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UK Conspires With Trump Administration to Provoke Iran Into War Via Illegal Tanker Seizure

  Iranian oil tanker bound for Syria seized by Britain (AP Photo/Marcos Moreno)   Iran Threatens Seizure Of UK Oil Tankers In Response To Royal Marines Boarding Its Own Iran has called for the “immediate release” of its oil tanker after British Royal Marines boarded and seized it off Gibraltar a day ago after […]

Russia warns US against attempts to provoke war with Iran

Russia has urged the United States to drop its “provocative” plans to deploy more troops to the Middle East, warning Washington against its “conscious” course of attempts to “provoke war” with Iran. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Moscow had repeatedly warned Washington and its regional allies about […]

U.S. Attempts to Provoke Iran via Aircraft Carrier Sailed Into Iranian Waters

  The USS Abraham Lincoln (Gabriel R. Piper/Navy/Getty Images)   Aircraft Carrier Abraham Lincoln Passes Through Suez Canal On Route To Iran As Tensions Soar Tehran tried to call Washington’s bluff on Wednesday, when it threatened to start stockpiling enriched uranium and heavy water again – which would constitute a violation of the JCPOA’s terms […]

Did 1941 Jewish Book Provoke Holocaust?

  March 5, 2019  Why would an American Jew toss in a lighted match by advocating the sterilization & extermination of Germans? This was before the Jewish holocaust began; America wasn’t even in the war. His book was advertised in major newspapers. Moreover, although self-published, the book received favorable reviews in the MSM, which is unusual.  What would prompt a fellow Jew to […]

Moscow warns Kiev of ‘consequences’ for attempts to provoke conflict after Kerch Strait standoff

Three Ukrainian military boats on Sunday tried to pass through the Kerch Strait apparently without prior warning, but were ordered to stop by Russian border guards. A confrontation ensued, ending with the three ships being seized by the Russian side. Also on Tense standoff around Kerch Strait between Russia & Ukraine: How it developed […]

Putin interview with Fox News: Ukraine or Georgia joining NATO would provoke "extremely negative reaction", meddling allegation "utterly ridiculous"

     Russian President Vladimir Putin, in an occasionally combative interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, called it “utterly ridiculous” that some people think the Russians could have swayed millions of American voters in the 2016 election, while insisting his country did not have dirt on President Trump or his family. “Interference with the domestic affairs […]

9/11 Was A False Flag Operation To Provoke US Into Waging Wars Against Muslim Nations: Experts

The 9/11 terrorist attacks were covert operations carried out by Israeli agents to provoke the US into waging wars against Muslim nations and Israel’s adversaries, according to experts. Kevin Barrett, author and 9/11 researcher from Madison, Wisconsin says: “This was a false flag operation; elements of the US government protected it and the team that […]

Army study: US strategy to ‘dethrone’ Putin for oil pipelines might provoke WW3

By Nafeez Ahmed U.S. Bradley fighting vehicles that will be deployed in Latvia for NATO’s Operation Atlantic Resolve wait (Source: VOA News, 2017) Published by INSURGE intelligence, a crowdfunded investigative journalism platform for people and planet. Support us to report where others fear to tread. The Russians are coming. They hacked our elections. They are lurking behind […]

Prince Philip’s Reported ‘Terrorist’ Remarks Provoke Uproar on Twitter

While walking to St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, adjacent to the royal family home in north Norfolk, 96-year-old Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, reportedly pointed at a bearded man and asked if he was a terrorist. The Sun and the Daily Mail cited a witness, who claimed to have overheard the incident, as […]

Michael Oren says Palestinian activists stage ‘kids in American clothes’ to provoke Israeli army

Hey Michael Oren~ check this TRUTH out: “Musta’ribeen, Israel’s agents who pose as Palestinian They are dressed like Palestinian protesters, speak with the same accents and expressions, and show the same mannerisms. Their faces covered with checkered keffiyehs or balaclavas, they chant against the Israeli army and sometimes throw stones in the direction of the […]

U.S. Government Interventionism and Wars Provoke More Violence: NYC Bombing

By Scott Lazarowitz Another terrorist bombing, an “amateurish” pipe bombing/attempted suicide bombing, in New York City on Monday morning, in which no deaths occurred but three were injured as well as the suspect. So, will this latest Islamic extremist turn out to be yet another FBI patsy? The FBI finds some mentally deficient […]

Leaked Cable Confirms Israel-Saudi Plan To Provoke ‘Holy War’ In Middle East

A leaked Israeli diplomatic cable reveals plans by Israel and Saudi Arabia to join forces and provoke a ‘Holy War’ in the Middle East.  Early Tuesday morning, Israeli Channel 10 news published the cable which primarily concerned the chaotic events that unfolded over the weekend in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. reports:  The classified embassy cable, […]

Why US-South Korea Military Drill Could Provoke North Korea’s Ire

Above Photo: The US M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System fires an MGM-140 Army Tactical Missile during a US and South Korea joint missile drill aimed to counter North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile test on July 5. Picture: South Korean Defence Ministry via Getty ImagesSource:Getty Images THE US and South Korea will join forces on Monday for a provocative […]

US military hijacked by Jews, is trying to provoke a war with Russia

Commentary by Dr. Patrick Slattery — I know I supported Trump and I know the Trump administration is completely floundering. Our God Emperor has gotten off to a pretty miserable start. Lots of people are going to say he was a Zionist shill from the get go. But I say lets look at some facts. […]

MSNBC Anchor Wonders If Trump Trying To Provoke A Terror Attack To Prove A Point

MSNBC Anchor Wonders If Trump Trying To Provoke A Terror Attack To Prove A Point Chuck RossDaily Caller June 5, 2017 MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts theorized on Sunday that President Trump is trying to provoke a terrorist attack on U.S. soil in order to prove himself right about Islamic terrorism. Roberts floated the theory during […]

Talk to, Don’t Provoke, North Korea

There’s little more we can do than hope that some cool heads around Donald Trump are telling him he’d be nuts to attack North Korea. I don’t know who they might be. Still, we must hope. It doesn’t take a lifetime of study to know that, fortunately, no military resolution of the standoff is available. […]

Chinese woman dies while trapped in apartment elevator a month after power was cut off

     An investigation is underway in the Chinese city of Xi’an to determine how maintenance staff at a residential apartment complex failed to locate a woman who died while trapped in an elevator for a month. Markings on the inside of the carriage suggest the woman had tried desperately to escape or to alert any […]

Iran-IAEA cooperation should not be marred by politics: Russia

Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council – Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States – plus Germany finalized the JCPOA in Vienna, on July 14, 2015. A few days later, the JCPOA was turned into international law through the 2231 resolution. Elsewhere in her remarks, Zakharova emphasized that Moscow […]

Nestle Continues To Bottle Water In California While Under Investigation

Nestle Waters North America is under investigation by the US forest service. The world’s largest food company has applied to renew its bottling operations permit in southern California’s San Bernardino National Forest. According to reports, the US forest service has begun an environmental review of Nestle Waters North America’s bottling operations in drought stricken southern California. […]

London Installs ‘Anti-Pee Walls’ To Ensure ‘Splashback’!

It’s ‘peeback’ time for a London borough that has decided to install special anti-pee walls in time for Christmas. The design is intended to punish people who urinate in public by ‘bouncing’ their pee right back at them. Hackney Borough Council has announced it will paint hot spots with a special liquid which deflects urine, […]

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