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An Agenda for Food and Farming Based on Dominance and High Profits for a Few Has Powerful Promoters

In India there has been much discussion in recent times of the dangers of increasing corporatization of farming and food sectors. This is welcome, as there needs to be increasing public awareness of this harmful and high risk trend. In the course of this discussion the name of two billionaires  has been increasingly taken to […]

Sen Tim Scott: ‘Trump Is the Most Powerful Politician on BOTH Sides’

Sen. Tim Scott says he believes Donald Trump remains “the most powerful political figure on either side.” The Republican South Carolina Senator told Fox News: “I still believe that President Trump is the most powerful political figure on either side, the news loves President Trump, or they hate President Trump, which gives him plenty of […]

A Holocaust refugee’s son is one of the most powerful politicians in Congo

Like many powerful politicians in Africa, Moise Katumbi goes by multiple titles. He is widely seen as the leader of the opposition of his native Democratic Republic of Congo, and he’s the president of its TP Mazembe soccer team, which is one of Africa’s finest. Now Katumbi is also closer than he’s ever been to […]

Magadha: Mighty Kingdom that Spawned Two of India’s Most Powerful Empires

Magadha was one of the 16 Mahajanapadas, or ‘Great Kingdoms’ that existed in ancient India. This ancient kingdom was centered around southern Bihar, in the northeastern part of India. Much of the information regarding Magadha’s history is derived from written sources, which were written from a religious perspective, be it Hindu, Buddhist, or Jain. According […]

Tokyo & Fukushima shaken hard as powerful 7+ earthquake strikes off Japan’s east coast

A 7-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Japan’s Fukushima prefecture on Saturday, violently shaking cities on the eastern seaboard and prompting fears of a tsunami, weeks before the 2011 nuclear disaster’s anniversary. Several seismological agencies have put the magnitude of the quake, which hit east of Japan’s largest island of Honshu, at 7.0 or […]

When Corporations Become More Powerful Than The Government, Our Definition Of “Big Brother” Needs To Change

Throughout human history, our God-given liberties and freedoms have often been brutally crushed by oppressive governments, and that is still happening all over the world today.  But in our time, an additional threat to our liberties and freedoms has emerged.  Global corporations just continue to get larger and more powerful, and in recent years they […]

“Powerful Enough To Be Spotted From Space”: Fuel Tanker Convoy Explodes At Afghan-Iran Border

According to the Associated Press, “Two explosions at the border crossing were powerful enough to be spotted from space by NASA satellites. One blast erupted around 1:10 p.m. Afghan time (0840 GMT), the next around a half hour later at 1:42 p.m. local (0912 GMT).” Video of the massive fuel tanker explosion today on the […]


South Front [embedded content] Despite Israel’s best efforts, Iran’s influence and presence in the Middle East, and in Syria specifically is spreading. One could blame that on the Biden administration’s halt in the “maximum pressure” campaign, but that influence was increasing even when Donald Trump sat in the White House. Currently, Iran is furthering its […]

News blackout amid Polish protest over tax that would be ‘a powerful blow to free media’

Independent broadcasters and newspapers in Poland have suspended their news coverage in protest over a planned new advertising tax. At least 45 major media companies across the country joined the planned 24-hour demonstration on Wednesday. Companies say the ruling conservative government is attempting to undermine press freedoms by imposing a tax on advertising income. But […]

Springsteen Super Bowl ad offers powerful vision of unity — for Christians

(JTA) — The two-minute advertisement, for Jeep, appeared late in Sunday’s Super Bowl. “The Middle,” narrated by Bruce Springsteen, is a meditation on the theme of national unity. [embedded content] In the wake of President Biden’s call to honor unity, bipartisanship and civility, the words should have been compelling: “The middle has been a hard place […]

EFT: A Powerful Technique That Brings Fast Relief From Emotional & Physical Stress

Mercury began another retrograde process on January 30th/31st which will last until Feb 20th/21st. This is when it appears to be moving backwards from our earth based vantage point due to the positioning of the Earth and Mercury in each of their orbits around the Sun. This one is occurring completely in Aquarius. In the […]

Astronomers detect newly-discovered star FLIPPING its powerful radio beam in never-before-seen behavior

Astronomers have discovered a unique kind of star behaving rather strangely around 15,000 light years away, blasting its radio wave beam in odd directions and appearing to flip its polarity. The magnetar Swift J1818.0–1607, discovered in 2020, is one of just 30 other such objects detected in the Milky Way (so far). Swift is rare […]

The Rape of a Goddess: How Demeter Beat the All-Powerful Zeus

Who were Demeter and Persephone? And why did their myth resonate so strongly with women of ancient Greece? The story of Demeter, goddess of the harvest, and her daughter Persephone, queen of the underworld, has inspired many. And while there are twenty-two variations of the myth, it is the Homeric Hymn to Demeter (hereafter called […]

Far-Right Polish Politician Who Denounced ‘Powerful US Jewish Lobby’ Appointed Deputy Minister of Education

A marcher in Warsaw carries an antisemitic sign at a protest against the restitution of property stolen from Polish Jews during the Nazi occupation. Photo: Agencja Gazeta/Maciej Jazwiecki via Reuters. A far-right Polish politician who accused “the powerful Jewish lobby in the USA” of attempting to swindle money “that is not due to them in […]

Jang Bogo: The Powerful Silla Kingdom Warlord And Korean Hero

The ancient history of Korea is one of the more enigmatic historical periods of Asia and is still a subject of very active research by scholars. The surviving writings of the early medieval period tend to mix legend with fact, and the resulting combination left behind a rather mysterious narrative. Nevertheless, some real historical facts […]

Powerful Jewish lobby demands Gab to be Outlawed and its CEO to be Arrested for Terrorism

    First the poor Twitter and Facebook guys moved to Parler but someone hacked Parler, who knows who hacked it but it definitely wasn’t the right-wingers hacking their own website, for sure it was liberals or Antifas… then they banned Parler from Amazon. Now the poor guys moved to Gab and now they want […]

North Korea Claims to Have ‘World’s Most Powerful Weapon’ at ‘Splendid’ Military Parade

The communist regime governing North Korea held a military parade Thursday, apparently featuring no social distancing or other anti-coronavirus measures, to celebrate the end of its eighth-ever Workers’ Party Congress. Observers noted the parade appeared to feature a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) that had yet to make an appearance in North Korea’s military arsenal. The state […]

Is Big Tech too powerful? Chris Hedges & Ramesh Srinivasan debate Twitter & Facebook banning Trump

“To allow these companies to essentially function as de facto platforms for censorship and manipulation … harkens back to the way civil liberties were eviscerated in the wake of 9/11.” 00 Hits: 0

Powerful Earthquake Strikes Croatia, Causing Widespread Damage

PETRINJA, Croatia (AP) — A strong earthquake hit central Croatia on Tuesday, destroying buildings and sending panicked people fleeing into rubble-covered streets in a town southeast of the capital. Authorities said at least six people were killed and dozens were injured. The European Mediterranean Seismological Center said the magnitude 6.3 quake hit 46 kilometers (28 […]

Physician Specialists Urge CDC to Consider A Safe & Powerful Treatment For COVID-19 — Nwo Report

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Physician Specialists Urge CDC to Consider A Safe & Powerful Treatment For COVID-19

The Facts: A new study has examined some health outcomes of vaccinated children and unvaccinated children. They found that the vaccinated group require far more healthcare than the unvaccinated group. Reflect On: Why are studies comparing the health of vaccinated children compared to unvaccinated children lacking? This article has been updated and corrected. What Happened: A […]

Experts point to climate change as powerful rains batter Israel

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The Papal Bloodlines of The Jesuits — Wealthier & More Powerful Than The Illuminati

557 Shares This is the Mythos Mafia — The Papal Bloodlines of the Jesuits. The Real Families, who from behind the scenes, control the World through Religion, Finance, Property, Land, and through control and manipulation of the Markets of the World [embedded content] This collated information from what is readily available on the Internet and […]

Conscious Relating: A Beautifully Powerful Path to Enlightenment

October 21st, 2020 By Richard West Guest Writer for Wake Up World There are many paths up the mountain towards enlightenment, and none so beautiful as the path of love. However, this path is littered with challenges that can hinder our progress. Think of it as the scenic route: it can be awe inspiring and […]

The Powerful and Mysterious Spider Woman of Mexico

The Spider Woman of Teotihuacan continues to be one of the most mysterious figures of ancient Mexican culture.  She is also known as the Great Goddess, but since 1983 Spider Woman has become the most popular reference to her. The Spider Woman is depicted on several murals at the pre-Columbian site of Teotihuacan and “she” […]

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton Appointed by Trump to Powerful Court Oversight Position

By Cristina LailaThe Gateway Pundit Tom Fitton President Trump plans to name Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton to a court oversight agency which has the power to remove certain judges for misconduct. The White House on Friday announced Trump’s intention to name Tom Fitton to the D.C. Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure. Tom Fitton is currently […]

Loves Of The Lady Of The Labyrinth: Ariadne Powerful Minoan Goddess

In the Myth of the Minotaur , if not for the ministrations of the humble Princess Ariadne, Theseus—the Greek hero—would not have had a prayer. Although often portrayed as a mere maiden, truth be told, providing back-up for a leading man was the very least of her qualities. Springing from the heavens, Ariadne’s origins beckon […]

Tyler Perry Delivers Powerful Emmys Speech About Achieving ‘Success on His Own Terms’

Tyler Perry celebrated how he emerged from a working poor family to become a multimedia mogul, during his emotional acceptance speech after being honored with the Governors Award at the Emmys on Sunday. “When I was about 19 years old, I left home, and my grandmother, she gave me a quilt that she had made, […]

Rob Reiner: Dems Must Use ‘Powerful Weapons for War’ Against GOP

Far-left Hollywood director Rob Reiner has declared all-out war against Republicans over the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s Supreme Court seat. Reiner urged Democrats to use “powerful weapons” against Trump and the GOP amid talk that President Trump will nominate her replacement before the election this November. The leftist Hollywood director issued the radical comments in a tweet […]

How the wealthy and powerful oligarchy rules America. (Video)

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