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Iran’s SNSC rejects Reuters report on receiving Trump’s message via Oman

Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) has dismissed a report by Reuters claiming that US President Donald Trump has sent a message to Iran via Oman. “The US has sent no letter to Iran through Oman,” SNSC spokesman Keivan Khosravi told the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) on Friday. “This issue is not […]

Healthy 12 Year Old Girl Dies Shortly After Receiving HPV Vaccine

Another young girl has died from Gardasil, the infamous HPV vaccine manufactured by Merck & Co., and the medical establishment claims that it was a fluke. Twelve-year-old Meredith Prohaska from Waukesha, Wisconsin, died just a few hours after getting her Gardasil shot, and her parents are sure that the vaccine was the cause of death. […]

Iran receiving ‘very bad advice’ from Kerry, Trump claims

Press TV – US President Donald Trump has suggested that former Secretary of State John Kerry has provided Iran with “very bad advice” and may have violated US law by advising the Islamic Republic. “Iran is being given VERY BAD advice by John Kerry and people who helped him lead the US into the very […]

Officials move town nativity scene after receiving complaints for the first time in 40 years

Officials move town nativity scene after receiving complaints for the first time in 40 years Bizpac Review December 16, 2018 An Oregon towns nativity scene had to be moved from a public park after complaints from offended liberals. The symbolic Christmas figurines had to be moved out of the public park in Woodland to a […]

LV Man Lost His Vision and the Ability to Walk One Day After Receiving the Flu Shot

A Las Vegas man became partially paralyzed, lost his vision and the ability to walk just one day after receiving the flu shot. He’s been hospitalized for the last 2 weeks. At one point he was even put on a ventilator and in the ICU and his family blames the flu shot. Shane Morgan went […]

47 Yr Old NY State Senator Dies 2 Weeks After Receiving Flu Shot

New York State Senator Jose Peralta, 47, tragically died last Wednesday after having symptoms of illness for two weeks, which he attributed to a flu vaccine he received prior to becoming ill. His wife Evelyn told reporters that her husband had felt pressure behind his ears and headaches for a week or more and had […]

#MeToo Leader, Asia Argento, Started Receiving Nude Photos of Jimmy Bennett When He was 12 (Pedophilia and Satanism Claims)

A new statement from actress Rose McGowan cites a claim made by McGowan’s partner alleging that Asia Argento had received nude photos of actor Jimmy Bennett “since he had been 12.” McGowan wrote an open letter to Asia Argento, who was accused last week of having a sexual relationship with actor Jimmy Bennett when he […]

Two Children Died in Samoa After Receiving MMR Vaccinations

Two Children Died in Samoa After Receiving MMR Vaccinations July 9th, 2018 Via: New Zealand Herald: Samoan health authorities have stopped all children’s vaccinations in the island nation after the deaths of two toddlers. A full inquiry into the circumstances of the deaths has […]

Terrorists charged with setting fire to and murdering Palestinian family receiving lenient treatment because of their ‘Jewishness’

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,961 other followers Source Article from Related Posts On Bragging About Murdering People You Turned Into Terrorists On Bragging About Murdering People You Turned Into Terrorists Above Photo: From You cannot Video: US Troops Remain […]

HUD Unveils Plan To Increase Rent On Millions Receiving Federal Housing Assistance

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson wants Americans living on housing assistance to put more of their income toward rent and he wants to give public housing authorities the ability to impose work requirements on tenants. Under current law, most tenants who get federal housing assistance pay 30 percent of their […]

North Texas Teacher Dies After Receiving Mandatory Flu Shot

A North Texas teacher has died from complications from the flu this week after being forced to receive a mandatory flu shot at the school she worked at.  Heather Holland, a second-grade teacher at Ikard Elementary School, died a needless death over the weekend. School teachers in the U.S. are required by law to receive mandatory […]

Nurse Dies After Receiving Mandatory Flu Shot

A West Virginia nurse died of complications from the flu this week after being forced to recieve a mandatory flu shot at the hospital she worked at.  Stacy Sparks died Sunday after catching pneumonia while battling the flu, the Williamson Daily News reported. Healthcare workers in the U.S. are required by law to receive flu shots or […]

Why are so Many Healthy People Dying from the Flu After Receiving the Flu Shot?

Why are so Many Healthy People Dying from the Flu After Receiving the Flu Shot?   Photo courtesy WISN. Health Impact News Editor Comments Another flu death of an otherwise healthy person after receiving the flu vaccine has been reported in Wisconsin. WISN in Wisconsin is reporting that 26-year-old Katherine McQuestion has died from flu complications, after she […]

Kushner Under Fire for Receiving $30M From Israeli Firm While Shaping Middle East Policy

President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner is once more under intense scrutiny after new reporting revealed that his lucrative financial relationship with Israel has deepened even as his influence over U.S. Middle East policy—from his leading role in Trump’s effort to “derail” a U.N. vote against Israel to his sway over the president’s Jerusalem move—has continued to grow. “There […]

Millions Of Girls In Kenya Were Tricked Into Receiving ‘Abortion Vaccine’

Doctors at a hospital in Kenya claim that millions of girls have been tricked into receiving a vaccination that has effectively sterilized them. Independent laboratory testing has confirmed that a tetanus vaccine given to over 2.3 million young women in Kenya contained the HCG antigen. HCG was developed by the Word Health Organization as a long-term contraceptive. It causes the […]

Turkey will start receiving S-400 components from Russia in 2019 – defense minister

Nurettin Canikli on Wednesday gave details of the high-profile arms deal – which was criticized by NATO – to the Turkish Parliament’s budget commission. The purchase of the Russian advanced long-range missile system was addressing Turkey’s urgent need to boost its defense, he said as cited by the Turkish media. The minister reiterated that with […]

ISIS Soldiers Receiving French Welfare Benefits

Muslims living in France—either born there or with French nationality—have been claiming unemployment benefits and other welfare while fighting for ISIS in Syria, a French newspaper has revealed. According to a report in Le Figaro, the Muslims have used the welfare money to help finance ISIS. At the height of the swindle, at least 20 […]

Bombshell: Antifa Are Receiving Military Training In Syria

Antifa militants are crossing the Syrian border to receive military training from members of ISIS, according to intelligence reports.  American and European Antifa members are being attracted to the US-backed Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) due to their anarcho-communist politics, who are in turn persuading the Antifa extremists to fight alongside them in the “Rojova […]

DNC Lawsuit Attorneys Report Receiving New Ominous Phone Calls

Social media accounts belonging to attorney Elizabeth Lee Beck recently reported receiving a voice modulated phone call from a number which matched Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ office. Earlier today, Beck stated via social media that  co-counsel, Cullin O’Brien had received threatening anonymous calls. The Becks wrote that the latest call to their co-counsel Cullin O’Brien […]

KoreanAir Jet Catches Fire On Runway At Tokyo Airport Before Takeoff

An engine on a KoreanAir plane caught fire on the runway at Haneda Airport in Japan just before taking off. Over 300 passengers and 17 crew members were all safely evacuated from the jet and all flights were temporarily suspended at the airport. According to RT, the incident took place as Flight 2708 was preparing […]

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