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Israel spending far less than other countries to fight major rise in domestic violence

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Consumer Spending Still Rising Even As Incomes Falter

Americans increased spending in October even as household income fell sharply, the latest twist in an economy buffeted between pandemic lockdowns, social distancing, unprecedented levels of government support through the summer, and the end of many of the coronavirus relief programs this fall. Consumer spending rose 0.5 percent, the sixth consecutive monthly increase, the Commerce […]

Jewish National Fund seeking to revise report that cites spending, other irregularities

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What Does WWII Have To Do With Military Spending

“I’m going to perform a magic trick by reading your mind,” I tell a class of students or an auditorium or video call full of people. I write something down. “Name a war that was justified,” I say. Someone says “World War Two.” I show them what I wrote: “WWII.” Magic![i] If I insist on […]

Austria to triple its spending on Jewish community security

Austria to triple its spending on Jewish community security – Jewish Telegraphic Agency Skip to content Advertisement Advertisement Hits: 0

How Bailouts and Stimulus Pave the Way for a Lot More Spending on Everything

At this point in American history, it is now safe to say that the idea of “fiscal restraint” has become a quaint relic of the past. The prevailing gospel in Washington, DC, is now to simply spend taxpayer money (and the money of future generations in the case of deficit spending) virtually without limit while […]

Congress Votes To Double Spending On Programs To Silence Critics of Jews And Israel

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill on Friday that rubber stamped the continuation of American assistance to Israel and the doubled of funding for the U.S. State Department’s office that allegedly combats global antisemitism: The vote tally was 224-189. The annual State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations bill for 2021 would allocate […]

Anti-China Hysteria Drives Record 2021 US Defense Spending

Anti-China Hysteria Drives Record 2021 US Defense Spending Under the cover of an imagined ‘China threat,’ Washington continues to devote bottomless funding to endless war and militarization while neglecting its own people. Anti-China hysteria has emerged as the central ‘threat’ designed to justify endless U.S. military spending and adventurism in the Asia-Pacific. The 2021 Department […]

FOIA Request Reveals FEMA’s Egregious Million Dollar Spending On A Floating Hotel … As Hurricane Victims Suffered

By Aaron Kesel A FOIA request tipped off to Activist Post revealed a $74.7 million contract with Carnival Corporation, a cruise liner to host aid workers and first responders in the U.S. Virgin Islands on a “floatable hotel” after hurricanes Irma and Maria last year. Meanwhile, reported in the same week, a Harvard study revealed the […]

US House Overwhelmingly Passes $717 Billion Spending Bill to “Rebuild Our Military”

May 25, 2018 By Jason Ditz In a 351-66 vote, the House of Representatives has passed their version of the 2019 military spending bill, the National Defense Authorization Act. The NDAA intends to spend $717 billion in the next fiscal year on the military, wars, and nuclear arms. This is another substantial increase in […]

How Congress Can Modernize U.S. Infrastructure Without Spending a Penny

How Congress Can Modernize U.S. Infrastructure Without Spending a Penny By Campaign For Liberty The rise of’e-commerce has increased demand for timely and efficient shipping methods at a time when our nations infrastructure is more crowded than ever. Unfortunately, an outdated 1982 regulation is hindering the development of new, more efficient ways to meet the […]

Amid Afghanistan Quagmire, U.S. Spending Billions on “Dysfunctional” Reconstruction Efforts

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN — The ongoing Afghan quagmire appears to be a vast funnel sucking away billions of dollars of reconstruction funds and U.S. taxpayer money with nearly no oversight or accountability, a new report by a U.S. government watchdog has warned. The audit, by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), casts a grim […]

Kinder Morgan Issues Ultimatum, Suspends ‘Non-Essential’ Spending On Trans Mountain Pipeline

Kinder Morgan Issues Ultimatum, Suspends ‘Non-Essential’ Spending On Trans Mountain Pipeline Above Photo: Protesters opposed to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline extension defy a court order and block an entrance to the company’s property, in Burnaby, B.C., on Saturday. DARRYL DYCK/THE CANADIAN PRESS Kinder Morgan has suspended all “non-essential” spending on its Trans Mountain pipeline […]

Tipped Workers Win With Spending Bill

President Trump signed a massive omnibus spending bill on Friday, ensuring that the lights will stay on in the federal government for another six months. But the bill does more than just allocate funds. Tucked 2,000 pages into the text is a provision that will protect tipped workers from getting their gratuities skimmed by their employers. The […]

Spending Bill: Trump Banned from Building Border Wall with Prototypes He Toured in San Diego

The omnibus spending bill passed by the Republican-controlled House and Senate specifically bans President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from building new border walls and fencing with the prototype designs the president most recently visited. This month, Trump toured border wall prototypes that his administration is looking to use to seal the U.S.-Mexico southern […]

VW’s Spending Plan for Batteries Exceeds Tesla’s Orders by More Than 40%

VW’s Spending Plan for Batteries Exceeds Tesla’s Orders by More Than 40% March 13th, 2018 Via: Bloomberg: Volkswagen AG secured 20 billion euros ($25 billion) in battery supplies to underpin an aggressive push into electric cars in the coming years, ramping up pressure on […]

Everything You Need To Know About Federal Spending In Five Charts

By Daniel J. Mitchell I write constantly (some would say incessantly and annoyingly) about entitlement spending. And I occasionally write about discretionary spending. It’s time to address the budget in a comprehensive fashion. Let’s look at five charts to put everything in context and to show how we got into our current mess. […]

Military Spending Is Already Bankrupting America

Mark my words, America’s war spending will bankrupt the nation. For that matter, America’s war spending has already bankrupted the nation to the tune of more than $20 trillion dollars. Now the Trump Administration is pushing for a $4.4 trillion budget for fiscal year 2019 that would add $7 trillion to the already unsustainable federal deficit in order to sustain America’s military empire […]

Spending Bill Update

Spending Bill Update By ns_admin The Senate failed to get cloture on the spending bill and now leadership is trying to get an agreement on moving forward. There is still time to call your Senators and Representatives and tell them to oppose the big spending bill. The Democrats opposed the bill because it does not […]

Rand Paul Blocks Spending Bill; Government to Shutdown

Senate leaders, facing a determined Senator Rand Paul, adjourned the chamber until just after midnight, conceding they could not prevent at least a short-term government shutdown, which will begin Friday morning. Senators are still expected to vote in favor of a far-reaching budget deal in a series of votes that will begin […]

Afghanistan War Spending, In 2018 Alone, Could End US Homelessness—TWICE

By Rachel Blevins Defense Department officials are claiming that the cost of the United States’ longest war in history will be $45 billion in 2018, which is actually double to estimate of what it would cost to end homelessness in the U.S. annually. Randall Schriver, the assistant secretary of Defense for Asian and […]

This Week in Congress: FISA and Spending

This Week in Congress: FISA and Spending By ns_admin Here is the roll-call vote on the motion to proceed with Section 702 of the FISA Act. The vote means that Senator Rand Paul will be forced to end his filibuster and will not be able to offer the USA Rights Act as an amendment to […]

WAR COSTS JOBS: Ivy League Study Finds U.S. Domestic, Not Military Spending Creates More Jobs

21st Century Wire says… War: What is it good for? We know it causes untold destruction and human despair around the world daily – by those who peddle it and carry it out from the highest ranks of government to their mainstream media cheerleaders. A recent study, conducted by Brown University’s Watson Institute for International […]

Watching The Hawks – Ignorant Spending & More HR, Please

Watching The Hawks – Ignorant Spending & More HR, Please Watching The Citizens and legislators diverge on government spending priorities. The #MeToo movement highlights the importance of corporate HR. The Big Picture host Holland Cooke discusses FCC chair Ajit Pais absence from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. RTs Natasha Sweatte explores Americas […]

Russia’s military spending will be slowly scaled down – Putin

Moscow is not seeking to get involved in a “pointless” new arms race, and will stick to “smart decisions” to strengthen its defensive capabilities, Putin said on Friday during an annual extended meeting of the Defense Ministry board. READING MORE: Nukes and tanks a priority for Russian defense procurement next decade – report “Intelligence, brains, discipline […]

Negotiations between Trump and Democrats for spending deal break down before starting

     Negotiations between President Trump and congressional Democrats over funding the government past Dec. 8 broke down before they even began on Tuesday, with leaders of the minority party backing out of a meeting at the White House that they said was just for show. The White House had scheduled a meeting for Tuesday afternoon […]

The enemy within: Forget Russia – Here’s How Much israel Is Spending to Influence American Politics

While the American media and Washington are expending substantial energy on the alleged Russian interference in the United States political theatre during the 2016 election cycle, another nation and its American promoters that invest substantially in Washington generally fly under the radar when it comes to political influence-peddling. According to Open Secrets, the pro-Israel “industry” […]

Poll: Americans Would Cut Middle East War Spending

On November 3, professor John Mearsheimer made a short and stunning presentation at “U.S. Foreign Policy in the Trump Era: Can Realism and Restraint Prevail?” conference held at George Washington University in Washington, DC. In the unipolar world after the collapse of the Soviet Union, he claimed, realists urged nonintervention and staying out of conflicts […]

The Scandal Of Pentagon Spending

And remember: the Pentagon buys more than just weapons.  Health care companies like Humana ($3.6 billion), United Health Group ($2.9 billion), and Health Net ($2.6 billion) cash in as well, and they’re joined by, among others, pharmaceutical companies like McKesson ($2.7 billion) and universities deeply involved in military-industrial complex research like MIT ($1 billion) and […]

The Undrained Swamp: Wasteful Spending Marks End Of Fiscal Year In DC

Despite promises of fiscal conservatism, a balanced budget, and a reduced federal deficit, the Trump administration has given in to a “use it or lose it” spending frenzy spurred by the end of the 2017 fiscal year. The spending binge, long a fixture in previous administrations, took place during the end of September, as federal […]

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