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Rise in antisemitism on college campuses linked to Middle Eastern regimes donating BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to universities

Rise in antisemitism on college campuses linked to Middle Eastern regimes donating BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to universities A new report has found that over 200 universities and colleges in the United States have received a combined total of over $13 billion in “undocumented contributions from foreign governments.” Many of these nations come from the Middle […]

How Arab regimes fund Israel’s war on Gaza

OCT 20, 2023 Source Arab states that have normalized relations with Tel Aviv are among the leading cash contributors to Israel’s military-industrial complex. These Arab billions are now flowing into the Occupation state’s senseless war on Palestinians in Gaza, Jerusalem, and the West Bank. Mohamad Hasan Sweidan Over the course of its short history, Israel […]

Rubio: the only language radical regimes understand is ‘strength’

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said he believes people in the West are “incredibly naïve” for thinking agreements can be made with “radical Islamic regimes” in the wake of the deadly Hamas attack. Referencing the Iranian government and the militant groups Hamas and Hezbollah, Rubio said they do not value life “the way we do.” “We… […]

EXCLUSIVE – Biden’s Concessions to Venezuela, Cuba Regimes Frustrate, Baffle Hispanics

The administration of President Joe Biden, formally and via anonymous reports, announced twin policies to ease the financial misfortunes of the communist government of Cuba and its proxy socialist government in Venezuela, leaving leaders in both communities dismayed and confused.

Jordan-UAE-“Israel” Deal Proves ‘2-State Solution’ Dead For Arab Reactionary Regimes

1 Dec 2021 Source: Al Mayadeen Net Robert Inlakesh This agreement constitutes, not only a move against a two-State solution that Jordan claims to achieve but also an act of Arab collaboration with a usurper entity that seeks to impoverish and erase the native Palestinian inhabitants of the land. Stirring tensions between the Jordanian public […]

Is Tunisia Headed Towards Aligning Itself With The Pro-Western Arab Regimes

This Sunday, just shy of 100,000 Tunisians rallied on the streets of their Capital City Tunis, calling for the return to Democracy after the nations President Kais Saied seized power and overturned Tunisia’s parliament. After promising to return to a democratic system, Saied has so far failed to do so and looks only to be […]

Can Israel depend on authoritarian Gulf regimes for its security? Congress and Trump must decide

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Inside the Facebook Team Helping Regimes That Reach Out—and Crack Down

Under fire for Facebook Inc.’s role as a platform for political propaganda, co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has punched back, saying his mission is above partisanship. “We hope to give all people a voice and create a platform for all ideas,” Zuckerberg wrote in September after President Donald Trump accused Facebook of bias. Zuckerberg’s social network is […]

Saudi Princess Exposes Regimes Dark Side: Drug, Drink Fueled Orgies With Underage Girls

The former wife of Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal, who was recently arrested during the country’s anti-corruption purge, has exposed the ruling Saudi regime in an exclusive interview with the French newspaper Le Monde. Amira Bint Aidan Bin Nayef claims that those who accuse others of corruption and money laundering, are in fact highly […]

Israeli support for Myanmar is the natural alliance of regimes based on ethnic supremacy

In recent days, the mainstream press has been full of reports of the dire plight of the Rohingya, a Muslim ethnic group in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar that is currently being ethnically cleansed by the Burmese military.  Over 146,000 have fled into neighboring Bangladesh since late August and many observers fear that the military will engage […]

Arms giant BAE sold powerful mass surveillance equipment to oppressive regimes – report

The BBC report appears to show that the powerful and invasive hacking technology, which was made by a Danish firm that was bought by BAE in 2011, was sold to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, and Oman, as well as North African states Morocco and Algeria. The technology, known as Evident, can be […]

Asset forfeiture reform signed into law in Nebraska

     This past Tuesday, Nebraska made history when Governor Pete Ricketts signed LB 1106 into law, completely reforming the state’s asset forfeiture system. In doing so, Nebraska has become the 10th stateto require a conviction before property can be seized. What’s more, the reforms are so sweeping that Nebraska has become the third state, following […]

Alabama Lawmaker Introduces Mandatory Castration For Child Sexual Abuse

An Alabama lawmaker, State Representative Steve Hurst, plans to introduce a new form of physical punishment for sex offenders — a permanent surgical castration of those found guilty of child sexual abuse in addition to imprisonment, reports a local news portal, News10. According to the bill, a person over the age of 21 who commits a sex offense against a child 12 years old […]

US can’t win in Syria so they’ve resorted to drowning the world in propaganda instead

     The success of the ongoing Russian airborne campaign in Syria has prompted Washington to launch an information war against Moscow. While Moscow proposed that all warring sides in Syria declare a ceasefire starting on March 1, the US continues to insist on an immediate cessation of hostilities, claiming that Moscow is stalling in order […]

Ferries stopped as massive blaze breaks out at Cowes boatyard, UK

     Ferry services to the Isle of Wight have been disrupted after a large fire at a boatyard on an industrial estate in Cowes. Explosions were reported after the blaze broke out at a marina workshop, containing flammable gas and 50 fibreglass boats, in Medina Village. Plumes of smoke billowed as high as 200ft into […]


US JEWISH neocons sabotage initiatives not in Israel’s favor: Journalist The new US sanctions imposed against Iran over its ballistic missile program is a scheme by Zionist neoconservatives in the Obama administration to protect Israel’s interests, an investigative journalist in Washington says. Jewish neocons in the US cabinet “use their position to try to sabotage […]

Trump Spokesperson: “What Good does it do to have a Good Nuclear Triad [Strike Capability] if you’re Afraid to Use it?”

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Jewish terror state executes Palestinian school girl Dania Irshayyid & then makes false claims she was carrying a knife

Israeli occupation troops execute Palestinian school girl Dania Irshayyid, 17, in West Bank New Israeli execution of school girl in West Bank (Video) ‘The Palestinian school girl was only carrying her back-bag when she approached the Israeli military checkpoint,’ an eye witness said. The woman continued: “The school girl was walking alone and the soldiers […]

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