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Federal Debt Ceiling Reached as Federal Spending Rages

July 16, 2019 By Clint Siegner The federal government will soon run up against its self-imposed borrowing cap once again. Current estimates are for the government to max out its credit limit at a little over $22 trillion in early September. Congress goes on recess in August, so there is some pressure to address the […]

We are ‘probably the only great military power’ to reduce its defense spending, Putin says

“Russia is probably the only great military power that is reducing its defense spending,” the President pointed out. But despite doing so, the country not only manages to maintain nuclear parity, but to “surpass others by two or three steps.” DETAILS TO FOLLOW Source Article from Related Posts Federal Debt Ceiling Reached as Federal […]

Ecuador confident that US won’t execute Assange, but what about spending 175yrs in prison, instead?

The Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry announced that no matter what happens to Assange, the UK has promised that it would not extradite him to a country that will kill him. The soothing statement was issued ahead of the first London court hearing to decide if the Wikileaks co-founder will be shipped off to the US in […]

PM Khan praises Pakistan military cut in defense spending amid financial crisis

   Taking to micro-blogging site Twitter, the DG of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Major General Asif Ghafoor, announced the move. The Pakistan armed forces have decided a voluntary cut in the defence budget for a year in view of the financial crisis of the country, a move which Prime Minister Imran Khan has appreciated. It […]

Military Spending: The “Great Power Competition”

Researchers at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) have concluded that military spending is skyrocketing around the world. According to a report published by the institute in April, the world spent $1.8 trillion on military expenditure in 2018 (2.1 per cent of global GDP), which is 2.6 per cent higher than in 2017 and […]

The US locomotive of world military spending, by Manlio Dinucci

World military expenditure – according to the estimations by SIPRI, on 29 April [1] – exceeded 1,800 billion dollars in 2018, with a real-term increase of 76 % as compared with 1998. According to this estimation, the world spends approximately 3,5 million dollars every minute on weapons and armies. In first place we find the United […]

Why is Trump spending so much time MIGA?

Related Posts Trump: Iran’s claim it broke up CIA network ‘totally false’ US President Donald Trump on Monday denied Iran’s claim that it dismantled a CIA spy Comey Under DOJ Investigation For Misleading Trump While Targeting Him In FBI Probe Former FBI Director James Comey has been under investigation for misleading President Trump – telling […]

Criminal Probe Launched Into Trump Inauguration Spending, Donor Pay-To-Play Claims

The inaugural committee has publicly identified vendors accounting for $61 million of the $103 million it spent, and it hasn’t provided details on those expenses, according to tax filings. As a nonprofit organization, the fund is only required to make public its top five vendors. According to the ubiquitous ‘people familiar with the matter’, WSJ reports that […]

Republicans caving on spending … again?

Republicans caving on spending … again? By Campaign For Liberty House and Senate committees continue to work toward a resolution on a farm bill conference report. There is talk the bill may be added to the end-of-year Omnibus package in order to ensure majority support from Republican representatives who do not want their last act […]

Pentagon Fails First Audit, Neocons Demand More Spending

Pentagon Fails First Audit, Neocons Demand More Spending By rp_admin The Pentagon has finally completed its first ever audit and the results are as many of us expected. After spending nearly a billion dollars to find out what has happened to trillions in unaccounted-for spending, the long look through the books has concluded that only […]

Sheldon Adelson spending $100 million to keep control of U.S. policies on Israel

Sheldon and Miriam Adelson at a presidential debate between Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY on September 26, 2016. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky) Casino billionaire’s total contributions on behalf of Israel in 2016 & 2018 reported to surpass $100 million, possibly making him the largest single […]

George Soros Spending $5 Million To Destroy Kavanaugh

George Soros has allocated $5 million dollars towards stopping Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, according to financial filings.  The group behind the attempt to stop Kavanauh is Demand Justice (DJ) – an organization run by the nonprofit Sixteen Thirty Fund, which is funded by Soros’ Open Society Policy Center (OSPC). reports: The Fund is largely financed […]

China’s Massive Spending on Clean Energy Delivers Reduction Targets 12 Years Early

Twelve years ahead of schedule, a new report finds that China may already have had its worst year for carbon emissions—a sign that the world’s largest producer of greenhouse gases could be well on its way to meeting the goals put forth by the Paris climate agreement. “As part of the Paris Agreement, China pledged […]

Natural Law (Part 2): Spending Our Spiritual Currency Wisely

The Facts: Quartz crystals, among others, have been used by a number of ancient cultures around the world for multiple purposes. In many cases, they’ve been used by Shamans for healing and spiritual purposes. Reflect On: Consider the knowledge our indigenous cultures had, and all of the knowledge we have today that shows healing has […]

Of Course, Medicare For All Increases Federal Spending…

Of Course, Medicare For All Increases Federal Spending… But it would lower the total cost of health care A recent report by the Koch Brothers-funded Mercatus Center at George Mason University found that moving to a National Improved Medicare for All single payer healthcare system would increase federal spending. They analyzed Senator Sanders’ Medicare for All Act […]

Spending Our Way to a Fiscal Crisis

Spending Our Way to a Fiscal Crisis By rp_admin to financial writer Simon Black, the federal government is spending approximately 52,000 dollars per second. This, not last years tax cuts, is the reason why the national debt has reached a record 21 trillion dollars, which is more than Americas gross domestic product (GDP). Another ominous […]

$52,000/Second: Ron Paul Warns Washington’s Spending Its Way To A Fiscal Crisis

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity, According to financial writer Simon Black, the federal government is spending approximately 52,000 dollars per second. This, not last year’s tax cuts, is the reason why the national debt has reached a record 21 trillion dollars, which is more […]

Iran’s coverage: US unable to secure citizens despite huge military spending: Zarif

Daily look at Iran’s late-breaking news and upcoming events:   Iranian FM: US destabilizing world by extensive arms sales Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif blamed Washington’s huge arms exports for spreading violence and insecurity in the world, adding that the US weapons have even failed to save the lives of American citizens. Iran’s presence […]

Soros-Linked Nonprofit Led By Clinton & Obama Alum Spending Millions To “Stop” Kavanaugh

Today’s edition of “George Soros Meddles” is brought to you by ten-week-old political advocacy group Demand Justice – a Soros-linked organization which has pledged $5 million towards a “multi-platform” campaign to stop Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the US Supreme Court. Headed by former Clinton campaign press secretary Brian Fallon and […]

From 2 to 4%: Trump turns the screws on NATO allies to up defense spending

Tweeting from Brussels – where the US president is currently locking horns with his NATO allies during their annual summit – Trump said that Berlin’s reliance on NATO protection while also inking energy deals with Russia was “unacceptable.” The US president added that “all NATO Nations must meet their 2% commitment, and that must ultimately […]

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