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Guatemala voting as Trump migration challenge looms

Guatemalans on Sunday elect a new president who will face a major challenge, after the country agreed with Washington to act as a buffer against illegal immigration under pressure from US President Donald Trump. Threatened with economic sanctions if it said no, the outgoing government signed an agreement in July to make Guatemala a […]

Recession Signs Are Hitting Europe; Is Lagarde Up For The Challenge?

Authored by Marshall Auerback via Economy For All, If new institutional reform is to come to the Eurozone, it will entail a major paradigmatic shift… We now know that there will be a changing of the guard at the European Central Bank (ECB) in October. The current head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine […]

Challenge Extended — so we can reach all who value sharing the truth from Palestine

A few weeks ago, we announced a challenge to the Mondoweiss community. One of our extraordinary supporters told us that he wanted to use his summer gift to mobilize other readers, and he offered to donate $20,000 if we could raise $60,000 from the rest of you by August 1. So many of our wonderful […]

Trump Issues Challenge to Press: Find out Who Visited Epstein’s Orgy Island

President Trump has challenged investigative journalists to find out who visited child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Orgy Island.’ The billionaire pedophile, whose plane was named “Lolita Express“, regularly flew VIP elites to his private island. Bill Clinton was a frequent flier on Epstein’s aircraft, with flight logs showing that that former president took at least […]

Slavoj Zizek: Anti-Semitism & Me Too complaints challenge freedom of debate

Throughout history, thinking at variance with the mainstream was always unpopular and risky. However, at various times, it has been tolerated to different degrees. Today, it’s less and less acceptable than in the recent past. Liberals of all colors like to repeat German socialist Rosa Luxembourg’s critical stab at the Bolsheviks: “Freedom is freedom for […]

Bottle Up Challenge! Bollywood stars give viral craze a new twist

Indian film stars have taken the baton from a number of Hollywood actors, football players, wrestlers, and even porn stars, who’ve been showing off their ‘skills’ in the social media fad. The Bottle Cap Challenge involves people attempting to uncap a water bottle with a flying kick and then nominating others to re-act the stunt. […]

US college suggests ‘God is queer,’ heaven forbid you challenge it!

Hell hath no fury than a liberal scorned, and if Swarthmore College, situated on a lush, tree-lined campus in the state of Pennsylvania, teaches that God might be experiencing some doubt over his (her?) sexual identity then who are we mere mortals to doubt it? Perhaps the liberal college might even consider extending an invitation […]

U.S. mainstream media fails to challenge Trump administration’s push toward war with Iran

The risky U.S. moves to provoke a war with Iran continue, and the American mainstream media is still transmitting the Trump administration’s views almost without challenge: * The New York Times has run lengthy accounts about the alleged Iranian attack on oil tankers, but the paper buried the skepticism about the U.S. version lower in […]

The Hidden Challenge of the Restoration of Notre-Dame, by Thierry Meyssan

The fire of Notre-Dame Cathedral When the fire of Notre-Dame began on the evening of April 15, 2019, all the French media and many foreigners turned to the burning cathedral. Many foreign TVs have started their newspaper with this news, but not France 2. The public channel had planned to devote it to President Macron’s […]

Legal Challenge Against Forced Vaccination Filed in New York City

The Facts: A document published by Wikileaks clearly implies that the United States had a “secret” base on the Moon that was destroyed by Russia. It’s one of many interesting documents that suggest strange things are and have been happening on the Moon. Reflect On: Is our world really as it’s been presented? There are […]

The #Trashtag Challenge Is Inspiring People To Clean Up Beaches & Parks

The Facts: Washington State Passed a bill limiting vaccine exemptions for the MMR vaccine for children. The Senate measure now seeks to remove exemptions for any required school vaccinations. Biochemical Engineer Dr. Brian Hooker explains why this is a problem. Reflect On: Why are the points made by vaccine awareness advocates never acknowledged or brought […]

Israeli general mounts challenge to Netanyahu by flaunting Gaza carnage

By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth With April’s elections looming, Binyamin Netanyahu has good reason to fear Benny Gantz, his former army chief. Gantz has launched a new party, named Israeli Resilience, just as the net of corruption indictments is closing around the prime minister. Already, at this early stage of campaigning, some 31 per cent […]

US plans to expand influence over Arctic in attempt to challenge Russia – but can it?

     Washington will send a Navy warship to sail through the Arctic in a demonstration of its growing ambitions in the far North, the US Navy secretary said. But will it be enough to challenge Russia? The US has long since set its sights upon the Arctic, which it openly sees as a potential new […]

The AGENDA 2030 SMART CITY Challenge — Gov’t To Award $75 Million For Best Smart City Design

November 24, 2018 By Press For Truth Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. owns a company called Sidewalk Labs, and they are working with the Canadian government to launch a new “smart city” at the waterfront of downtown Toronto called “Quayside.” Quayside is proposing a centralized identity management system which each resident uses to access public […]

Thank you for meeting the challenge!

Earlier this week we presented you, our readers, with a challenge. Five donors were offering up to $3,000 to match every gift we received over 24 hours and I have GREAT news – not only did you meet the match, your generosity and enthusiasm exceeded it! To be specific, we raised over $7,500 in 24 hours, bringing our total […]

‘9/11 Unmasked’: The Ultimate Evidence-Based Challenge To The Official Narrative

The Facts: A few years ago, Vladimir Putin mentioned Satanism and Pedophilia within politics, and he hasn’t been the first to do so. He expressed how there are attempts to normalize these practices within society and make it global. Reflect On: Who are we electing? Who are the people that’ve amassed so much power that […]

Russia’s latest challenge: Ukraine & the Western-backed war on the Orthodox Church

     At the beginning of next year the most serious challenge for all its thousand-year existence will be thrown at Russian civilisation. The future of the Russian world will depend on how we will react to it. Whatever one might say, the Russian world is a world built on an imperative of truth, justice, equality […]

HypoCrazy Or Home-Land?- A Love Challenge For Liberated Land To Build Homefulness

HypoCrazy Or Home-Land?- A Love Challenge For Liberated Land To Build Homefulness Above Photo: From I feel like its so close- but i don’t know Hypokkkrazy ( as i call it ) is real…. Unhoused, poverty skolaz living in vehicles and on the streets in the stolen Ohlone/Lisjan land colonizers call Berkeley face constant […]

Iran and Hezbollah are ready to face any challenge, but are Israel and the US?

     Israel, through its Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, is waving the flag of war in the face of Iran and Hezbollah, showing what is claimed to be a “secret nuclear facility in Iran and Hezbollah strategic missile warehouse in the heart of the capital Beirut”. The “secret nuclear facility” has been debunked by Iranians living […]

Palestinians challenge Trump on two-state solution support

Palestinian officials rejected US President Donald Trump’s comments supporting a two-state solution for Palestinians and Israelis, saying American policies were destroying any hope for peace. Trump made the statement during the annual United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday after meeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He said a two-state solution could resolve the decades-old Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It was the first […]

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