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‘NY Times’ covers up Israeli racism, this time in its report on why Benny Gantz failed to form a government

A major tactic that the New York Times deploys to slant the news about Israel/Palestine is to downplay or cover up racism by Jewish Israelis, including political leaders. That tactic is on display yet again in today’s report on Israel’s latest failure to form a government. Let’s start with the truth; the centrist opposition, led […]

‘NY Times’ report on killing of Gaza family is part damage control for Israel’s military

The slant in today’s New York Times report about how Israel’s air force killed civilians in Gaza started right in the headline. In the online edition it reads: “In Strike That Killed 5 Children, Israel Said It Took Out Gaza Militant. Now It Isn’t Sure.” I first encountered “take out” as a euphemism for “killed” […]

Vaccine ingredient warning: Ethyl mercury in vaccines 50 times more toxic than methyl mercury in fish

(Natural News) Did you know that mercury in vaccines is not the same as the mercury in fish? While both are toxic to humans, the mainstream medical establishment would have us all believe that the ethyl mercury in vaccines is no big deal when it is actually 50 times more toxic than […]

10 years of BRICS: What keeps 5 headstrong powers together in times of global disunion

As I’m writing this, the BRICS summit is going to an end in Brazil. This particular summit is significant not only because the association marks its 10th anniversary. This time, the most noteworthy aspect is the location. Brazil is headed by Jair Bolsonaro, a man considered staunchly pro-American, and someone who passionately admires and even […]

‘NY Times’ downplays Netanyahu’s political motivation for ordering the latest attack on Gaza

Today’s New York Times report on the latest Israeli escalation of violence in Gaza at first raised the hope that the paper might be suspending its chronic bias. Right in the second paragraph, the Times did note that the “timing of the attack. . . led some critics of Benjamin Netanyahu to charge that it was […]

Being the Change in These Turbulent Times

November 5th, 2019 By Paul Lenda Staff Writer for Wake Up World I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do. -Edward Everett Hale These words by Edward Everett Hale, a Unitarian […]

‘NY Times’ produces a weak report on the Israeli soldier sentenced to 1 month in prison for murdering a Palestinian boy

The NYT is obviously a Zionist rag and is a tool of and for hasbarists. Thanks for digging through the detritus and finding precious little truth yet again, James. Compare and contrast with Maureen Clare Murphy’ s article @ EI: “Israeli sniper gets community service over killing of Gaza boy An Israeli soldier has been […]

New York Times Confirms: It’s Trump Versus the “Deep State”

The New York Times on Thursday published a remarkable piece that essentially acknowledged the existence of an American “deep state” and its implacable hostility to Donald Trump. The Times writers (fully five on the byline: Peter Baker, Lara Jakes, Julian E. Barnes, Sharon LaFraniere, and Edward Wong) certainly don’t decry the existence of this deep […]

New York Times Op-Ed Claims That “Free Speech Is Killing Us.” Seriously?

The Facts: This article was written by Dr.Michel Chossudovsky, an award-winning author, Professor of Economics (emeritus) at the University of Ottawa, Founder and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montreal. Posted here with permission. Reflect On: Originally published at, this article exposes one of many reasons why war on this planet […]

New York Times Columnist Blames ‘Whiteness’ For Two Indian Boys Racially Abusing Black Girls in New Jersey

Yes, really. The two 17-year-old Indian boys allegedly used racial slurs against a group of African-American girls and urinated on one during the game at Lawrence High School last Friday night. Who’s to blame for the attack? White people, of course. That’s according to New York Times columnist Nell Irvin Painter, […]

The New York Times, China, And The Specter Of The “Yellow Peril”

The New York Times, China, And The Specter Of The “Yellow Peril” Above Photo: Robert Sullivan/Flickr In a full-page editorial in its Sunday edition, the New York Times engaged in a vicious anti-Chinese rant, warning of a “dangerous and growing threat” by the “aggressive … Communist state.” The editorial presented the United States in a twilight struggle against […]

New York Times Fakes The Record About Arming The Syrian Rebels

New York Times Fakes The Record About Arming The Syrian Rebels Above Photo: Salim Idriss with U.S. Senator John McCain. bigger History as faked by the New York Times: Kurds’ Sense of Betrayal Compounded by Empowerment of Unsavory Rivals Ben Hubbard, David D. Kirkpatrick, NYT 18. Oct 2019 Now, [..] the sense of betrayal among the Kurds [..] is matched […]

New York Times Fakes The Record About Arming The Syrian Rebels

History as faked by the New York Times: Kurds’ Sense of Betrayal Compounded by Empowerment of Unsavory RivalsBen Hubbard, David D. Kirkpatrick, NYT 18. Oct 2019 Now, [..] the sense of betrayal among the Kurds [..] is matched only by their outrage at who will move in: Turkish soldiers supported by Syrian fighters the United […]

Tulsi Gabbard calls The New York Times and CNN “completely despicable” (Video)

  Tulsi Gabbard calls The New York Times and CNN — the hosts of the debate — “completely despicable” for alleging she is a Russian asset and Assad apologist. — Axios (@axios) October 16, 2019   Source Article from Related Posts Propaganda video of NATO’s smoke and mirrors over Kosovo hides some inconvenient […]

Bill Clinton Was Accused of Sexual Assault 15 Times, Why Is He Treated Like A Hero?

The fact that the Democrats and the mainstream media are all over Judge Moore and expect every Republican to call for his resignation is simply hypocritical. Especially when one considers that Bill Clinton has been accused of sexual assault at least fifteen times and most of the cases have been ignored by the MSM and […]

How to make matzoh, a survival food from biblical times

(Natural News) As a prepper, it’s difficult to find food that you can stockpile for a long time. When considering food, it is important to think long-term, and the answer may just be a kind of bread which has survived centuries: the matzoh. (h/t to What is matzoh? Matzoh (also referred […]

Bill Gates Met Epstein ‘Many Times’ After Child Sex Conviction

Microsoft founder Bill Gates visited Jeffrey Epstein “many times” after he was arrested and imprisoned for child sex crimes, according to a New York Times report. Staffers who worked for Gates says he justified his relationship with the dead billionaire pedophile by downplaying his crimes. The Microsoft co-founder told Axios last month that he “wishes […]

Propaganda 101: The New York Times pumps another ‘evil Russia’ plot

Among its splash articles, under the headline ‘Top Secret Russian Unit Seeks to Destabilize Europe, Security Officials Say’, readers were told of an elite Russian spy team which has, allegedly, only recently been discovered. It’s called “Unit 29155” and purportedly directed by the Kremlin to “destabilize Europe” with “subversion, sabotage and assassination.” According to the […]

Halle synagogue killer’s guns jammed 3 times as he fired directly at victims

The German neo-Nazi gunman who killed two people in Halle, Germany, on Yom Kippur and tried to storm a synagogue was using homemade weapons that repeatedly jammed. The 35 minutes of livestream footage of the assault that he posted showed him attempting to fire on three further occasions directly at victims, but failing to do […]

The CIA Takeover of America in the 1960s Is the Story of Our Times. The Killing of the Kennedys and Today’s New Cold War

First published by Global Research on April 2, 2019 “‘We’re all puppets,’ the suspect [Sirhan Sirhan] replied, with more truth than he could have understood at that moment.” – Lisa Pease, quoting from the LAPD questioning of Sirhan When Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated on June 5, 1968, the American public fell into an hypnotic trance […]

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