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WW3: President Trump Warns “Official End of Iran”

President Trump has warned the Iranian regime that if they continue to threaten America it will be the “official end of Iran.” After several weeks of escalating tensions between the U.S. and Iran, Trump tweeted out a stark warning on Sunday: “If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Never […]

Williams College gives pro-Israel group official status

Administrators at Williams College gave a pro-Israel group official status, bypassing the refusal by a student council. The prestigious Massachusetts institution on Tuesday registered the Williams Initiative for Israel group, or WIFI, Williams’ director of media relations Gregory Shook told FIRE, a nonprofit promoting freedom of expression on American campuses. Williams “had a legal obligation to offer that process […]

CONFIRMED: Chemical Weapons Assessment Contradicting Official Syria Narrative Is Authentic

   The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has begun responding to queries by the press about a leaked document which contradicts official OPCW findings on an alleged chemical weapons attack last year in Douma, Syria. The prepared statement they’ve been using in response to these queries confirms the authenticity of the document. […]

Iran All Set For US Escalations With Missiles Ready In Gulf – US Official

By Staff, Agencies A US official claimed Thursday that Iranian missiles loaded on small boats in the Gulf were among the “threats” that have triggered a beefed-up military deployment in the region. “The missiles on civilian boats are a concern. What the military and the intelligence are concerned about is the intent,” the US official […]

Gartman: "We Make An Official Recommendation To Sell Stocks Short This Morning"

It’s been a while since we updated on the daily doings of the “world-renowned commodity guru” Dennis Gartman for the simple reason that just like the algos, the mom and pops and virtually all hedge funds, Gartman too had no idea what is really going on in a market in which everyone is selling (there […]

Official: Qatari envoy slated to arrive in Gaza by Monday to distribute funds

Qatari envoy Mohammed al-Emadi is expected to arrive in the Gaza Strip by Monday at the latest to distribute funds to impoverished Palestinian families, an official in Doha’s Gaza Reconstruction Committee said. Emadi, who frequently liaises with Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and Israel about Gaza, has not visited the coastal enclave since early March. “Emadi […]

Start Spreading The News: Another Elected Official Asks The FCC To Provide Documentation That 5G Is Safe

May 8, 2019 By B.N. Frank Thanks to Environmental Health Trust for reporting about New York congressman Thomas Suozzi’s request to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC): Congressman Thomas Suozzi, representing New York’s 3rd Congressional District sent a letter to the FCC asking for safety data on 5G. He joins Rep. Peter A. DeFazio  House Transportation […]

White House official says US eyeing further sanctions on Iran ‘very soon’

A top official in US President Donald Trump’s administration said Wednesday that more sanctions would be imposed on Iran “very soon,” after Tehran announced it was setting up a possible return to high-level uranium enrichment by suspending some of its commitments under the landmark 2015 nuclear deal it signed with major powers. Speaking at a […]

Intl official: Over 60 terrorists captured in yearlong operations in northwestern Iran

FNA – Iran’s security forces have captured tens of Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, also known as the MEK, PMOI and NCRI) and Takfiri terrorists in the past Iranian year (ended on March 20), a senior intelligence official stated on Wednesday. “Given the fact that East Azarbaijan province (in Northwestern Iran) is on the path used […]

US pursuing psychological warfare against Iran: Official

Tasnim – The Iranian president’s Chief of Staff, Mahmoud Vaezi decried a recent move by the US administration to step up sanctions against the Islamic Republic, saying Washington is after waging psychological warfare against Tehran. Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a cabinet session in Tehran on Wednesday, Vaezi said the most important issue […]

It’s official: the collapse of the mainstream media’s credibility is now complete

(Natural News) Attorney General William Barr held a press conference this morning to address the contents of the Mueller report, just as he promised to do. Not long after, Barr delivered the full Mueller report to the public with necessary redactions, also as promised. And yet the mainstream media, which demanded all […]

Mission Impossible: Official Story of Las Vegas Shooting Unravels; Physical Impossibility of Lone Gunman Senior Citizen Makes Narrative Ludicrous

It’s all hogwash. The “official” narrative of how things went down in the Las Vegas massacre is so full of holes that it begs the question of just how deep the truth about this attack really goes. What we know for sure is that, yes, 59 people were killed (so far) and hundreds were wounded. […]

PA official: Netanyahu will face a ‘real problem’ if he annexes settlements

Twitter suspends Hebrew accounts linked to Chinese Christian sect — report Twitter has suspended dozens of Hebrew-language accounts operated by an eccentric Chinese Christian sect, according to BuzzFeed. Citing an unnamed source familiar with the removals, the news site says the Church of Almighty God-linked pages posted content “amplifying” right-wing political messaging ahead of elections […]

Everything on Bellingcat and the official inquiry into the destruction of Flight MH17, by Jürgen Cain Külbel

A bouquet of flowers on the wreckage of Flight MH17. This Boeing 777, travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was destroyed on 17 July 2014 over the zones of combat between the Kiev putchists and the Donbass independentists, killing the 298 persons on board. Since then, the two camps have been accusing one another of […]

Top FDA Official Blows Whistle as Agency Approves Drug 10X Worse Than Fentanyl, Funded by DoD

January 30th, 2019 By Matt Agorist via TFTP “The lack of insight that continues to be exhibited by the agency is in many ways a willful blindness that borders on the criminal.” — top FDA official. In a massive move to expose the Food and Drug Administration’s loyalty to big pharma, a top official from […]

Ex US Dept. Of State Official Says Existence Of Elite Pedophile Rings Are “NOT Shocking!”

The Facts: News browser extension NewsGuard promises to help readers pick out fake news. However, NewsGuard is funded and run by individuals tied to the CFR, Atlantic Council and other prominent elite figures. Reflect On: Are we seeing a push for over-governance when it comes to even basic things like news and information? Is it […]

The Official Story Doesn’t Mean a Thing

. . . when it’s written by the slaveowners By JOHN KAMINSKI To believe the official story about Sandy Hook is to believe the official story of 9/11. It takes the same kind of willing blindness to refuse to competently analyze relevant facts that are usually suppressed or at least denigrated by a hidden perpetrator. To […]

Top Trump Official Calls Bankers, Will Convene ‘Plunge Protection Team’

Top Trump Official Calls Bankers, Will Convene ‘Plunge Protection Team’ December 24th, 2018 Via: Reuters: U.S. President Donald Trump’s Treasury secretary called top U.S. bankers on Sunday amid an ongoing rout on Wall Street and made plans to convene a group of officials known […]

Iranian official hails strategic cooperation with Russia against terrorism

Tasnim – Iran’s deputy defense minister lauded the strategic cooperation between Tehran and Moscow in the war on terrorism as a successful model of settlement of regional conflicts. In a meeting with Deputy Chief of the Russian Army General Staff Vice-Admiral Igor Osipov in Tehran on Wednesday, Brigadier General Qassem Taqizadeh described strategic cooperation between […]

Top Trump official calls bankers, will convene ‘Plunge Protection Team’

U.S. President Donald Trump’s Treasury secretary called top U.S. bankers on Sunday amid an ongoing rout on Wall Street and made plans to convene a group of officials known as the “Plunge Protection Team.” U.S. stocks have fallen sharply in recent weeks on concerns over slowing economic growth, with the S&P 500 […]

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