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Delta airplane caught "chemtrailing" schoolchildren with fuel during emergency landing at LAX

(Natural News) In a bizarre and highly disturbing incident that took place in the sunny skies above Southern California, a Delta Air Lines flight headed towards Shanghai, China, blasted an elementary schoolyard with fuel during an emergency U-turn landing back at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), giving a whole new meaning to […]

US Troops Forced to Hide in Saddam-Era Bunkers During Iran’s Missile Attack

(MEE) — US troops were ill-prepared to fend off Iran’s ballistic missile attacks last week, with American soldiers forced to take cover in bunkers built by Saddam Hussein’s administration, CNN reported. While the US had built its own bunkers at the Ain al-Asad airbase, those shelters were not built to deflect long-range missiles that Iran fired, CNN said, citing […]

During Yemen’s Annual Martyr Week, Anti-American Sentiment Prevails

SANA’A, SADAA, YEMEN — As the ongoing war and blockade against their country enters its sixth year, Yemenis are commemorating the annual Martyr Week amid an increasing feeling of hatred and resentment towards the United States, a feeling never seen at this level in the war-torn country. In Yemen, a country far from the prosperous […]

Israeli concern about targeting Ben Gurion Airport during upcoming Lebanon Attack

From An Israeli military expert revealed, “The Israeli message of shooting down the Ukrainian plane in Tehran’s airspace last week, means that the Israeli Ben Gurion Airport in the next war will be closed, and Israel has received such a message in previous wars with hostile organizations that possess heavy and accurate missile capabilities, […]

Pakistan soil will not be used for war says foreign minister Qureshi during Iran visit

Sputnik – Following a spike in tensions between Iran and the United States after the killing of Tehran’s top military commander Qasem Soleimani in a Baghdad drone strike and retaliation by Iran, targeting a US base in Iraq, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi is meeting Iranian and Saudi leaders on a peace initiative. Pakistan’s […]

Israeli human rights violations during Jan 2-8, 2020

Israeli forces deployed during a raid in the West Bank City of Ramallah, January 9, 2019 [Majdi Mohammed/AP] Over the last two weeks, the Israeli army has been invading the Palestinian city of Ramallah and conducting a series of military incursions which has almost entirely escaped international attention. Israeli forces injure 5 Palestinians, including child; […]

WATCH lightning strike over Taal Volcano in the Philippines during 1st eruption in DECADES

The eruption began on Sunday and was caught on video by numerous bystanders, as well as surveillance cameras used to monitor the volcano. While Taal has been quiet since 1977, when the last major eruption occurred, it has been exhibiting increased seismic activity over the past few years. The initial eruption is described as phreatic […]

John Kerry: There Wasn’t a ‘Whiff of a Scandal’ During Obama’s Reign

Former Secretary of State John Kerry has declared that Barack Obama’s administration “never had a whiff of a scandal” during the entire 8 years. On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Newsroom,” Kerry heaped praise on former Vice President Joe Biden, saying: “I find that Joe Biden’s breadth of experience and leadership with any number of issues from […]

Passenger plane landing gear RUPTURES floor during hard touchdown in Turkey (PHOTOS)

The bizarre incident with the aircraft operated by Russian carrier Nowdwind occurred on Friday afternoon. The pilots requested an emergency landing over smoke that began to appear in the cabin, according to media reports. The landing turned out to be rough as the plane apparently hit the tarmac with its front way too hard. Photos […]

Indian woman ‘rises from the dead’ during funeral preparations after apparent misdiagnosis

Malati Chougule, 55, of Muchchandi village in Karnataka, India was reportedly admitted to a private hospital in Belagavi on Wednesday morning by concerned family members.  The medical team there tried to revive her all morning but she was pronounced dead by noon, having apparently succumbed to a high fever.  Also on Lady Lazarus: Indian […]

Scientists finally identify cause of GLOWING EYES during radiation therapy (PHOTOS)

A new study used a special camera imaging system called CDose, custom-built to capture light emissions during the radiotherapy.  During the experiment at the heart of the study, the patient reported seeing flashes of light. Follow-up studies were performed on pigs’ eyes, and allowed researchers to further identify the type and composition of the light, […]

Should white abolitionists be honored during Black History Month? How a conciliatory celebration became another culture war

Wisconsin has become something of a yearly battleground between Democrats and Republicans about who should be remembered during the annual February commemoration, and who should be allowed to decide. Republican state assembly representative Scott Allen submitted a resolution in which he plans to honor six white abolitionists among the ten people from the northern border […]

During Phone Call From His UK Prison Julian Assange Tells Friend ‘I’m Slowly Dying Here’

During a telephone call from his UK prison on Christmas eve, Julian Assange told his friend, British journalist Vaughan Smith, that he was “slowly dying” Smith told RT that the WikiLeaks founder sounded like a “shell of the man he once was” during the phone call adding that he had difficulty talking and appeared to […]

Cops Proudly Brag About Terrorizing the Poor During Christmas with “Homeless Quilt”

By Jack Burns Mobile, AL — Two Mobile panhandling prevention police officers made international headlines and drew criticism for their perceived insensitivity this Christmas. They fashioned what they called a “quilt” out of many of the panhandling signs they confiscated from the homeless. According to WKRG the controversy began last week when: A Mobile Police […]

No foreign national arrested during Nov. unrest: official

MNA – Iran’s Prosecutor-General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri has rejected rumors about the arrest of foreign nationals during the recent unrest in the country. Asked by Mehr News Agency correspondent about rumors of the arrest of two French nationals or any foreign nationals in general, Montazeri said that “no, we had no such arrests.” He made […]

11 Ways to maintain your mental composure during a crisis

(Natural News) Facing a crisis is a fact of life – be it a medical emergency, a sudden change in your financial circumstances or some other kind of catastrophe. One thing that makes them all similar is the fact that every crisis takes a toll on your mental health. How strongly you respond to this […]

Hamas, Israel trade barbs after rocket fire during Netanyahu rally

Israeli ministers and Palestinian terror group Hamas traded threats and accusations Thursday, a day after rocket fire from Gaza at the southern city of Ashkelon forced Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to halt a campaign event and take cover. In response, the Israeli military said warplanes and helicopter gunships struck several Hamas targets early Thursday, including […]

Indian police release VIDEO of people brandishing GUNS during protests against citizenship law

The CCTV footage, released by police, shows several men apparently brandishing firearms during Friday’s riots that rocked the city of Meerut in the northern Uttar Pradesh State, which has a sizeable Muslim minority. A masked man in a blue jacket can be seen pointing a gun and possibly making a shot, although it is unclear […]

Trump holds chat with Alan Dershowitz during Mar-a-Lago Christmas eve dinner

US President Donald Trump met and chatted with Alan Dershowitz during Christmas eve dinner on Tuesday evening at the president’s private Mar-a-Lago club in Florida. Trump, who was recently impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, has reportedly been mulling adding the prominent Jewish defense attorney and scholar to his legal defense team. […]

Ocean acidification occurred during last great marine mass extinction

   A long-held theory about the marine mass-extinction during the dinosaur die-off has been confirmed. A new study has revealed the first direct evidence that the marine mass-extinction known as the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event coincided with a rise in ocean acidity. This change in the pH of the oceans is thought to have affected the […]

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