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Saudis Threaten Military Response if Qatar Deploys Russian Anti-Aircraft Missiles

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA — Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has threatened to take military action against Qatar if the nation follows through with plans to install a Russian S-400 anti-aircraft defense system. The Saudi king penned a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron, expressing his concern over negotiations between Qatar and Russia: The kingdom would be […]

Contrary to claims, US army in Yemen doing Saudis’ dirty work

     A new report has torn the mask off the Pentagon’s public narrative that it does not specifically involve itself in the Yemeni Civil War except to refuel Saudi-coalition warplanes: US Army Green Berets are at work on the Saudi Arabia-Yemen border to find and destroy the Houthis’ missile stockpiles. “With virtually no public discussion […]

Judge Who Gave Saudis a Free Pass Orders Iran to Pay $6 Billion to 9/11 Families

NEW YORK – Iran has been ordered to pay a total of $6 billion to families of September 11 victims as part of a U.S. District Court ruling handed down on Tuesday. The ruling, ordered by U.S. District Judge George Daniels, blames Iran as well as the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the country’s central […]

‘Double standards: US, UK, France stand by Saudis in Yemen but pose as moral crusaders in Syria’

As Riyadh’s campaign in Yemen enters its fourth year, it has been repeatedly accused by rights groups of civilian casualties during the bombardment. However, in Syria’s case, reports of a chemical weapon attack in Douma that are yet to be independently corroborated became the trigger for a coordinated military action, Clark pointed out. ‘Toxic, damaging […]

Nasrallah: Saudis offered Syria cash to cut ties with Iran

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FFIRI complains to AFC over Saudis’ disrespect in Champions League match

Press TV – The Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran (FFIRI) has lodged a complaint with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) against professional football club Al-Hilal of Saudi Arabia over its players’ failure to observe a period of silence for the victims of a recent plane crash in central Iran. While footballers from Iranian […]

Iran Prosecutor Blames CIA, Israel, & Saudis for Protests

Planning for the plot – dubbed “Consequential Convergence Doctrine” – was initiated four years ago by an operative from the Central Intelligence Agency, Iran’s prosecutor Mohammad Jafar Montazeri was quoted by the state-run IRNA news agency as saying. The CIA operative and an agent affiliated with Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency were in charge of masterminding […]

Saudis Intercept Houthi Ballistic Missile Moments Before Striking Riyadh Royal Palace

For the third time in roughly seven weeks, Houthi rebels have fired a ballistic missile into Saudi Arabia, according to a spokesperson. The Volcano 2-H missile launched by the Yemeni rebels was reportedly shot down by Saudi air defenses just seconds before striking the al-Yamama royal palace, according to the Sun, which cited […]

Saudis In The Synagogue

Saudis In The Synagogue Jewish Agenda Articles, IsraHell Articles Saudis In The SynagogueBy Brother Nathanael Kapner November 26, 2017 ©___________________________________ “WHAT A SURPRISE!” exclaimed Rabbi Moshe Sebbag of the Grand Synagogue in Paris last Monday. Referring to the visit to the synagogue by Riyadh’s Ambassador to France and the Secretary General of the Muslim World […]

U.S. warns Saudis, Iran of threats to stability in Lebanon

The Washington Post | Karen DeYoung and Anne Gearan: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Friday called on “all parties both within Lebanon and outside” to back off from actions that could threaten that country’s stability, a warning that senior administration officials said was directed at Saudi Arabia as well as at Iran and Hezbollah. “The United […]

Israel Begins “Largest-Ever Aerial Military Drill”, As Saudis Consider Missile Strike “Act Of War”

Today, Israel kicked off its largest international aerial training exercise ever – coined: Blue Flag 2017. ZeroHedge| Air-forces from nine countries with about 50 planes are now starting to drill in the most southern region of the country utilizing Uvda Air Base in Israel.  Teams from India, the United States, Greece, Poland, France, Italy and Germany with be […]

Blaming Iran, Saudis say Huthi Strike May be ‘Act of War’

Saudi Arabia and Iran traded fierce accusations over Yemen on Monday, with Riyadh saying a rebel missile attack “may amount to an act of war” and Tehran accusing its rival of war crimes. Tensions have been rising between Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia and predominantly Shiite Iran, which are opposed in disputes and conflicts across the Middle […]

Israel Begins “Largest-Ever Aerial Military Drill”, As Saudis Consider Missile Strike by Iran as “Act Of War”

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Saudis Call Missile Attack "Blatant Act Of Aggression" By Iran, "Could Be Considered Act Of War"

Following on what the Coalition had previously announced regarding the ballistic missiles launched by the Iranian-controlled Houthi militias from within Yemeni territory that targeted the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the most recent of which was the flagrant military aggression by the Iranian-controlled Houthi militias which targeted the city of Riyadh on November […]

Top-Secret NSA Memo Proves Syrian Rebels (Terrorists) Were Directed by Saudis — and the US Knew Top-Secret NSA Memo Proves Syrian Rebels Were Directed by Saudis — and the US Knew Written by Tyler Durden ZHE) — The Intercept has just released a new top-secret NSA document unearthed from leaked intelligence files provided by Edward Snowden which reveals in stunning clarity that the armed opposition in Syria was under the direct command of foreign governments […]

Dominic West Leads Save the Children’s Call for Suspension of UK Arms Sales to Saudis

LONDON — “The Wire” actor Dominic West is leading a new campaign by charity Save the Children calling for the U.K. government to suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia, which is fighting a war in Yemen. The charity has produced a video with West that shows a laser-guided Paveway IV bomb — the type made […]

With US Petrodollar Hostage, Saudis Embark On New Courtship Of Russia

After Israel, Saudi Arabia has long been considered to be the United States’ greatest ally in the Middle East, a fact evidenced by long-standing Saudi-U.S. joint policies such as the petrodollar system, weapons deals, and Saudi support for broader U.S. geopolitical goals in the region. However, this foundational relationship of U.S. foreign policy in the […]

Saudis Investigate And Clear Themselves Of Wrongdoing In Yemen

Amid international calls for an independent inquiry into Saudi war crimes in Yemen, the Kingdom set up a panel to investigate itself and found it has done nothing wrong. The Joint Incidents Assessment Team said it had discovered ‘mistakes’ in only three of 15 incidents reviewed, and maintained the coalition had acted in accordance with […]

Senate Campaign Faces Scrutiny of Strategist’s Work for Saudis

By Brian P. McGlinchey  Holly Robichaud A U.S. Senate campaign faces controversy after the Boston Herald published a story on a key strategist’s participation in a Saudi lobbying campaign against the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA). Massachusetts state representative Geoffrey Diehl, who is running for the 2018 Republican nomination […]

COMMENTARY: How The Saudis Are Making It Almost Impossible To Report On Their War In Yemen

Ten thousand people have died. The world’s largest cholera epidemic is raging, with more than 530,000 suspected cases and 2,000 related deaths. Millions more people are starving. Yet the lack of press attention on Yemen’s conflict has led it to be described as the “forgotten war”. The scant media coverage is not without reason, or wholly […]

General Soleimani blames Saudis for creating Takfiri terrorist groups

FNA- Commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Qassem Soleimani took Saudi Arabia responsible for the creation of the Takfiri terrorist groups and critical conditions in the region. “Iran has never created crisis and never nurtured the Takfiris. The (terrorist) groups like Jeish al-Islam and Jeish al-Hor have […]

British Police Directly Helped Arrest 14 Saudis Who Face Execution: Report

Training by British police may have directly helped Saudi agents arrest more than a dozen people now believed to be facing execution, with voices in Britain urging Prime Minister Theresa May to move in a bid to halt the killings. In Saudi Arabia today there are 14 pro-democracy demonstrators who face execution after being caught […]

Former UK Ambassador to Saudi Arabia: Saudis Are Funding Terrorism in Europe

His remarks come a day after the government published a brief summary of a Home Office-commissioned report into the funding of extremism in the UK. The full report is not being published for security reasons, the Guardian reported. Patey said he did not believe Saudi Arabia was directly funding terrorist groups, but rather an ideology that […]

Former UK Ambassador: Saudis Funding Extremist Mosques in Europe

Former UK Ambassador: Saudis Funding Extremist Mosques in Europe Breitbart July 14, 2017 Saudi Arabia is funding mosques across Europe that have become hotbeds of Islamic extremism, the former British ambassador to Riyadh has said. Sir William Pateys remarks come a day after the government published a brief summary of a Home Office-commissioned report into […]

Message from UK High Court: Carry on arming the Saudis (and never mind the slaughter in Yemen)

By Stuart Littlewood Campaigners are furious with a High Court decision in London allowing the British government to carry on exporting arms to Saudi Arabia for use against Yemenis. The Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) brought the legal action against the secretary of state for international trade for continuing to grant export licences for arms […]

After Trump Bows to Saudis, Decision to Release Evidence of Saudis Funding 9/11 Gets Reversed

By Rachel Blevins President Trump’s change in attitude towards Saudi Arabia has apparently had a trickle-down effect, as a federal judge in Miami has reversed her decision to push for the release of crucial documents revealing information on the funding of the 9/11 attacks. Judge Cecilia Altonaga is now ruling in favor of […]


ISRAEL = SAUDIS = SAME DADDY = BRITISH-ISRAEL ROTHSCHILDS ZIO-CRIME SYNDICATE Israel Deployed 18 Fighter Jets To Saudi Arabia To “Prevent A Coup” from FARS NEWS, by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, Jun 22, 2017 Click for Source Article on ZeroHedge Saudi power transition = King Salman bin Abdulaziz Replaced Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz […]

Saudis Try Hostage-Taking as Diplomacy

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‘Saudis fabricate Mecca blast story to deflect attentions’

Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, says the fabricated attack on Mecca’s Grand Mosque was part of an evil plan by Saudis. The Saudis fabricated the story about the holy city, which is highly sensitive for Muslims, to deflect attentions from the new developments in the country’s politics […]

Dy FM: Saudis support terrorists, anti-revolutionary elements

IRNA – Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab-African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari said on Saturday that Saudis are supporting terrorists and anti-Islamic-Revolution elements. Jaberi Ansari said, “Saudis have run a dangerous game and will eventually be its losers.’ In an interview, posted on alahednews website on Thursday, Jaberi Ansari referred to comments of Saudi Crown Prince […]

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