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Captured Syrian mercenary: ‘We were ORDERED by Azerbaijan to Slaughter every Armenian in the Village’

Home » Crimes, Middle East, Wars / Conflicts » Captured Syrian mercenary: ‘We were ORDERED by Azerbaijan to Slaughter every Armenian in the Village’     A captured Syrian mercenary who was fighting for the Azerbaijani military against Artsakh has testified how he, along with hundreds others, were recruited and sent through Turkey. Yusuf Alaabet […]

Half A Million Sharks May Be Captured and Sacrificed For Covid-19 Vaccine

The commercial production and roll out of a COVID-19 vaccine could rely on the capture and sacrifice of 500,000 sharks worldwide, according to an advocacy group. Shark Allies, a non-profit group that raises awareness about shark conservation, is warning that mass production of a vaccine with an adjuvant could wipe out hundreds of thousands of […]

Mesmerising moment a massive ‘Milk Moon’ sets captured in magical video (WATCH)

The epic footage, uploaded by Daniel Lopez for NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, shows the moon in all its glory as it sets behind Mount Teide volcano on the Canary Island of Tenerife.   The video was taken using a telephoto lens set up 16 kilometers from the volcano, meaning the moon appears gigantic. […]

Waterspout captured on camera off Fort Morgan, Alabama

     FOX10 News viewer Sam Sumlin shared these pictures and a video clip with us after he encountered a waterspout while he was on the beach on the Fort Morgan peninsula Saturday morning. Source Article from Hits: 7

Melbourne police captured on CCTV taking down & beating disabled man

Dramatic video has emerged of several cases in which Victoria police have allegedly gone too far, with people bashed and brutalised during arrests. Now Victoria Police’s internal investigation of complaints is being questioned. ABC News reports: John installed a CCTV system at his house in Melbourne’s northern suburbs after it was burgled a […]

At My Lai: The Photographer Who Captured the Massacre

At My Lai: The Photographer Who Captured the Massacre March 17th, 2018 Via: Foto: Ron Haeberle was a combat photographer in Vietnam when he and the Army unit he was riding with — Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment — landed near the […]

Erdogan hopes Kurdish-held Afrin town to be fully captured by Turkey Wednesday evening

‘Breaking point in relations with US’ – Turkish FM The statement came as Erdogan addressed local administrators at the presidential compound in Ankara. He also said civilian residents of the area were being evacuated through humanitarian corridors organized by Turkey. Ankara launched an operation in northwestern Syria two months ago after the US announced that […]

Spectacular polar stratospheric clouds captured over Peru (PHOTOS)

     Stunning polar stratospheric clouds were captured by David Alvarado over Lamas, in the region of San Martín, Peru on January 18, 2018. Polar stratospheric clouds, also known as nacreous clouds (or mother of pearl, due to its iridescence), are clouds in the winter polar stratosphere at altitudes of 15,000-25,000 meters (49,000-82,000 ft). Usually the […]

Swamp Lives On: Crooked Banks and Captured Regulators

By Clint Siegner If officials at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are bothered by allegations of incompetence and capture by Wall Street’s bankers, it is hard to tell. The Commission recently hired Brett Redfearn to serve as Director of the Division of Trading and Markets. Redfearn left a 13-year stint at JP […]

US commando killed in Niger op was not captured – leaked details

He was one of four American troops killed during an ambush in Niger on October 4. Their deaths drew attention to the fact that the US had a military presence in the African nation, which surprised some lawmakers. Johnson’s body was not found in the immediate aftermath of the attack, which caused speculation about the […]

Mysterious ‘Sun Simulator’ Captured On Video???

Wow! Is this the Sun Simulator caught on video??? According to disclose: The Youtuber “MrMBB333” is specialized on weather and geographic events. In his last two videos, he examines some photos that were sent to him. On these photos, you can see a strange anomaly which after a closer examination, could turn out to […]

Iraqi military and Hashd al-Shaabi captured al-Qaim near Syrian border from ISIS

nsnbc : The Iraqi army announced that it together with both Shia and Sunni militia organized in the Hashd al-Shaabi entered al-Qaim, one of the […]

Strange Mars pits captured in incredible detail (VIDEO)

The mesmerizing footage, captured in March of this year, was shared by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter imaging project, HiRise. READ MORE: Mesmerizing Martian clouds captured by NASA rover (VIDEO) Protonilus Mensae is an area of Mars in the Ismenius Lacus quadrangle. The terrain features cliffs, flat-topped hills, and wide valleys, believed to have been formed […]

Hypnotic ‘fire devil’ captured on video as Portugal battles raging infernos

This natural phenomenon is a kind of tornado of flames. It occurs when fire, dust and wind combine in the air to create a blazing funnel. Fire tornados can start in conditions where hot, dry air is rising rapidly, which, in turn, creates vertical columns of hot air. As more hot air is pulled into […]

Shocking Footage Shows Elephants Being Captured In Zimbabwe For Chinese Zoos

Next Story Can you imagine being locked in a cage for your entire life? Not knowing what it’s like to be outside those walls because you can’t actually remember a time when you weren’t locked up? Sadly, this is the reality for so many animals. Whether they’re living in zoos, aquariums, factory farms, or any […]

Video: Captured ISIS Fighter Admits Cooperation Between ISIS And U.S.

A captured ISIS fighter has admitted that the U.S. is cooperating with the terrorist regime in order to try and topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Recently, we reported on a video featuring ISIS fighter Mohammed Moussa al-Shawwakh, who revealed that the U.S. and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have an agreement to protect ISIS from the […]

Iraqi court sentenced captured Russian ISIS fighter to death

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Iraq’s High Judicial Council announced that a criminal court in the capital Baghdad has sentenced a Russian man to death […]

Blatant and Inarguable Geoengineering Jet Spraying Captured On Film

The past propensity of populations to deny the ongoing climate engineering atrocities is finally breaking down.  Increasingly shocking and compelling film footage captures of jet aircraft aerosol dispersions are rapidly eroding the official false narrative that we are only seeing “condensation trails” in our skies. Sources:; Source Article from Hits: 4

5 Germans incl 16yo girl reportedly among 20 female ISIS fighters captured in Mosul

Iraqi troops captured a group of some 20 female fighters last week in the city of Mosul, which was held by Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS/ISIL), Die Welt reported. It added that at least five of them were German citizens, while others came from Russia, Turkey, Canada, Syria, Libya and the Caucasus.  The […]

Colombian government captured ELN commander before peace talks, demands ELN stop “taking hostages”

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Colombian authorities captured the alleged ELN commander known as Diego, of the guerrilla’s almost disbanded Central War Front. He was […]

More suspected Daesh members captured in Iran

Tasnim – Security forces in Iran’s northeastern province of Khorasan Razavi have expanded their investigation, arresting more people suspected of having ties to Daesh (also known as ISIL) terrorist group, a judiciary official announced. Speaking to Tasnim on Sunday, deputy prosecutor general of the city of Mashhad, Judge Hassan Heidari, said the number of suspected […]

Downburst captured near Caorle, NE Italy (PHOTOS)

     A downburst was captured in the vicinity of Caorle and Lignano Sabbiadoro in north-eastern Italy yesterday according to Meteo Web. Downbursts are created by an area of significantly rain-cooled air that, after reaching ground level, spreads out in all directions producing strong winds. Dry downbursts are associated with thunderstorms with very little rain, while […]

What’s “Wrong” With Today’s Society Captured In 10+ Brutally Honest Illustrations (New)

When you hear bad news, when you witness people treating each other and the planet poorly, it can be overwhelming. You feel angry, defeated, depressed. You may think that with one good deed, one motion to do the right thing, you can make a change, and then, everywhere you turn, it feels like more and […]

Deputy Punches Teen During Arrest Captured On Dashcam Video

The Lampasas County Sheriff’s Office released new dashcam video of an arrest involving a deputy repeatedly punching a teenager in the face on May 25. Deputy Logan Lones was placed on administrative leave after the incident, which was posted to Twitter by one of the passengers in the vehicle. […]

Shark attacks spearfisherman off Boca Chica Key, Florida; captured on video

     A spearfisherman wearing a head camera captured the intense moment an 8-foot reef shark attacked him and took a bite out of his leg Sunday near Middle Samo Reef off Boca Chica in the Florida Keys. The unidentified spearfisherman posted video of the incident on his YouTube Channel called Over the Edge on Tuesday […]

This Rare Phenomenon Captured By Photographers At The Grand Canyon Is A Must See

Every year, millions of people come to see the Grand Canyon National Park, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. However, on extremely rare days when cold air is trapped in the canyon and topped by a layer of warm air, which in combination with moisture and condensation, form the phenomenon referred to […]

Pepe Escobar on coup in Turkey: Hell hath no fury like a teflon Sultan

     When Turkish President/aspiring Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan landed at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport early Saturday morning, he declared the attempted coup against his government a failure, and a “gift from God.” God apparently uses Face Time. It was via that iconic iPhone footage from an undisclosed location shown live on CNN Turk by a bewildered […]

Study of 4 million people confirms – being fat is a killer, particularly if you are a man

“On average, overweight people lose about one year of life expectancy, and moderately obese people lose about three years of life expectancy,” said Emanuele Di Angelantonio from Cambridge University, the lead author of the paper, which was just published in The Lancet. The credible previous studies selected by the authors examined 10.6 million people on four […]

U.S. confirms purchase of Iranian nuke materials for $8.6 million

U.S. and Iranian officials confirmed on Monday that the United States had completed a $8.6 million taxpayer-funded purchase of Iranian nuclear materials, a deal undertaken by the Obama administration to keep Iran in compliance with last summer’s nuclear agreement. Abbas Araghchi, a top Iranian diplomat and negotiator of the deal, announced on Iranian television that the […]

Kuwait’s political elite slam Saudi Arabia’s support for MKO

July 11, The Iran Project – Many of the elite, intellectuals, academics, and political figures of Kuwait strongly criticized Saudi Arabia for supporting anti-Iran terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization’s (MKO). Reacting to Saudi Arabia’s former spy chief Turki al-Faisal’s participation in the MKO gathering and his support for the most hated terrorist group among the Iranians, […]

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