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On Contact: American Dissent

On Contact: American Dissent  On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to Professor Paul Street about the outcome of the US presidential election, and how despite likely losing, Donald Trump has solidified an angry, disposed working class that cuts across racial lines and has embraced a right-wing populism. What does this portend for […]

PODCAST: Bibi learns the hard way: You can’t lock down dissent

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Teaching Students How To Dissent Is Part Of Democracy

In scenes unprecedented in previous school shootings, the past few weeks have been marked by students taking to the streets, to the media, to corporations and elected officials in protest over gun practices and policies. Responses to these teens have been mixed. Some have celebrated their passion. Some concluded that the students are immature and don’t yet fully grasp longstanding issues with […]

Russian Narrative Being Used To Silence Dissent In US – Max Blumenthal

Calls from US lawmakers to declare Al Jazeera “anti-American” shows how the Russian narrative’s real aim is to suppress political dissent, journalist Max Blumenthal has warned.  The hysteria about Russia’s alleged ability to manipulate social media and influence the minds of millions of Americans serves as a “general weapon of mass suppression” which “enables a war […]

‘NYT’ writers slam left for intolerance of dissent– on Israel panel that excludes anti-Zionists and Palestinians

New York Times columnists Bret Stephens and Roger Cohen repeatedly bashed the left for not tolerating dissent at a panel about Israel in New York last week. Cohen called for “unsafe” speech and “open discussions, fierce debate” so as to fend off a “monolithic” McCarthyist “mob” on campuses. But the panel itself embodied Jewish intolerance of dissent: […]

US Intelligence Invites Citizens To Dismiss Dissent As Part Of Russia’s Efforts To Undermine Midterm Elections

The “assessment” [PDF] suggested Russia, “at minimum,” will “continue [to use] propaganda, social media, false-flag personas, sympathetic spokespeople, and other means of influence to try to exacerbate social and political fissures in the United States.” It was fully embraced by both Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which held […]

How Russia-Gate Transformed from Taking down Trump to Stifling Dissent

Opinion — At the end of October, I wrote an article for Consortiumnews about the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign paying for unvetted opposition research that became the basis for much of the disputed story about Russia allegedly interfering in the 2016 presidential election on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin. And the second was CrowdStrike, an anti-Putin […]

Newsletter: Dissent Under Attack By Government & Corporations

It is often hard to tell how close popular movements are to success or whether they are even a threat to the status quo power structure. Despite vigorous protests, it is common to worry whether or not movements are having an impact. One tell-tale sign is when government and big business interests take action to stop […]

The Demise of Dissent: Why the Web Is Becoming Homogenized

  We’ve all heard that the problem with the web is fake news, i.e. unsubstantiated or erroneous content that’s designed to mislead or sow confusion. The problem isn’t just fake news–it’s the homogenization of the web, that is, the elimination or marginalization of independent voices of skepticism and dissent. There are four drivers of […]

Pursuit Of Inauguration-Day Protesters Threatens Dissent

Above Photo: Activists and journalists get hit by a stun grenade during the J20 protest against Donald Trump in Washington, DC. (Reuters / Adrees Latif) The government keeps expanding its efforts to prosecute J20 protesters, and this should alarm all of us. Late next month, the first mass trial will be held for some of the roughly […]

Live Free or Die: The Psychology of Rebellion & Dissent

Gary ‘Z’ McGee, GuestWaking Times “I rebel—therefore we exist.” ~Albert Camus, The Rebel Dissent is a tricky subject. The need to rebel against atrocity is deeply ingrained in the human condition. Even if most of us don’t act on it, the impulse is still there, churning our guts with disgust, getting our hearts pumping, moving us […]

American McCarthyism: Neocon Warhawks’ Plan to Kill Antiwar Dissent in Media

21st Century Wire says… After 12 months of perpetrating one of the greatest political hoaxes in history – blaming Russia for the Presidential victory of Donald Trump – the Washington establishment is now wanting to take the lie to the next level by sanctioning not only Russian international media outlets, but any media outlet (see […]

The Silencing Of Dissent

Above Photo: Mr. Fish The ruling elites, who grasp that the reigning ideology of global corporate capitalism and imperial expansion no longer has moral or intellectual credibility, have mounted a campaign to shut down the platforms given to their critics. The attacks within this campaign include blacklisting, censorship and slandering dissidents as foreign agents for Russia […]

The Conspiracy to Dominate and Destroy Nations While Silencing All Dissent as Anti-Semitism

If you do not understand how the world in which you live works, if you have the slightest impression that something is wrong, do not hesitate to watch this little 50-minute documentary, which will give you a good grid of reading to decipher the news. Source Article from 00 Hits: 0

Amnesty: Saudi Arabia silence Shia dissent with execution

Press TV – Saudi Arabia is using the death penalty as a means to silence Shia dissent, says Amnesty International. “These brutal executions are the latest act in the Saudi Arabian authorities’ ongoing persecution of the Shia minority. The death penalty is being deployed as a political weapon to punish them for daring to protest […]

John Kiriakou: Dangerous Apathy, Torture, and the Perilous State of Dissent in the US

June 22, 2017 By Claire Bernish John Kiriakou never imagined he would become, much less be called, a whistleblower for speaking out publicly against his CIA employer over a shadowy torture program he’s come to believe amounts to the most nefarious of violations of international law, a heinous crime against humanity, and […]

Charges against ‘Israel Victory Caucus’ protest show dissent is being criminalized under Trump

I arrived in court on Wednesday expecting the charges against me to be dropped. Instead, two additional charges were added to the case against me for my April 27th actions in the House of Representatives Rayburn office building during the launch of the hate-filled Israel Victory Caucus. The Israel Victory Caucus, a hateful endeavor initiated […]

Blasphemy and terrorism: Catchall phrases to repress dissent

By James M. Dorsey Blasphemy has joined terrorism as a catchall phrase to intimidate, incarcerate and kill critics and political opponents as well as stifle unfettered debate and settle scores. There is, however, one difference: terrorism is a justification for curbing freedom of expression often used by governments irrespective of how democratic or undemocratic they […]

Docs Show How Monsanto Crushes Dissent with Thousands of Paid Trolls

Christina Sarich, Staff WriterWaking Times Monsanto was once blamed for having an entire department within its St. Louis headquarters for dishing out disinfo and trolling dissenters, but now there is a paper trail proving they’ve been messing with your heads. Pre-trials for over 50 lawsuits in the US District Court in San […]

Dissent on the Lower East Side: the Post-Political Condition

April 25, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon GA: Ahead of our 30 April conference at Theatre 80 and following the desperate calls for censorship of the event Stanley Cohen wrote this wonderful piece on Counterpunch today. Please read and spread… by STANLEY L. COHEN This coming Sunday, April 30th, at 5PM, there will be […]

Water Shut Off – A Story Of Control And Profit

Print Friendly Above photo: Photos provided by the author. “Pay up or we sell your house.” Baltimore, MD – No, it’s not a line from a B-series Italian mafia movie from the 80′s. It’s straight from the entrails of the city of Baltimore. Most people living along the North East corridor don’t really ponder on […]

Iran highest ranked Asian volleyball team in FIVB rankings

The Iranian men’s national volleyball team has maintained its position as the best Asian squad in the latest edition of the FIVB rankings, nestling in the 10th spot in the world table. According to the latest monthly rankings released by the international governing body for the sports of indoor, beach and grass volleyball on Monday, […]

Alabama Police Officer Shot; Hostage Situation Unfolding

A police officer has been shot in Randolph County on Saturday while a suspect barricaded himself in a building with a hostage. The injured police officer has been transported to a local hospital. A SWAT team has now been requested. Heflin law enforcement and Alabama law enforcement agency are currently assisting at the scene. The […]

UN: Food insecurity in Yemen at emergency levels

The hunger crisis gripping the conflict-wracked state has intensified significantly in the last year and the situation is set to deteriorate further, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Food Programme said in a new report on Tuesday. Three million children were at risk of malnutrition, it said “At least seven million people […]

Putting Class Back In Class Warfare

Print Friendly A discussion on the creative resistance of John Sellers, co-founder of Other 98%. You have probably seen the work of the Other 98%, but you may not have known who was behind it.  Flash mobs at the Target store, guerilla projections at Koch brothers meetings, marching against the Tea Party. Their social media […]

Copblock Radio EP 122 “Weaponized Freedom”

This week on Copblock Radio our hosts were myself (Severin Freeman) from Lehigh Valley Copblock, Matt Taylor of Carbon County Copblock, Scott Marshall of The Oath Accountability Project, and Rick Gonzalez of Allentown Copblock. We started off the show discussing our various encounters with police during the Allentown Copblock 3-day meetup event. We chalked Allentown […]

The politics of the Zika virus hoax

     For new readers, see my previous articles about the scientific fraud that is Zika. In a nutshell, there is no convincing evidence the Zika virus causes the birth defect called microcephaly. There are only news headlines. The latest of these refer to two new studies “clinching” the Zika-microcephaly connection. However, the studies are nothing […]

A new proposal for confederated states (without any idea of how to get Israel to comply)

Dov Waxman and Dahlia Scheindlin have a proposal up at the Guardian exploring the idea of a “confederal approach” to the one- versus two-state question in Palestine/Israel. They call this the “two-state solution 2.0”. First read their ideas, and note what’s glaringly missing — anything to change current Israeli policy: [T]here is another way. It combines elements of […]

FBI documents reveal heavy surveillance of broadcaster William Cooper (Behold A Pale Horse)

The unclassified documents paint Cooper’s controversial actions as “hosting a talk show by means of short-wave radio,” as well as “frequently condemning the federal government, Justice Department and the FBI for the ‘atrocities’ at Waco and Ruby Ridge”. The records punctuate the point that Bill was, “convinced there is a government sponsored socialist conspiracy […]

Israel closes crossing to Gaza for Passover

Israel closes Gaza crossing for final days of Passover GAZA CITY (Ma‘an) 28 Apr — Israeli authorities closed the Kerem Shalom crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel from Thursday for the end of the Jewish holiday of Passover. Head of the PA’s Crossings and Border Department, Nathmi Mhanna, told Ma‘an the crossing would be […]

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