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Renault, Peugeot will never be allowed to return to Iran: Minister

Iran’s minister of industries says French car giants Renault and Peugeot will never be allowed to return to the Iranian market given their records on reneging on promises. Reza Rahmani said on Tuesday that Iran will reconsider deals signed with the two major automakers for joint investment in Iran. The comments covered in IRIB […]

Saying He Would Return To US For Fair Trial, Snowden Wants People To Know ‘Why I Did What I Did’

“Was it better for the United States? Did it benefit us? Or did it cause harm? They don’t want the jury to be able to consider that at all.” Edward Snowden said Monday that he would return to the United States if afforded a fair trail where the American public could hear why he leaked […]

GOP Reps return from AIPAC trip attacking BDS and implying that annexation might be the answer

Must read: “Israel and the decline of the liberal order” by Robert Kagan, The Washington Post, Sept. 12/19 “The rise of nationalism around the globe may be reflected in the outcome of Israeli elections on Tuesday” EXCERPTS: “What makes Israelis think if the United States were to cease supporting the liberal world order and […]

Will Iran be a Full Nuclear Power by the End of 2020? No Return to the 2015 Agreement

French President Emmanuel Macron failed to promote successfully his Iranian initiative with the US administration despite the initial blessing of his US counterpart. This failure led Iran to make a third gradual withdrawal from its JCPOA nuclear deal commitment, raising two main issues. Iran has become a regional power to be reckoned with, so we […]

Ice Age Farmer Report: Point of no return – no veggies to can – "China eats Kenya’s donkeys"

   As our climate shifts in the Grand Solar Minimum, vegetable shortages are forcing canneries and processing plants to shut down for lack of product. Banks are telling customers to go to Food Banks as prices rise. China’s ravenous appetite for protein threatens Kenya’s donkeys in the wake of African Swine Fever — they are […]

A Frontline View Of The Palestinian Great March Of Return

A Frontline View Of The Palestinian Great March Of Return On March 30 2018, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip started a weekly peaceful protest they call “The Great March of Return.” The purpose was to go to the wall separating them from their previous homes and demonstrate their desire to return. The response by the […]

Kurdish-led SDC ready to return to Damascus to negotiate

…from AMN News – Al-Masdar [ Editor’s note: Here comes the second Kurdish leader asking for negotiations with Damascus within a week, but we have yet to see any response from Assad. The Euphrates River region is a key area for Syria to regain control over, as the US goal is to control the water […]

Teen went shooting with his mom and now he can’t return to school

A Pro Bodyguard tip SWIM read or heard years ago. If you have to fire in a crowded area, such as a grocery line, get down on one knee first, then say ‘drop it’/freeze/police! whatever. Then any through and though bullets (and misses, if any) will go into the ceiling.) Source Article from Related […]

Rohingya Refuse to Return to Myanmar as Bangladesh Repatriation Efforts Stall

Last week, the two states said they had agreed August 22 as the start date for the return of 3,450 people cleared by Myanmar. They are part of more than 730,000 who fled a military crackdown in Rakhine state in 2017, and now shelter in the sprawling camps, Reuters said. UN staff and Bangladesh officials […]

If You Return We Will Return, The Story of July 2017 Victory

  Filed under: Al Qaeda, Axis of Resistance, Hezbollah, ISIL, Lebanon, Lebanon’s army, Nasrallah, Nusra Front, SAA, Syria, Takfiris | Source Article from Related Posts Kremlin-backed candidate claims victory in Georgia separatist poll The Kremlin-backed leader of Georgia’s separatist region of Abhkhazia has claimed victory in a VICTORY! Court Rules Gov’t Must Refund […]

Mother of soldier killed in Gaza war says PM doing ‘nothing’ to return his body

The mother of fallen Israeli soldier Oron Shaul, whose body is being held by Hamas in Gaza, said Friday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has done “nothing” to bring back her son in the five years since his death. “The prime minister is not interested in returning my son,” Zehava Shaul said during a protest […]

Prepping Has Gone Mainstream: Politics, a “Culture of Fear,” or a Return to What’s Been Lost?

By Nicholas West This article contains excerpts from Issue 28 of our premium monthly newsletter — Counter Markets. When the reality show Doomsday Preppers aired its Pilot episode in 2011, the critical reviews were mixed at best. But as soon as the ratings started coming in, it became evident that the show had tapped into […]

Epstein Asks Judge for Bail so He Can Return to $77 Million ‘House of Horrors’

Attorney’s representing Jeffrey Epstein have asked the judge presiding over his case to grant the pedophile billionaire bail, so he can return to his 21,000 sqft, $77 million “house of horrors” mansion in Manhattan. Instead of spending time in his 100 sqft holding cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC), lawyers for Epstein argue that […]

Hundreds of displaced Syrians return home from neighboring Lebanon

Hundreds of Syrian refugees have returned to their homeland from various areas in neighboring Lebanon after Syrian government forces and allied fighters from popular defense groups managed to liberate their hometowns from the clutches of foreign-sponsored Takfiri terrorist groups. The return of refugees took place under the supervision of Lebanon’s General Security in cooperation […]

The Russia-Pakistan Strategic Partnership. Russia’s Return to South Asia

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts Political analyst to ST: The so-called US-Turkish “Safe zone” means nothing in strategic terms Sunday, 08 September 2019 21:00 ST The researcher in political and military affairs Basem al-Shihawi How the current Kashmir crisis presents a strategic opportunity for Iran Posted originally to Eurasia Future […]

Vincennes Capt. Rogers should return medal for shooting down Iranian Flight 655

Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism’s letter to William Rogers …from ADVT, Tehran, Please click on the link to learn more about them…JD In honor of all the Iranian civilians killed by the USS Vincennes, and noting the ghastly crime of the commander later being decorated for a successful tour. [ Editor’s Note: Iran remembers […]

To Avoid War, US Must Stop Sanctions on Iran and Return to JCPOA

By Mehrnaz Shahabi Iran’s decision to increase its stock of low enriched uranium from 174.1 kilograms on 20 May to beyond the JCPOA’s agreed limit of 300 kilograms on 27 June 2019, is not a “violation” or “breach” of the nuclear deal, as has been described.  Neither is Iran’s suspending the implementation of some of […]

UK ‘didn’t understand’ Nigerian society when it said sex slaves return ‘wealthy’ & ‘enjoy status’

The Home Office, which is responsible for law enforcement and security, said in its updated policy note that Nigerian human-trafficking victims return home “wealthy from prostitution” where they “enjoy high social-economic status” and are “often held in high regard because they have improved income prospects.” This passage enraged human rights campaigners and politicians in Britain, […]

Russia’s return to PACE not linked with Kerch Strait sailors case – Putin

Moscow had its full voting rights at PACE restored earlier in June, after practically being banned from the European Council’s parliamentary arm in 2014 after Crimea held a referendum to join Russia in the aftermath of the Maidan coup in Kiev. Also on PACE invites Russia back to European human rights body At Putin’s […]

Iran Urges US, Europe to return to JCPOA

Tasnim – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called on the US and the European parties to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal to resume honoring the agreement, saying it would be in the interest of the region and the world. “We advise the Americans against the wrong and incorrect path they have taken, and remind the Europeans […]

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