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Air & Water Pollution Cause More Deaths Than War, Tobacco, Drugs Or Alcohol

The way we live is killing us. Pollution—whether it comes from a car’s tailpipe, a coal-fired power plant, or a toxic waste dump—claimed more than eight million lives around the world in 2017, fully 15 percent of all deaths. That’s according to a new report published by the Global Alliance on Health and Pollution, a coalition of environmental and […]

Air Pollution Strongly Linked to Depression and Suicide in New Global Study

(TMU) — Scientists are increasingly reaching a consensus that exposure to air pollution increases the risk of depression and suicide, according to the first review of studies on the subject. While the harmful effects of breathing filthy air have long been known, a growing body of research has found that the psychological effects of pollution may also […]

EPA Watchdog: White House Blocked Part of Truck Pollution Investigation, Caused Lack of Public Information

Joran Davidson, EcoWatch Waking Times The Trump administration pushed through an exemption to clean air rules, effectively freeing heavy polluting, super-cargo trucks from following clean air rules. It rushed the rule without conducting a federally mandated study on how it would impact public health, especially children, said the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Inspector General Charles J. Sheehan in a report released yesterday, […]

Protect yourself against the effects air pollution with these 5 micronutrients

(Natural News) Air pollution is a major environmental problem and is a growing health threat, especially to people living in big cities and other urban areas. With the exception of natural disasters like volcanic eruptions and wildfires, human activity is often considered the sole contributor to the extreme levels of particulate matter […]

‘Prozac pollution’ making fish less aggressive, says study

Pharmaceutical pollution in waterways is having a “disturbing impact” on fish, according to new research. Psychoactive drugs – including antidepressants – are altering the reproductive behaviour, anxiety levels, and anti-predator responses of fish in the wild, according to Australia’s Monash University. The findings of the impact on the social behaviour of […]

Pamela Anderson urges Modi to address air pollution & climate change… by only serving vegan food at government events

In a letter addressed to the Indian prime minister, the Canadian-American actress, activist and honorary director of PETA US said that her “heart goes out” to all who have been affected by Delhi’s dangerous level of air pollution. She expressed particular concern for animals in the city who “can’t wear face masks or stay indoors.” […]

Yale Study Shows Air Pollution Causes “Huge” Reduction In Intelligence

John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times A study conducted in China by researchers from the Yale School of Public Health in the United States has shown that air pollution causes a  “huge” reduction in intelligence. While the research did take place in China, which is known to have very serious pollution problems, the researchers suggest […]

Study: Plastic pollution is harming photosynthetic bacteria in the ocean that produce 10 percent of the oxygen we breathe

(Natural News) Marine microorganisms may also be threatened by plastic pollution in the ocean. Since one type of photosynthetic bacteria accounts for 10 percent of the oxygen production on Earth, we need to take steps to protect the microbes before we run out of breathable air. Australian researchers issued a warning following […]

Elementary schools closed in Iranian capital amid high pollution levels

All elementary schools in and around the Iranian capital Tehran have been suspended for the last day of education week amid elevated levels of pollution in the smog-ridden city. The governor of Tehran province said on Tuesday that elementary schools in cities of Tehran, as well as in Varamin, Qarchak and Pishva, all those […]

WiFi, 5G and EMF pollution can cause PSYCHIATRIC effects in humans, plus spontaneous abortions, infertility and cellular DNA damage

(Natural News) Are you aware of just how much electromagnetic pollution is impacting your body on a daily basis? The problem isn’t just wireless internet, by the way: it’s also fifth-generation mobile telecommunication technology, also known as 5G, as well as every other source of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that exists all around […]

‘Absolutely disgusting’: Indian celebrities lambaste govt over Delhi air pollution emergency

Film and TV star Priyanka Chopra is in Delhi to film her next project ‘The White Tiger’ and, despite expressing initial joy at filming in her home country, she quickly took to Instagram to share just how severe the air pollution is in the capital. “It’s so hard to shoot here right now that I […]

‘Collective death sentence’: Toxic haze envelops New Delhi as air pollution rockets (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Air pollutant readings monitored by the US Embassy in the city hit 810 micrograms per cubic meter on Sunday morning – over 30 times the World Health Organisation’s safe daily limit of 25. The pollution in some parts of the city exceeded recordable levels, according to local reports. Schools in the neighboring cities Noida and […]

Trailblazing bid to make factories pay $400m for pollution enters final stage

The biggest environmental class action suit in Israeli history, which demands that two chemical factories in southern Israel pay NIS 1.4 billion ($400 million) in damages for polluting groundwater and a popular spring and stream at a nature reserve near the Dead Sea, entered its final stage at the Beersheba District Court on Monday. The […]

Russia Scraps Carbon Trading System, Pollution Penalties After Uproar From Businesses

The Russian government has abandoned key provisions of a new climate legislation package after the country’s leading businesses mounted a significant protest, according to Russian daily Kommersant (via the Moscow Times). The abandoned legislation included quotas on carbon emissions at Russia’s largest companies, along with a national carbon trading system and strict penalties for the […]

Crime: The Hidden Cost of Air Pollution

October 10th, 2019 By Amelia Harris Staff Writer for Wake Up World When someone says, ‘air pollution’ the first thing that comes to mind in terms of health concerns is typically not behavior modification. However, a research study from Colorado State University has found a correlation between air pollution and aggressive behavior. (1) The team […]

United States Drinking Water Pollution Could Cause 100,000 Cancer Cases

The Facts: Volumes of credible scientific data warn us about the dangers of 5G frequencies, and in pockets here and there people are starting to respond to these threats to our health and safety. Reflect On: How egregious and obvious do these threats have to become before we are able to band together as one […]

Dr. Gottschalk’s “World War II Heat Bump”: Did the War Contribute to Air Pollution and Global Warming?

On January 19, 2017 a New York Times front-page story, “For Third Year, the Earth in 2016 Set Heat Record,” featured a complex NOAA chart showing multiple global temperature readings taken from 1880 to 2016. Studying the front-page chart, Harvard physicist Dr. Bernard Gottschalk noticed an intriguing anomaly, a brief but suggestive ‘bump’ in temperatures […]

Plastic Pollution: You Aren’t the Problem. Asia is.

Do you use plastic bags? Do you drink from plastic straws? You’re a contemptible person who should be fined and imprisoned because you’re polluting the ocean and destroying the planet. The inconvenient fact, of course, is that none of it’s true. Plastic bag and straw bans — examples of what Todd Myers calls “eco-fads” (things […]

Air pollution linked to fertility problems in men: It contributes to poorer quality semen and lower sperm count

(Natural News) Being exposed to air pollution could not only cause respiratory problems, but also fertility problems – particularly in men. A mice study conducted by researchers from Sao Paulo University in Brazil revealed that exposure to tiny air pollution particles may result in lower sperm count and quality. And if it is […]

Smog & Sadness: Is there a link between mental illness and air pollution?

   Could the very air we breathe have an impact on our mental health? That’s the suggestion coming out of a new international study conducted in the United States and Denmark. After analyzing long-term data sets from both countries, researchers from the University of Chicago say they have identified a possible link between exposure to […]

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