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Virus was spreading in US as early as December 2019, new study indicates

US researchers have found evidence that the coronavirus was spreading through the American population long before it was first observed. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked at 7,389 blood samples from various states between December 13 and January 17 and found 106 individuals had antibodies for COVID-19, indicating they had […]

The gamble that paid off: How Israel sealed Moderna COVID vaccine deal early in the game

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Oxford Street’s Christmas lights go on display early in London amid coronavirus pandemic

Christmas lights have gone up in Oxford Street, London’s best-known shopping hub, three weeks earlier than usual. They are normally switched on by a celebrity in front of huge crowds but social distancing restrictions forced organisers to shelve the event this year, as the coronavirus pandemic rages in the United Kingdom. Every week, the display […]

Millions head to polls in US despite record early voting

Donald Trump and Joe Biden handed their fate on Tuesday to voters, who will decide which man will steer the country through the surging coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 231,000 people, destroyed jobs and reshaped nearly every aspect of American life. With almost 102 million Americans voting early and millions more waiting in […]

Denisovan DNA in Tibetan Cave Changes History of Early Humans in Asia

An international team has found evidence that could change our understanding of a mysterious species of early humans, the Denisovans. They have found DNA from these humans in a Buddhist cave on the Tibetan Plateau in China. These finds are adding to experts’ knowledge of the mysterious Denisovans and how they interacted with modern humans […]

All eyes on Texas as early voting surges and new poll has Biden leading Trump

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China: Early Rain Covenant Church Elder Li Yingqiang Detained

(Church in Chains) — Early on the morning of Sunday, Oct. 11, several police officers forced their way into the apartment of Elder Li Yingqiang of Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province. They tried to kick in the front door until Elder Li agreed to open it and took him […]

Early humans in today’s Israel used ash as their ‘freezer’

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WHO Finally Agrees Our March Analysis was Correct: The WHO’s Early Coronavirus Mortality Rate Was Irresponsibly Overstated and We Called Them Out with The CORRECT NUMBERS!

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UN Nuclear Ban Treaty Likely To Enter Force Early Next Year

Above photo: From In Depth News. New York -A U.N.-adopted nuclear ban treaty is likely to enter into force early next year as the number of signatories is anticipated to reach the needed threshold of 50 soon, possibly later this month, a diplomatic source said Friday. According to the source and the International Campaign to […]

Mysterious 300,000-Year-Old Early Humans Used Fire to Make Flint Blades

Experts in Israel believe that a mysterious group of early humans were using fire to manufacture flint blades and tools up to 300,000 years ago. This discovery has implications for our understanding of early human technology and social organization. The Qesem Cave in the Judean hills of Israel is one of the most important early […]

Prominent Jewish Leader Rabbi Stephen Wise Was Skeptical Of Early ‘Holocaust’ Claims

Reform Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, the most prominent American Jewish leader of the 1930s and 1940s, was a renowned orator who did not shy away from using his sermons to address social and political controversies, but on Yom Kippur in September 1942, despite being shown evidence that Jews were allegedly being mass-murdered in Europe, the […]

Vietnamese Pastor A Dao Released From Prison a Year Early

(Christian Solidarity Worldwide) — CSW welcomes the release of Vietnamese Pastor A Dao on Sept. 18 after more than four years in prison. He was not expected to be released until August 2021. Pastor A Dao was arrested in 2016 while on his way to visit some members of his church following his return from the […]

Footprints Reveal Passage of Early Humans From Africa Through Arabia

In Saudi Arabia , an astonishing discovery has been made in the north-western desert. A team of archaeologists have found evidence of the oldest human habitation in the Arabian Peninsula . Several ancient footprints, made by humans, have also been found. These ancient footprints and other artifacts found in the area are providing researchers with […]

Early Jewish Monotheism and Egyptian Atenism – One And The Same?

The religious influences upon both Akhenaten and his brother Tuthmose from the temples of Heliopolis went a long way in fashioning their comparative belief systems. By encouraging the older solar beliefs, the priests of Iunu opened up the world of the ancient religions where fundamentally there was one source, the original first creator god. By […]

Did Early Humans Cook Their Food in Thermal Springs?

A study of some of the oldest remains associated with early humans from the Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania has produced some intriguing results. A microbial study of sediments from 1.7-1.8 million years ago has revealed details of the environment that our ancestors lived in. It also indicates that they may have used hot springs to […]

Prince Igor of Kiev (Kyiv): War and Diplomacy in the Early Rus’

The early beginnings of the Kievan (Kyivan) Rus’ are a highly researched subject that is a defining part of the history of the eastern Slavic peoples. The roots of Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia are deeply tied to this early medieval Slavic state governed by a Viking ruling dynasty. Soon after its emergence, it became a […]

Culturally Misunderstood: The Struggles and Advances of Early American Women

The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries saw a series of transitions in life in America, as many, particularly women, strove to find their identities in patriarchal society. Early American women were identified primarily by their abilities to provide household services and for bearing children. Settlers’ encounters with the Native Americans not only resulted in cultural misconceptions, […]

Most Women With Early Onset Breast Cancer Don’t Need Chemotherapy (New Report)

Some convention cancer treatments are completely ineffective with certain cancers. The majority of immediate risk breast cancer patients can forgo chemotherapy. by Alanna Ketler A report which was recently released, outlined how the conventional treatment method for various kinds of cancer, like chemotherapy, is actually completely ineffective for a large portion of those women suffering […]

Early Religion of the Irish: Sun Worship

By James Bonwick (1894) Irish Druids And Old Irish Religions WHATEVER the earlier savage races may have thought of religion, if they thought at all about it, those who came after, with more or less touch of civilization, were led, in Ireland, as elsewhere, to contemplate Deity in the Sun. Sun-worship may have superseded other […]

Early Greek Philosophers

By Julian Hawthorne (1899) Greek Philosophy, which reached its highest excellence at Athens in the fourth century B.C.E., had its origin two hundred years earlier in the outlying settlements of the Hellenic race in Asia Minor, Thrace, Sicily and Southern Italy, rather than in Greece proper. The founding of colonies and frequent changes of government […]

Early stages of schizophrenia can be treated with nutrients found in Brussels sprouts, shellfish, and oranges

(Natural News) Around two million Americans suffer from schizophrenia, and it’s a frustrating chronic mental illness that is marked with disabling symptoms like delusions and hallucinations. Unfortunately, the antipsychotic medications that are often given to address these problems come with their own set of risks. Now, scientists have discovered that certain nutrients […]

Malaysian PM Najib Razak dissolved Parliament, calls for early elections in May

nsnbc : Malaysia’s scandal-plagued Prime Minister Najib Razak announced Friday that Parliament will be dissolved to pave the way for snap-general elections in May […]

The Epidemic of Allergy in Children Launched in the Late 1980s and Early 1990s

Next Story By Heather Fraser, Author, The Peanut Allergy Epidemic , World Mercury Project Guest Contributor The epidemic of allergy in children was launched in the period between the late 1980s and early 1990s. ER admission records, back-to-back United Kingdom (UK) cohort studies and eyewitness accounts of teachers confronted by the flood of severely allergic […]

New Study Confirms Early TV Exposure is the Gateway to Obesity and Unhealthy Habits

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times We’ve known for a very long time that watching television has a profound effect on brainwaves and states of consciousness, and that the more television people watch, the more likely they are to be obese, unhealthy and dumbed down. This is how TV works. Television is part of […]

The Early Days of the NeoCons

This article from 190 details the subversive jewish change agents who took over conversativism in the US and made it all about serving jews, in particular the jewish racial state of Israel, while throwing American Whites under the bus. This pieces comes from Wilmot Robertson’s magazine Instauration. ONE OF THE MOST colossal hypes in recent American […]

Jumping the gun: Poroshenko expects US arms in ‘a few weeks,’ Pentagon says ‘too early’ to set date

Poroshenko announced on Wednesday that it’s matter of weeks before the first shipment of US-made weapons arrives in Ukraine, as part of the military assistance plan that also envisages lethal arms supplies. “The first delivery should happen in a very few weeks,” Poroshenko told a press conference, noting “huge progress” in negotiations with “American partners.”  […]

Siberia was a major centre of early skull surgery in ancient times

     A new find of remains of a child aged 8 to 10 dating from around the 5th century AD suggests a sophisticated knowledge of surgical skills. The skull has an oval-shaped hole cut into the cranial bone sized at 52 to 57 millimetres which hi-tech analysis shows to be ‘the result of a deliberate […]

Alzheimer’s disrupts the body clock, providing early clues for potential diagnosis

(Natural News) A new study found that the disturbances in the body clock of people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease can also develop much earlier in people whose memories are intact but their brain scans show early, preclinical evidence of Alzheimer’s. The study was carried out by a team of researchers from […]

Early Facebook and Google employees form coalition to fight technology dangers

     A group of Silicon Valley technologists who were early employees at Facebook and Google, alarmed over the ill effects of social networks and smartphones, are banding together to challenge the companies they helped build The cohort is creating a union of concerned experts called the Center for Humane Technology“. Along with the nonprofit media […]

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