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South Front Late on September 3, Idlib militants carried out an attack on Russia’s Hmeimim Airbase with armed unmanned aerial vehicles. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the airbase’s air-defense forces intercepted all the UAVs. The attack caused no casualties or damage at the airbase. The attack took place just a few days after the […]

China prepares its ‘Nuclear Option’ in the trade war

   As the trade war with the U.S. continues to escalate, China has re-engaged with Iran on three key projects and is weighing the use of what both Washington and Beijing term the ‘nuclear option’, a senior oil and gas industry source who works closely with Iran’s Petroleum Ministry told last week. For the […]

Medics rush to Ben Gurion airport as plane with missing tire prepares to land

More than 100 ambulances were scrambled to the scene on Monday afternoon, as the airport announced its highest emergency level. The plane circled over the airport to shed fuel. It later landed safely, with no injuries reported.  Also on Plane with shredded tire lands safely at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport The Electra Airways […]

‘We don’t have a future’: Greta Thunberg used to offer salvation, now she prepares us for doomsday

The teenager’s latest stop on the celebrity mortification tour – it recently included a one-to-one with the Pope – was the UK parliament, where she delivered her now-familiar public shaming. Only where once she spoke of deadlines, however unrealistic, there was an almost cathartic reveling now in the inevitability of the coming End of Days […]

Hamas prepares for the overthrow of Mahmud Abbas

A senior Palestinian Authority official said that Hamas is preparing to overthrow Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in order to seize control of the West Bank. A similar attempt in June-July 2015 did not succeed. Although the Palestinian parliament confirmed Mahmoud Abbas as president of the Palestinian Authority, the legitimacy of the parliament and Abbas’ Presidency […]

BEST OF THE WEB: After Syria & Venezuela, Russian military prepares for Hybrid war

   The Russian military’s main job has always been to defeat a large land invasion of the Russian heartland, such as those of Hitler, Napoleon, and Charles XII. But after the experience of Syria and Ukraine, Russian generals are adjusting their military doctrine to defeat a wider array of possible attacks, which, although less dangerous […]

Update: Court Prepares To Unseal Documents Pertaining To Jeffrey Epstein’s Child Sex Ring

The Facts: The National Order of Biologists made a €10,000 donation to a group that questions the safety of vaccines. The Infanrix Hexa vaccine was the first one tested, and results showed no trance of antigens and a high level of contamination. Reflect On: Why is this not big news? Why does the vaccine not […]

Multi-Agency Task Force Prepares “Rules of Engagement” For Line 3 Protests

Multi-Agency Task Force Prepares “Rules of Engagement” For Line 3 Protests Above Photo: From MINNESOTA – Unicorn Riot has uncovered documents revealing the creation of a task force stockpiling equipment and training police in preparation for Line 3 pipeline protests across the state. The documents show coordination between various law enforcement agencies from states […]

Switzerland prepares to launch Iran payments channel

Financial Times – Switzerland is close to launching an initiative to let companies sell food, medicine and medical devices to Iran using a payments channel that would be the first such mechanism to win Washington’s approval since it reimposed sanctions against Tehran. Bern’s humanitarian supplies plan — which is the subject of delicate ongoing talks […]

Donbass prepares for renewed assault as video shows Ukraine’s army buildup at border

     The Russian account of the Kerch Strait incident appears more truthful as Ukraine continues to spin its story and mass against Donbass. Vesti News released a new video showing the preparations the already besieged Donbass region in Ukraine is making for Poroshenko and the NATO embedded forces trying to take the area. Russia One’s […]

G20 Prepares For Protests Against Economy For The Rich

G20 Prepares For Protests Against Economy For The Rich Anti-capitalist protesters in Buenos Aires this week before the start of a summit meeting of the Group of 20 industrialized nations.  By Agustin Marcarian for Reuters Note: The G20 has a history of protests against capitalism and the unfair economy. As you can see from the photo above, […]

As Venezuela Prepares to Dump Dollar, Caracas Moves to Repatriate Gold from Bank of England

Venezuela is looking to repatriate 14 tonnes of gold from the Bank of England as US-led sanctions target their international assets, Reuters has reported. The move, which will bring around US $550 million of international reserves back under Caracas’ control, was initiated two months ago by the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), according to an unnamed official […]

UK COLUMN: China Prepares for War, Trump’s Economic War on Iran, Julian Assange Not Safe

The end game of BREXIT debacle is becoming clearer, EU military unification, Trump’s economic warfare and sanctions could cripple Iran and increase the probability of war in the region, and meanwhile China openly preparing for war in the Pacific. Also, an attempted breach of Julian Assange’s residency at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. All this […]

China prepares for war as tensions with US rising

Members of the Chinese People Liberation Army Navy. ©REUTERS/Manaure Quintero Xi made the blunt remarks last week as he was meeting the Southern Theatre Command, the military officials responsible for one of China’s five strategic war zones. The calls were made on Thursday as part of his four-day visit to Guangdong province, but […]

UK prepares supply ships for emergency food and medicines in case of "no-deal" Brexit

     UK authorities are drawing up plans to charter a flotilla of supply ships to ferry in emergency food and medicines in the event of a “no-deal” Brexit next March, according to FT, which reports that the move was “greeted with disbelief at a stormy meeting of Theresa May’s cabinet on Tuesday.” The cabinet was […]

Kiev ‘Patriarch’ prepares to seize Moscow properties in Ukraine

Although Constantinople besought the Kiev church to stop property seizures, they were ignored and used, or perhaps, complicit.      The attack on the Eastern Orthodox Church, brought about by the US State Department and its proxies in Constantinople and Ukraine, is continuing. On October 20, 2018, the illegitimate “Kyiv (Kiev) Patriarchate”, led by Filaret Denisenko […]

The IPCC Prepares to Release More Hot Air

October 9, 2018 By James Corbett The IPCC is preparing to release a “Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 ºC.” That sentence alone should be enough to make everyone within earshot duck for cover from the coming barrage of climate-related doomporn. But, sadly, half of the public will actively cheer the occasion and the […]

Federal Reserve prepares for next economic crisis and is betting that it will begin like the last one in September of 2008

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,970 other followers Source Article from Related Posts Will the IMF, the Federal Reserve, Negative Interest Rates and Digital Money Kill the Western Economy? The IMF, has been instrumental in helping destroying the economy of a […]

Photos: Imam Reza shrine prepares to host Shia mourners in Muharram

Mizan | Mohsen Rahimi: In a special ceremony on Monday, the green flag hoisting above the holy shrine of Imam Reza (PBUH) in Iran’s Northeastern city of Mashhad was replaced with a black one, indicating the start of the lunar calendar month of Muharram when Shia Muslims commemorate Imam Hossein’s (PBUH) gracious sacrifice in Karbala. […]

Russia prepares for war due to another probable false flag attack from the CIA supported ISIS rebels

Russia prepares for war due to another probable false flag attack from the CIA supported rebels By Dark Politricks and Blackstone Intelligence Network Russia has deployed a massive Naval Armada off the coast of Syria after its Defense Ministry claimed to have intelligence on a new chemical false flag attack to justify additional western intervention. […]

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