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U.S. election race reaches streets of Tel Aviv with pro-Trump posters

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Coronavirus Israel live: Israel reaches 900 patients in serious condition, sees small drop in active cases

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With over 2,000 daily virus cases, Israel’s death toll reaches 891

The Health Ministry said Friday that 2,068 people tested positive for the coronavirus on Thursday, with 10,777 new cases found in total over the course of the week. The daily infection rate was the highest seen in Israel since the end of July. The ministry reported eight more coronavirus deaths since Thursday evening, taking the […]

Apple reaches $2 trillion milestone as tech fortunes soar during coronavirus pandemic

Apple has become the first US company to boast a market value of $2 trillion (€1.7 trillion) as technology continues to reshape the world and people’s lives. The iPhone maker reached the milestone in Wednesday’s early stock market trading when its shares surpassed $467.77 (€394.87). The stock later backtracked, but it didn’t diminish a remarkable […]

How Its Done– Amid the Political chaos surrounding the Trump administration, VP Pence Reaches for Control of the G.O.P.

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Use Of Food Banks In UK Reaches Highest Rate On Record

The use of food banks across Britain has soared to record rates as welfare benefits fail to cover basic living costs. The warning comes from the UK’s national food bank provider, whose latest figures show that the level of food supplies provided have almost quadrupled in the past five years. The Independent reports: Figures from […]

Top of the world: First ever all-woman Euro-Arabian ski team reaches North Pole

Seven women from Cyprus, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar became the first people from their countries to traverse the 82km (51 miles) distance to reach the northernmost part of the world. The expedition project was launched by British polar explorer Felicity Aston as part of a bid to build dialogue and understanding between Western and Arab […]

UK: London’s Nonwhite Crime Rampages On as Murder Toll Reaches 59

Britain’s majority nonwhite capital city—overrun through decades of legal and illegal immigration—has continued its inevitable spiral into Third World chaos with the 59th murder this year, the jailing of three airport baggage handlers involved in one of Britain’s largest drug smuggling operations, and the sentencing of two more Muslin Jihadis on terror offences. A 20-year-old […]

Famed War Reporter Robert Fisk Reaches Syrian Chemical Attack Site, Concludes They Were Not Gassed

Robert Fisk’s bombshell first-hand account for the UK Independent runs contrary to nearly every claim circulating in major international press concerning what happened just over week ago on April 7th in an embattled suburb outside Damascus: not only has the veteran British journalist found no evidence of a mass chemical attack, but he’s encountered multiple local eyewitnesses who experienced […]

Primed by Saudi Money and Influence, the ISIS Diaspora Reaches the Philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (Analysis) — ISIS’ inevitable decline in Iraq and Syria, the credit for which is almost always wrongly bestowed upon the Trump administration, has provided windows of opportunity for the global terror group to spawn insurgencies in other locations. On December 20, 2017, MintPress News reported how this foreseeable ISIS “diaspora” would lead to […]

Israel Reaches Deal to Scrap African Migrant Deportation Plan, Will Send Them to The West

Renegade Editor’s Note: Bibi has already suspended the agreement. Israel suspends plan to send African migrants to West. A story. — Lina Arabi (@LinaArabii) April 2, 2018 By Chris Menahan This is what they call in the business a classic “foisting.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has come up with a deal with the UN to […]

Israel Reaches Deal with UN, Scraps Plans to Deport African Migrants, Sending Them to the West Instead

Israel announced a deal with the U.N. on Monday to resettle African migrants in Western nations, but hours later put the agreement on hold. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had announced the deal on national TV, saying Israel agreed to cancel the planned expulsion of tens of thousands of African migrants. He said the deal with […]

Stronghold of all the world’s seeds in the Global Seed Vault reaches the one million mark

(Natural News) The world’s largest repository of crop seeds recently celebrated its 10th-year anniversary. And to mark the occasion, it received shipments of more than 70,000 additional crop varieties from a total of 23 different institutions for it to store. This new shipment just about bumped up its number of stored seeds […]

Death toll from listeria outbreak in South Africa reaches 172, more than doubling previous numbers

     The death toll from an outbreak of the food-borne disease listeria in South Africa has more than doubled from previous numbers given in January to 172 deaths, the government said on Thursday. The National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) said 915 cases of the disease have been confirmed since January last year, up from […]

Senate Push For Net Neutrality Reaches 50 Supporters

Senate Push For Net Neutrality Reaches 50 Supporters Above Photo: From Note: The action of Ajit Pai’s FCC to undermine Net Neutrality has awoken millions of people who care about equal access for all on the Internet. This is creating a wave of political power that politicians in Washington, DC do not want to […]

Google reaches a whole new depth of EVIL by keeping "black lists" of white, conservative employees to deny promotions

(Natural News) Evidence that the world’s largest social media and media conglomerates and platforms are completely biased against conservatives and Trump supporters continues to grow by the day, with Google now being outed as the latest abuser. As reported by The Daily Caller, former Google engineer James Damore and other right-leaning Google workers have filed […]

WHO: ‘Preventable’ Cholera In Yemen Reaches Over 1 Million Cases

There are currently one million people infected with cholera in wartorn Yemen, the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced on Wednesday Some 2,225 people have died on the disease since 27 April, it added. The UN organisation issued a report stating that as of Monday, there were 983,486 cases of Cholera in Yemen.   The organisation […]

Washington’s Barbarity Reaches New Heights?

Washington’s Barbarity Reaches New Heights? Paul Craig Roberts   Information has reached me from Italy, Germany and the UK that foreign-funded NGOs in Russia are collecting Russian DNA samples from all over Russia for the US Government. I have found English language verification of these reports. What is the reason for the US government’s interest […]

Man Found In Sunken Ship – Diver Reaches Out His Hand Underwater – That’s When He Feels Something Reach Back And Grab It

Video has surfaced showing the harrowing rescue of a Nigerian sailor, who was stuck underwater for three days after heavy waves sunk the Chevron oil tugboat he was on. Harrison Okene, the 29-year-old cook of the AHT Jascon 4, gave a South African diving team the shock of a lifetime  when he reached out from the […]

Study: America’s Partisan Divide Reaches New Heights Under Trump

The partisan divide on fundamental political values – including attitudes about race, immigration, and the social safety net – reached record levels during Barack Obama’s presidency, but that gap has grown even wider in Donald Trump’s first year as president, according to a study released Thursday. The 107-page Pew Research Center study, based on a survey […]

The alleged peace process reaches farcical lows

Last week David Friedman, the US Ambassador to Israel, gave an interview to the Jerusalem Post saying that Palestinian violence has stymied the peace process. Israeli settlements are no obstacle to peace, he said; and there’s an “alleged occupation.” At the same time, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu went to the West Bank to say that Israel […]

Death toll reportedly reaches 5 as Harvey spawns massive flooding in Houston area

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[WATCH] San Jose Reaches $700,000 Settlement With Man Hit With Police Batons During DUI Stop

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From Greece, message in bottle reaches besieged Gaza

A message in bottle travelled about 500 miles across Mediterranean Sea to reach hands of Palestinian fisherman as first ever mail he had. “Hello! Thank you for picking up this bottle!” began the letter in neat black handwriting. “We are currently on holiday in Rhodes and would love to know how far this bottle got […]

Cassini enters fiery endgame as 20 year mission reaches final phase

     The Cassini spacecraft completed the first of five close flybys of Saturn as it comes to the end of its 20-year mission. It will culminate in a fiery farewell as it makes a one-way trip to the gas giant’s surface on September 15. “As it makes these five dips into Saturn, followed by its […]

Government Reaches New Lows In Its Crusade Against Barrett Brown

The U.S. attorney’s office has been harassing Barrett Brown’s literary agent. Published in partnership with Shadowproof. The United States Attorney’s office in the northern district of Texas issued another subpoena against journalist Barrett Brown. It was sent to Writers House, Barrett Brown’s literary agent who is working with him on his forthcoming book. The subpoena, signed […]

Chattanooga Reaches $88,000 Settlement With 2 Police Officers Fired

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Yellowstone Reaches 878 Earthquakes In Just Two Weeks

You don’t have to be a geologist to understand that an earthquake in the vicinity of a volcano could be a disaster waiting to happen, but what if there were nearly 900 quakes near a supervolcano? That is the situation that is playing out right now in Yellowstone National Park, where 878 earthquakes have struck […]

3 killed every hour: Mexico’s murder rate reaches 20-year high

As some cases involved multiple killings, some 2,186 investigations were set up for a total of 2,452 murders – an average of three people killed every hour. The previous monthly high for murder probes was 2,131 in May 2011. “This is the overwhelming and absolute failure of [Mexican President Enrique] Peña Nieto’s public safety policy,” […]

Offshore Wind Reaches Cost-Competitiveness Without Subsidies

But because offshore wind is at an earlier stage of development, “its prices can be expected to fall further, faster, thus improving its competitive position.” Indeed, McKinsey’s normalized wind farm data, which creates comparable figures for different sites based on water depth, site preparation, subsidies and other factors, shows how a combination of improvements could […]

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