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Massive wildfire spreads rapidly in Athens suburb overnight, sparking evacuations

   A huge blaze prompted early morning evacuations in a suburb of the Greek capital. At least 140 firefighters and 46 vehicles were dispatched to battle the wildfire. Locals in the city’s eastern suburb of Paiania were awoken by authorities in the middle of the night to evacuate their houses. However, a spokesman for the […]

US Composite PMI Hovers Near 3-Year Lows: Manufacturing Slowdown Spreads To Services

With the global composite manufacturing PMI tumbling into contraction, hope remains high that ‘services’ can save the world and Markit’s Services PMI did indeed offer some hope today with a small rebound from May’s 39-month lows. US Services PMI rose from 50.9 to 51.5 in June (up from the flash 50.7 print also) but remains […]


We Bring You This Critical Alert, Contributed By and Their Founder, Lior Gantz, Who Our Staff Looks At For Accurate Economic Forecasting. Trump Gives Green Light To Currency Devaluation First of all, the first half of 2019 reminded me of Charlie Munger’s quote from a couple of years ago, saying that while he does […]

Extreme heatwave spreads across northern India

A heat wave is spreading across north India with temperatures reaching above 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit), according to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). (Source: AP)   Source Article from Related Posts Massive wildfire spreads rapidly in Athens suburb overnight, sparking evacuations   A huge blaze prompted early morning evacuations in a suburb of […]

The NY Times Spreads Lies About Venezuela And Cuba

The NY Times Spreads Lies About Venezuela And Cuba Above Photo: Jenn / SunnyDazzled/ Flickr After the New York Times confirmed that a truck carrying “humanitarian aid” was burned by opposition thugs – not Venezuelan security forces – someone alerted me that this unusual favor offered by the corporate press, publishing a well known fact, was a way […]

Typhoid John Bolton Spreads “Neocon Infection” at the White House

While the corporate media doubled down on the prospect of Trump’s wall emergency, the neocon infection inside the floundering Trump administration spread. John Bolton appointed one of his buddies from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) to a key post.  Richard Goldberg, who has called on US President Donald Trump to bring Iran regime’s […]

What missile exactly? Reuters misses the target as it spreads fear on Iran expanding missile range

The story ran by the news agency on Wednesday cited Iran’s Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh as saying: “One of our most important programs is increasing the range of missiles and ammunition,” and “We don’t see any limitations for ourselves in this field.” Sounds scary? Sure, because, Reuters added, the Iranian military say the range of […]

Doctors Baffled As Rare Polio-Like Illness Spreads Across US

Health officials have issued a warning about a rare condition which attacks the nervous system and spinal cord after 62 new cases of the ‘mysterious’ disease were confirmed across 22 US states. The rare ‘polio-like’ illness called acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) is mostly affecting children and so far doctors appear baffled as to the cause […]

Marriott Hotel Workers Strike Spreads To Hawaii

Marriott Hotel Workers Strike Spreads To Hawaii Above Photo: Unite Here Local 2 members strike in front of Hotel St. Regis in San Francisco on October 4, 2018. (CBS) More than 2,700 hotel workers in Honolulu and Maui walked off the job on Monday, joining Marriott workers who began striking last week in the San Francisco […]

69 confirmed dead in Congo as Ebola outbreak spreads

(CNN) – Ebola virus disease has sickened 150 people and caused the deaths of at least 69 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s northeastern region, the nation’s Ministry of Health reported Monday. Of these 150 cases, 119 have been confirmed and 31 are probable. An additional 31 deaths have occurred among […]

Organ donor spreads cancer to four recipients… yes, you can acquire cancer from diseased organs

(Natural News) Organ transplants are considered one of the greatest advances of modern medicine. It’s incredible to think that an organ that is no longer needed by one person can be placed into someone else’s body and give them a new lease on life. Of course, it’s also one of the riskiest […]

Australia’s strawberry needle scare spreads to New Zealand

Originating from a farm in Western Australia, this is the first time a contaminated punnet has surfaced in New Zealand after more than 100 alleged incidents of pins and needles being found in fruit such as strawberries, mangos and bananas have been reported in Australia since the scare began in the state of Queensland earlier […]

Crashing Currency Chaos Spreads Across The Global South

Crashing Currency Chaos Spreads Across The Global South Above: Iran oil exports will likely drop to just over 2 million barrels a day pushing the rial lower. Photo: iStock Cryptocurrencies show promise as economies stumble under sanctions and other pressures The Iranian rial: crash. The Turkish lira: crash. The Argentine peso: crash. The Brazilian real: crash. […]

White Helmets boss denies terror links, spreads whataboutism in contentious RT interview

Raed al-Saleh, the head of the White Helmets did his utmost to defend the controversial organization’s public image during a contentious talk with Afshin Rattansi, host of RT’s Going Underground show. Speaking via Skype from Istanbul, he set the tone for the entire interview, claiming 150,000 people were saved by the Western-funded organization “from under […]

‘Occupy ICE’ Movement Spreads Across Cities Nationwide

SAN FRANCISCO — Protests outside the offices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement have been cropping up in cities across the country in recent weeks, with demonstrators calling for abolishing the agency. In San Francisco, a small group of about a dozen people were stationed outside the local ICE offices in the downtown on Thursday, amid about two […]

Study finds that false news spreads faster than truth online, thanks to humans (not bots)

Although false rumors were measurably more novel than true rumors, users may not have perceived them as such. We therefore assessed users’ perceptions of the information contained in true and false rumors by comparing the emotional content of replies to true and false rumors. We categorized the emotion in the replies by using the […]

Woman Sets Ablaze House She Lost In Divorce, Fire Spreads To 19 Other Homes

A Georgia woman who set fire to her house that she had lost in a divorce ended up spreading it to 19 other houses in the neighborhood, killing a cat a two dogs in the ensuing blaze. Forty one-year-old Adrienne Satterly has been accused of piling mattresses on the kitchen floor and setting them on […]

Panic spreads as Facebook suffers brief outage across US, Europe & Asia

A number of reports of the social network being down surfaced around 08:00 GMT, according to, with a notable increase shortly before 11:00 GMT. Facebook users from Hong Kong, Philippines, Sweden, Denmark, the US, and a number of other countries were greeted with a message that read “Sorry, something went wrong” when trying to […]

FLASHBACK: Study finds chemotherapy spreads cancer throughout the body

     Imagine if there was a natural remedy everybody was using to treat cancer, but then the FDA and CDC found out it actually caused more cancers to develop in the body, and scientific studies proved it. How fast would the FDA and CDC come in, shut it all down and make the treatment illegal? […]

U.S. Spreads Chaos In The Middle East

U.S. imperialism’s deteriorating position in the Middle East was confirmed on Jan. 16 by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s bold assertion for U.S. plans in Syria. The arrogant statement was followed, within hours, by almost immediate backpedaling. Tillerson’s talk at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University confirmed that the only hope of maintaining U.S. domination […]

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