]

Iran’s FM says dialogue solution to regional, int’l problems

Tasnim – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif reiterated the country’s stance on regional and international conflicts and said they can be resolved through negotiation. Speaking at a joint press conference with his Serbian counterpart, Ivica Dacic, in Belgrade on Monday, Zarif hailed the support and assistance of the Balkan country for the Islamic Republic […]

Apparently the “Solution” to Mass Shootings Is to Turn Schools Into Prisons

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Governor Rick Scott’s proposals include: “— $450 million to put a law enforcement officer in every public school, and 1 officer for every 1,000 students by 2018 school year… “— Increased Safe Schools funding to provide metal detectors, bulletproof glass, steel doors. Safety plans would be required before money […]

Auschwitz Chemistry: How Science Proves The ‘Final Solution’ Was Systematically Gassing Lice Infested Clothing To Save Lives

By John Wear Above: “Gassing Clothing”. Left: Healthy inmates at work sterilizing clothing. Right: Healthy prisoners at Auschwitz working in one of the larger clothing disinfestation chambers in the camp. Above: The Auschwitz camp employed a number of delousing stations, which used steam and Zyklon-B to kill lice in prisoner clothing. This picture shows autoclave number 2, seen from the […]

Trump administration proposes amazing solution for food stamp recipients: American-grown "Harvest Box" food deliveries to our poorest families

(Natural News) The Trump administration is truly reforming America one program at a time with innovative, “genius” ideas that benefit everyone. Trump’s latest innovation? The USDA “Harvest Box” idea. Here’s how it works: Under the “Harvest Box” program, food stamp recipients who are currently spending their government SNAP money would receive half […]

Let the two-state solution die a natural death

Despite all appearances to the contrary, those in the West who do not want to join the premature and ill-considered Israeli victory party, are clinging firmly to the Two-State Solution amid calls to renew direct diplomatic negotiations between the parties so as to reach, in the extravagant language of Donald Trump, ‘the ultimate deal.’ Israel […]

DEBATE: Is A Two-State Solution Still Even Possible?

Israeli MPs pass a new law making it harder for any future government to cede Jerusalem. In the words of one Israeli opposition member of parliament: “When Jerusalem burns, everything burns”. Nahman Shai fears a newly passed law in the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, could lead to more unrest in the Middle […]

Martin Luther’s solution to the Jewish problem

on the jews and their lies, Chapter 15 –   martin Luther’s final solution ot the Jewish problem  What shall we Christians do with this rejected and condemned people, the Jews? Since they live among us, we dare not tolerate their conduct, nowthat we are aware of their lying and reviling and blaspheming. If we do, […]

Going Underground – Is Trumps Decision the Kiss of Death for the two-state solution? Americas Rabbi

Going Underground – Is Trumps Decision the Kiss of Death for the two-state solution? Americas Rabbi Going Underground with Afshin We speak to Americas Rabbi Rabbi Shmuley about the future of Israel and Jerusalem. LIKE Going Underground Going Underground Afshin Rattansi on Instagram… View the original video for Going Underground […]

Iran’s Parl.: US move quashed hopes for two-state solution

MNA – Iran’s Parliament in a Thu. statement said the US recognition of Jerusalem al-Quds as Israel’s capital has quashed any hopes of some Arab countries for negotiations and a two-state solution. Permanent Secretariat of the Palestine Intifada Conference at Iran’s Parliament issued a statement on Thursday, condemning US President Trump’s move to recognize Jerusalem […]

Trump just ‘pushed the two-state solution over the cliff’

Donald Trump’s announcement recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and getting architects busy on designing the new U.S. embassy is new challenge for supporters of the two-state solution. While Trump gave lip service to such an outcome, even mainstream U.S. analysts said on the cable news networks today that his move is such a […]

Putin and Erdogan discuss political solution for Syria but Kurds cause controversy

nsnbc : Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President R. Tayyip Erdogan met for a working meeting at a presidential residence in the Black […]

How Avi Shlaim moved from two-state solution to one-state solution

Jadaliyya has posted an excellent interview with the British-Israeli historian Avi Shlaim, in which Shlaim states that he is an “Arab Jew” because he was born in Iraq and describes the long history of Jewish-Muslim coexistence in the Arab world before the rise of Zionism in the 20th century. Palestinians, Shlaim says, were not the only victims […]

Trump and Putin agree: “Only a political solution can end the war in Syria”

nsnbc : U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a joint statement saying they will continue to de-conflict anti-ISIS efforts in […]

‘No military solution to Syrian crisis’: Putin & Trump in joint statement

Nothing ‘substantive’ to talk about? Tillerson questions grounds for Putin-Trump meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Donald Trump stressed that a settlement of the Syrian conflict must be reached through the Geneva peace process. Moscow and Washington also reiterated their commitment to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the war-torn state. “The […]

US Jews need to stop criticizing Israel if they want two-state solution — Israeli liberal

On Sunday, the Israel Policy Forum, which is liberal Zionist, held a Middle East conference at Temple Emanu-El in New York (along with the Clintonite foreign-policy thinktank CNAS), and it is amazing what rightwing ideas were expressed there by two Israeli advocates for the two-state solution. These Israelis are desperate. Desperate about Israel’s lurch toward a totalitarian […]

Could medical marijuana be a solution to the opioid epidemic?

(Natural News) Medical marijuana users in Illinois report that their use of the substance to relieve pain has lessened or stopped their use of other prescription medications such as opioids, as reported by The Daily Mail. The small-scale study from DePaul University and Rush University suggests it could be a solution to the opioid crisis. […]

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