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Is Impeachment Now Inevitable? By Patrick J. Buchanan

“Declaring for impeachment also gives Biden a way to deflect questions about what son Hunter did for that $50,000 a month from a Ukrainian energy company, while Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s point man battling corruption in Ukraine.” “There go the people. I must follow them, for I am their leader,” is a remark attributed […]

‘For those who want peace, replacing Zionism is inevitable’

For many Palestinians in the West Bank, the minor shifts in Israeli politics are a long-awaited opportunity to challenge the traditional understanding of the occupation. By Yuval Abraham Palestinians wait at the Qalandia Checkpoint, which separates the West Bank and Jerusalem, on their way to pray at the Al Aqsa Mosque for Ramadan, Friday, Sept. 26, […]

Video: Greater Idlib: Is Syrian Army Advance Inevitable?

After over 8 years of war, the province of Idlib and its surrounding areas remain the key stronghold of radical militant groups in Syria. Over the past years, anti-government armed groups suffered a series of defeats across the country and withdrew towards northwestern Syria. The decision of the Syrian Army to allow encircled militants to […]

Sayyed Nasrallah: Retaliation Inevitable, All Threats & Intimidation Will Not Prevent It

Zeinab Essa Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stressed that “Israel” must pay a price for its aggression on Lebanon. Addressing thousands of mourners on the first night of Ashoura, Sayyed Nasrallah highlighted that “there is no doubt that since last Sunday, Lebanon as well as the “Israeli” enemy have been living in […]

US Dollar Collapse Now Inevitable, Wall Street Dumping Greenback

    Reign of the Once Almighty Dollar Coming to an End, Even JP Morgan Predicts World Reserve Currency Status is Over SOTN Editor’s Note: This Alt Media network has been warning for nearly 12 years that this day would come.  The election of Donald Trump has sealed the fate of the U.S. dollar.  His […]

Is a New US Mideast War Inevitable? By Patrick J. Buchanan

“In this new century, leaders of both parties have plunged our country into at least five wars in the Middle and Near East… None of these wars has produced a victory or success for us. But taken together, they did produce a multitrillion-dollar strategic and human rights disaster.” In October 1950, as U.S. forces were […]

Is a Cataclysmic California Earthquake Inevitable? Health Editor’s Note: An earthquake or 7.1 magnitude hits Southern California only one day after a 6.4 quake. This article might be about a movie but California has earthquakes all the time. Scary…..Carol    What Will Really Happen When San Andreas Unleashes the Big One? by Sarah Zeilinski A giant earthquake will strike […]

Divine Missions of Destruction: Why a US War with Iran is Virtually Inevitable

The 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal between the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council + Germany (P5+1) and Iran was supposed to usher in a new beginning. It was supposed to bring stability to the Middle East and lead to the resolution of multiple conflicts, and for a short period of time, it seemed […]

A Retest Of The December Lows Appears Inevitable

With the S&P having given up more than a third of its upside gains since the Dec 24 “Mnuchin Massacre”, questions are once again emerging whether the December lows will be retested. As BMO chief technician, Russ Visch writes this morning, a conversation with one of the BMO traders prompted him to do a more […]

Huawei founder: Clash with the US was ‘inevitable’

Huawei CEO said he foresaw the confrontation with Washington because its aim to be global leader threatened US interests Ren Zhengfei said US trade restrictions have no impact on Huawei’s 5G plans as rivals cannot catch up within two to three years    Huawei Technologies founder Ren Zhengfei said he foresaw the clash with the […]

Netanyahu, Trump, and the inevitable failure: A strength that changed the face of the history نتنياهو وترامب والفشل المحتوم: قوة فعلت فغيّرت وجه التاريخ

Netanyahu, Trump, and the inevitable failure: A strength that changed the face of the history مارس 20, 2019 Written by Nasser Kandil, The current American and Israeli situation may summarize the new balances experienced by the world in the light of the consequences of eight-year war on Syria. Within a month from the beginning of […]

From the River to the Sea: The Inevitable End of Settler Colonialism in Palestine

JERUSALEM, PALESTINE — The call “From the River to the Sea, Palestine shall be Free” brings out the worst in the Zionist spokespersons. From CNN and Fox News to the various Zionist trolls and spokespersons around the world: “Aha!” they say, “The true face of these anti-Semites has been exposed.” Panic seems to strike as […]

Sayyed Nasrallah Warns ‘Israel’ of “Inevitable Response” to Any Attack on Lebanon

November 10, 2018 Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stressed that Hezbollah will inevitably respond to any attack against Lebanon and will not accept any underestimation by the enemy of the country’s power as it used to do in the past. In a televised speech marking Hezbollah Martyr’s Day on Saturday, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that […]

How To Make National Improved Medicare For All Inevitable

How To Make National Improved Medicare For All Inevitable The national movement for improved Medicare for All is gaining momentum, which means that we have the real potential to win a national universal public health insurance and means that our opponents will double down on preventing this. We speak with Dr. Carol Paris, outgoing president […]

Here’s Why Rip-Roaring Inflation Is Inevitable

One of the enduring mysteries of the past decade is why inflation has remained tame while the central bank and government have pumped trillions of dollars of newly created money into the economy. Millions of words have been written about this, and so some shortcuts will have to be taken to make sense of it in […]

Is a Coming NATO Crisis Inevitable? By Patrick J. Buchanan”A frustrated Trump has already hinted he may accept Russia’s annexation of Crimea as he accepted Israel’s annexation of Jerusalem.”

At Brussels, Trump had a new beef with the Germans, though similar problems date back to the Reagan era. Now we see the Germans, Trump raged, whom we are protecting from Russia, collaborating with Russia and deepening their dependence on Russian natural gas by jointly building the Nord Stream 2 pipeline under the Baltic Sea. […]

Rising Social Disorder Is Inevitable: Here’s Why

We can do better, and if we don’t, the only possible output of such an unequal system is increasing social disorder. We are in a very peculiar point in history. On the one hand, we’re reassured that all is well because Every One of the World’s Big Economies Is Now Growing. (NY Times) Yet […]

Putin Bans Russian Travel To UK, Cites ‘Inevitable’ Coming Terror Attack

President Putin has urged British Prime Minister Theresa May to listen to her people and reject the New World Order, and warned Russians not to travel to the United Kingdom until they get their house in order. Britain is the New World Order’s testing ground, and according to Putin a follow-up terror attack, hot on […]

Inevitable blowback: Manchester a Product of West’s Libya/Syria Intervention

Product of West’s Libya/Syria Intervention Here’s what the media and politicians don’t want you to know about the Manchester, UK, suicide attack: Salman Abedi, the 22-year-old who killed nearly two dozen concert-goers in Manchester, UK, was the product of the US and UK overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya and “regime change” policy in Syria. He […]

Paintings by James Doyle Penrose

James Doyle Penrose (1862-1932) was an Irish painter who was well known for his portraits, landscapes, and religious paintings. He was heavily influenced by his Quaker religion, but still seemed to be fascinated with Norse mythology as well as classical cultures. Idun and the Apples A Playful Parry Freya and Her Necklace Innocent Beauty The […]

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