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Canadian Company Develops Eco Leather Made From Apple Peels

Mandy Froelich, Truth Theory Waking Times Being vegan doesn’t always mean being a responsible advocate for the planet. For example, some “ethical” eaters rely on food shipped from other countries (such as bananas, papaya, and mango) to subsist. Others regularly buy plastic-based attire (such as vegan “leather”) to avoid the real deal. Fortunately, it is now slightly […]

Trail Blazers deny BDS pressure ended relationship with IDF-linked company

Last month, the Portland Trail Blazers announced that they would no longer partner with an Oregon-based company that supplies the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) with rifle scopes. The move came after a campaign by local activists and organizations (including the Democratic Socialists of America and Jewish Voice for Peace) which lasted for over a year. […]

This Company Is Building Hemp Houses Using 3D Printing

John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times More architects and builders are turning to hemp as a sustainable material to use when building homes, and with 3D-printing technology, hemp is going to become even more of a realistic alternative to traditional materials, which are not environmentally friendly and in very short supply. An Australian based biotechnology […]