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Independent Church in Southern India Destroyed by Mob of Radicals

Photo Credit: Planemad/Wikipedia India (International Christian Concern) – Local sources report an under-construction church was demolished by a mob of radical Hindu nationalists in India’s Telangana state. According to the church’s pastor, the destruction of the church shattered a decades-long dream of his Christian community. On Jan. 20, a mob of radical Hindu nationalists, led […]

Corbyn reinstated into Labour without whip, will sit as independent MP

Jeremy Corbyn has had the whip removed by UK Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer, just one day after the party’s National Executive Council voted to reinstate him into the party. This means that though he will not be allowed to sit as a Labour MP, he remains a member of the House of Commons.This […]

COVID-1984: Fauci Tells Americana to Obey – ‘Now Is the Time to Do What You’re Told’ Despite ‘Independent Spirit’

Hillary Clinton supporter Dr. Anthony Fauci has urged Americans to obey public health officials and suppress their “independent spirit.” Fauci spoke in a forum about working with officials in the UK who faced a similar problem. “[E]ach of our countries have that independent spirit, where we don’t want to be told what to do,” he […]

Exactly what is the US Independent National Union?

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The BBC Prepares Another Hit Piece on Independent Journalists

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch on Archive / BitChute / LBRY / Minds / YouTube Vanessa Beeley joins the program to discuss the BBC’s forthcoming hit piece on journalists like herself who dare call out the White Helmets as a foreign-founded, foreign-funded, terrorist-embedded propaganda construct. We discuss Beeley’s reporting on […]

Pro-Life Democratic State Rep. Who Was Removed From Ballot by Party Now Running as Independent

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Democratic Tennessee state Rep. John DeBerry Jr., who represents District 90 in Memphis, is running as an Independent this November after his party removed him from the ballot because several of his positions do not align with the Democratic Party and for receiving donations from groups that characteristically back Republicans. DeBerry is […]

Contrary to independent studies, DoC claims that 1080 does not kill or harm fish … important safety info if you fish for food

Posted by Kathy White at Facebook “The Department of Conservation has been giving Pirongia landowners a flier that says “1080 does not kill or harm fish.” This is completely misleading and dangerous for those who eat fish, eels, shellfish and koura. See for yourself what scientists have said in an independent summary of research into […]

DHS To Compile Blacklist Of Independent Journalists And Spy On Them

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) intends to compile a blacklist of hundreds of thousands of independent “journalists, bloggers, and social media influencers” in order to spy on them.  According to a DHS announcement, once an “influential individual” has been identified, the agency will collect any “information that could be relevant” about them. reports: […]

Evergreen State’s "Independent" report whitewashes campus meltdown, claims professor

     Evergreen State College released a 38-page “Independent” report on the protests and riots of last spring that is far from “independent,” claims a former administrator at the college. Last spring, Evergreen State was engulfed in riots after a Bret Weinstein, a former professor, sent an email questioning the school’s “day of absence,” which called […]

Venezuela Defeats US In Election, Now Must Build Independent Economy

Venezuela Defeats US In Election, Now Must Build Independent Economy Above: Graffiti depicting late Venezuelan President (1999-2013) Hugo Chavez (L), South American independence hero, the liberator, Simon Bolivar (C) and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas, Venezuela. Getty Images. Upon returning to the United States from Venezuela and reading the terrible media reporting of the election, it […]

Could an independent vaccine safety group save the U.S. from government corruption?

(Natural News) It’s no secret that everything we’re told about vaccines by the mainstream media and major “health” organizations is a lie. Agencies like the CDC may be charged with protecting public health, but they continue to demonstrate that they are more concerned with upholding their archaic narratives and protecting Big Pharma’s […]

Enough is Enough: Why The U.S. Clearly Needs An Independent Vaccine Safety Organization

Next Story By the World Mercury Project Team Most Americans are oblivious to the huge annual burden of chronic illness, injuries and deaths linked to vaccines. Some of the blame for the public’s ignorance belongs to a complicit media that “pretends that vaccine-related injuries do not occur.” However, the lion’s share of culpability for the buried story likely rests with the two federal agencies […]

ADAPT Holds Annual Fun Run For Disability Rights And Independent Living

ADAPT Holds Annual Fun Run For Disability Rights And Independent Living Above Photo: By Anne Meador Washington, DC–Disability rights organization ADAPT held its 13th annual Fun Run in Spirit of Justice Park near the U.S. Capitol on Mother’s Day. Several hundred people took part in the event, which kicked off its Week of Action in […]

The Case For An Independent Left Party

The Case For An Independent Left Party Above Photo: From If the 13.2 million votes received by self-styled “democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries accomplished nothing else positive, it put the questions of socialism and independent working-class politics up for public discussion. I have been critical of Sanders’s socialism because […]

Independent UK Covers Skull And Bones, Leaves Out Key Facts

By Aaron Kesel The Independent has reported on the infamous Skull and Bones group. However, there is just one problem: the article fails to mention key facts from history about the organization. The author leaves out plenty of information, and it appears to be just a fluff piece to discredit anyone who questions […]

Will Greenland join the family of independent nations?

     Greenland’s election in late April was largely a vote on independence – a crucial and unifying issue. Whatever the ultimate composition of the ruling coalition, the secession from Denmark seems to be a foregone conclusion. Six out of seven political parties support the idea and they won. A referendum will also offer a thumbs-up. […]

Independent Media Slams Facebook’s Plan to Act as Gatekeeper of ‘Trustworthy’ News

Progressive and independent journalists are raising grave concerns this week about Facebook’s plan to fashion itself as an arbiter of what news outlets should be deemed “trustworthy”—arguing that the social media giant’s new proposal will punish non-corporate news sources and journalists offering left-leaning news analysis that it finds to be “polarizing.” Richard Kim, executive editor of […]

Apple Sued An Independent Norwegian Repair Shop In Bid To Monopolize Repair — And Lost

A few years ago, annoyance at John Deere’s obnoxious tractor DRM birthed a grassroots tech movement. John Deere’s decision to implement a lockdown on “unauthorized repairs” turned countless ordinary citizens into technology policy activists, after DRM and the company’s EULA prohibited the lion-share of repair or modification of tractors customers thought they owned. These restrictions […]

What a surprise!! Independent Swiss Lab Says Poison Used in # Skripal Attack Was Produced in US or UK

Independent Swiss Lab Says Poison Used in Skripal Attack Was Produced in US or UK On March 4, 2018, Sergie Skripal and his daughter Yulia, who was visiting him from Moscow, were poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent after he stopped by a local store. Skripal is a Russian double agent who WORKED FOR Christopher […]

Independent journalism investigation reveals the CDC to be hopelessly corrupt when it comes to vaccine safety research

(Natural News) More damning truths about corruption at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have been uncovered by investigators from the World Mercury Project, revealing that the nation’s top public health agency has been actively working alongside criminal elements to hide the facts about the dangers of vaccines. Information […]

Going Underground – UN Independent Expert says Brussels is to lose its credibility over Catalonia

Going Underground – UN Independent Expert says Brussels is to lose its credibility over Catalonia Going Underground with Afshin We ask UN Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order, Professor Alfred M. de Zayas about the detention of Carles Puigdemont and whether its a sign of the end of […]

UN Independent Expert: Venezuela Should Take US to the International Court of Justice

Alfred de Zayas, a UN Independent Expert for the promotion of an international democratic and equitable order, told Venezuela’s newspaper Últimas Noticias that “it is time” for Venezuela to ask the International Criminal Court “for an investigation into the crimes against humanity committed by the United States for imposing sanctions against it.”   Why do […]

Strategies To Encourage Locally-Owned, Independent Businesses

Strategies To Encourage Locally-Owned, Independent Businesses Above Photo: From In many U.S. cities, finding and keeping an affordable location has become a major challenge for independent businesses. Two years ago, we took an in-depth look at the issue in our report, Affordable Space: How Rising Commercial Rents Are Threatening Independent Businesses, and What Cities Are […]

Independent witnesses report silent ghost plane over Ripley, UK which ‘turned the sky dark’

     Separate reports of a mysterious ghost plane have emerged in Derbyshire where witnesses have seen a dark, silent shape’ sweep across the sky. Onlookers have stated they have seen a dark shape in the sky at around 6.45pm on Monday night at different locations across the county. Mark O’Brien believes he saw a quiet, […]

Google and Corporate News Giants Forge New Alliance to Defeat Independent Journalism

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA – Search engine and advertising monolith Google continued to press its offensive against alternative media this week with an announcement unveiling a new $300 million project called the Google News Initiative. The initiative encompasses a range of new projects announced by the tech giant, which has long been accused of enjoying a […]

Court Fines Google $2.9 Billion For Censoring Small Independent Outlets

Google has been found guilty of censoring their search results and forced to pay $2.9 billion dollars in compensation, in a historic European lawsuit.  According to European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, Google abused its monopoly over the Internet by deciding to manipulate their search results in order to destroy a small business. reports: Watching […]

The Truth about Syria : A Manufactured War Against An Independent Country

The Truth about Syria : A Manufactured War Against An Independent Country The people of the world should ask Western leaders and their allies: Why are you prolonging this war? Why do you continue funding and enabling the terrorists? Isn’t five years of civil war enough? Is overthrowing the Syrian government really worth so much […]

Facebook Begins Killing The Independent News Industry

 After Donald Trump surprised even the most pessimistic of us by winning the U.S. presidential elections in 2016, the powers-that-be quickly sought to find a scapegoat to blame for their dismal failures. Supposedly, it wasn’t the corporate media’s fault, the DNC’s fault or the current neoliberal power structure’s fault for ramming down an unpopular candidate down our throat who was completely […]

Facebook Teams Up With Deep State To Purge Independent Media

Facebook has launched all-out war against independent media by publicly joining forces with the Deep State, who wish to take total control of our lives.  Last year saw the globalist tech agenda take major grievous blows as Britons voted for Brexit and Americans voted for Trump. In both instances the Deep State and Facebook had […]

Act To Protect Critical Independent Voices On The Internet

Act To Protect Critical Independent Voices On The Internet Above Photo: From Note: The actions of corporations in league with government to silence independent reporting on the Internet makes it essential for each of us to act with intention to overcome their censorship. As a group we can turn their efforts to censor us into […]

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