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Hasbara Alert: Jordan Peterson Explains Why jews Are So Successful

Remember how so many people on “the right” were promoting this shill as the greatest thinker of our generation? His addressing of the “jewish question” is absolutely ridiculous. Bitchute link Hits: 0

Jordan Peterson a UN Globalist: Edited a Report for the High-Level Panel on Sustainable Development

/pol/ is onto the Jordanetics fraud. Update: The 8chan thread already got nuked, so it has been reposted at 4chan, and has also been archived: Jordan B. Peterson worked on the UN Secretary General’s High-Level Panel on Sustainable Development, editing a document that was released in 2013 entitled ‘A New Global Partnership: Eradicate Poverty and Transform Economies Through […]

Journalistic failure: Libel of Jordan Peterson by the Forward

     On Friday, one of the preeminent Jewish magazines, the Forward, published an article by Ari Feldman titled “Is Jordan Peterson Enabling Jew Hatred?” accompanied by a picture of Adolf Hitler giving the Nazi salute next to Peterson. The Forward explains Vox-style: “Jordan Peterson is a public intellectual adored by neo-Nazis, white supremacists and conspiracy […]

Jordan B. Peterson Exposed: He is a Zionist

On May 18th 2017 Jordan B. Peterson gave a speech in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Rothschild banking family securing Palestine from the British at the ‘Canadians for Balfour 100’ Zionist celebration event, with his Jewish Zionist colleague Ezra Levant: Source Article from Hits: 3

Jordan Peterson Defends Masonic Jewish Conspiracy

So, what’s the story? No conspiracy. Get it? No conspiracy. Jewish people are over-represented in positions of competence and authority because, as a group, they have a higher mean IQ.  Thus sayeth Peterson: Jews are grossly overrepresented in both GOP and Democrat Administrations due to their higher IQ and NOT because Rothschild bankers control US credit and […]

Professor Jordan B. Peterson: A hero for our times?

     To those of you familiar with his name, Jordan B. Peterson is an inspirational phenomenon or an alt-right bigot, depending on your perspective. To those who have never heard of him – he is worth getting to know. Peterson is Canadian and Professor of Psychology at Toronto University. I vaguely heard of him a […]

Jordan Peterson: A man hated for speaking plain common sense

     Just imagine that somebody told you that men and women are biologically different, that people ought to take responsibility for their own lives, and modern life often seems hollow and meaningless. Imagine that this person went on to say that young men often lack a sense of initiative, too many university courses have fallen […]

Jordan Peterson’s Rejection of Identity Politics Allows White Ethnocide

Richardo Duchesne, Council of European Canadians, 5 February 2018 Jordan Peterson’s rejection of identity politics makes no sense in the face of an establishment from left to right committed to the diversification of all Western nations through relentless immigration, which is fast reducing Whites to a minority, and is premised on the prohibition of White […]

Jordan Peterson’s Rejection of Identity Politics Allows White Ethnocide

Richardo Duchesne, Council of European Canadians, 5 February 2018 Jordan Peterson’s rejection of identity politics makes no sense in the face of an establishment from left to right committed to the diversification of all Western nations through relentless immigration, which is fast reducing Whites to a minority, and is premised on the prohibition of White […]

SOTT FOCUS: Jordan Peterson in the Netherlands: Immigrants, Culture and Identity Politics

Transcript I’m going to talk to you about identity. Whenever I talk to my son about what I should talk about, whenever I’m nervous about giving a presentation – and I was definitely nervous about this one, I can tell you – he always says: “Just make sure you talk about what you know.” And […]

Jordan Peterson Explains the True Significance of the Illuminati All-Seeing Eye

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times When symbols are misused for political or authoritarian purposes, their meanings can become confused, twisted and misunderstood, even flipped entirely. An example of this is the swastika, which was first seen in carvings dating back 12,000 years, and has been a symbol of well-being, good fortune and prosperity to […]

Jordan Peterson is a charlatan and Kosher Controlled Opposition (KCO)

report by Andrew Anglin from the Daily Stormer On Tuesday, the 23rd of January, Jordan Peterson was confronted in New York City with a copy of the newly translated “200 Years Together” by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a Russian author who wrote about the Jewish role in the Bolshevik revolution and the overwhelming Jewish hatred for white Christian Russians. […]

Stopping people like Jordan Peterson from causing ‘offence’ is the road to dystopia

     Cathy Newman’s debate on Channel 4 with the cultural critic exemplifies free speech and citizen engagement. We need more of that, not less For a vivid parable of what is wrong with contemporary discourse and culture – and of what could be right – look no further than last week’s Channel 4 News interview […]

As Internet cheers Jordan Peterson’s slaying of British feminist TV presenter, her employer hires private security, threatens to go to police ‘because abuse’

     Channel 4 News has called in security specialists to analyse threats made to presenter Cathy Newman following her interview with a controversial Canadian psychologist who has attracted a following among the “alt-right”. Comment: …and the ‘alt-center’, and the ‘alt-left’… pretty much most people online actually. Ben de Pear, the editor of Channel 4 News, […]

Professor Jordan Peterson – Post Modernism’s Worst Enemy

Phillip Schneider, Staff WriterWaking Times Dr. Jordan B. Peterson has spent his life attempting to discover the true meaning of freedom. Before he hit the limelight last year he has been busy writing papers, giving lectures, and doing research into psychology as a professor at the University of Toronto in Canada with a book […]

Jordan Peterson on how to deal with depression and suicidal thoughts

     Comment: The following is a transcript of a video located at the bottom of the page of one of Jordan Peterson’s many talks on human psychology, in particular dealing with thoughts of depression and suicide. He’s a modern day Intellectual who teaches practical and useful advice on how human beings can orient themselves to […]

Jordan Peterson Opposes Transgender Bill at Senate Committee Hearing

University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson spoke against Bill C-16 at a Senate committee hearing Wednesday, arguing that support for the legislation was ideologically motivated. The bill would enshrine the rights of transgender people by adding gender identity and expression to human rights and hate-crime laws. Arguments that biology does not determine gender “stem from […]

Rosalind Peterson Speaks Out on Atmospheric Pollution Related to Climate Engineering

NOTE: Since Ms. Peterson’s excellent video was released in 2010, the method of chemical, aerosol releases has evolved to include “chembombs” –  defined as large volume aerosol plumes (LVAP) that create artificial clouds. These more sophisticated chemical releases have nothing to do with long lines of suspicious contrails, jet fuel additives or pylon spray nozzles […]

Cleon Peterson, Dystopic Artist to the Elite

By Russ Winter of The New Nationalist Los Angeles artist Cleon Peterson is quite the hit with the elite. He was commissioned to paint Edmund de Rothschild’s boat, “The Gitana,” as shown in the following video. As the sampling of his “artworks” below illustrate, Petersen appears to be a member of the Agent Provocateurs School of Art. […]

The Kinsey Institute of Sexual Perversion

Apologies again for taking you on such a terrible journey of a discussion, but my articles tend to lead on from each other and this piece is no exception. The Kinsey Institute has taken degraded, deviant and sick sexual acts, and told us that these degenerate and harmful criminal behaviors are ‘normal’ through their research, […]

Merkel’s Jews Push Mass Migration

Merkel’s Jews Push Mass Migration Jewish Agenda Articles, EU Articles Merkel’s Jews Push Mass MigrationBy Brother Nathanael Kapner January 14, 2016 © Support The Brother Nathanael Foundation!Br Nathanael Fnd Is Tax Exempt/EIN 27-2983459 Or Send Your Contribution To:The Brother Nathanael Foundation, PO Box 1242, Frisco CO 80443 E-mail: ___________________________________ THE POWER OF GERMAN JEWRY […]

On The Campaign Trail

Selling a political ideal or special issue campaign is no different from selling any other product or service; the same rules apply. People buy people before they buy a product or service. If people don’t like you they won’t buy whatever you are selling. The best salesman I ever employed was no one’s idea […]

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