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Farm Guard Hit Starving Dog On His Head Just For Being Closer To Chickens

Protecting livestock is what many dogs do in many places all over the world. But the problem with these dogs is that they just eat whenever they can as they are not receiving the care they need. This story is a perfect example about this subject as Bruno, a poor pup, attacked chickens of a […]

Troubled skies: US killing of Soleimani puts India on guard against rogue drones

New Delhi already has a regulatory policy in place for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and their remote pilots who require prior permission to be in Indian skies but it’s no safeguard if a foe (Pakistan, for example) or a perceived friend (the United States) comes hissing from above and starts raining mayhem. India had begun […]

Quantum Computers: Guard Dogs of World Information?

A team of scientists from the University of Bristol and the Technical University of Denmark claimed in a study that they had for the first time managed “to teleport” information between two quantum computers. The study was published in the journal Nature Physics on Friday. The researchers used so-called “quantum entanglement” in order to “instantly send […]

Elderly Dog Treats Coast Guard With Kisses After They Save Him From Choppy Sea

Stories like this one, where humans do their best to help animals in need, is what we need more of. An elderly dog was spotted struggling to swim in the open sea and he didn’t really stand much chance against the choppy waters, but then, someone came to his rescue. Namely, the people who stepped […]

Nullification News: 2nd Amendment, Asset Forfeiture, Surveillance, Defend the Guard

By Michael Boldin The 2020 “Nullification Season” is getting underway. In this episode, Michael Boldin gives the latest reports of efforts in the states to protect the 2nd, take on the NSA and mass surveillance, end asset forfeiture, resist unconstitutional wars. Path to Liberty, Fast Friday Edition: December 13, 2019 SHOW LINKS: JOIN TAC Show […]

Security guard kills Palestinian woman with knife at Qalandia checkpoint as B’Tselem questions use of force

West Bank / Jerusalem Ala’ Nafeth Wahdan, 28, shot and killed by Israeli soldiers at Qalandia checkpoint Israel-Palestine Timeline 18 Sept 2019 — Ala’ Nafeth Wahdan, 28, was shot and killed [Wednesday] by Israeli soldiers at Qalandia checkpoint near Jerusalem. Israeli sources have confirmed that the wounded Palestinian woman, who was shot by the soldiers […]

Mongolia rolls out Genghis Khan-style mounted guard of honor for Putin (PHOTOS)

Ask anyone on the street what they know about Mongolia, and you’ll hear ‘Genghis Khan.’ In the 21st century, Mongolia seems more than happy to embrace the legacy of the 13th-century warlord emperor – and show it off to the visiting Russian leader. As he approached the presidential palace in the capital Ulaanbaatar, Putin was […]

Libya’s coast guard recovers dozens of bodies of migrants

CAIRO (AP) — Libya’s coast guard recovered dozens of bodies of Europe-bound migrants who perished at sea as search operations continued Friday, a day after up to 150 people, including women and children, went missing and were feared drowned when their boats capsized in the Mediterranean Sea. A top UN official described Thursday’s shipwreck as […]

Video Demonstrates Remediation Techniques to Guard Against Cell Towers And Antennas On Buildings

July 16, 2019 By B.N. Frank Firefighters Don’t Want Them on Their Buildings Due to Health Risks So Others Shouldn’t Either Research has proven many times over that exposure to RadioFrequency Radiation (RF) is harmful to all living beings.  This being the case, when cell towers and antennas are mounted on top of residential buildings […]

Iranian coast guard gets new patrol boats

Tasnim – Iran’s homegrown ‘Heidar-class’ search and rescue (SAR) vessels joined the Border Police’s naval fleet in the country’s southern waters on Monday. In a ceremony in the port city of Bandar Abbas, attended by ranking Iranian military officials, a total of seven Heidar-class patrol boats joined the coast guard’s fleet of watercraft. In comments […]

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Shoots Down US Spy drone

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said it had shot down a U.S. “spy drone” over its territory on Thursday. They said the aircraft had violated Iranian airspace, and that the incident sent a “clear message to America”. The US military however has insisted the drone had been over international waters at the time, and condemned […]

Labeling The Iranian Revolutionary Guard ‘Terrorists’ Is A Step Toward War

Labeling The Iranian Revolutionary Guard ‘Terrorists’ Is A Step Toward War Why refusing to label Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a terror organization keeps us out of war A “Twitter-stamp” by Secretary of State Pompeo made it official. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is now designated as a foreign terrorist organization. “We must help the people […]

Why Is Trump Designating Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps As Foreign Terrorist Organization?

designated the Quds Force for its “support of terrorism”. It also sanctioned several enterprises that are connected to the IRGC. It is totally unclear what the designation of the IRCG as a whole is supposed to achieve. It could be a symbolic move or, as some assume, a step towards a war on […]

Officials confirm US to name Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terror group Monday

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is preparing to designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guards a “foreign terrorist organization,” an unprecedented move against a national armed force that could have widespread implications for US personnel and policy in the Middle East and elsewhere. Officials informed of the step said an announcement was expected Monday, after a monthslong escalation […]

Iran threatens to respond in kind if US labels Revolutionary Guard terrorists

Iranian lawmakers warned on Sunday they would respond in kind if the United States designated their country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terror group. On Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported such a move by Washington could come as early as Monday and would be the first time the US has designated a state entity […]

Venezuela: Dozens Arrested in Short-Lived National Guard Mutiny

A small group of soldiers has been arrested in the San Jose de Cotiza barracks in Caracas after they reportedly stole armaments and attempted to raise a mutiny in the Venezuelan capital. According to a statement released from the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), the mutiny began around 2:50 am Monday morning, when several dozen […]

1000s of police on guard as Yellow Vests hit streets in France for 10th week in a row

In what is being called ‘Act 10’ of the nationwide protests, the Yellow Vests gathered in French cities on Saturday. In Paris, they occupied the Champs-Elysees and the Esplanade des Invalides near the nation’s parliament. People were seen waving national flags and setting off firecrackers. Some protesters brought cardboard coffins, in memory of the people […]

Iran’s border guard commander in Baku for security talks

December 13, The Iran Project – Iranian Border Guard Commander Brigadier General Qasem Rezaei arrived in Baku on Monday (Dec. 10) upon an official invitation of Guliyev to take part in the 11th Iran-Azerbaijan border commanders meeting. In addition to the commanders meeting, General Rezaei’s stay in the Azeri capital features talks with Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev, Interior Minister […]

In ‘Eisenhower’s Death Camps’: A U.S. Prison Guard Remembers

`Eisenhower`s Death Camps`: A U.S. Prison Guard Remembers In ‘Eisenhower’s Death Camps’: A U.S. Prison Guard Remembers   By the time I left the hospital, the outfit I had trained with in Spartanburg, South Carolina, was deep inside Germany, so, despite my protests, I was placed in a “repo depot” (replacement depot). I lost interest […]

Black Security Guard Misses Robber, Shoots 6-Year-Old White Child Instead

Charles Martel Daily Stormer November 18, 2018 Christopher “Sheeeeeittt” Bradley. The damn ape was probably firing the gun sideways. ABC 13: A 6-year-old girl who was accidentally shot while waiting at a McDonald’s drive-thru is back at home with family. Claire Tidwell was photographed with her family Wednesday, just two days after […]

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