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Democrats Block Motion Compelling Adam Schiff to Testify at Impeachment Hearings

Democrats have blocked a motion calling for impeacher-in-chief Adam Schiff to testify during the Judiciary impeachment hearings. Democratic lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee successfully killed a motion to force Schiff to give testimony as part of the anti-Trump impeachment charade. reports: Ranking Member Doug Collins (R-GA) made the motion to require the attendance […]

German Farmers Block Hamburg in Revolt Against Globalist Environmental Regulations

German farmers are blocking roads in Hamburg with their tractors to protest against environment regulations as the rural revolt against globalism spreads across Europe. 4,000 tractors arrived in Hamburg yesterday in a massive rebuke to what protesters assert is government bullying amidst efforts to impose Green New Deal-style control measures. Regional environment ministers were meeting […]

Tear gas & bonfires: Scuffles with police as Yellow Vests block roads in Paris ahead of 1st anniversary of protests (WATCH LIVE)

Clashes broke out at Place d’Italie downtown and near Porte de Champerret on the city’s outskirts. The protesters have also blocked traffic down the Boulevard Peripherique, the main ring road circling the capital. Riot police were deployed to disperse them. A total of 41 people were arrested on the streets of Paris, police said. More than […]

Catalan separatists block Spain-France highway

Related Posts We Now Have Mass Public Unrest In France, Spain, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador And Bolivia Submitted by Michael Every of Rabobank Ages and Ages of Rage Monday morning and we Stop Press: The Queen’s Screech: Britain, Spain and Other Illnesses There are some people — whereby I do […]

Iraqis block roads in support of anti-government protests

BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraqi protesters blocked roads in Baghdad on Sunday to raise pressure on the government to resign after more than a week of renewed mass demonstrations. Protesters blocked one road with burning tires and barbed wire, and held up a banner reading “Roads closed by order of the people.” They appeared to be […]

Brexit: DUP to reject customs union compromise, Speaker will block vote on "same" EU deal

   The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), the UK government’s Northern Irish key allies, have indicated that they will not back a customs union amendment to the Brexit Bill, in a set-back for opposition parties. In what is a crucial week in the Brexit process, with UK PM Boris Johnson’s Tory government looking to get their […]

Climate activists block Tel Aviv Stock Exchange to protest gov’t inaction

Activists from Extinction Rebellion glue themselves to the doors of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange to protest Israeli corporations profiting from global warming. Members of the ‘Red Brigade’ demonstrate outside the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, demanding Israeli corporations cease profiting off of the climate crisis, October 7, 2019. (Oren Ziv/ Dozens of Israeli climate activists blocked […]

Thousands of Arab Israelis march, block roads to protest deadly crime wave

Thousands of Arab Israelis held protests Friday at the conclusion of prayers, a day after a general strike over a wave of deadly violence within the minority community. Protesters blocked roads, including sections of the major highways in the north of the country. Demonstrators carried signs with slogans such as “our children’s blood is not […]

Oakland Activists Pushing Efforts To Block Federal Militarization Of Local Police

Oakland Activists Pushing Efforts To Block Federal Militarization Of Local Police Above Photo: From OAKLAND, Calif. (Sept. 30, 2019) – Activists in Oakland have ramped up efforts to take a first step toward limiting the impact of federal programs that militarize local police. American Friends Service Committee (AFCS) will host a community town hall on […]

We endorsed Gantz to block Trump’s deal — Ayman Odeh of Joint List

Over the weekend Ayman Odeh, the leader of the “Joint List” of Palestinian parties in the Israeli Knesset, gave an interview to Time Magazine in which he explained the decision by 10 of the 13 List legislators to endorse Benny Gantz of the Blue/White party to be prime minister. Odeh said the main reason for […]

Prosecutor in PM’s cases given top post despite efforts to block her promotion

Liat Ben-Ari, the lead prosecutor in a series of corruption cases involving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was appointed deputy state attorney on Thursday. Ben-Ari, who holds the taxation and economic crimes portfolio in the state prosecution’s Tel Aviv district, has led numerous high-level corruption investigations against political figures, including Netanyahu and former prime minister Ehud […]

Government Moves To Block Alleged Drone Whistleblower’s Defense In Espionage Act Case

The United States government has moved to block Daniel Hale, a former U.S. Air Force language analyst, from presenting any evidence that he had “good motives” when he allegedly disclosed documents to a reporter that exposed a targeted assassination program involving armed drones. Yet, while the U.S. government hopes to ensure Hale […]

Climate activists block traffic in US capital

Activists seeking to pressure US politicians to fight climate change blocked major traffic hubs in the US capital on Monday, drawing attention to a UN Climate Summit that will be attended by leaders from about 60 countries. Those attending the New York summit will include the leaders of small island states most at risk […]

Will the US Use Greece to Block Russia in the Black Sea?

The Trump administration last week made its first major step to create a Greek-centric NATO corridor following United States Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, announcement that his country intends to acquire the strategic port of Alexandroupoli. If Athens is to accept such a proposal, the country would be contributing to a geopolitical escalation. The […]

UK House of Lords Members Block No-Deal Brexit

  Overnight Thursday, majority House of Lords members voted to require Boris Johnson to ask Brussels for a Brexit delay until end of January if a deal isn’t reached by October 19 — blocking his no-deal Brexit aim by October 31. Approval of the measure by Queen Elizabeth is expected early next week, likely Monday. […]

Telcos given powers to block websites

A new direction in the push for censorship. Photo: LDR The Australian government has passed new laws allowing internet services providers to block domains that promote “harmful and extreme” content. Authorities have accepted new recommendations from the final Digital Platforms Inquiry report — empowering telecommunications companies to restrict access to specific websites hosting ‘extremist content’. […]

UK MPs Block No-Deal Brexit

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s agenda was rejected in the first three parliamentary votes on his watch — a hugely inauspicious start to his premiership, leaving his status shaky. On Tuesday by majority vote, MPs took control of parliament’s agenda, usually the government’s prerogative. On Wednesday, majority MPs blocked a no-deal Brexit and snap elections. […]

Brexit breakdown: UK MPs to block no-deal, Bojo threatens an election, Tory purge?

   The British House of Commons has voted in favor of debating a motion to take the no-deal Brexit off the table and asking the EU for an extension. PM Boris Johnson has declared he will call a general election if the motion passes. Sponsored by Labour MP Hilary Benn and backed by a number […]

Ukraine’s “Autocephalous Block”: how Poroschenko will wage war against Zelensky

In spring, Ukraine witnessed an event that will surely be written down in the country’s history – the presidential elections were won by Volodymyr Zelensky, a showman who had never been involved in politics before. And as Zelensky’s victory is astonishing so Petro Poroshenko’s defeat is unexpected. It delivered a hard blow not only at […]

Google and Mozilla Block Kazakhstan’s Browser Spying Tool

On Wednesday, Google and Mozilla announced they would block an encryption certificate the Kazakhstan government has forced citizens to download. The certificate allows authorities to intercept Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other passwords of the 18 million people in the country. But now with two of the main browser makers pushing back, that surveillance […]

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