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India tries to revive South Asian bloc to counter coronavirus, and China’s growing influence

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed setting up a ‘SAARC Covid-19 Emergency Fund’ and pledged to contribute $10 million toward it, during a teleconference this Sunday with the leaders of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. The initiative is the brainchild of Modi himself, and suggests that India is serious about coping […]

US tries to shake Turkey down on Patriot missile deal

Turkey Will Not Receive Patriot System unless it Returns S-400 to Russia – Pentagon By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor -March 10, 2020 Turkey Will Not Receive Patriot System unless it Returns S-400 to Russia – Pentagon …from Sputnik News, Moscow [ Editor’s Note: Well it looks like Erodgan’s testing out the US, trying to shake it down for some […]

Deer Rips Off Hunter’s Face As He Tries To Kill It For Fun

A powerful buck fought back. Was it revenge?  In Southwest France, a hunter had to be airlifted to the hospital after he tried to shoot the animal, but the 350-pound animal charged back at him slashing the man’s face. According to the Metro, Vincent Saubion, 36, was struck head-on by the deer who ripped off […]

NYT tries to paint Sanders as Russian dupe over 1980s Soviet trip…but makes him look like a committed diplomat instead

The opening lines set the tone for a sinister tale to come: A Vermont mayor who wished for the US to “live together as friends” with the Soviet Union unknowingly used by the demonic Russians in the Kremlin for “propaganda purposes.” The Times readily admits in the third paragraph that the details of Sanders 1980s […]

Palestinian tries to stab cops in Jerusalem Old City terror attack, is shot dead

A Palestinian man in Jerusalem’s Old City tried to stab policemen on Saturday in an attempted terror attack before he was shot dead by officers. Police said the assailant was spotted with a knife by Border Police officers at the Lion’s Gate as he ran to carry out an attack. “[The officers] called on him […]

Turkey Tries to Down Russian Su-24 with US Missiles

The video above shows a Russian airplane dodging two Raytheon Stinger FM 62 missiles fired from a Turkish “observation post” in Southern Idlib province in Syria.  The Turkish base is in the town of Qminas. This is perhaps the largest Turkish base inside Syria and was involved in supporting the al Qaeda led attack on […]

CBC office tries veganism for a month to find out if it’s healthy. It’s not

   7 of 8 employees at AIM Medical Imaging Services completed the 30-day vegan challenge After a month of plant-based eating, it’s finally time to order pizza. This celebration requires cheese. Lots of cheese. “It’s been a hard month,” Sean Jensen said between gigantic bites of pizza. “But this is delicious.” This is the first […]

Israel lobby group tries to stop Bernie Sanders in Iowa

Michael F. Brown Lobby Watch 1 February 2020 CNN pundit Paul Begala, at right, has temporarily left Democratic Majority for Israel following an attack ad by the organization’s political action committee against Bernie Sanders. Nancy Kaszerman ZUMA Press I support Bernie Sanders for president. CNN pundit Paul Begala, it’s safe to say, does not. Begala was serving […]

Ahead of immunity vote, Haim Katz tries to persuade MKs of his innocence

The Knesset House Committee opened a final day of deliberations on Thursday morning over former welfare minister MK Haim Katz’s request for parliamentary immunity from fraud and breach of trust charges, hearing arguments from Katz’s lawyer before a scheduled vote on the request later in the day. The former welfare minister is facing the charges […]

Amazing video of a dog protect and tries to warm her dying friend who was abused in fighting ring with him

When passers-by found two Pit Bulls dumped in a park right outside Philadelphia, they couldn’t believe how horrible of a condition they were in. Nobody thought they would survive for long. Layla would protect Gracie with her body, not letting anyone touch her, even if someone tried to come closer to them. It was as […]

‘Incitement’ director Yaron Zilberman tries to get inside head of Rabin’s killer

LOS ANGELES (JTA) — Over the past century, Jews have endured what filmmaker Yaron Zilberman calls a “trilogy of traumas”: the Holocaust, the Yom Kippur War and the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. The Israeli-American writer, director and producer has spent much of his career exploring these ordeals, and his latest film is […]

Little Lion Tries To Roar For The First Time – Most Adorable Thing You’ll See All Day

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Cat tries desperately to drag friend’s dead body to nearby shelter to get help

We all know that dogs are loyal creatures, however cats are also loyal and they can have unlimited devotion as they can prove that perfectly. This is the heart-wrenching moment a stray cat dragged its dead companion on the street in north China. The white-and-yellow feline bit onto the scruff of the motionless cat and […]

PODCAST: Does Kahanism expose what Israel tries to hide?

Listen here: iTunes/Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Spotify When Meir Kahane, an extremist rabbi who advocated for Jewish supremacy through the use of violence, ran in Israel’s 1988 elections, the state’s Central Elections Committee barred his party, claiming it incited racism and threatened the democratic nature of the state. Similar to the fascist movements of 1930s Europe, Kahane envisioned […]

Palestinian tries to stab soldiers in West Bank, is shot

Netanyahu meets Greek PM ahead of inking pipeline deal Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is meeting with Greek counterpart Kyriakos Mitsotakis in Athens. He will later meet with Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades and the three will hold a trilateral meeting during which they will sign a deal for an undersea pipeline that will carry gas from […]

Everybody freaks out when a group of feral hogs tries to eat a Texas woman, but humans kill MILLIONS of pigs every year just to eat their flesh

(Natural News) A 59-year-old woman in Texas was recently devoured to death by a mob of feral hogs, sparking outrage over the out-of-control wild hog populations in the Lone Star State and elsewhere. Even though humans consume millions of pigs’ worth of pork every year, it’s not okay for these same swine […]

After Trump executive order, GOP lawmaker tries to get Georgetown funding pulled over ‘anti-Israel, pro-Islamist’ bias

On December 11, President Trump signed an executive order that effectively weaponizes antisemitism as a cudgel to beat back BDS activities on college campuses. The order threatens to withhold federal funding from universities if the government determines that they’ve failed to prohibit discrimination. Trump’s move was barely announced before a member of congress attempted to […]

Be Careful What You Wish For: TikTok Tries To Stop Bullying On Its Platforms… By Suppressing Those It Thought Might Get Bullied

Be careful what you wish for when you demand that internet platforms police the internet for any and all bad stuff. There was a lot of fuss and cringing when this story broke that part of TikTok’s content moderation strategies included suppressing videos by disabled, queer, and fat creators. Leaked documents […]

Man tries filing for president in New Hampshire as ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’

   Legal news website Law & Crime reports that a New Hampshire man has attempted to register as a candidate in the country’s first presidential primary under the name “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself.” The man’s real name is Rod Webber, and he is described in the Manchester Ink Link as a colorful character in local […]

US Tries to Reverse Syrian Fortunes with “Baghdadi Raid”

The Western media is reporting that US military forces have killed the supposed leader of the so-called “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” (ISIS) in Syria’s northern governorate of Idlib. Newsweek in its article, “Trump Approves Special Ops Raid Targeting ISIS Leader Baghdadi, Military Says He’s Dead,” claimed: The […]

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