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Israel used unusual provision to extend COVID restrictions on protests

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China Holds Unusual Military Drills in South China Sea, US-China Trade War on Hold

On May 21, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang stated that the landing of the Chinese Air Force’s H-6K strategic bombers in the islands of the South China Sea had been a part of usual military drills: “The South China Sea Islands are China’s territory. The relevant military activities are the normal training of the Chinese military […]

Cruel and unusual? Oklahoma officials want to use nitrogen gas for executions

(Natural News) After months of being denied the drugs needed for lethal injections, the state of Oklahoma will turn to nitrogen gas instead. This will make it the first U.S. state to carry out the death penalty through this method. The announcement was made at a news conference by Oklahoma State Attorney […]

Senators flag ‘unusual’ Susan Rice email on Russia probe from Inauguration Day

Ex-national security adviser Susan Rice sent an “unusual email” to herself the day President Trump was sworn into office documenting former President Barack Obama’s guidance at a high-level meeting about how law enforcement should investigate Russian interference in the 2016 presidential race, two Republican senators said Monday.  According to Senate Judiciary Committee […]

Mandalay Bay Staff Visited Shooters Room 10 Times – Saw ‘Nothing Unusual’

Staff at the Mandalay Bay claim they had at least 10 interactions with suspect Stephen Paddock in the days leading up to the shooting and saw “nothing unusual.” Three months after the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, MGM Resorts International claim that hotel staff regularly interacted with Paddock and saw nothing that indicated he […]

“I’m Concerned… It’s Highly Unusual” – Vegas Shooting Security Guard Remains Missing

ZeroHedge| Following reports of his disappearance late last week, after numerous timeline changes and ‘fact’ clarifications by The Mandalay Bay, The FBI, and Vegas PD; Jesus Campos, the secuirty guard, who may or may not have been shot by Vegas Massacre shooter Stephen Paddock, remains missing and friends and family are concerned. As we noted previously, the general story of Campos’ […]

"I’m Concerned… It’s Highly Unusual" – Vegas Massacre Security Guard Remains Missing

Following reports of his disappearance late last week, after numerous timeline changes and ‘fact’ clarifications by The Mandalay Bay, The FBI, and Vegas PD; Jesus Campos, the secuirty guard, who may or may not have been shot by Vegas Massacre shooter Stephen Paddock, remains missing and friends and family are concerned. […]

New Study: “Unusual Structures” On Far Side of The Moon Could Have Been Made By Extraterrestrials

Next Story Contrary to popular belief, reports of artificial structures on the moon are both common and persistent.  Among the first were from George Leonard’s 1976 book, Somebody Else is on the Moon, and Fred Steckling’s 1981 book, We Discovered Alien Bases on The Moon. There are many more, and from many credible sources, which we will get to […]

Unusual Things About The Land Of Mummies Nobody Would Tell You

Cleopatra VII, the last queen of ancient Egypt, won the hearts of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, two of Rome’s most important men. So, he must’ve been mind numbingly beautiful, right? Wrong, her coins suggested otherwise. They all show prominent nose, a pronounced chin, and deep-set eyes. Of course, Cleopatra’s coins reflect the skills of […]

7 Unusual Signs You’re Reaching Your Potential

Next Story What does reaching your potential look like to you? To one person it could be getting promoted to a particular position within the company they’ve worked at for years. To another, it could have nothing to do with a traditional job path, and instead be about building a life that allows them the freedom and time […]

Unusual hot and cold temperatures mixing across the Northern Hemisphere

     With the media focused on a central European heat wave, the conveniently left out of the same temperature map that Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the deserts of N. Africa are below normal temperatures. Also snow in USA in August comes as a surprise, but Al Gore’s ascent from $2 million to $300 […]

Highly unusual snowfall in Finland?

     Email from reader in Finland Hello Robert, It’s been snowing in Finland in May and it’s been highly unusual. I couldn’t find any English news about it yet, which seems a bit fishy to me. However, I’m sure they might report about it later on the Yle News section. I try to keep on […]

Unusual Beauty Craze Has Thai Women Shaping Their Lips Like Buffalo Horns

A bizarre beauty craze has been sweeping Thailand for the last 5 years, with women spending thousands of dollars to have their upper lip reshaped as buffalo horns. Known as “krachap lips”, the cosmetic procedure is apparently only popular in Thailand. Named after the water chestnut or buffalo nut – known as krachap in Thailand – because of its […]

Happy Birthday, Daily Stormer: A Lovely Three Years of Hatred

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 4, 2016 Three years ago today, I launched the greatest project the world has ever seen: The Daily Stormer. The purpose of the project was to spread hatred for Jews and push for the TOTAL LIBERATION of Whites from the clutches of these Jews and their octopus-like tentacles which are strangling […]

The Spiritual Significance of Brexit in the Great 5D Earth Shift

30th June 2016 By Open Contributing writer for Wake Up World The ‘unthinkable’ happened in the UK when a majority voted against the EU ‘big brother’ state. No doubt there was a great complexity of reasons why the people decided to go that way, including fear, nationalism and small-self interest. But there were also many others […]

Allen Dulles’ ‘Indonesian strategy’ and the assassination of John F. Kennedy

     Review of Greg Poulgrain’s book “The Incubus of Intervention: Conflicting Indonesian Strategies of John F. Kennedy and Allen Dulles”. Would Allen Dulles have resorted to assassinating the President of the United States to ensure the achievement of his ‘Indonesian strategy’? This is the central question addressed by Greg Poulgrain in his extraordinarily important book, […]

Don’t Accept These Facebook Friend Requests

Have you ever gotten a friend request on Facebook from someone you thought you were already friends with? Chances are, it’s a fake account. Scammers steal a person’s online identity and then friend all of their friends in order to get their personal information. There’s a lot you can find out. “Just being their friend on […]

1 in 5 people will be obese by 2025, says WHO

     In the most wide-ranging population weight study ever performed, researchers found that 266 million men and 375 million women were obese worldwide in 2014, and that these figures will get rapidly worse over the next decade. With help from the UN-backed World Health Organisation (WHO), Imperial College London used more than 700 researchers to […]

The elephant of surprise: Rampaging tusker throws Indian man in the air and tramples him to death

     This is the shocking moment when an elephant kills a man by throwing him in the air and trampling him to death in east India. It is the latest deadly attack by the wild elephant herd in the rural West Bengal area in the past few days. The wild herd has been causing havoc […]

Indonesia to Close All Red Light Districs – A Way to Social and Health Disaster

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Indonesia’s Social Affairs Minister Khofifah Indar Parawansa announced that the government aims at closing down all of the country’s remaining red light districts by 2019. Prohibition without empowering those working in the industry, however, is bound to lead to increased social and health problems, increased dependence on exploitative criminals and crime […]

Petchem development can generate jobs: MP

  TEHRAN, Feb. 10 (Shana) — A member of the Iranian parliament said expansion of the petrochemical industry can boost employment in the country by bringing in modern technologies. Speaking with Shana, Esmaeil Jalili, a member of the planning, budget and computation committee of the parliament, said Iran enjoys proper grounds for development of the […]

Fukushima? 10,000 Dead squid wash up on Chile beach

     It is being referred to as Cthulhu-geddon. Squid have washed up on Santa Maria Island off Chile this week in what some have described as biblical proportions. Thousands of dead and dying squid are piled up on the shore. While some squid normally do wash up this time of year, it’s never been in […]

Disappearing quasar has scientist baffled

     Astronomers with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) announced that a distant quasar ran out of gas. Their conclusions, reported Jan. 8 at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Kissimmee, Florida, clarify why quasar SDSS J1011+5442 changed so dramatically in the handful of years between observations. “We are used to thinking of the sky […]

Forget ISIS and the Hammond Ranch, This Is the Number One Threat to Your Survival

The events in Syria are important as is the unfolding saga in Oregon. However, the main threat to your survival and sense of well-being is the impending economic collapse of the United States. Paul Craig Roberts recently wrote a very moving and disturbing article, entitled “The Rule of Law No […]

Warning: Dog flu ‘epidemic’ in Chicago created by Merck

     Merck is pushing for a dog flu epidemic this year, likely because human flu numbers are way down. Flu shot numbers are also down due to years of complete failures. But now Merck has put up signs warning that “dogs can get flu, too.” The sign clearly encourages that we all take our dogs […]

From Rojava Peshmerga to training troops in Bashiqa; What Turkey seeks in Iraqi Kurdistan?

Alwaght- Act I From last days of June to July 1st in 2015, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), whose members are Syrian Kurdish parties affiliated to Barzani movement in Iraqi Kurdistan region, held an election in Qamishli in Syrian province Hasaka to elect the new council members. In addition to political decisions, the Council […]

MH17: Australia Say Russia Not To Blame, Evidence Tampered With

The official Australian investigation into the cause of the crash of Malaysian Airlines MH17 have accused the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) of failing to provide “conclusive evidence” of what exactly destroyed the aircraft, and say that Russia did not shoot down the plane despite accusations to the contrary from DSB.  The senior Australian policeman investigating the MH17 crash, Detective Superintendent […]

First seal impression of an Israelite or Judean king ever exposed in situ in a scientific archaeological excavation

The Ophel excavations at the foot of the southern wall of the Temple Mount, conducted by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute of Archaeology under the direction of Dr. Eilat Mazar, have unearthed an impression of the royal seal of King Hezekiah (727–698 BCE). Measuring 9.7 X 8.6 mm, the oval impression was imprinted on […]

Psilocybin: A Spiritual Experience That Has The Potential To Unearth Your True Self

Since 2010 I have been exploring what it means to cultivate a spiritual practice with psilocybin, otherwise known as “magic mushrooms.” I have since written two full-length books—Decomposing The Shadow (2013) and The True Light Of Darkness (2015)—and given several public presentations on the subject. The primary lesson I have gained through my work with […]

‘A new type of mafia’: Rome trial begins of 46 politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen accused of systematic corruption

     Prosecutors say year-long investigation exposed how millions of euros were skimmed off city hall contracts by ‘a new type of mafia’ A one-eyed former neo-fascist gangster has gone on trial alongside 45 other defendants accused of running a mafia crime ring in Rome that skimmed millions of euros off city hall contracts. Prosecutors say […]

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