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‘Sanctions can’t solve problems’: EU rules out punishing China over Hong Kong

“I don’t think that sanctions are the way to solve problems in China,” EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said during a press briefing on Friday. All members of the bloc bar one have brushed aside the prospect of sanctions being imposed on Beijing, he said. Likewise, Brussels won’t put its dealings with Beijing on […]

Could New Jersey Solve The Local News Crisis?

Could New Jersey Solve The Local News Crisis? Above photo: Free Press. State law might be able to support the funding of local news the way it supports the funding of local libraries. Americans, generally speaking at least, think it is right and good that they and their neighbors have access to books. And magazines […]

Yes, mobile technology can help solve the Covid-19 crisis – but can also fuel the authoritarian virus sweeping across the world

Around the world there has been a rush to use digital technologies, particularly contact-tracing apps on mobile phones as part of an integrated coronavirus control strategy that identifies infected people and their recent person-to-person contacts. In Singapore, for example, the TraceTogether phone app, developed by Singapore’s Government Technology Agency (GovTech) and the health ministry, uses […]

Is calling someone fat really akin to racism? We won’t solve the obesity crisis if we can’t say some people are grossly overweight

More than 100 groups, including the American Diabetes Association, Diabetes UK, the NHS, European Association for the Study of Obesity and the World Obesity Federation, this month endorsed a statement published in calling for an “end to the negative stigma associated with obesity.” “People with obesity commonly face a pervasive, resilient form of social […]

How Trump Can Solve the Coronavirus Crisis

Afton McKell Daily Stormer March 10, 2020 He’s STILL your president, snowflake. The liberal media is blaming President Trump for the spread of the coronavirus in America. They are saying that he should have stopped entry of Chinese into America, because as always, the media is racist. They are also saying that […]

“Grand Coalitions” With Big Oil And Gas Won’t Solve The Climate Crisis

Over the course of the last year and a half, we have been pushing the International Energy Agency (IEA) to stop giving cover to the oil and gas industry and model a fossil fuel phase-out that’s fully in line with our climate goals. As the world’s foremost energy modeller, their scenarios – most notably those in the […]

The UK has a housing crisis – and we need actions, not words to solve it — The Duran

It’s 2020 in one of the richest countries in the world, and hundreds of thousands of people don’t have a place to live… via The UK has a housing crisis – and we need actions, not words to solve it — The Duran Source Article from Hits: 25

This Hanukkah, kid sleuths help solve the case of the ghostly book thief

There’s a mystery afoot at Israel’s National Library in Jerusalem. Books are missing and even — gasp! — found torn to pieces. Who — or what! — could be behind such desecration? Not to worry, on December 23-25, teams of next-gen Sherlock Holmeses are being put to the task of cracking the case of the […]

Report On The United Nations Climate Meeting: Capitalism Can’t Solve The Climate Crisis

Report On The United Nations Climate Meeting: Capitalism Can’t Solve The Climate Crisis The United Nations Conference of Parties, COP25, climate meetings to continue working on the Paris Climate Agreement ended recently. They took place in Madrid Spain rather than Chile because of popular uprisings against neoliberalism in Chile. We speak with Anne Petermann of […]

California Plans FORCED Internment And Asset Seizure To Solve Homeless Crisis

By Tim Pool California’s growing homeless crisis has made headlines over the past year. Diseases are rampant and state and local governments have failed to do anything to solve the problem. A new state law would allow the state to forcefully “conserve” people with mental illness meaning that if you are homeless and […]

Iran doing its best to solve banking problems in Malaysia: Spokesman

Press TV – The spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry says the country’s embassy in Malaysia is doing its best to solve problems resulting from banking restrictions considered for Iranian nationals by some financial institutions in Malaysia. Abbas Mousavi made the remarks on Thursday in reaction to reports denoting that banks in Malaysia are closing the […]

Lebanon Protests: Hariri Gives 72-Hour Deadline to Solve Crisis, Bassil Says Government Should Resign

By Staff The Lebanese people took to the streets on Thursday night to protest against new taxes imposed by the government, and are still rallying until the moment. The spontaneous popular movement paralyzed the entire country as angry protesters blocked almost all main roads and many other areas in protest against the Lebanese government that […]

California to “Solve” Homeless Problem by Throwing Homeless People in Prison

Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project Waking Times Bakersfield, CA — There is no doubt that California is experiencing a homeless crisis. In certain parts of the state, the homeless problem has turned into a public health issue as well, as many homeless people struggling with addiction have resorted to using public sidewalks as personal […]

Air con before it was cool: Scientists solve mystery of holes in T. rex’s skull

One previous leading theory was that the holes were involved in the mechanics of the beasts’ powerful jaws, helping it to clamp down and crush whatever sorry creature it had captured. However, evolutionary biologists couldn’t make sense of this as it was just too awkward given the shape of the skull. “It’s really weird for […]

Russia invents self-destroying satellite to solve burgeoning ‘space junk’ problem

The materials used in the satellite means it would “evaporate” when it is no longer useful, preventing it from adding to the increasing volume of defunct man-made objects that are floating around in space. A patent filed with the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) shows that this would involve constructing the satellite out of […]

Card Sako writes to the US and Iran, saying no to war, yes to dialogue to solve the crisis

In the letter, which he sent to AsiaNews, Card Louis Raphael Sako stresses the consequences of “another catastrophic war” and calls on the main players to choose dialogue as the only way to resolve disputes because, as the cardinal noted yesterday, the Middle East cannot take another war. Meanwhile, the war of words (so far) continues between […]

The Radical Way Berlin Plans To Solve Its Housing Crisis

  Berlin ― A sea of placards streamed across Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, a large public square under the shadow of the city’s massive TV tower, with bold messages daubed in paint and printed across placards. “The City Belongs to Us!” “My Home, Not Your Profit!” “I Don’t Want to Move!” Thousands of people took to the streets […]

Google’s $1.5 billion research center to “solve death”

Google’s project has people talking. Photo: Calico Google has been developing what is perhaps the company’s most ambitious project to date: a science startup that will pursue ‘solutions for aging’ with the intended goal of “solving death”. Calico, a company directed by futurists to explore the concept of “singularity”, has partnered with pharmaceutical giants to […]

Bill Gates Announces Plans To Use ‘Chemtrails’ to ‘Solve Global Warming’

Bill Gates has announced plans to spray particles into the atmosphere 12 miles above the Earth to “dim the sun” in order to “stop global warming.” Harvard scientists, funded by Bill Gates, are attempting to copy the effects of a massive volcanic eruption to block the sun’s rays and reflect them back into space. As […]

How long does it take to poop Lego? Scientists swallow toy heads to solve burning question

The unusual study, conducted to ease the minds of long-suffering parents, and perhaps eccentric adults, was the brainchild of Australian and UK researchers. The group appear to think life’s poo short not to find out how long Lego blocks take to end up at the bottom of the toilet bowl. Published in the Journal of Paediatrics […]

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