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Journalism for justice needs your help today

Three weeks ago, I wrote to you to launch Mondoweiss’s summer fundraising campaign by sharing the ideal that drives us every day: we believe that one story at a time can change minds. I told you that our team members would share stories that especially moved them as examples of how your support enables Mondoweiss […]

There are very good reasons why there’s no legal justice in America today

    Lawyers will never administer legal justice SARTRE The law is too important to be left to attorneys. Any objective observer of the existing legal system would conclude that allowing lawyers and judges to police the profession is a total sham. Politicians and public officials, who are members of the bar, owe their allegiance […]

A Stunner In Today’s GDP Revision: No Profit Gains In The Past 5 Years

Submitted by Joseph Carson, former Director of Global Economic Research, Alliance Bernstein The happy prophecy of endless growth in the economy generating a continuous flow of strong corporate earnings just ran into trouble—the “truth” on profits. According to GDP data released today Q2 corporate earning posted their largest annual decline in several years, and the […]

Actions Today: Colombia – The Invisible Genocide

Actions Today: Colombia – The Invisible Genocide Above photo: From Justice for Colombia. (Toronto, Ottawa, Buenaventura) Protests are being organized across Canada and in 58 cities around the world on July 26 to demand an end to the wave of mass killings targeting human rights defenders and social movement leaders in Colombia. Organizers of the Toronto […]

Iraqi PM due in Iran today: Report

Tasnim – Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi plans to pay an official visit to Iran, likely on Monday, to hold talks with senior officials of the Islamic Republic on issues of mutual interest, local media reported. Quoting informed sources, the Arabic-language al-Forat TV Network reported that Abdul-Mahdi will arrive in Tehran later on Monday. During […]

Who are the most dangerous Israel Firsters in the USA today?

    BREAKING: List of Top Traitors in US Senate Representing Israel First Public Intelligence Blog Below is a list of the top US Senators, all Democratic, who place Israel First instead of America First. Also below is a list of the top Zionist organizations, all but one in violation of all laws pertaining to […]

Hong Kong Protests Today No Different Than the U.S.-Directed Umbrella Revolution in 2014

  Demonstrators march from Causeway Bay to government offices in Admiralty on Sunday to protest against the proposed extradition bill. Photo: SCMP/Robert Ng   By Tony Cartalucci Global Research, October 01, 2014 Land Destroyer Report Just as the US admitted shortly after the so-called “Arab Spring” began spreading chaos across the Middle East that it had […]

How Yesterday Resembles Today: Iran Confronted the US in the Straits of Hormuz in the 1980s

“We are going to intercept and stop all oil exports from the (Middle East) region if we are prevented from exporting our oil. We shall take every measure possible to close the Straits of Hormuz. If the US aims – by sending jets, carriers – to reinforce its positions and status among the international community, […]

Ilargi: Is Julian Assange Today’s Martin Luther King?

Authored by Raul Ilargi Meijer via The Automatic Earth blog, “Well, I don’t know what will happen now. We’ve got some difficult days ahead. But it really doesn’t matter with me now, because I’ve been to the mountaintop… And I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you […]

The Zionist Idea Has Never Been More Terrifying than It Is Today

On this seventy-first annual commemoration of Palestine’s Jewish-state Nakba, let’s resolve not to continue to oversimplify things. Whether you believe the American rabbi and historian Arthur Hertzberg’s assessment of the Zionist idea as “unprecedented … an essential dialogue between the Jew and the nations of the earth”, rather than a matter between Jews and God, or […]

Trader Warns "Today Could Be The Canary Moment"

Via Bloomberg’s Richard Breslow, South Korea’s GDP miss was a bad one. The Shanghai Composite fell 2.4%, bringing its week-to-date performance to negative 4.5%. Sweden’s Riksbank surprised the market by how dovish it was. The euro made a new low for the year versus the dollar, with the upcoming set of European elections looming larger […]

From early Zionism until today, Palestinian stonemasons built Israel — Mondoweiss — Rebel Voice

STONE MEN The Palestinians who built Israel by Andrew Ross. 320 pp. Verso $29.95 In 1979, a young Andrew Ross did what thousands of carefree European and American youths were doing at the time: he took a “break” from the tediousness of Western life, and volunteered for a few months on a kibbutz in Israel. […]

The Single BEST Video on the Internet Today Exposing the 5G Global Calamity

Related Posts Video: Syrian Army Overwhelms Militants’ Defense in Southern Idlib The southern part of Idlib province and the northern part of Hama province remain the WATCH Latest military video of Russia’s new heavy combat drone on its maiden flight The new video, released Friday, offers an additional glimpse of the Sukhoi-built ‘Okhotnik’ (Hunter) aircraft […]

Purim — Jews Celebrate Slaughter of their Opponents Today

Purim — Jews Celebrate Slaughter of their Opponents Today By wmw_admin on March 21, 2019 Israeli children dressed as burning Twin Towers complete with exploding jets celebrate the Jewish Purim holiday. Click to enlarge THE JEWISH HOLIDAY OF PURIM BEGINS WEDNESDAY EVENING AND LASTS 24 HRS. It commemorates the slaughter  of 75,000 “anti-Semites” in Persia 355BCE by […]

Anti-Semitism versus anti-Zionism in today’s France

By Lawrence Davidson The context We are at a new stage of the fight to realise Palestinian rights and free both Palestinians and Jews from the consequences of Zionist racism.  There was a time when very few in the West understood the racist nature of the Israeli state. For a long time the Zionists controlled […]

Today’s Use of Technology: How Far Is Too Far?

The Facts: Dean Radin, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences has published a book titled “Real Magic.” In it, he provides multiple examples of people who possessed these. They have existed throughout history, and have always been outlawed. Reflect On: These abilities have been proven to be real in a scientific setting, as […]

Remembering Operation Cast Lead, 10 years ago today

Photo taken during the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip on 28 December 2008 [Rahim Khatib/Apaimages] Today we remember the 2008-9 Israeli incursion into Gaza, Operation Cast Lead, which was launched exactly 10 years ago. 1400 Palestinians – including 344 minors – and 9 Israelis were killed in the hostilities. A UN report found that Israel’s military […]

TruNews – Today’s Forecast: Cold Winter And Hot War

TruNews – Today’s Forecast: Cold Winter And Hot War By Today’s Forecast: Cold Winter And Hot War Is the world witnessing the onset of wars for resources as a Mini Ice Age looms? Today on TruNews, we discuss how Russia and Ukraine are preparing for all out war while Americas injustice system focuses its […]

My own history shows that Mondoweiss converts people. Give today to help that work continue!

I am writing to ask you to act today in support of Mondoweiss’s original reporting and commentary on Palestine. Can you help today with a gift toward our year-end campaign to raise $175,000? Why Mondoweiss? Because I want U.S. elected officials to know the truth and be held accountable. Because mainstream media shared virtually no […]

Sometimes a Pair of Pants Can Give You Vertigo. “The Drastic Conditions of Our World Today”

“Between the experience of living a normal life at this moment on the planet and the public narratives being offered to give a sense to that life, the empty space, the gap, is enormous.  The desolation lies there, not in the facts.” – John Berger, “A Man with Tousled Hair” in The Shape of a Pocket […]

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