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Unreal: The New York Times just blamed “airplanes” for the 9/11 attack, completely ignoring the Islamic extremist haters who pulled it off

(Natural News) Cars cause drunk driving. Forks and spoons make people fat. Guns kill people. And airplanes are now responsible for the worst terrorist attack ever committed on American soil — or so The New York Times says. “18 years have passed since airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade […]

Iran FDI increased nearly four times in five years: Report

Foreign inflows into Iranian financial assets have increased by nearly four times in five years, shows a report which highlights government measures to facilitate foreign direct investment (FDI) in the country. The report published by Iran’s Plan and Budget Organization (PBO) on Monday showed that net FDI flows for the year ending in March […]

Times Are Changing: First Ever Center to Study Psychedelics Opening in the US

(Support Free Thought) – In every single state in the country, most psychedelic drugs, including ones found to be extreme safe, will get you kidnapped, caged, or killed. For decades, the government has violently and outright disgracefully sought to throw people in cages for possessing these substances. However, as TFTP has stated on […]

Emirati business jet landed at Israel three times last week: Report

A report has disclosed that a Boeing 737 narrow-body airliner operated by a logistics and consignment company based in the United Arab Emirates landed at Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport three times last week, as Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi move closer to normalization of diplomatic relations. According to the report published by the […]

Ubinas volcano in Peru erupts 3 times in a day

   The most active volcano in Peru – Ubinas, erupted three times for a day. This happened yesterday, Wednesday, Sep 4. According to the local Institute of Geophysics, cited by AFP, the explosion produced an ash column that reached a height of about 2,500 meters above the top of the massif. “Three new eruptions of […]

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers: When The New York Times Went Off the Rails

By Patricia Burke Industry and regulators are noting that significant numbers of Americans (as well as citizens from other nations) are becoming concerned about 5G Fifth Generation telecommunications infrastructure.  This week, in fact 180,000 individuals are already participating in The 5G Crisis and Awareness Summit. It’s not too late to tune in. In an alternative […]

Bad Signs Of Jewish Times

Bad Signs Of Jewish Times Billboards, JewToonz, Jewification Of America Articles Bad Signs Of Jewish Times By Brother Nathanael Kapner August 29 2019 Bad Signs Of Jewish Times Bad Signs Of Jewish Times Bad Signs Of Jewish Times Bad Signs Of Jewish Times Bad Signs Of Jewish Times Bad Signs Of Jewish Times Support The […]

A ‘NY Times’ report hides the truth: Israel’s airstrikes across the Mideast are arguably designed to sabotage Trump-Iran talks

Whether the chronically biased New York Times coverage of Israel is motivated by deliberate calculation or sheer incompetence is an intriguing question. Here’s the latest example; the lead story in today’s print edition is a long report on Israel’s attacks across the Middle East against what the article calls Iran’s “Arab allies.” In recent weeks, […]

Why NBC, MSNBC’s reporting on The Epoch Times is textbook fake news

(Natural News) Dear readers, As you know, The Epoch Times is a proudly independent news organization dedicated to truthful reporting. (Article by Jasper Fakkert republished from Thanks to your support, we are now America’s fastest-growing newspaper. It appears, however, that not everyone is thrilled with our growth and our dedication to restoring honest […]

International Business Times Reports on Smartphone Lawsuits, RF Safety Testing, and 5G Exposure Risks

August 27, 2019 By B.N. Frank Researchers determined decades ago that cell phone and WiFi radiation exposure was biologically harmful.  Research since then continues to prove this.  Over the years, news reports and warnings come and go the same way they once did with cigarettes. Because Samsung and Apple are being sued for selling smartphones […]

New York Times shrieks ‘WAR ON THE PRESS’ when Twitter turnabout is fair play

(Natural News) So much for those New York Times slogan “Truth. It’s more important now than ever.” Digging up old social media postings to use against public figures (usually conservatives) is the kind of “investigation” the Times and the rest of the press have being doing for years. But now, as a recently uncovered pro-Trump project is revealed […]

World on fire: Five times more wildfires are burning in southern Africa than in Brazil

   Blazes burning in the Amazon have put heat on the environmental policies of President Jair Bolsonaro, but Brazil is actually third in the world in wildfires over the last 48 hours, according to MODIS satellite data analyzed by Weather Source. Weather Source has recorded 6,902 fires in Angola over the past 48 hours, compared […]

This is what gloating looks like… NY Times distorts war-torn Syria

The meandering report of more than 2,700 words was headlined: “What ‘Victory’ Looks Like: A Journey Through Shattered Syria.” It would have been more accurate to have used the title, “What Gloating Looks Like.” Even the sly way the word ‘victory’ is put in quotation marks indicates, from the outset, the insidious purpose of the […]

The New York Times officially becomes a joke newspaper

(Natural News) There was a day, not so very long ago, when one newspaper shone brighter than all others: The New York Times. (Article by Joseph Curl republished from The Gray Lady each day gathered up “All the News That’s Fit to Print” as it ruled over the journalistic world, becoming […]

Orientalism at the ‘NY Times’: Muslims worship ‘Allah,’ not ‘God’

@DaBakr Sigh. When it comes to succumbing “to brainwashing,” you are a classic example!! _____________________________________________________________________ To the issue at hand: “My God Is Your God” By JOHN KEARNEY Published: January 28, 2004, New York Times “Sunday is one of the most important holidays in Islam: Id al-Adha, the feast celebrating Abraham’s faith and willingness to […]

Leaked Audio: NY Times Editor Tells Staff to Ditch ‘Russia Collusion’ and Focus on Trump’s ‘Racism’

New York Times editor Dean Baquet has instructed staff to ditch the Russian collusion propaganda and start focussing on President Trump’s “racism” instead, according to a leaked audio recording. The audio was leaked to Slate Magazine, which published a transcript Thursday. During a town hall, Baquet congratulated staff for winning two Pulitzer Prices on the […]

Black man killed by US police was shot 3 times in back: Autopsy

A black man was running from police officers in the US state of Colorado when they shot him three times in the back and he collapsed on a street, according to footage from cameras worn by police and an autopsy report released Thursday. The Colorado Springs Police Department released the video nearly two weeks […]

New York Times: Well-Kept Lawns are Symbols of Racism

While people across the United States are enjoying the summer by spending time in their yard, the New York Times is out with a new video that claims lawn care is deeply problematic. Well-kept lawns are not just symbols of racism, according to the lunatic liberals at the NYT, they are also contributing to climate […]

“Insect Apocalypse:” US Farmland 48 Times More Toxic To Insects Than 25 Years Ago

Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge Waking Times A new study shows how “insect apocalypse” is unfolding across America’s farmland since neonicotinoid pesticides were introduced several decades ago. Researchers found that farmland across the country is 48 times more toxic to insect life than 25 years ago, and neonicotinoid pesticides account for a large majority of the increase in toxicity. […]

LA Times trying to rewrite history, DENIES historical warming and Ice Age events

(Natural News) The anti-science Los Angeles Times is now trying to rewrite historical data regarding Earth’s climate in order to better fit the global warming narrative. Pushing a bogus new “study,” from the PAGES consortium, climate alarmists are now denying the existence of two well-studied climate events known as the Medieval Warm […]

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