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Chinese researchers unveil LED-activated ‘bioglue’ that seals gushing wounds within seconds

   Chinese researchers have unveiled a groundbreaking ‘biological glue’ which could be the breakthrough needed to stop patients with gushing open wounds from bleeding out, buying trauma surgeons vital time to save lives. The new ‘bioglue’ is activated by UV light, which transforms the serum into a non-toxic hydrogel that can adhere to slippery, blood-stained […]

French ship ‘illegally’ enters Chinese waters, gets warned off – MoD

“China’s military sent navy ships in accordance with the law to identify the French ship and warn it to leave,” defense ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang said. The official did not specify the vessel but it was believed to be the frigate Vendemiaire. The French warship passed through the narrow waterway between China and Taiwan on […]

Communist Chinese embedding spies in cancer centers to steal U.S. government-funded cancer research

(Natural News) When you think of jobs that are serving the greater good, cancer researchers often come out near the top given the potential to save millions of lives. However, not all of them have such pure aspirations. Two tenured scientists at a renowned cancer hospital in the U.S. were recently fired […]

Chinese man drags puppy behind scooter

Chinese man drags puppy behind scooter Horrifying moment Chinese man drags a pet husky by its neck behind his scooter while riding along a road WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT   Small dog was filmed struggling while being pulled on a leash in Yunnan, China  Witness who filmed the clip says the dog was bleeding as it was […]

Are Chinese tech companies spying on Australia?

Australia is filled with technology sponsored by the Chinese government. Photo: ABC Surveillance systems, most notably CCTV cameras and advanced biometric technologies, have expanded at an unprecedented rate in Australia since the events of September 11th, and today have become a security staple of governments, private businesses and individuals alike. Authorities and experts have both […]

Multiple Chinese Boeing 787s Grounded After GPS Rollover Glitch

On Friday we reported that this weekend, on April 6th, the world was facing another mini “Y2K” event, this time on GPS devices, as they roll over from “week 1024” to “week 1.” If you have a Garmin or a TomTom on which you rely for navigating, you could run into trouble. […]

Detroit to Become America’s Second Chinese-Style Surveillance City

The push to turn America’s cities into Chinese-style surveillance networks has found a new partner in Detroit, Michigan. The only difference between what is happening in San Diego and what is happening in Detroit is, they are not using the same smart street lights to spy on everyone. Detroit uses Intellistreets a company known to […]

Chinese hackers make Tesla drive into oncoming traffic (VIDEO)

The wiley white hat hackers developed different forms of attack to confuse and disrupt the Tesla autopilot lane recognition system. In the first method, Keen researchers added a large number of patches to the dividing line on the road itself to blur it. While it did fool the autopilot, the researchers deemed it too conspicuous […]

Gene-edited Chinese CRISPR babies may have mental ‘superpowers’, researchers warn

Lulu and Nana, the genetically-modified Chinese twins reportedly born HIV-resistant courtesy of the CRISPR gene editing tool, may also have been born with markedly superior mental abilities linked to the same gene edit. New research has confirmed that deleting the CCR5 gene – the same modification performed on the girls’ DNA – significantly improves cognition, […]

Death Penalty Likely for Chinese Scientist Who Created World’s First Gene-Edited Babies

“In June 2016, He started the project and organized a team that included some overseas members. He conducted the gene-editing activities using technologies without safety and effectiveness guarantee. With a fake ethical review certificate, He recruited eight volunteer couples (the males tested positive for the HIV antibody, females tested negative for the HIV […]

Chinese court presents app tracking nearby ‘DEADBEAT DEBTORS’ with map of ‘shame’

The program has been described as “a map of deadbeat debtors,” revealing their financial information and exact location to nearby peers. The app brings snitching on your neighbors into the 21st century, making it simple and convenient to report those with outstanding financial obligations to the authorities. According to ChinaDaily, a news service run by […]

Chinese Schools Make Pupils Wear Micro-Chipped Uniforms to Thwart Truancy

Chinese Schools Make Pupils Wear Micro-Chipped Uniforms to Thwart Truancy December 27th, 2018 Via: Telegraph: Schools in southern China are forcing children to wear uniforms embedded with computer chips that track their movement and trigger an alarm if they skip class. More that more […]

Trump Administration Indicts Chinese Nationals on Alleged Cyber Espionage Charges

Were charges evidence-based or politically motivated? Most likely the latter. More to develop on this ahead. Hostile US political, economic, and financial actions against China, Russia and Iran risk developing into something much more serious than already. China is America’s main economic rival – why Canada acted as a US proxy in the arrest and […]

PROVEN: This Chinese herbal compound is safe for treating liver failure

(Natural News) Research has confirmed that a traditional Chinese herbal medicine is safe to use in the treatment of liver failure at recommended doses. The study, published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, verified that the traditional Chinese herbal medicine Jiedu Huayu is safe for treating liver failure at 130 grams […]

Canada To Pay Heavy Price For Taking Chinese Hostage For The United States

Canada To Pay Heavy Price For Taking Chinese Hostage For The United States Above Photo: From December 17, 2018 “Information Clearing House“ –    You do have to wonder about the political savvy of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government. The furious fallout from China over the arrest of a senior telecoms executive is […]

Tesla’s vast (and muddy) Chinese factory site revealed in drone VIDEO

READ MORE: Tesla travels 7 miles with driver asleep at the wheel, cops forced to take emergency action The area is surrounded by a fence and the video shows some construction workers and their equipment on site. The video’s description says the surrounding fields have been flattened and ground work has begun on the 860,000 […]

Washington’s Africa Strategy: ‘Our investments – good & fair, Chinese and Russian – bad & predatory’

US President Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor, John Bolton blasted Beijing and Moscow for pursuing “predatory practices” in Africa which “stunt economic growth” and “threaten the financial independence of African nations.” China uses “bribes, opaque agreements” to hold African countries “captive to Beijing’s wishes and demands,” while Moscow’s exploits are not much better, the official argued. But it is apparently […]

Neocon Jews Behind Chinese Tech Exec Arrest

  December 13, 2018 Source Article from Related Posts Neocon warmongers staging false flag attacks to start another unprovoked war of naked aggression in the Mideast     The Lunacy Of Waging A War On Iran From Which China And Russia Neocon Warmongers Morph NATO Strategy Into Mutually Assured Nuclear Destruction John Bolton Proves […]

Deep State arrests top Chinese telecom exec without telling POTUS Trump as he dines with Xi: Was it a setup?

(Natural News) For those who still don’t believe there is such a thing as a “Deep State” running the country despite POTUS Donald Trump’s ongoing efforts to ‘drain the swamp,’ an incident that happened earlier this week involving a Chinese telecom executive ought to prove otherwise. On Wednesday, news broke that Canadian […]

Chinese Government Gets Real Time Location Tracking Data On Electric Vehicles

Related Posts “Existence of Extraterrestrial Space Vehicles OF Enormous Size & Power Is a Fact” – Ex NASA Scientist The Facts:In 1941, a supposed crash occurred of an extraterrestrial vehicle. It’s one of many Surveillance technology coming to all new vehicles New autonomous technology is coming to new vehicles. Photo: SH Controversial ‘driver assistance technology’, […]

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