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Army veteran turned his life around with yoga and meditation

   At his darkest point, Bryan Fant was addicted to vicodin, benzodiazepine, prozac, Xanax and various other powerful medications. All had been prescribed by the Veterans Administration to treat his debilitating pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Multiple deployments to Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait had ravaged him physically. War had ravaged him emotionally. Fant lived […]

Veteran Navy Officer Exposes Flaws in US Version of Iran Oil Tanker Narrative

Insurge — The Trump administration has released a range of photographic and video evidence in support of its claim that proves how Iran attacked a Japanese-owned oil tanker near the Strait of Hormuz. But a Canadian military analyst and former Navy officer for nearly twenty years has called the evidence into question, highlighting unresolved anomalies […]

95-Year Old Woman Veteran On Hunger Strike

95-Year Old Woman Veteran On Hunger Strike Above photo: Longtime activist Sally-Alice Thompson tells a crowd in Downtown Albuquerque on Tuesday that she is embarking on a hunger strike to empathize with the hungry children who are suffering in Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Gaza and Yemen because of U.S. policies in those regions. Her […]

Court Sentenced 77-Year-Old Disabled Veteran to Die in Prison for Treating Illness with Marijuana

by Amando Flavio Many people have spoken vehemently against this draconian law in the state before, but state officials have deliberately ignored the concerns. Medical marijuana legalization, on the ballot in Florida, received a whopping 71% support from voters. Medical marijuana legalization also received massive endorsements in Arkansas and North Dakota. Voters in California, Nevada, […]

A US Military Veteran and ‘Aid Volunteer’ Sends Death Threat to Venezuela Embassy Defenders

Grayzone —  A far-right Venezuelan opposition activist emailed a death threat to human rights activists from the peace group CODEPINK. The threat was delivered when CODEPINK was helping to protect the Venezuelan government’s embassy in Washington, DC from an illegal takeover by Juan Guaidó’s US-backed coup administration. This rabid opposition activist, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, previously served […]

Veteran Israeli journalist: BDS is not anti-Semitic

Veteran Israeli journalist Gideon Levy has reaffirmed his support for the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement, speaking in a Haaretz podcast interview. Asked about the backlash against the boycott both in Israel and in the United States, Levy said that the BDS campaign is still “the only game in town”, a description he first used […]

Veteran MD Drops Bombshell At Michigan’s 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing

Flu Brochure References for 2018-2019 Flu Brochure: In 2004, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated that one in every six women has mercury blood levels that could pose a risk to an unborn child. NYT Report 2004:   Mahaffey et al., 2004. Supplemental Materials Mercury rapidly crosses the placenta and accumulates in the fetus at […]

Cosmonauts do world’s most dangerous job & we saw that today – ISS veteran Serova

Cosmonauts always train for “all types of emergencies, which can happen all the way from blast-off to the return from the International Space Station (ISS),” Serova explained. She commended her colleagues for “educated decisions” as they successfully landed the space capsule. “The cosmonaut’s job is among the most dangerous jobs in the world. Today we […]

Blowback: A Retired Army Veteran Laments US Middle East Policy

On September 3rd, a U.S Army sergeant major was killed by two Afghan police officers – the very people his unit, the new Security Force Assistance Brigade, was there to train. It was the second fatal “insider attack,” as such incidents are regularly called, this year and the 102nd since the start of the Afghan War 17 long years ago. Such attacks are sometimes […]

Veteran Intelligence Professionals to Trump: ‘Moscow Has Upped the Ante in Syria, Big Difference This Time’

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) collectively penned an open letter to U.S. President Donald Trump admonishing him to speak now and with authority for Russia and the world to hear – telling the jihadists embedded in Syria that “theirs is a lost cause.” In the VIPS letter, a range of issues are addressed including […]

25 Year Police Veteran Exposes An Elite Level Child Trafficking & Sex Abuse Ring

The Facts: A residential school survivor by the name of William Coombes was set to testify at a session of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State against humanity committed by Elizabeth II and her husband but suddenly had a mysterious death Reflect On: With all of the revelations coming to light today, […]

More hysterical HALLUCINATIONS as Leftists claim wheelchair-bound veteran and ICE employee had a "Nazi tattoo" … except it isn’t

(Natural News) The insane leftist media is once again spreading obvious lies in a shameless attempt to falsely portray the enforcement of immigration laws under President Trump as having ties to Nazis. It all started with an erroneous tweet by Talia Levin, a writer for the far-left rag The New Yorker, in […]

Watching The Hawks – Million-Dollar Spies and Veteran PTSD

Watching The Hawks – Million-Dollar Spies and Veteran PTSD Watching The Public records reveal that ousted FBI informant Stefan Halper was paid generously by the Obama Administration writer and political commentator Steve Malzberg joins the show to discuss. Filmmaker Korey Rowe discusses his latest documentary, which explores the reality of veterans living with mental […]

Trump is unpredictable: American veteran diplomat

IRNA – Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State John Limbert reacting to the appointments of John Bolton and Mike Pompeo as the national security advisor and secretary of state said US President Donald Trump is unpredictable. Limbert, who is one of the signatories of a letter sent to Trump calling for preservation of 2015 Iran […]

Watching The Hawks – From Veteran Affairs To Infrastructure Woes w/ Brig. Gen. Tony Tata (Ret.)

Watching The Hawks – From Veteran Affairs To Infrastructure Woes w/ Brig. Gen. Tony Tata (Ret.) Watching The How does a soldier acclimate to life outside the military? U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Tony Tata (Ret.) talks veteran affairs and fixing the problems with U.S. infrastructure. LIKE Watching the Hawks @ WATCHING THE HAWKS […]

‘I’m no Putin fan, but one must accept facts’: Veteran journo walks out of Al-Jazeera panel (VIDEO)

The Friday installment of Mehdi Hasan’s UpFront program on Al Jazeera English was devoted to Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 US election and the upcoming election in Russia, which incumbent President Vladimir Putin is predicted to win, according to polls. The second part featured a 15-minute panel of experts, including Pozner, fellow journalist Evgenia […]

95yo Russian WWII veteran flies in air tube after parachute jump & scuba diving (VIDEO)

Maria Koltakova, a 95-year-old World War II veteran, flew in an air tube for the first time in her life. A Ruptly video shows the incredible woman courageously stepping into the tube, accompanied by two instructors. “It feels very good, a top-of-the-world feeling. It was not scary,” Koltakova said. “And I liked it very much. […]

Veteran Disney Executive Arrested On Child Sex Abuse Charges

In the latest case of Hollywood’s spiralling sexual abuse scandal, Variety reports that a veteran 58-year-old Disney executive has been charged with three felony counts of child sexual abuse. Jon Heely, the longtime director of music publishing at Disney, was arrested nearly a month ago and charged with three counts of lewd and lascivious […]

Veteran Florida Homicide Detective Resigns After Domestic Violence Arrest

Manatee County Sheriff’s Office detective Jeffrey Bliss MANATEE, Florida – A veteran homicide detective with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office has resigned after being arrested Wednesday night on a charge of domestic battery. Jeffrey Bliss, 45, was an employee of the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office for 16 years, according to department spokesman Dave Bristow. Bliss […]

Hidden Camera Shows how WWII Veteran Died After Calling for Help, Gasping for Air

A decorated World War II veteran died gasping for breath while staff at his nursing home laughed in front of him, according to hidden camera video revealed in a lawsuit against the facility. James Dempsey, 89, of Woodstock, Ga., called for help six times Feb. 27, 2014, before becoming unconscious while gasping for air, according to the […]

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